Thursday, September 9, 2010

Barnyard Bash Party

Hello, Dear Ones! Welcome to the Barnyard Bash Party hostessed by our Dear Lynn at Happier Than A Pig In Mud. Make sure you pop over to her blog and you can visit the little barnyard critters all over Blogland!

Okay, welcome to Note Songs!! :)

Here you can see I have two little cows and I do believe they are taking a tiny nap.
They are actually little salt and peppers that I had when I was a little girl.
I just love these little sweet faces.

Now I have many many rabbits, you know how rabbit are! :)
But they were hopping all over the place and these are the only ones I could round up for now.

A barnyard would not be complete without the yard birds.
Now you've seen so many of mine and
here's a few more.
Again, I have many more, but I couldn't catch them.
They are such little stinkers! :)

You may not have known this, but I raise dogs.
Yes sirree, I do.
This is the big ole dog house where these little fuzzy faces stay most of the time.
Most of these little fuzzies have a mate.
They are so cute, aren't they?

Also at Note Songs Farm, I have a fish pond.
This pond is filled with very special fish.
Singing fish!
That's right...singing fish!
I do wish you could hear them, you would be amazed!! :)

I'm so glad you've come to visit me today at Note Songs Farm.
Now pop on over to Lynn's and you'll see so many more animals.
Hey, if you see any of my Roosters would you please tell them to come on back home?

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a Note Song~

Thank God I'm a Country Boy

Well life's on a farm is kinda laid back
Ain't much an old country boy like me can hack
It's early to rise early in the sack
Thank God I'm a country boy
A simple kind of life never did me no harm
Raisin' me a family and workin' on a farm
My days are all filled with an easy country charm
Thank God I'm a country boy

Well I got me a fine wife I got me old fiddle
When the sun's comin' up I got cakes on the griddle
And life ain't nothin' but a funny funny riddle
Thank God I'm a country boy

When the work's all done and the sun is settin' low
I pull out my fiddle and I rosin' up the bow
But the kids are asleep so I keep it kinda low
Thank God I'm a country boy
I'd play Sally Goodin all day if I could
But the Lord and my wife wouldn't take it very good
So I fiddle when I can and I work when I should
Thank God I'm a country boy
Well I got me a fine wife...

Well I wouldn't trade my life for diamonds or jewels
I never was one of them money hungry fools
I'd rather have my fiddle and my farmin' tools
Thank God I'm a country boy
Yeah city folks drivin' in a black limousine
A lotta sad people think that's mighty keen
Well son let me tell you exactly what I mean
Thank God I'm a country boy
Well I got me a fine wife...

Well my fiddle was my daddy's till the day he died
And he took me by the hand and held me close to his side
He said live a good life play my fiddle with pride
And thank God you're a country boy
Well my daddy taught me young how to hunt and how to whittle
He taught me how to work and play a tune on the fiddle
He taught me how to love and how to give just a little
And thank God I'm a country boy
~ sung by John Denver


  1. Beautiful critters Miss Shelia!!! The "singing" fish may get famous now...hope it doesn't make the other critters jealous!!! :-)

  2. Shelia, I love all of your barnyard animals. They are so fun and they have such special personalities. Love the singing fish and your doggies are all precious. Fun post. Hugs, Marty

  3. I knew your post would make me laugh. Only your farm would have singing fish!!

    Love all your critters!


  4. I love your style. I'm your newest follower.

  5. LOL! Your singing fish are too cute! I do love your salt and pepper yard birds too! Adorable!

  6. Hi Sheila
    All your cuties are gorgeous especially the little cows and the singing fish too. I always enjoy seeing your treasures.

  7. Wonderful displays, love them fish!! I can picture them spitting water one to another while singing!

  8. This is so cute Sheila!
    And I just love it that your fish farmer as well as dog breeder!
    You go girl!
    Great collection.

  9. Oh you silly sweet thing...only you would have singing fish girl..ha ha!! Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  10. Sheila, it is always fun to come visit you. Your posts are always uplifting and happy. Love all those critters of yours. You have a very nice Staffordshire dog collection. I have two little ones and two bigger ones.

  11. Hi Sheila! Can you love a little doggie collection? You bet the farm you can! So cute, your yard birds are beautiful and the cow S&P are precious! Thank you so much for joining the Barnyard Bash:@)

  12. Love all your barnyard pets, Shelia! Youmust have trained your fish to sing very well. Do you accompany them with your piano too?...Christine

  13. Hi Shelia~
    You DO have quite the barnyard there...and it's sooo clean...I didn't see a speck of mud anywhere! ;-D
    Thanks for stopping by...
    Have a beautiful weekend~
    ;-D Kathleen

  14. You've got a veritable menagerie, Shelia!

  15. What a nice farm you have there Shelia!! Those little cows are just precious.

    Hugs XX

  16. Adorable, Shelia! And, you know I just love your roosters!


  17. Shelia, I love those s/p shakers, and how neat that you've had them since childhood. Your roosters look so pretty. I don't remember that beauty with the flowers painted on him! I remember when you got your first singing fish. I think those fish have been making babies almost as much as the bunnies. I bet they get pretty loud when they all sing together. Enjoyed your barnyard animals. laurie

  18. My favorite bunnies are Boyds, but all your critters are wonderful.

  19. What a beautiful menagerie! You may not have noticed but my lobster salad was served on the same red cabbage plate in your bunny photo :)

  20. You have a great collection of critters! Nice vignettes you made with them. Love the full dog house! Cute stories too!


  21. You have a very nice collection of farm stuff.

  22. You have quite an animal farm there! Any animals I have are in the freezer, LOL!
    Loved your farm!
    And the animals, the animals, came by twosie, twosie twosies,
    Elephants and always make me sing! :)

  23. Oh, what a fun barnyard full of special critters. Love the singing fish and all those beautiful doggies. ~ Sarah

  24. I love those little cows. i grew up on a farn and i loves the little calves and i've been chased a time or two by a rooster.

  25. Love all your critters, but the singing fish just take the cake!! LOL
    Your S&P shakers are so special, too- having had them since you were a kiddo. I just heard Johhny D sing this song on the radio the other day... what a fun little diddy!
    hugs, Sue

  26. Love your doggies!!

    Susan and Bentley

  27. Hi Sheila,
    Very fun barnyard critters. Your roosters are wonderful but I really love your little cow salt and pepper shakers!

  28. Wow Shelia! Your Barnyard is one of the neatest, cleanest, and fullest I've seen! Did I mention Fishy? Great post for the debut of Barnyard Bash! BTW...I just loved John Denver...that Country Boy!

  29. Hi Shelia, your barnyard bash is so cute. I love the cows, bunnies and roosters. I expected a great post and you delivered it. Your collections are lovely. Barn animals do not like to satay in one place. I remember when my sister and I had to bring the cows in for milking. It was 300 hundred acres and sometimes it was hard work for such little girls. Farm life is fun and very hard at times.
    Happy barnyard bash.
    Love, Jeanne

  30. Shelia = you have some awesome collections. Wow! Some many pretty things to look at. I'm a new follower.

  31. I've been to LOTS of barnyards in my life and have even seen fish in ponds...but, never..ever..have I seen SINGING fish...:))


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