Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Tisket a Tasket

Hello, Dear Ones! Did you know I was a copy cat? Yep, I am! When I see something I think I can copy or come pretty close to, I just do it! See that lovely teal colored basket below? Well, it's not mine but the source of my copy catness!! This lovely vignette was set up by my dear friend BJ at Sweet Nothings. And guess what? I fell in love with her basket! The color of her basket. Yes, I did!
So what is a wonderful most creative copy cat kind of gal to do? Go to town copy catting! :)

Ta Dah!! I have had this picnic basket for probably around 20 years!! It was a very light basket color and so blah and it had been up so high in one of my closets I had almost forgotten about it!
I had some teal colored spray paint so I went to town just spraying away! I love this stuff! :)

Isn't she pretty now? I've given her a new life! I've given her purpose! I've given her tealness of color and now she's ready for a picnic!! Sorry I forgot to get a 'before' shot. I was so excited to get my teal on, well, on my basket! :)

Well, it's summertime and it's very hot outside. For our picnic we must have some liquid refreshment to quench our thirsts and my fish jug is just the thing, don't you think? Nothing like pouring out our drink and hearing - gurgle gurgle gurgle! Yep, that's what this little cutie says!!

Then we need some little beachy salt and peppers sitting atop of a cool little plate. There's always some delicious foods inside a newly spray painted tealness of colored picnic basket that need a little sprinkle of seasonings.

We must always use our manners and not our most dainty creamy fingers when eating our picnic food from our newly spray painted tealness of colored picnic basket. Our little fingers could get all greasy and stuff. So, I have these sweet little colorful utensils to stab and cut up our food with. Stab doesn't sound right, does it? :) Killing food is not my intention! :)

Then I have a retro looking little tea towel to lay across my most tiny lap to keep my picnic crumbs off my clothes! Looks like fabric from the 1950s or 60s, doesn't it? I made this cute little thing a few years ago. Just thought you might like to know how very talented and creative I am! You know I'm kidding!! :)

Well, get you sandals, shades and the quilt and come on along with me for our picnic! Now every time I look at my little tealness of colored picnic basket, I'll think of BJ and the inspiration she gave me. Shoot! It's too hot to go outside so I'll clear off the table and we'll have our little picnic right here in the kitchen! :)

I'm joining Our Dear Sally at Smiling Sally for Blue Monday,
Our Dear Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Met Monday and
Our Dear Cielo at The House in the Roses for Show Off Your Cottage Monday.
Pay these Most Dear Ones a visit for so much inspiration today.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

A Tisket A Tasket

A-tisket A-tasket
A brown and yellow basket
I send a letter to my mommy
On the way I dropped it

I dropped it
I dropped it
Yes on the way I dropped it
A little girlie picked it up
And put it in her pocket

Not a single thing to do
She went peck peck pecking all around
When she spied it on the ground

She took it
She took it
My little yellow basket
And if she doesn't bring it back I think that I will die

A-tisket A-tasket
I lost my yellow basket
And if that girl don't return it
I don't know what I'll do

Oh dear I wonder where my basket can be
(So do we, so do we, so do we, so do we, so do we)
Oh geez I wish that little girl I could see
(So do we, so do we, so do we, so do we, so do we)

Oh why was I so careless with that basket of mine?
That itty bitty basket was a joy of mine!

I lost my yellow basket
Won't someone help me find my basket
And make me happy again? again

(Was it green?) No, no, no, no
(Was it red?) No, no, no, no
(Was it blue?) No, no, no, no

Just a little yellow basket
A little yellow basket
~ sung by Ella Fitzgerald


  1. Oh Sheila that is so sweet! At least you admit you are a copy cat...I really get annoyed at copy cats that do not admit it:):)! Love that blue...great job copying! Debbie
    and I bet BJ is flattered as can be!

  2. Don't you just love being inspired by other bloggers--I love it!!!

  3. Love it, looks great! That cute tea towel fabric caught my eye right away-have fun!

  4. I love your little basket too..very cute! I love the S&P's too and the tea towel is just my style...have fun picnicking! :D

  5. I love that color and the little vignette you put together is so cute. That little hand towel you made is adorable!! I love it when I get inspired by others and I think it's great you acknowledge where the idea came from! Now what color Teal and what kind of paint, cause I might have 'copycat' that also!!

