Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm Having a Party!

Hello, Dear Ones! It's a wonderful time of the year, isn't it? We're all spiffing up our homes for fall, hopefully the weather will be cooling down and we feel like popping into the kitchen to prepare something good to eat.

My tiny little kitchen has just been spiffed up a bit (if you want to read about it you can go HERE) and I got to thinking...I'd like to host a party celebrating

The Heart of the Home ~
the kitchen

What do you think?
Would you come?

I've seen your kitchens and love every one of them!
Some are huge, some are small, like mine.
Some are grand and some not so grand.

But our kitchens are The Heart Of Our Homes aren't they?
The heart of the home is in our kitchens.

We just don't cook in our kitchens, but we eat in them,
entertain in them and gather for conversations.

We play in our kitchens, well, I do and I know lots of you do too!

We wash dishes and keep our counters sparkly clean in our kitchens.

We even show each other what we've cooked for dinner and share our recipes.

Some of us have young children at home
and the kitchen is where they play games, do homework and crafts.
Most of our pets have their tiny meals in the kitchen.

Our kitchens have become the focal point, if you will, of our homes ~
The Heart of the Home ~
our kitchens.

All of our kitchens are so unique.
There's such a variety of styles, sizes and wonderful features that make each kitchen YOURS!
We all have things we would like to change in our kitchens
and there's probably no perfect kitchen out there.

So I thought we could celebrate our kitchens with all of their imperfections
and have a party!

I'm going to have a
Heart of the Home Party

Wednesday, October 13th

It's almost a month away so you'll have time to wash the dishes,
feed the cats and dogs,
take the trash out
and sweep and mop the floor!

As far as I know,
I don't recall there ever being a kitchen party in Blogland so this should be fun.
If you plan on coming to my party, and I so hope you will,
take the little party button above that I made with my most dainty little tiny fingers
and place it on your sidebar and advertise for me.
Invite all of your blogging friends to come.

Now we need photos for the party.
You can take any kind of picture you want of your kitchen ~
you can take pictures and show us a tour of your kitchen,
you can take pictures of a special feature in your kitchen,
you can show us a tablescape that you dearly love,
you can share a favorite recipe with us,
let your little Heart of the Home run wild.

I'll have Mr. Linky up on Tuesday night because I know many of you love to come early to parties and here's what you need to do:

1. Publish your Heart of the Home post.

2. Once it is published, click on your post name, then just copy and paste the address that shows up in the address bar at the top, into the "url" box for the image linky. You'll also need to put your e-mail address in, but it's safe, no one will see it but you.

3. Type your name in the appropriate Mr. Linky box in the post.

4. Click on "Enter." You can also select the photo you want to be your "Look at My Kitchen!" square here.

5. Then just please link back to the Note Songs post so that others can come and see your wonderful kitchen.

So you've got almost a month and I'll continue to remind you of the party. Please plan on coming and it should be so much fun. I'll have coffee and tea and something good to eat
and will try to be the best hostess ever.

Until then...
Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Get out from that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans
Get out from that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans
Well, roll my breakfast 'cause I'm a hungry man

I said Shake, rattle and roll
I said Shake, rattle and roll
I said Shake, rattle and roll
I said Shake, rattle and roll
Well, you never do nothin' to save your doggone soul
Wearin' those dresses, your hair done up so nice
Wearin' those dresses, your hair done up so nice
You look so warm, but your heart is cold as ice

I'm like a one-eyed cat, peepin' in a sea-food store
I'm like a one-eyed cat, peepin' in a sea-food store
I can look at you, tell you don't love me no more
I believe you're doin' me wrong and now I know
I believe you're doin' me wrong and now I know
The more I work, the faster my money goes


~ sung by Bill Hailey


  1. Sheila, sounds mighty fine to me. Count me in, girl.

  2. Hi Sheila!

    What a grand idea! I'm going to be there... and I'll advertise on my sidebar. ... You're such a sweetie to think of this. It truly is where we entertain and gather, isn't it? We NEVER sit in the living room with's always in the kitchen. I sure wish my island was bigger. :-)

    Now, about your DELISH kitchen.... HOLY MOLY. What a BEE.U.TI.FUL space. I don't think it's small... It looks roomy to me. And, I adore the colors. Lucky chickie!

    Warm huggies,

  3. Wonderful idea Shelia! I'll join you sweet tiny one. He! ;)

  4. Shelia,
    This is a great idea. My kitchen is nothing fancy but I'll come to your party.

  5. Oh so fun! What a great idea sweet Sheila! It is time for me to share my kitchen so this will be a perfect party for me;)! COUNT ME IN!


    I love your kitchen spiff up;)...GORGEOUS!

