Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mirror, Camera, Snap!!

Hello, Dear Ones! I hope you're all having a great week!


Attention! Attention!!

We must interrupt this post! We have breaking news to report! There has been a lot of activity going on in bathrooms all across Blogland! Yes, believe it! This phenomenon just doesn't seem to ever stop!

Well, for those of you who may be new to this blog, let me introduce myself ~ I am the Queen Diva of the Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Divas and I am here to do my job! Yes, my Bathroom Business. This is very serious stuff, so don't leave yet! There are many Bathroom Diva imposter's out there, Most What in the World is She Talking About Ones, and I, and I alone am qualified to determine the true Divas! So, let me get started...

Oh, I see eight of the Most Beautiful Ones with the Most Pearliest of Whites! Please hand me my sun shades! Then I see sixteen lovely peepers! Not on the same head, Most Surprised Ones, but two peepers per head! I also see the most creaminess of complexions! Look at the most beautiful locks on those most gorgeous heads and yes, Dear Ones, they are just filled with Bathroom highlights! I can even see sixteen of the most slender arms and only a few hands. But if you'll just tiptoe like this and peak down like this you'll see the other hiding hands! See! Now the visible hand is attached to a CAMERA! Yes, yes, Most Excited Ones, we have some returning Bathroom Divas! I'm so excited! Do we know these Most Gorgeous Ones? Why sure we do ~

...returning Diva Julie and Diva Claudie from Bubblin' Over and a mysterious visiting Diva

...returning Diva Rue from Rue's Peanut Butter and Jelly Life

...returning Diva Gloria from Happy To Be

...returning Diva Deb from Just Cats

...returning Diva BJ from Sweet Nothings

...returning Diva Janice from Etiquette With Miss Janice
and an addition of a little fuzzy faced Coco

Thank you so much Dear Divas for coming back and snapping again for me! This stuff just makes my day!

Wait! Wait, Most Is She Ever Going to Get Through Ones! I cannot stop now because more Bathroom are being invaded as we speak! Or is it while we read? Anyway, here I go again, your Queen Diva of the Bathroom will not let you down, Most Thinking You're in Need of Protection Ones. You can DEPEND on me! Am I clever or what with my Bathroom puns? :)

Okay, let's get down to the real Bathroom Business again! I see a eight Most Gorgeous Ones, do you, Most Wided Eyed Ones? I do believe Eight is the magic number today! Yes, yes, just look at these most fashionably dressed ones standing in front of very lovely shiny mirrors! Their hair, oh, just look at their hair, Most Only Her Hairdresser Knows For Sure Ones...these most gorgeous locks are just shining with Bathroom highlights! It's a good thing I still have my shades on, Most Squinting Ones! Oh, and the most creamyness of complexions and the most gorgeous peepers. Sixteen again, to be exact and no, no Nannette, not on the same head!! :) Look at those smiles ~ the most beautiful pearliness of whites! I see the most slender arms with dainty creamy fingers attached to a CAMERA! Yes, yes, yes! We have eight honest to goodness Bathroom Diva, Most Jumping Up and Down Ones! I told you that you could DEPEND on me! I can't help myself! :) I'm so excited! Okay, let's all catch our tiny breaths and see who these lovely ones could be. Let's see...hum, do they look very familiar? Well, of course they do! We have...

...Diva Lindsay and Jennifer from The Cross Stitch House

...Diva Melissa from Melissa's Heart and Home

...Diva Julie from The Harwards

...Diva Genius, Jessica's daughter from The Cozy Little Kettle

...Diva Becky from Thoughtfully Blended Hearts

...Diva Beansie from Beansie Babbles

...Diva Debbie from Debbiedooes

Oh, Most Can You Believe It Ones, I love my job! Yes, I do! Now would you please hand me my crown, golden toilet brush... Oops, where is it! Just a minute! I can't go on without it! What am I going to do? Oh, there it is, Most Helpful One, just where I left it - by my golden toilet! What? I don't care how much gold is an ounce, these are my priceless golden jewels. Oh, never mind! Now please stand in front of me Dear Lindsay, Dear Jessica, Dear Melissa, Dear Julie, Dear Genius, Dear Becky, Dear Beansie, and Dear Debbie as I crown you with the most sought after title in the Land of Blog! Oh, yes! Many have tried and failed! Many have coveted this title, but they were not worthy! But you, Dear Beauty Snappers have pushed through the Bathroom Doors and snapped snapped away! Now, Dear Ones, I now crown you as Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Divas! You will be one now and for ever and ever and until the twelfth of never! Please take the Bathroom Beauty Snapping button that I have made for you with my own tiny dainty fingers and shine it proudly on your blog! Now, go and snap for the world to see!

Oh, Bathroom business does a body good! If you're wondering if you can be a Diva too and join this marvelous gang, yes, you can if your daring and brave enough. Just run into a bathroom of your choice (in my olden age I'm getting easy and will allow you to snap in front of any mirror), turn your camera's little flash off and snap your most gorgeous smile in the mirror. Post it on your blog or either email your snaps to me and I will post you here on Note Songs and crown you before all of Blogland. Then you can take our little Bathroom button that I so meticulously made with my own dainty creamy tiny little fingers and proudly display it on your blog. Now don't be a little chicken, just do it! Snap snap snap on, Dear Ones while I retire to my throne! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

You get up every morning
From your alarm clock's warning
Take the 8:15 into the city
There's a whistle up above
And people pushin', people shovin'
And the girls who try to look pretty
And if your train's on time
You can get to work by nine
And start your slaving job to get your pay
If you ever get annoyed
Look at me I'm self-employed
I love to work at nothing all day
And I'll be...
Taking care of business every day
Taking care of business every way
I've been taking care of business, it's all mine
Taking care of business and working overtime
Work out
If it were easy as fishin'
You could be a musician
If you could make sounds loud or mellow
Get a second-hand guitar
Chances are you'll go far
If you get in with the right bunch of fellows
People see you having fun
Just a-lying in the sun
Tell them that you like it this way
It's the work that we avoid
And we're all self-employed
We love to work at nothing all day
And we be...
Taking care of business every day
Taking care of business every way
I've been taking care of business, it's all mine
Taking care of business and working overtime
Take good care of my business
When I'm away, every day whoo!
Takin' care of business
Takin' care of business
Takin' care of business
Takin' care of business
Takin' care of business
~sung by Bachman-Turner Overdrive