Monday, January 17, 2011

January Whites

Hello, Dear Ones! Many of you are getting snow and I wanted to have a little of the white stuff too. So I put lots of white in my little hutch in the breakfast room! Hope you don't get tired of seeing this little hutch. I just love it to pieces!

White stuff...

Does it look wintry and cold?

Well, I did poke in a little bit of evergreen leaves. It's always nice to see a little touch of green among all the snow.

See the blanket of white stuff on the lower shelf? Yep, there it is.

I found this big ole white pitcher last year and I just love the soup out of it! Can you love the soup out of big ole white pitchers? You bet your hot steaming bowls you can! :)

I have two of these little bird candle holders and I use little tiny candles in it. Does that little birdie look cold to you? I think I just saw him shiver! :)

I also have a larger candle holder I'm using too. This little birdie is a cousin to the two smaller ones. Birds of a feather you know! :)

I've poked down some of my white dishes - J & G Meakin. These are very olden.

Oh, my little white Target birdies were just dying to get out from behind closed doors and make an appearance! Poor little things! :)

I've poked a few more white pieces down. It's getting chilly in here so I had better grab my sweater. :)

Way up high I've placed my white tureens ~ just like a covering of snow, don't you think?

Thanks for popping in to see me today and I just love your visits and comments!

I'm joining our Dear Cielo at The House in the Roses for Show Off Your Cottage Monday,
Our Dear Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for Tabletop Tuesday
Our Dear Kim at Savvy Southern Style for BTB Party.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

It's Now Winter's Day

Everyone is warm inside their houses in the snow
The mercury is dropping down to minus ten below

Outside it's chilling, but inside it's thrilling
with fireplaces burning and records that keep turning Gone is the green grass, the trees have turned brown

The sky has gone grey,
it's now Winter's day The parks they are empty no sweets on the swings

no kids are at play,
it's now Winter's day
~ sung by Tommy Roe


  1. I don't need to see anymore snow because we are waist-deep in it but I sure did love that little white covered hutch. Beautiful! You know I love white dishes and never get tired of them. Have a great week, Shelia and I'll mail you some snow. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5 & 1 little calico

  2. oh, warm white favorite kind :)

    So very pretty Shelia!


  3. It looks lovely. I love white cups and plates. It just looks so clean and and simple. Simple in a good way. Not busy etc.

    Have a good week.

  4. I love your whites, and you can bet your bowls I love that big white pitcher. That's a great piece, Shelia. I can see why you're in love. I think this is a wonderful winter vignette, and I always enjoy you playing with the dishes in the cabinet.


    Sheila :-)

  5. Pretty, but not cold:-) LOVE your J&G Meakin dinnerware!! You have again done a beautiful job!!

  6. love all the pretty whites! Especially the soup tureens. Never thought of serving soup out of the pitcher, great idea. Joining you for the parties.

  7. Well I enjoyed your white stuff looks fresh and fun. Naww..why would we get tired of your pretty hutch. I wish I had one. I do not have any wall space for such a lovely piece. Enjoy your whites, they keep you warm.

  8. Pretty and wintry!
    I'm waiting for our blanket of snow to completely melt. lol

  9. Wonderful whites! Wintery Wonderful Whites! Well done, xoxo tami

  10. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Love it!!!

    m ^..^

  11. Lovely dresser, as we call them here in the UK!! The pure white china looks so fresh and bright. What are the slots for on the top shelf, is it to display cutlery (flatware) or ladles?

    Luckily we haven't had any snow since Christmas, just a lot of rain.

    Have a great week, Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  12. I love your white dishes...they are really timeless!!! I never tire of seeing your lovely hutch and all the pretty things you do to dress it up!!! Have a beautiful week!!!

  13. Your hutch looks great Sheila, all of the whites are very pretty grouped together:@)

  14. Oh it's beautiful! It DOES look wintry and cold ... but it also looks clean and fresh ... a perfect start for a new year! (Wish I could send you some of the real white stuff ... I don't want anymore! I'm soooo ready for spring!)

  15. Hi Sheila,
    That is just so lovely! Even though I am getting sick of snow up here, I never tire of seeing pretty white pottery!
    You have a fabulous collection!

  16. It looks warm and inviting. My favorite the huge pitcher. I'd love one of those.

  17. Hi Shelia! I absolutely love all of your winter whites! All of your beautiful pieces look so crisp against the backdrop of your lovely hutch. And, the bird candle holders are just too cute ... they add fun whimsy! Thanks for sharing your wonderful collection! *Becca*

  18. I love your white and especially your soup tureens. Another delicious item to stick to my fingers... I am keeping count, Floral cake stand and far left soup tureen.... That make 2...

    Gal, you can have all the snow you want, I though I would never say this but its 8 days now and its still causing a mess. Ga has never seen it like this before. I still have it in part of my front and back yard and thankfully the street is now clear. I cant go onto my patio, Solid sheet of ice still but with the high temps and rain today that maybe out of here.

    I like your snow white idea the best.. Once snow starts to melt, not pretty...and not to mention the salty sand getting all over the car then dripping onto the garage floor.... More mess to clean up

    So display your pretty whites all winter on the shelf where they will stay pretty, warm and white all the time and nothing to clean up after. Well....occasional dusting.

  19. Great minds work alike:) I was just getting ready to bring out all my white and arrange them in my cabinet.. Unfortunately I sprained my ankle so it'll have to wait.. Loved seeing yours and now I have the perfect example to go by.. I always say things happen for reason and now I know, why I had to put off my whites:)
    love your cabinet too~!

