Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bathroom Divas!

Attention! Attention!!

Hello, Dear Ones! I just couldn't wait any longer to bring you some very official news from the Land of Blog! Yes, Most What in the World is She Talking About Ones...just when it seems this ordeal has stopped, it starts up again! What are we talking about, Most Wondering Ones? Well, I'll tell you ~ Bathroom Invasions! Yes, yes! It's happening again it seems. No matter the time of day, day of the week, month or season of the year - Bathroom Invasions continue to stop our news!

So, here I am, your Diva of all Bathroom Businesses, ready and plenty able to do my duty! I will tell you all about it, Most What Is She Talking About Ones! As I've said before ~ there are impostors among us! But your Bathroom Diva will never let one of those copycat ones in our special group. No no Nannette! Trust me, I know my Bathroom Business.

Oh, my oh my! I don't know if my tiny heart can take any more I'm just so excited! But just hand me my diet Dr. Pepper and I'm sure I'll be able to go on! Thank you, Most Helpful Ones!

Now, I must get down to my Bathroom Business. I see many Most Gorgeous Ones here! Okay, some of you are being very sneaky but I can tell if there are any impostors because you know I have magical Bathroom powers! Let's see...I do see the most beautiful of peepers, the creamiest of complexions, the pearliest of whites, the most beautifully clad bodies, the loveliest of locks filled with Bathroom highlights, the most slender of arms with precious hands with the creamiest and daintiest of fingers attached to a CAMERA! Yes, yes, Most Curious Ones, we have more Divas! Real Divas ~ no impostors here.

We have a returning Diva here ~ take a bow most Glorious Diva Gloria from Happy to Be!

I can't stand it! Here we have another returning Diva ~ blow us a kiss Most Marvelous Melissa from Melissa's Heart and Home.

Be still my most tiny heart, we have another returning Diva ~ the most Divine Deb from Just Cats.

Oh, Hold Me Up Ones, I think I'm going to faint! We have another returning Diva ~ the most joyous Miss Janice and little fuzzy faced Coco from Etiquette With Miss Janice.

What's this, Most Is She Completely Crazy Ones?

I will spare you the repeating of myself, but honey darlings, we have a Most Gorgeous Genuine to the Bone Bathroom Diva here! Do we know this Most Gorgeous One? Why of course we do...this is Angela from Sew Loquacious! Welcome to Divadom, Angela.

No way!! What? Another Most Gorgeous One?

Yes, Most Surprised Ones, we have another Most Gorgeous Bathroom Diva. Do you know her? Well, I sure do. This is our very own Marydon from Blushing Rose! We're proud to have you!

I know I'm going to pass completely out, Most Get Me the Smelling Salts Ones! Do miracles never cease? Oh, Bathroom joyness overflows!!

We have another returning Diva, our most famous Rhoda from Southern Hospitality! Wave Most Ravishing Rhoda!

Wait, do I see another Most Gorgeous One standing beside Rhoda! I'm sure I do, Give Me My Glasses Ones! Yes, Yes! Another genuine Most Gorgeous Bathroom Diva! She looks familiar, do you know who this is! Now I've really got to sit down, Get Her a Soft Chair Ones, this is another most famous one ~ our Layla from The Lettered Cottage. Oh, welcome most cute one.

Time for the crowning of our three new Bathroom Divas!

Now please stand in front of me, Dear Angela, Marydon, and Layla as I crown you with the most sought after title in the Land of Blog! Oh, yes! Many have tried and failed! Many have coveted this title, but they were not worthy! But you, Dear Most Gorgeous Ones have pushed through the Bathroom Door and snapped snapped away! Now, Dear Ones, I now crown you as Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Divas! You will be one now and for ever and ever and until the twelfth of never! Please take the Bathroom Beauty Snapping button that I have made with my own most dainty fingers and shine it proudly on your blog! Now, go and snap for the world to see, Divas Angela, Marydon and Layla!

Oh, Bathroom business does a body good! If you're wondering if you can be a Diva too and join this marvelous gang, yes, you can if your daring and brave enough. Just run into a bathroom of your choice (in my olden age I'm getting easy and will allow you to snap in front of any mirror), turn your camera's little flash off and snap your most gorgeous smile in the mirror. Post it on your blog or either email your snaps and I will post you here on Note Songs and crown you before all of Blogland. Then you can take our little Bathroom button that I so meticulously made with my own dainty creamy tiny little fingers and proudly display it on your blog. Now pop on in to the room with a mirror of your choice and just do it! Snap snap snap on, Dear Ones!!