  6. I see teal is becoming very popular in home decor. Your basket is lovely! Enjoy the inside picnic...I totally understand the too hot thing!!

  7. The highest form of flattery is to be copy cat...l.o.l. I love the color you chose. I have the exact chair your basket sit on in a child's size, except it has a needle-pointed seat.

  8. Your basket turned out gorgeous and I love your vignette. How cute is that. Hope you have a great picnic and a super Sunday. Hugs, Marty

  9. Wow Sheila, I may have to copy the copycat!hehe I've got a basket like yours up in the top of the closet too. I love your basket and your vignette.

    Hugs XX

  10. Good Morning Sheila Sweetie...
    What a beautiful job you have done. I love the basket in teal. The pitcher delightful. What better thing to go with the basket than a fish? You have put together a beautiful vignette. I adore the little tea towel. So festive.

    Thank you for sharing today. I just love it.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  11. I love it! Isn't it wonderful to have such creative friends to borrow pretty ideas from? I'm on a mission since I am decorating and setting up over here :)


  12. Hi Sheila
    Wait for me! I'm coming on the picnic. Love your painted basket and pretty tea towell. Looks perfect.

  13. Shelia, I love it! I think it's as cute as can be. And I love your little fishy pitcher with it and your cute accoutrements (as Bill would say(. That's a great color, too. Just love the whole vignette!

    Happy Blue Monday (a little early)!


    Sheila :-)

  14. Beautiful transformaton, Shelia! I love the tealness color. I know you are very talented. The tea towel you made is so pretty!...Christine

  15. Hi Sheila

    Just popping by for some (late) PS fun, but am glad that I got to read this sweet post too. Love the teal color - very cheery! Love the pitcher in your last post - yumm!

    I'm your newest follower my friend!

    Stop by if you have the time!

  16. I LOVE the little tea towel you made! Adore that rick rack! I love basket that color and your vignette is so pretty! Getting inspired by other bloggers is the best thing about blogging!


  17. I love your picnic basket, Shelia. As soon as I saw your title I heard Ella's voice. She was amazing!!

  18. Hi Shelia!
    I can't think of anyone nicer to copy that BJ! That girl knows how to inspire creativity. She puts on a spread like no other and her sense of humor is contagious.

    And your sense of humor is so much fun. I love your sweet basket and fish jug.


  19. Getting inspiration from other bloggers is what is so much fun in this blogging world. Trish

  20. You did an amazing paint job on that basket..! I adore the utensils with colored handles. Bloggers inspire me so much.
    Jane T.

  21. WELL....WOO HOONESS, Shelia, my darlin'...
    This basket is just precious in it's new tealness of color. My goodness, I am so happy you did this 'cause now you will just LOVE that little basket and use it a lot, probably.
    I am pretty sure MR. PRECIOUS is going to take you on a picnic by the sea and you must fix some fried chicken, wrapped in a red and white checked napkin...I know you must do this because I see it in all the olden movies...he will give you flowers and you will burst into song and then you will both dance in a field of flowers...OH MY..I have completely lost my train of thought...see what BLUE PICNIC BASKETS can do to one !! :))

    Really a precious little tea towel, too.
    xo bj

  22. Shelia, I love how the basket turned out. That shade of blue is so pretty. I also love your fish jug...very cute. I can't help but notice that carved chair. My parents had one just like it when I was growing up. Of course, yours is prettier because you recovered the seat in such a pretty it!


  23. I like to be a copy cat, too. Your basket is adorable. Makes me want to go on a picnic.


  24. Shelia, I love that little teal basket!!! I have a basket that I think is just like it!!! hhhhhhnmmmm Love the fish jug and tea cute!!! Have a wonderful week !!!

  25. I love the color of the basket. So Summery. I also love that plate. The pattern is gorgeous.

  26. Love the color and the tea towel is just perfect for this pretty picnic basket!


  27. Sheila it is all really beautiful! I love the blue basket. :)

  28. Hi Sheila,
    Oh I just love what you have done with your tealness! It is so fresh and pretty, a wonderful way to have a picnic lunch!