  6. Of course, I'll come to your party. I'd better start thinking about spiffing up my kitchen. Take care, Sally

  7. Excellent idea, Shelia...count me in!


  8. Yay! A Partay! Count me in the KITCHEN! What a fun idea and great way to celebrate YOUR great new kitchen....which is gorgeous! Have I told you that,'s amazing. Okay...gettin' your Kitchen Party Button....Sue

  9. Sounds fun...I love kitchens the best! :D

  10. Hi Shiela, how you doing girl? I have not been blogging much lately and i sure do miss it and it looks like I came back at a good time. I love, love your kitchen and I think your kitchen party is going to be a blast. Hope all is well

  11. Hi Shelia,
    This sounds like fun and if I can get my kitchen cleaned up in time, I'll be there.


  12. I don't think I'm up to making my dirty dishes look as beautiful as yours...who can make washing dirty dishes look glamorous???
    This is a lovely idea...I'll have a whole month to work on my dishwashing photography skills!!!
    Hugs from an ugly dishwashing home!!!

  13. Great idea Shelia! I'll be there. OOOO, I love looking at other people's kitchens! Can't wait. (Your kitchen looks beautiful). laurie

  14. I forgot to tell you that I think your little party button is soooo cute! laurie

  15. Sounds like so much fun and I will definitely be there. I'll grab your button and put it on my blog. Hugs, Marty

  16. Who wouldn't love to party with you Shelia? I'll be there.

  17. I'm looking forward to the party, Shelia! What a great idea!!! : )


  18. That sounds like fun Sheila! I will be in it for sure. Thanks for the sweet invitation.

    Best wishes,

    PS I will definitely add one of those gorgeous buttons to my 5 minutes blog and to my new Christmas blog...I think my kitchen might be looking a little festive by October!

  19. How fun will that be!! Shelia, you have the absolute happiest kitchen out there, so you are the perfect hostess! I'll definitely be in the fall mode by October 13! That will give me time to steal some ideas from you!

  20. Shelia It is late and I am calling it a day, but I want to join in with your kitchen fun in October. Your kitchen is Beautiful. I will love this meme.

    Goodnight dear friend,

  21. Of course I would come to any party you are throwing! Count me in! :-)

  22. Great idea Sheila, of course I'll join up!
    And your kitchen looks mighty spiffy indeed! Looks like you got new counter tops and other very wonderful things!
    Very pretty, I love it!

  23. Sooo tastefully done. I need to take lessons from you. Is the corn real? (I'm teasing!) :)

  24. Thgis is perfect,since I had my kitchen done this past year. I will be there.Kathy

  25. This is just the PUSH I need to put the finishing touches on my kitchen so I can show it off..
    I'm adding your button to my sidebar..
    I love kitchens and I hope lots of folks participate.. This is so exciting~!!!

  26. Hi Sheila
    That's a great idea. I'll see if I can put something together.

  27. I love your kitchen. It's so fresh and welcoming.

  28. Hi Sheila,
    I love your kitchen, so warm and inviting. The party sounds like a lot of fun and I would love to attend! I will have to get your button a little later as I have a dreaded doctor appointment this morning but I'll be back to retrieve it a bit later! Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  29. GREAT IDEA!!!Count me in.My kitchen is small, but I like every corner and I see hours of this party started!Hugs,Fatima-Scrapart.

  30. Oh Shelia,
    Have you been reading my mind ? ? ?
    Just yesterday, I thought, I should do a post of my teeny tiny kitchen and how it has transformed over the past few years! Being new to blogland, I try to come up with something new and NOT copy what others are doing. . .but I would love to join you in a Heart of the Home party!
    Thank you for sharing your sweet kitchen!

  31. What a great have a very cute little kitchen! Can't wait to see everyone's kitchens all decorated!!!!

  32. Hopefully, I'll have completely finished our kitchen by then. Just the inspiration I need. Thank you!

  33. Oh yeah, can't wait for this party! I am about to write the date down so I'll be sure to attend. Love your beautiful kitchen and all your great accessories!

  34. Hi Shelia! I'm so excited about your kitchen party and can't wait! Seeing yours looking so pretty was great inspiration and I think it is a fabulous idea!

  35. Party? I love to party! Sounds like fun, my dear... Can't wait to see everyone's kitchens. I like to be a peeper....
    hugs, Sue

  36. Shelia, I'm on my way! We can whip up something yummy to eat, and then eat it and then sit there and talk for hours.
    Love the idea of a kitchen party! I think I am out of town; hasn't been decided yet, but I will still post your party on my blog! And with the Sisters too!
    your kitchen is so nice. So lite and brite! Love that.
    I haven't done a thing for Fall yet.
    But you've given me some inspiration!
    :) Hugs! Karen

  37. Will definitely attend. You're on the calendar. Thing is, I have 250 kitchens on my blog. Thanks again for stopping by. Can I show them all? LOL. Jane F.

