Friday, August 13, 2010

Rewind Week 1970s

Hello, Dear Ones. Recently a fellow sister from our Bloggerette Sorority hosted a fun party. A Rewind Week - 1970s. We were supposed to make a craft of that time. Well, if you know me, I cheat alot and that's what I did for this project. But it was fun. If you'd like to see some other nifty groovey 1970s views pop on over to Angela's blog ~ Sew Loquacious.

It's also Friday the 13th! So...booga booga!

Well, as I said, I may have cheated a bit, but Angela said it was okay. Do you remember crewel embroidery? I used to love to do this form of needlework. Here is a sweet little Hummel embroidery I did in the 1970s. Isn't it sweet? Wonder why I've kept it all these years? Hmmm...

I had a little boy that went along with this little girl but he's disappeared!

Look at all the fat yarn! I love this stuff. Do people still do crewel embroidery?

Look at the little birdie? Isn't he a darling? Now I'm looking at the word 'Hummel' there and wonder why I put a dot over the 'u'? Oh, well, I was young and we didn't have computers so I couldn't Google the name Hummel! :) Bummer!

See, even the colors are colors of the 1970s! Oranges, yellows and browns. My appliances were Harvest Gold and my bathrooms were Avocado Green. I know I had on BLUE eyeshadow and bell bottoms, and was drinking a Fresca soda!! Groovy!!

Pop on over to Angela's and see all the Rewind Projects and tell her I sent you!!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)


  1. That is cute! I used to do crewel embroidery too and in those kinds of colors. Now they are so not my colors. But I didn't know that then.


  2. How cute!! I love those colors and the little girl and birdie!!

    I learned as a wee girl, how to embroider...and did some pillow cases as gifts some 30 years ago...and that's been it.

    Now...I sew, cook, bake, make jewelry, crochet and raise 3 puppies!! What a full life!

    Have a beautiful day ~ 93 for a humid high today...and warmer tomorrow!! UGggghhhh.

  3. OH YES Shelia! Your little lady is 'Beautiful"! I remember EVERYONE got these as gifts from me. I made lots of flower arrangements, Precious moments were BIG for me(I had 3 little sons that were my subjects,hehe), and a FEW hummels again I did the boys... Then I went to X-stitch... Those days my eyesight was "KEEN" with NO reading glasses. If I ever do it now I'll need my reading glasses, PLUS one of those HUGEY magnifying "thingys"... WOW what memories you have given me...Thank you SO much. HUGS to you, Donna

  4. Shelia I couldn't say if people still do crewel embroidery or not I don't know any thing about embroidery of any kind have never tried it....your little girl is cute and hope the little boy will show up... that looks to be a lot of work you have put in on these. God Bless Trish

  5. I have two crewel pieces I did about the same time. They are hanging in my laundry room.

    Our kitchen and bathrooms were both Harvest gold.

  6. That is so adorable! I love it...grovey baby!

    I haven't had a Fresca in years! Grapefruit soda...I wonder if they still make that?

  7. Oh, a 70's party, what fun!
    I love your crewel Sheila, your pretty talented at all that stuff!
    And i loved fresca and bell bottoms too!

  8. You silly thing...girl I remember the browns/greens of the 70's so much...I had the gold washer and dryer even..oh and the green kitchen
    Love your needle point Shelia and PEACE girlfriend..just a grovey day to you...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  9. You've captured those crafty 70's pefectly, Shelia.

    I remember pipe cleaner and burlap flowers, among other things.

    I was raising three daughters during the 70's, plus I was a Brownie leader...yup...I was crafty all the way around.:-)

  10. Oh Shelia, I do so remember crewel embroidery and I did tons of it when I was younger. It was so fun. Love this piece.
    Thanks also for your sweet birthday wishes, I had a super day and I loved being spoiled. lol Hugs, Marty

  11. Yes, Shelia...I remember crewel work! I even tried some...but they didn't turn out a pretty as yours! Have a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  12. OOO BUMMER....I missed this. How do we know when the Sistas are going to have a meme.? I've wondered about that before...SHOOT...I have such GREAT memories from the 70's, too.
    shoot shoot shoot.....

    I remember doing some of these, too...but mostly I did needlepoint..have some great pics I did, too...
    shoot shoot shoot...

    Wonder when the next one will be?

  13. Hi Sheila
    You emboidery is beautiful. The Hummel pictures are so cute.
    Have a great weekend.

  14. love the hummel.. actually the there is an accent on the u..
    so you did it right!!

  15. Oh, golly Miss Molly! Do I EVER remember those colors ... dreaded colors. I was so into orange at that time but couldn't do the brown & gold & avacado.

    What a darling memory treasure stitchery for you to still have, Shelia.

    Sorry I missed your bathroom event, I would have liked to participate ... lmk next time ... Thank you.
    Every time I look at Rue she so reminds of of Gone with the wind Scarlett ... doesn't she you?

    TTFN ~ have a wonderful summer weekend ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  16. Hey Sheila,
    I do remember doing that type of embroidery. Your little girl is darling.

  17. I understand why you couldn't part with that beautiful crewel is sooooo CUTE!!! Oh, and I remember those colors very

  18. I would never part with something so beautiful! You've created a memory, how awesome it that (or maybe it's groovy? LOL)

  19. Too funny! I love it. So glad you kept it all these years to share with us. :)

  20. Of course you kept this pretty work of art! It's wonderful. laurie

  21. I was just at a Thrift store and they had a macrame hanging owl... I wanted it in the worst way.. but I came to my senses and walked away... I am still thinking about that lost 70's "art"


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