Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Midnight Hour - Happy Halloween

Hello, Dear Ones!! I'm still on my blogging break, but I've preposted this for your enjoyment! :)
With Halloween upon us I thought I would tell you a little story. I haven't told you a little story in sooooo long and you just know how I love to tell you little stories! :) So sit down and grab your teddy bear and I'll start.

I'm going to tell you a story about Galveston! There's lots of interesting facts about our little island...

Galveston has a rich and colorful past. In the 1800s our little town was called "The Wall Street of the Southwest" with lots of wealthy ones living here and rich northern ones buying summer homes and spreading their little money around town. Galveston was the first Texas city to have: electric lights, electric street cars, Post Office, Naval Base, newspaper, public library, and a hospital.

The warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and beaches have always drawn folks to Galveston for many years. You've probably heard of the Great Storm of 1900 that devastated the island and close to 9,000 lives were lost. Galveston began to come back slowly but never regained it's previous status.

In the light of day, Dear Ones, Galveston is a lovely place ~ palm trees swaying in the gulf breezes, gulls laughing as they fly over head, shops and the beaches filled with tourists. You can drive past the most lovely Victorian restored homes and mansions you've ever seen. Move over San Fran :) .

One particular place of interest is The Old City Cemetery which covers a few blocks on Broadway and is a history book all by itself. Do you like to visit olden cemeteries and read the headstones? Oh, I do and what stories they can tell. This one is filled with many ornately carved monuments.

In the spring the old cemetery grounds are covered with a blanket of yellow wild flowers. Quite a pretty sight, don't you think?

But in the Fall just about this time of year...
all photos were taken by me and this one was fun using Photoscape - cool, huh?

...things begin to change. The sun doesn't shine as bright and clouds start to roll in. You can see shadows that seem to be following you. Did you hear something, Dear Ones? OOH! It begins to get down right creepy.

Galveston is noted as being one of the most haunted cities in Texas! Yes, ma'am. I said HAUNTED! It's okay, don't be scared.

I took my mother and daughter on a ghost tour of this very cemetery and I have lived to tell about it! :) There are stories of ghostly occurrences all about town but especially in this olden cemetery. Give me your tiny hand and we'll walk through it. Come on, Dear One, I'm with you and it's okay! ;)

Let me tell you, Dear Ones, this olden cemetery is the resting place of many a restless soul!
So go ahead and rest your tiny little bones on that gravestone shaped like a chair and I'll tell you about some of the spookies around town! bwa ha ha ha!! :)

When you get down to it, Galveston is a great place for ghost hunting. Many victims of the 1900 storm are said to be walking the streets looking for their lost homes, yellow fever victims whose lives were cut short before their time are trying to live their lives in another dimension. There's a man's face which appears on the wall of a building and even though it's been sandblasted and cleaned - the face reappears again and again. I've seen this face myself, Dear Ones. There's a headless apparition who walks around the olden rail yard. We have haunted hotels, haunted historical homes and mansions. The civil war Battle of Galveston was fought here and many restless ghost soldiers still wander the streets at night. Are you scared yet? Please don't's really going to be alright. I promise! :)

Which leads me to the main point of my little story...the old cemetery...

See this olden tombstone? Here lies the young Union Officer, Lieutenant-Commander Edward Lea, 2nd in command of the gunship USS Harriet Lane. This young man died in The Battle of Galveston. The words 'My Father Is Here' are carved on his stone.
You can read his story on the Historical Marker below...

Here is the tombstone of Major General James B. Magruder who led a combined island and sea operation that successfully returned the USS Harriet Lane ship and the city of Galveston back to the Confederacy. Young Edward Lea's father served under Magruder and this was how he was able to hold his son in his arms as he died.

You may be wondering, Dear Ones, what happened to the 'spooky'! Now hold your teddy bear tight to you - not because you're gonna be scared but because you love him so! :) You'll be relieved, there's no more spooky but I do have one more tiny little bit of story left to tell you.
Here's a drawing of the USS Harriet Lane doing service in the civil war Battle of Galveston. This ship belonged to the U. S. Revenue Cutter Service and on the outbreak of the civil war became a ship of the Confederate States Navy.

Why in the world would I think this was an important fact to tell you? I do have a point to this, Dear Ones. :)

This man was T. W. House and he bought the Harriet Lane and he converted her into a blockade runner and helped supply the Confederacy with arms. Mr. House was the mayor of Houston in 1862 and he was Mr. Precious' Great Great Grandfather! So Mr. Precious has roots right here in Galveston and only discovered this a few years ago.

