Sunday, August 29, 2010

Things Change

Well, they do in the den anyway...
This little area in the den is always changing ~ you know how it is. Change is good, isn't it?

This room is a little dark so this area is a little hard to photograph! Don't tell anyone but I've had to use the flash a few times!

Here I have a little chest and guess what's in it? Flatware!! :)

This picture is a recently acquired piece. Each spring we have a historic homes tour on our little island and Mr. Precious and I go every year and have for the last 13. I always buy the little print ~ sometimes framed sometimes not. This year I bought it framed! The artist paints a picture of all the homes on the tour. I love this stuff!

Then I have to poke down a little mama bird on top of olden books. I love my little birdies! Can you love little birdies? Well, you bet your little tweet tweets you can! :)

Here are the baby birdies.

Then I've placed some moss balls under these little stemmed cloches and they're sitting on top of a crocheted doily I made many years ago and you've all seen it before. I think these little cloches may be called cup cake cloches or domes. Don't know ~ but I love them! Can you love little stemmed cloches that you're not sure what they're called? Yes, you bet your little pink icing you can! :)

Shiny mosaic!

I'm flashing here!! :) Just too dark in here not too! I've had fun changing things around in the den and hope you liked it.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

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I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Here Come the Night

Woh, here it comes
Here comes the night, here comes the night

I could see right out my window, walkin' down the street,
my girl with another guy

His arm around her like it used to be with me,
oh it makes me want to die

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Well, here it comes
Here comes the night, here comes the night, woh yeah

There they go, it's funny how they look so good together,
wonder what is wrong with me

Why can't I accept the fact she's chosen him
and simply let them be

She's with him, he's turning down the lights
and he's holding her the way I used to do

I can see her closing her eyes and telling him lies,
exactly like she told me, too

Yeah yeah yeah
~ sung by Them


  1. "Yes you CAN Love little birdies and Yes you CAN love little cloches that hold our favorite THINGYS"... AND I "LOVE" every detail of everything you did!!! I'm REALLY,REALLY in deep LOVE with that table. I have such a thing for tables and I'm ALWAYS bringing home new ones to tuck in somewhere, AND this would have been one I would choose too. hehe!!!
    Hugs, Donna

  2. OH I ALSO adore those little lacy bowls under your little cloches. Those are WONDERFUL, do you know who makes them??? I'm going to have to go on a hunt for some...
    Hugs, Donna

  3. Sheila, change is very good and I love the changes you made. Hope you have a great week.


  4. you are flashing now???
    I love love that framed picture of the homes. What a great idea!
    And of course, you know I love those little cloches!!

  5. Oh Shelia, this is so pretty. I love the cloches of course, they are wonderful. So pretty. You do have such a wonderful way with vignettes. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  6. Oh, I loved looking! I especially love the drop leaf table. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Well, sugar, that is just lovely. But I think everything you so is lovely, so there! ;-)

  8. Your vignette looks wonderful, Shelia. Love the birds and their color. Th eprint of the historiacl houses looks very nice...Christine

  9. Oh Sheila,
    You have created such a gorgeous vignette! I adore that pic of the homes you can tour. I love that kind of thing too!
    And your birdies art so cute and I think your pics look great!
    Maybe we can use the flash sometimes. hmmm.
    Have a great week,

  10. Shelia you are so talented at putting things together! I love your table and all the things on it.

    Hugs XX
    Moore Whimsies

  11. Very pretty vignette Sheilia! The bird cloches and moss balls look great.

  12. Yes, change IS good! Love the little birds and your pierced white pieces.

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  13. Hi Sheila Sweetie...
    Oh what a beautiful share this evening. I love the Moma and baby birdies, I sure do, they just look perfect atop those books. The element of surprise.

    Love the crocheted doilly, it is exquisite. You did one heck of a job sweet friend. I would not be able to do it, I have two left hands, not gonna happen.

    Thank you for sharing and everything looks gorgeous in your table top display. That drop leaf table is DDG.
    LOVE it.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  14. Hi Shelia! I always love to see what you do with your vignettes! Love the burdies! :) Love that gorgeous table!


  15. Ack! I hate change, except when someone else does it, and it turns out BEAUTIFULLY!!! Your table top looks SO pretty -- and I covet that fabulous big crocheted doily you made with your own delicate little hands.... wow, it's fabulous.

    Beautiful. And your birdies say, YES you can love us! We are so adorable, how can you NOT?

    Love your posts, Shelia!
    You are a gem
    ... Cass

  16. Hi, what wonderful photos and mosaics! I love to stop in every week to your blog! I do hope that you have a lovely new week.