  38. count me in.. it sounds like fun.. oh me oh my i have to sweep! LOL

  39. Oh, this sounds like so much fun, Shelia so I hope I can participate. However, I have NO IDEA what stage my kitchen remodel will be at, or even if it will be started at all by then. All I know is the cabinet guy is working on building my cabinets now and he's suppose to call me when he's almost ready to come start the demolition and install. His timeline just kind of depends on how many other jobs he's juggling in addition to mine. I'll certainly plan to join in if I have something worth sharing at that time. :)

  40. What an EXCELLENT idea for a party. Won't it be fun to see a bunch of kitchens all gathered up in one place?

    Yours is looking great, by the way. Love your counters!!

  41. G'eve Shelia ~ What a grand idea ... REMIND me tho. Love the idea ... & your kitchen.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  42. Hi Sheila, This is a great idea! I am super excited! I am looking forward to participating in your Heart of the Home Party! ~ Fondly, Susie

  43. I'm in Sheila, but do I really have to mop the floor??? Sounds like fun:@)

  44. Hey Sheila....I love this idea because I so love kitchens. Im renting right now and for a rental its a pretty cool little kitchen. I would only change a few things. Ive been working with what I have. I will definately save the date. I'll but your cute little button on my sidebar.

  45. Hi Sheila.
    Thank you so much for stopping by. I would love to join your Heart of the Home party. We spend so much time in our kitchens, we need to share. I am going to follow you sweetie. Hugs, Linda

  46. Are you kidding? Of course we will come! With bells on! If I tell you I'm coming will you bake me a cake? :)
    I think it's a neat idea, Shelia!
    I came to your bathroom party didn't I? Ima bathroom diva!
    Putting up your little button right this minute!

  47. Hi Shelia, I'm visiting for the first time (from A Stroll Thru Life), and I'd love to join your kitchen party! Count me in. Your home is lovely !! Take care, Becca (Adventures in Decorating)

  48. Of course I will come. I just got a new frig today, so I'll keep it nice and clean for your party!
    I mop the floor all the time cause there's a messy cook here, but no animal hair anywhere! No pets allowed!
    That was a great post, you are so clever!

  49. Hey there Sweet Shelia! This sounds like a fun party! I will post your button on my blog and I know you will have a great turnout! Oh...and I love your neat and pretty kitchen! That picture of the dishes in the sink was cute!! Talk to you soon!! Hugs!

  50. OMGosh...I am just beside my silly self over this fun party. We ALL love our kitchens to death and love showing them off. Oh, boy...I just can't wait. As a matter of fact, my mind is racing with ideas so I am starting on my kitchen post right now. It is gonna be so long by the end of the month, ya'll might just kick me right out of Blogland..
    Thanks so much for coming up with this fun thing...hugs..
    xo bj

  51. Wow, Sheila, I just LOVE your kitchen, it is so pretty and classy. I love your red accents too -- I also have red in my kitchen! I think I might join your party too! I have never joined a party like this with home pics, so I'd better clean up and take some photos! Again, your kitchen is lovely. Oh! And I love those rooster dishes you have!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Just wanted to let you know I featured this on my new page about blog events!

  53. This sounds like fun fun fun! I might just have to clean the darn kitchen so I can participate! lol

    Life on the Edge

  54. Dear Sheila,
    I am a silent follower of yours but this time you will hear me!!
    Please count me in, I'd love to take part to this wonderful partY!!
    Can't wait.
    Francesca from Italy

  55. I would love to attend your party. I will put it on my list. Doylene

  56. My kitchen is so small I can take one picture and have room left over. Can't promise to play, but will help spread the word.

  57. Oh neat! Count me in. This sound like a lot of fun. I best be cleaning the kitchen/dining room up. (It's all one room). But first, I'll have to take care of something this weekend... My wedding. Then I'll get on the kitchen party band wagon and get it blog ready. :-)

    Thanks for hosting this. can't wait!

  58. I'm in! Love my kitchen even though is tiny!!!

  59. Hi Shiela,

    Marty from A Stroll thru life told me about your party. My post was already done when I got to your party page, and I am not sure how to link to yours now.

    Do saunter over to The Keybunch and participate in my ;It's the cook's nook'; kitchen party!

    Love your kitchen!


  60. I have it on my calender! I'll be here. I will also put your button up to. :) Awesome idea!!!

    Perhaps you might enjoy Fresh Cut Fridays. Come by and see if you want to join. It is the first Friday of every month.:)


  61. Hi Shiela, :)
    I would love to join your party! I will try try too! :) Busy next couple of weeks ahead, and i will be on a holiday, but this sounds like fun, So sure. :) Count me in. Hehe ;)
    Thanks for hosting! Sounds like fun. I am a new reader from Australia. :)

  62. Shiela,
    I would love to join the kitchen party, please count me in.
    I love a great kitchen!!

  63. Shelia, I am still on break, but I will advertise this on my blog and hopefully make it back by then.


    Sheila :-)

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