Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Tiny Little Guest

Dear Ones, I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving with your family and friends. If you haven't figured it out yet, we had little guests for Thanksgiving so I want to enjoy every single moment.

I just had to share a few pictures of my tiny little guest...

Here's little granddaughter, Carter, in her high chair I redid for her. Of course she has baby carrots all over her face and she's talking on the phone at the same time. She's very multitalented :)

Here's my lovely daughter and little Carter.

Since they are moving far away, we wanted to take advantage of little Carter's visit. We put up the Christmas tree and got her some Christmas presents so she could open them and make a sweet little memory with her grandparents. Talk about being blessed!!

I posted about this below the day before Thanksgiving but am going to mention it again because I was just so thrilled and wanted you to share the joyness with me! My kitchen redo was featured over at Remodelholic (just click on the word Remodelholic and it will take you there). Please pop over and visit Cassity and you can read all about it.
Oh, by the way, tell her how wonderful I am!! :) You know I'm teasing.

Thank you so much, Cassity, you've made my day!!

I am going to continue to enjoy my family and will be back to blogging Dec. 2!! Love to you all.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

I'm So Excited

(abbreviated version) ;)

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it

I'm about to lose control and I think I like it

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it

~sung by The Pointer Sisters


  1. A very nice holiday greeting and best wishes. Thank and the same to you and family.

  2. How you have a wonderful day filled with family, friends and wonderful food!!! Happy Thanksgiving Sweetie!!

  3. Dear Shelia, congrats on your remodelholic feature. Your kitchen remodel is gorgeous and I am not surprise.
    I am sending happy Thanksgiving wishes. I know your little visitor will steal all of your time so enjoy your break. smile.
    Blessings and love, Jeanne

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  5. BEAUTIFUL kitchen. I left a post for you over at Remodelaholic about how I LOVE your decorating and chickens and colors: soooo cozy and fun! I LOVE chickens too!!
    Have a super Thanksgiving!!! I'm following you now!

  6. Congratulations on your feature. It was awesome!

    You had the best kind of Thanksgiving visitors. And, she is the most perfect of all pinks.♥

  7. Such a beautiful kitchen but, it doesn't compare to that beautiful little face....your granddaughter.
    Congratulations on being featured!

  8. What a sweet picture of Carter in her new chair! She is just a doll. Enjoy those precious moments with her :)

  9. Hi Sheila,
    You have a darling little granddaughter there! She has the sweetest little face and I'm glad you're getting time to spend with her! Happy Pink Saturday and I know you're enjoying your weekend!


  10. Girl, you are the worst for settin' me off in song!! Now I think I'm one of the Pointer Sisters beltin' out that great ture!

    Oh my goodness glory that little Carter is the most precious little button. I'm sure she's right at the top of your thankful list!

    God bless and have a terrific weekend sweetie! :o)

  11. OOPS....TUNE THE WORD IS TUNE!!! I do need to learn to focus :o)

  12. Hi Shelia, hey grandma, that is one cutie pie sitting in your high chair!
    Congratulations on your kitchen being featured!
    Hope you guys all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Hugs, Ann

  13. Carter looks adorable in the high chair you redid for her! I know you had a fabulous Thanksgiving. Bring on Christmas!!!

  14. Hi Shelia, You just made me smile real big. Your daughter and babe Carter are both beautiful. You couldn't resit sharing your darling family. Neither could I.

    I am going to see your featured kitchen right now.
    Love and hugs, Jeanne

  15. Love those chubby cheeks ! God Bless her - she's a doll and you must be loving every minute of being a granny !

    Looks like you had a wonderful day !Thanks for sharing !

  16. OMG Sheila!
    Little Carter is so darn adorable! And look how she's grown! And look how talented she is!
    Love this! Your daughter is so pretty too!
    Carter looks so cute in that high chair.
    I love babies!

  17. What a cute little one! I know you're so proud.

  18. OH NO! Moving FAR away??? (I guess I missed something.) It should be against the law! Seriously Shelia, I'm really sad you won't get to kiss those sweet chubby cheeks of that precious grandbaby on a regular basis. :(

    Congrats on your kitchen feature! I'm headed over there to see it now.

  19. Hi Shelia! What cute photos! And what a great idea to get a little head start on Christmas! I know you will miss them very much! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!...hugs...Debbie

  20. I love this Shelia. Such a sweet baby girl. I know you've enjoyed this holiday so much!

  21. ADORABLE! And look the high chair is being used! YAY!


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