  17. OH SHELIA! You have a crocheted doily on that table! I love those. I was just commenting to another blogger about those. She just learned to crochet and was showing of one of her first pieces! A tiny hat!
    Your tabletop is lovely and yes..I LOVE birdies..and have them all over the place..even live ones.
    Yours are simply the tweetest things ever!!

  18. Hi Shelia

    What a great idea of the artist to make such a wonderful collage/ mosaic of the houses on each Historic House tour each year!!

    I am not an artist but I think I might make my mosaic for next Monday on the Historic Houses and Castles we have visited in the UK this year.

    I love it that people are bold enough to make changes in their house, we are very limited in our bungalow. Your changes are lovely. Have a good week, Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  19. Your grouping of cloches looks great Sheila! I love the doily you made, it's very pretty!

  20. Shelia,
    Beautiful tabletop. I just love all the texture, the glass, old books and wooden box. Everything flows so well, your eye just keeps moving. Don't you just love going on the house tours? I miss doing little things like that sooo much, maybe I need to plan a trip and do one this fall. Thanks for sharing and for visiting.

  21. Shelia, Your tabletop looks so pretty with your new print and those elevated cloches. I like how you used the cut-work bowls inside of them. And ya gotta love the precious little green birdies, too. You are always doing something around your house to make it so cozy and comfy!
    hugs, Sue

  22. Very nice tablescaping. I think your cloches are so lovely there.

  23. Love those lacy thins you have in the cloches, which are also adorable.
    Do tell!

  24. Shelia, just gorgeous! We lived on The Island for 13 years!!!!

  25. Wonderful!Your cloches are gorgeous.Everything is spectacular.Fatima-Scrapart.

  26. Dearness one...
    I LOVE change when it turns out THIS pretty. Your flashiness looks just fine here.
    I especially love your pretty lamp ...I so have a love affair going on with lamps...

  27. Yes, yes, yes, I can love little birdies, and yours are just adorable girl. You little area in the den is quite inviting and charmin'! What a beautiful job you've done.

    God bless ya and have a marvelous Monday!!!

  28. Hi Shiela
    The little trio of birdies are adorable. The homes tour sounds great. When is the next one? I hope you blog about it.
    Happy Monday.

  29. In this case, change is good! And, I love the Galveston homes print! Have you ever read "Isaac's Storm"? I read it before we visited Galveston and had a good, but sad, mental picture of the devastating hurricane last century. Boy, does it make me feel old to say "last century" and be talking about the century I was born in!!


  30. Lovvve your den and yes change is great. Love all the vignettes. Just gorgeous.

    Thanks for visiting me over at Pittypat Paperie and leaving a nice comment about my rooster tassel.

  31. You always do the neatest little compositions -- makes me want to get a broom and start over!


  32. Oh Sheila!!! How completely wonderful!! I love everything about it - the cloches, the birdies and the wonderful, wonderful print. I'd love to go to one of the tours. When are they held???

  33. Hi Shelia, I love everything you do. The lacy bowls are so pretty in the cloche's. Your table looks pretty as always. smile. I love the touch of green and the birds. I adore birds too. I have quite a collection of them. A lot of them reside in my tall windows in the great room. You could say I am a birdaholic. My new word. HA!.

    Love you and your post.

  34. Just love your new tabletop setting. I don't know the name of the cloches, think you've got it right - love them too!
    I love the moss balls! Beautiful!
    Changing things around here too - it is fun and keeps things interesting and looking new.
    Hope you have a great day,

  35. Shella thanks to you for lovely comment in my blog. How nice to meet you and your blog. I will always follow you ever after. Your cloches are so nice I am looking for them but unfortunatelly I can`t find them in my country but I won`t give up. Hope you will visit my blog again. Again love you and your post. With my best wishes....Aygun

  36. What a lovely room. Thanks so much, Shelia, for showing us around, I like those little birdies; so cute :o)


  37. Very lovely cabinet, I love the cloches!
    And yep, changing so every now and then is good!
    Elly from the Netherlands

  38. I love it all and I love the lamp...such a pretty area for changing things up...and that is so much fun! ;D

  39. Hi Shelia,
    Thank you so much for visiting me at Home is Where the Heart is. It's a pleasure to meet you!. I love your doily so much..and your little sage green birdies are just adorable in every way. I love cloches too, I have tea cups under mine..
    You have a delightful blog and I have enjoyed getting to know you.
    Have a sweet day, hugs~Elizabeth

  40. Shelia, your vignettes are just darling!
    I love those sweet little birds, too. :-)

    Have a wonderful week!

  41. Beautiful displays!! I love the photo of you, your daughter and grandbaby. It's precious!

  42. Very pretty! I love the touches of green!

    That's a neat picture of the houses on the home tour!