I'm exhausted now, Most Please Shut Up Already Ones, and I think I'll retire to my throne! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Taking Care of Business

You get up every morning
From your alarm clock's warning
Take the 8:15 into the city
There's a whistle up above
And people pushin', people shovin'
And the girls who try to look pretty
And if your train's on time
You can get to work by nine
And start your slaving job to get your pay
If you ever get annoyed
Look at me I'm self-employed
I love to work at nothing all day
And I'll be...
Taking care of business every day
Taking care of business every way
I've been taking care of business, it's all mine
Taking care of business and working overtime
Work out
If it were easy as fishin'
You could be a musician
If you could make sounds loud or mellow
Get a second-hand guitar
Chances are you'll go far
If you get in with the right bunch of fellows
People see you having fun
Just a-lying in the sun
Tell them that you like it this way
It's the work that we avoid
And we're all self-employed
We love to work at nothing all day
And we be...
Taking care of business every day
Taking care of business every way
I've been taking care of business, it's all mine
Taking care of business and working overtime
Take good care of my business
When I'm away, every day whoo!
Takin' care of business
Takin' care of business
Takin' care of business
Takin' care of business
Takin' care of business
~sung by Bachman-Turner Overdrive


  1. Well swettie, this sounds like fun except I stopped being brave in 1982! hugs♥olive

  2. I was so mad at myself for missing out on this last time. So it's not too late??? I must jump on this most coolest of bloggy bandwagons Shelia, before it's too late again!!!

  3. Hi Shelia! Its always fun to see the most recent Bathroom Divas having fun 'round Blogland! LOVE this song at the end too!! (0; I wanted to let you know too, I hope to participate in your Heart of the Home Party! Sounds like fun to me, so count me in!.. Hope you're enjoying your weekend! ~tina

  4. This is lots of fun, Shelia. That was taken in Toronto, Ontario at my friends home. I just looked at your grand-daughter's pictures. Are we not the luckiest ladies in this wonderful world? She's a sweetie! Hugs, Deb

  5. I'm smiling from ear to ear! :) You are hysterical and I needed the laughter!


  6. You sure know how to brighten a day Miss are such a ball of positive energy. I am not looking like a Diva right now I tell ya:)

  7. Shelia, you always bring a smile to my face!! What a great post!


  8. You deserve 1st Prize, the Gold Medal, Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Blue Ribbon. So much work and thought went into this really nice, and hysterical post.

  9. oh...this made me laugh. What a great group of diva's!!


  10. You are so funny! I just love you sweet Shelia and I love being a bathroom diva. LOL! *Smiles*

    Happy Sunday! ~Melissa :)

  11. What a great way to start my day. With a smile on my face and a giggle. Thanks!

  12. You silly thing...Girl I love ya to the moon and back..Very tired today all this baby stuff has wore this ole lady out ha ha!! Hope to be back in blogland this week..Love ya and miss you my Dear Pickle...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  13. G'morn sweet Shelia ~
    You keep me in stitches! .. I mean reflections!!

    When all else fails, visit Shelia to be uplifted ... you are one special princess.

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  14. Great diva shots. So much fun. Hugs, Marty

  15. Wow! I am so glad I've gotten a haircut since I snapped that photo!
    Have a great day Sheila!

  16. HI Sheila,
    You are such a hoot girl! I love seeing the newest bathroom divas, what fun!

  17. You are so funny! I love how this has caught on and women are doing it for fun and for you sweet Shelia...I love you too ;D

  18. Hi Shelia,
    I recognize those cute bathroom divas!! They are so brave to expose themselves to all of us here in blogland! What beautiful bloggerettes they are.

    You have made me laugh today and I'm lovin it!


  19. Cute ladies to be sure but the darling one post below truly captured my heart!

  20. Oh Shelia how fun!
    You are so good at all the Bathroom Diva pics and stories..*s*...and so many new and reappearing divas.
    I wonder how many divas there are now to much fun.

    I hope you've had a fun weekend...I think you have...:o)

  21. Most definitely divas one and all!

  22. Congratulations to the fabulous new and returning Diva's.
    Just what the doctor ordered on this beautiful Monday Miss Sheila.
    Love You
    Love Me

  23. You are so funny Sheila. And, I must be out of my mind to take photos of myself in the my husband sure thinks I'm crazy!


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