Well, that's the end of my little story, Dear Ones. It may seem a little disjointed but ghosts and haunts are really just embellished history. Remember that the next time you get scared.

Now, even if it's Halloween ~ don't be scared, Dear One!


It's only a story and tomorrow's another day! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

After Midnight

After midnight, were gonna let it all hang down.
After midnight, were gonna chug-a-lug and shout.
Were gonna stimulate some action;

Were gonna get some satisfaction.

Were gonna find out what it is all about.

After midnight, were gonna let it all hang down.
After midnight, were gonna shake your tambourine.

After midnight, it's all gonna be peaches and cream.

Were gonna cause talk and suspicion;

Were gonna give an exhibition.

Were gonna find out what it is all about.

After midnight, were gonna let it all hang down.

After midnight, were gonna let it all hang down.

~sung by Eric Clapton


  1. Oh my dear little spooky Shelia! What a charming and hair-raising tour of Galveston's cemetery ... and that sad poignant tale of the naval officer and his father. The Civil War had so many terrible tragedies.

    Thank you for such a spookily charming start to my day!

    BOO! -- Cass

  2. Shelia,
    I love ghost stories!! Thanks for sharing Galveston's spooky history. It was a wonderful tour. If I ever visit I will have to take a ghost tour. Have a Happy Halloween!

  3. Great tour and history and a lot of good spooky too. Hugs, Marty

  4. I really enjoyed your photos and the history of your town -I'm glad your took time off your blogging break to write -Enjoy your day

  5. Shelia,
    I'm so glad I gave you my tiny little hand so that you could take me on this tour. And that I had my teddy bear to hold onto too!

  6. Cemetary photos..eerie..and the word "headless"...what more could I ask for?

  7. I didn't know anything about Galveston until this post, Shelia! Thank you so much. And thank you for a great spooky story on this frightful {!} day!

    Happy Halloween!


  8. Great post! And I am missing YOU! Thanks for the history and the story..great stuff! ;D

  9. Perfect for Halloween Eve!

    Hope you are enjoying your break, Shelia. Happy Halloween! ~ sarah

  10. this was so much fun. thank you for posting this even though you have to be away..
    I enjoyed my visit and your story very much..

  11. Loved it! Thank you Shelia! I've always wanted to visit Galveston. Now this makes me want to go for sure!!

    Happy Halloween!
    Deanna :D

  12. Happy Hallowe'en Shelia!
    That was very spooky and very interesting. I hope I'll be able to sleep well tonight after reading your post...well...I'll just tell myself its just a story...right Shelia?

    I hope you are enjoying your blogging break...see you when you are back. Missing you.


  13. Hi Shelia, This is a grand story and I had a feeliIg a family connection was coming. it was so interesting and don't worry...I wasn't scared. Smile.

    Love this post and hurray home safe and sound.
    Love, Jeanne

  14. That was a fun spooky trip through the graveyard. Loved the story. It is always fun to find out a little about your family history. Great post!

  15. Thanks for popping in from your time off and visiting all of us at Halloween with your wonderful stories and photos!! Miss you!

  16. love the photos with special effects, great job!

  17. What a fatastic story! I was totally moved reading the story of "my Father is here." Thank you!

  18. G'day sweet Shelia ~ I tell you, you & Sherry @ http://countrywingsinphoenix.blogspot
    share the most wonderful stories ever. I love, of course, the Confederacy part of your historical share.

    Funny thing! I had just looked up about an hour ago where Galveston was exactly in TX since we are going to San Antonio. Too far away, sniff!

    Have missed you, Shelia ~
    Have a lovely 'break'.
    TTFN ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  19. Shelia! I loved reading this. How exciting about Mr. Precious' great grandfather. You know I'm a bit of a genealogist, so anything like that I love.

    And I'm glad the Confederate soldier got to hold his son (the yankee soldier) in his arms before he died. What a sweet story.

    I have been to Galveston and love it. I had fun at your big Army Navy store there where Mr. Magpie bought a Russian submarine sweater. He actually wore it for the first time last winter when Florida got some cold weather. I bought a sailor hat that has disappeared, but it is CUTE.

    Hope you are enjoying your break. I just got back from a trip and am so tired I can barely see straight. Think I am going back to bed in a few. I can't catch up on my rest, and I am just whipped.


    Sheila :-)

  20. in this breaktime....
    may you be renewed!

  21. No, no! It's probably TRUE! All of it and you are just trying to keep me from screaming and running off pulling my hair in terror! :)
    Kidding...just kidding! :)

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