  20. All of your white looks refreshing in that beautiful hutch!!

  21. Very pretty! Your hutch is so dreamy. I love the little birdies in between everything too!

  22. Shelia~

    I would gladly trade ALL of my 'white stuff' for yours! It looks lovely.

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  23. Hi Sheila, that is sooo pretty!!!! My favorite is the top shelf with all the little white pitchers in the middle. You do beautiful work!

    God bless,


  24. All of the white looks so pretty against the red backing on the hutch. I love all of your white dishes, especially the tureen collection ~ very nice.(-:

  25. The white dishes really look great against the background of your hutch. That's the best kind of snow - it doesn't need shoveling!! Take care, Sally

  26. Love your January whites... so homey!!!

  27. HI Shelia,
    I love your sweet kitchen hutch..I have one too and adore it. The perfect size for a small wall..
    Your whites look really fresh and pretty..I also like to change thing up now and then.
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  28. I never get tired of seeing your cute hutch and how you change the look of it. Looks beautiful with all the white pieces.

  29. I love your January whites, Shelia.

    As soon as the paint dries, I am going to play with my dishes. Everything is out of the barnboard cabinet and black cabinet, for painting. A good excuse to play with dishes, for sure.

  30. I'll take that white stuff anytime!

  31. I just love it to pieces too Shelia. The tureens on the top are really gorgeous! I am so glad you are getting a bit of snow ;D

  32. It looks beautifully white. So crisp and clean. You have the knack! And the knick! :)

  33. Hello dear Shelia,
    Your white dishes and birds and tureens look lovely against the dark wood. Very pretty!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a "be a sweetie" comment, I love it!
    Hugs, Cindy

  34. Shelia,

    I love your hutch and your white dishes. The birdies look so sweet among them.

    Have a great week!

  35. Hi Shelia
    Love the white in your hutch. You sure do have reorganzing and decorating with thst lovely piece of furniture. Its fun to see what you do with it depending on the season and the occasion.. *s*..
    I have white in and on mine too...I'd love to send you a bit of our white stuff from outdoors too...though its been pretty nice so far this winter...

  36. Oh Dear Shelia! This DOES remind me of SNOW! :) There's white stuff everywhere! If you don't mind, shovel some of that white stuff my way ;)

    Beautiful post from a beautiful lady.


  37. Beautiful Shelia, It's a Perfect Compliment to the season... and the background of deep pink is like a winters sunset! I would LOVE some Hot Soup from that wonderful Big Jug!!!
    Warm Winter Hugs to you,

  38. Just too pretty, Shelia. I love all the whites!..Christine

  39. Your white stuff is just perfect...and warm instead of cold too :-) Love your hutch too!

  40. Hi Shelia,
    I love all your whites and it is always fun to see what you have done with your lovely hutch.
    I could share some snow with you if you like-especially in March when I will be longing for spring!


  41. Beautifully perfect white! I'll never tire of seeing your hutch ")

  42. Loving your whites and maple hutch. I have quite a bit of milk glass and a hutch almost identical to yours. I'm still putting Christmas away (reorganizing is my "excuse"!) and wondering what I'll do with the hutch this season. You are really inspiring me.
    Have a great day!
    Ladybug Creek

  43. I love your hutch and your white ironstone display is so pretty. Love it all. Isn't it fun to have something new after the holidays. Beautifully put together. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  44. It looks so pretty Shelia! I love all your beautiful whites!

  45. So beautiful. I love the fresh, crisp white. Really nice.

  46. No No No Nannette....not cold at all simply beautiful. Trish

  47. So sorry Shelia, but I don't think you achieved your goal. Your hutch always looks warm and inviting, and the whites do not make it less warm and inviting. It looks so pretty, and you can never show your hutch changes too much. I love 'em! laurie

  48. Hey there!! You know how much I love whites, it's so pretty, fresh and clean! We are to have more of the white stuff this week, brrrrrr. I always love it when you come by to visit!

  49. I love your Snow White dishes in your pretty little hutch!

  50. OOO, I didn't know you posted whites today, too. How cool is that...:))) Your little much loved hutch looks mighty dressed up in all the whites..and she is sooo in style. :))

    I love my white ironstone and dishes...and I do love my creamy white walls but I could never live in an all white room. Gotta have my black and white and red...:)))

  51. Be still my heart girlfriend. Now you KNOW how much I love WHITE in any shade. Yours are all 2die4. LOVE IT ALL.

    Love to you~


  52. Sheila, I love all the white pieces and the little birds added in is just the right touch. I so want to go find me some more white ironstone. Thanks so much for joining the party this week!

  53. We are kindred souls, with all the white accessories in our hutches, Shelia! (although I did add my blues in- LOL) I absolutely love all your pitchers, BTW. It might all be wintry white, but still nice and cozy. :-)
    hugs, Sue

  54. YOur sweet little hutch looks adorable. What a great way to show off your whites and it really does say "Winter"...and the crocheted doily...all rumpled...soooo cute!
    I would do that and SOMEONE would come along and straighten it right out for me...and think "something's going wrong with Mom!"
    Why can't I do things like that and have them come out looking so "chic." Mine would just end up looking messy!
    You did a great job, Shelia! I love it! The entire look is adorable. I want to paper the back of my shelves so badly I can hardly stand it...and that is something I am GOING to do...soon!

  55. Thank you for showin' us your 'whites'. Your hutch is just the most charmin' thing sweetie!

    Don't ya just love the way white pops?

    God bless ya and have a most beautiful winter's day my friend!!!

  56. Love all the whites grouped together. Looks terrific! ~ Sarah

  57. How could we tire of your hutch when you're always changing it? It looks wintery and wonderful. It would be a perfect post for Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper


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