Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Cuties in the Kitchen

Hello, Dear Ones. Hope you're all having a wonderful time enjoying this most special time of year. I'm slowly but surely getting my Christmas decorating done and thought I would share a little vignette that makes me smile in my breakfast room.

This is the little desk area in my breakfast room and I've set up a little vignette in one corner on an olden tray I painted back some time ago.

Cute little angels - look at those little grins. I think they must have a secret, don't you?

This is a little metal basket we received last year with an edible bouquet in it. I loved the basket and kept it to use this year. So I poked ornies in it and tied a wired ribbon on it.
Little smiling angels like ornies, especially the stars! :)

This is a tiny little chest I found at a yard sale this summer. My friend Sonny at 155 Dream Lane was my inspiration. Pop over to see her as she has a beautiful blog and tell her I sent you! She had found one similar and painted it up and used it to make pretty in her home. This little chest was just wood colored and dingy looking so I got out my spray paint and went to town. I thought it would look good with my Christmas decorating. So here she sits! Thanks, Sonny, for inspiring me.

Cute little grinning angels - two's company, three's a crowd, but four little grinning angels are a hark! You know, Hark the Herald Angel Sing! :)

I'm so glad you popped in to see me and be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Hark the herald angels sing
"Glory to the newborn King!
Peace on earth and mercy mild
God and sinners reconciled"
Joyful, all ye nations rise
Join the triumph of the skies
With the angelic host proclaim:
"Christ is born in Bethlehem"
Hark! The herald angels sing
"Glory to the newborn King!"

Christ by highest heav'n adored
Christ the everlasting Lord!
Late in time behold Him come
Offspring of a Virgin's womb
Veiled in flesh the Godhead see
Hail the incarnate Deity
Pleased as man with man to dwell
Jesus, our Emmanuel
Hark! The herald angels sing
"Glory to the newborn King!"

Hail the heav'n-born Prince of Peace!
Hail the Son of Righteousness!
Light and life to all He brings
Ris'n with healing in His wings
Mild He lays His glory by
Born that man no more may die
Born to raise the sons of earth
Born to give them second birth
Hark! The herald angels sing
"Glory to the newborn King!"
~ sung by my little grinning angels


  1. Miss Sheila, that is very cute and looks great in your kitchen. Good luck at the giveaway!

  2. lovely angels! what a wonderful sight every morning

  3. Love that you have 4!! of those angels! I love the swirlies on them:) How perfect that you have that small chest! Looks great!

  4. Love those sweet angels! I'm beginning to look just like them with all the holiday feasting! lol

  5. Your angels are so darling and they do look like they are smiling about something! Do you know what they know? ;D

  6. Oh how pretty. Love your little angels, they are so cute. Your decor is so pretty. Hugs, Marty

  7. Love the little angels as well as all of your decor.

  8. One year at our church we did the Christmas cantata...Hark, the Herald Angel. It was so cute. So I totally enjoyed your angel display!!

  9. Very cute smiling angels! Wonderful vignette with the painted chest. That was a great idea!

  10. Dear Shelia, how lovely. It's hard not to like those angels, they are cute :o) I don't think I will have anywhere near enough ornaments to decorate this year, so I'm just gonna enjoy other people's displays. There's not a law against that, is there ;o)
    have a blessed day.

  11. Your little cuties are so sweet! Love the little chest you redid. I bought a bigger one at a garage sale and started the redo but I'm not happy with it so far. You inspired me to work on it soon.

  12. I gasped when I saw the angels and nearly sucked my lifesaver down my throat. SO ADORABLE! What an awesome desk area. The tray you painted compliments the angels. I love your wall texture too... Did you do that?

    Boy is my mind ticking now.

    Hope your day is blessed.

  13. A hark of angels! I love it; I will forever think of them and you now with their new group name. Enjoy the season. Sally

  14. I love your harking angels. They are calling to me.

    And, that sweet little chest is wonderful. I love, love, love it.

  15. I just love your little angel vignette. They made me smile when I saw them. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

    Have a wonderful day,

  16. Darling vignette Shelia. I think they look as though they are getting ready to go caroling.
    hugs ~lynne~

  17. That is a really cute vignette! Makes me smile also!

  18. Your angles are beautiful, Shelia! You have such pretty holiday d├ęcor. Your home is looking quite festive.

    I posted a closeup of my nativity set on my blog here. I had taken several closeups of it earlier, but they came out too dark. I took more later using the flash.


  19. I was slow getting it together this year too...I love those little angels...are they made of clay? Where on earth :) did you find them. I mean, IF you got them on earth.. you being the angel you are!
    What a joy visiting you this morning. I had to go back and catch up on all you have done. LOTS of great idea's...
    Be sure and post a photo of baby all in Christmas dress! She is ..oh...and do NOT forget to post a photo of her in her high chair!
    I meant to tell you that earlier.
    Love and Merry Christmas, Shelia!

  20. Oh, it's been way to long since I've been to visit. This season keeps us hopping. Love your vignette and the mini chest is adorable!

    - The Tablescaper

  21. OOoooooh, it's beginning to look allot like Christmas!!!! Sorry, you have a way of settin' me off in song! Your place is lookin' just beautiful sweetie. Everything is just great!

    God bless and have a splendid day sweetie...don't forget to have some fun too!!!

  22. Shelia, your angel quartet is adorable! They have personality and look as if they are enjoying themselves! Sweet little set of drawers, too! Bess

  23. A hark? You are a mess my sweet friend. If I were an angel, and I would not qualify, I would be slightly chubby with secrets just like yours. ♥O

  24. Bess, I couldn't find where to comment back to you on your blog. That was a very inspirational post and a good reminder to us, especially at this time of year.
    Thank you for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  25. oh mercy.. how did I miss this post.. That little chest is adorable and I love the paint you choose and it all decored up with holiday stuff.. hmm is decored a word- well it is now lol...
    truly - it looks maaaaaaaaaaaaaaavleous daaaalling, simply maaaaaaaavelous..
    that was mighty sweet of you to mention me and I appreciate it...



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