  43. Hi Sheila, I am a little late getting over. I love the green little birdies...but what I love most are your cloche displays...very pretty and creative. Thanks for sharing. Debbie

  44. Hi Sheila,
    Your display is lovely.I especially love the moss balls and sweet little birds. And of course the drop leaf table is GORGEOUS!

  45. I love your birdies and the little cloches. You gave me some ideas -- which I can always use! :) Annie

  46. GaGaGaGaGaGaGa....Gorrrrrrrgeous Sheila!! You are such a talented lady! OMG lady....why aren't you decorating homes!! I met a lady the other day that does just that at a yard sale. She has the cutest little shop called Screen Door Collectibles right here in my little town. She is adorable and I will have to post about her!

  47. Oh I love this, Shelia! Your little birdies are so cute and I am crazy about white pierced pieces...gorgeous! I hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  48. Sheila,
    your newest display is just so pretty and sweet looking. I love your new flatware storage box and those lil birdies are perfect right there..
    May I ask please- where do you find those small cloches?? Marty is having another cloche party soon and I am just as clocheless as I was the last time.. Can you help me find some pretty please.. Just point me in the right direction and I'll do the searching.. thanks so much...

  49. OH Shelia you come up with the most amazing table scape's and I do love this one.....


  50. Oh Shelia, I LOVE your little birdies! What a beautiful tabletop display you have created, on that gorgeous drop-leaf table! Thanks for sharing your beautiful display at MM. :)

  51. Hi Shelia! I love your gorgeous vignette. The framing of the cottages is a work of art itself. And the flatware box is a work of art, too. You have the most beautiful pieces and your taste is above all.

  52. It is a pretty the table and the little sweet. Sending fall temperatures and breezes your way!

  53. Oh Sheila, what a wonderful vignette, it's, oh so charming! Those little cloches are precious and I know that box would look great with my collection, love it! You have great taste sweetie!


  54. Lovely, I'm especially fond of the chubby birds ( I have the same ones). Your Den looks warm and welcoming , you have a very good eye for design. Well done!

  55. love those birds. They are downright precious. And so are the little cups inside the little cloches.. Love the print too. what a wonderful memento to bring home.

  56. Shelia,
    I just love the way this turned out! It's really beautiful, and something I think you should link up to Vignette Fridays! HINT HINT! Thanks for sharing, and as always inspiring!
    P.S., stop by and let me know what you think of my little video I did of my house. I hope you like it - would love to know what you think!

  57. Sheila I do love those little birdies of yours!! So very sweet! and those pedestal cloches are wonderful. I would love to find some like that one of these days!!

    bee blessed

  58. Awesome!, Shelia ... this is one beautiful change! You & Marty just amaze me the way you can move your decor around constantly. Mine grow roots & rarely get moved. It just amazes me how beautiful each new arrangement in your decor beckons me to TRY to change ... maybe this winter.

    Have a beautiful holiday weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  59. Hi Shelia,
    Your little den looks so charming and it is fun to change things around.

    thank you so much for all your good wishes for my Mom=I am happy to say she was much better today and eating some again so she will get stronger each day I hope.
    Take care,


  60. Oh Sheila, you have just given me the best ideas! I have three sweet little silver birds that need a new home and you have just shown me how to incorporate them into a vignette! Thank you very much, Sheila!

    Best wishes, and happy weekend,

  61. I love the cloches... girl after my heart!

  62. So glad you decided to link up to Vignette Fridays with this post Shelia! I love the changes in the Den! :) Great work, as always! See you again next week, I hope! :) Artie

  63. Oh my goodness I love those little birdies. I have a pair similar but mine are white with pink roses on their back.
    I love your cloches, so pretty.

  64. Cloches and birds are two of my favorite things! I found you through Artie, and I'm glad that I did!
    Happy weekend
    xo Isa

  65. Hi Shelia,

    I love touring historic homes. The framed print is beautiful. What a nice way to keep enjoying the homes you've visited!

    Now I'm very curious to know which flatware is in that gorgeous box! ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  66. Shelia, thanks so much for the input on the fabric for the bdrm. It is always so hard to choose the right mix of patterns. I am having fun anyway. Hope you have a super weekend. Hugs, Marty

  67. Hi Sheila:

    It's been way too long since I've been here to visit. I love your vignette. Those little green birdies are adorable and the little lacy bowls under the cloche are so sweet and delicate.

    - The Tablescaper

  68. Very pretty area! I love doing tablescapes and your's is beautiful! Oh, and I love Schnauzers too! I've had two in the past and I want another. Have a great day!


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