  29. Hi. Thanks for visiting and following my blog! I am a newbie and loving blog-land! I am constantly inspired!
    Congrats on your baby granddaughter!
    Aren't they a blessing? We also have our first granddaughter who is 11 mos. old.
    ~ Julie

  30. Cute vignette and now you have me loving that color too!

  31. Your teal basket is so pretty and you have quite the picnic planned. I just might have to copycat, too. Have a wonderful week!

  32. So now the song is "A tisket a tasket, my teal and yellow basket?"
    Ok! I can handle that! I certainly can! :)
    I love it and I would have copied her too had I seen it..however...I'm gonna copy you instead! :) I LOVE it and I
    love you too, Shelia!!

  33. Sheila, you are such a good copycatter. That is a new word. I love the teal color you used to change the basket. I love the vignette you created, too. Have a super week, my friend.

  34. Of course you ❤ BJ's basket; it's blue! Teal blue at that--the "new" color.

    Your basket looks brand new with her makeup on. Good going, Mrs. Creativeness.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  35. Shelia, lovely country basket, indeed! It truly speaks of life in the slow lane... and I love the color too! Thanks for participating in our "Show Off Your Cottage Monday" and bringing us here.

    Have a happy week dear one!


  36. Great color and cute little vignette.

  37. Hi Shelia
    My shoes are on and I'm ready for a picnic!
    I really love the colour of your basket now and it matches so well with the towel and s/p shakers too.
    Like what you did with the gurgle fish jug too. Nice colour.
    I sure hope you have fun at the picnic before I make it there..

  38. Love the new color. I have the very same blonde boring picnic basket. However, it's dishes go toward red. Hmmmm, Maybe......
    Thanks for sharing

  39. Love that we get so many ideas in blogland!!
    Your tea towel is adorable too!
    Have a great week sheila!

  40. Beautiful basket and it's shiny too. Happy Monday!

    Blue snake

  41. Goodness you have lots of friends! love your teal basket. Had a yellow one but gave it to my sister (Ann-Tin and Sparkle) It fist her wizard of oz theme so well. Have a great day. Debbie

  42. I love your blue basket vignette! Happy Blue Monday, Mary

  43. Oh, Shelia, it is fabulous! Look out, you are going to having a lot of company coming over for the picnic! The teal colors are wonderful ...

    Have a lovely week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  44. You picked a good one to copy after. BJ is a just one of the nicest and talented bloggers I know. She is something else and so is your basket.

  45. Sheila your "copy cat" basket turned out just lovely. What a good feeling to take something you weren't using and make it all new again. Your vignette makes me want to go on a picnic in the park!

  46. Hi Shelia, this is Shelia ;) enjoyed todays post. I enjloy tablescaping also, but do not have all the beautiful things you have. But people always comment, on the way my table is dressed. I have a basket, that I might have to do some copy catting on too. I don't comment alot but do come by and look quite frequently.

  47. Oh Pickle you been BJ' for sure...but I love it girl where's the food you know BJ always serves us the best southern cooking ha ha!! Hope all is well in your world my Dear Pickle...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  48. Hey Shelia; Well aren't you the sneaky one,,,,,,,lol I love love how your sweet teal basket turned out,, and you know what!!!!! I have one in my garage,. that was going to the GW,,, well this little gem is staying right here,, and I am off to find me some teal paint,... see I copy cat love it love it...
    have a great week and stay cool


  49. I must confess that I too am a copy cat. I always try to add just a little something extra so that it won't be an exact match. What hubby built this weekend was a copycat too. I posted about it. Hope you will come visit.
    Love your basket. Hmmmm maybe one would look good on my new potting bench.

  50. Paint--what a wonder it is! The basket turned out as cute as can be.
    Enjoy using it!

  51. looks like you are ready for a picnic! teehee.. so much fun.. picnic in the summer but with heat wave..errr.. we better play house inside our own home.. teehee.. btw your picnic basket is pretty after the spray paint. btw I have one like yours but had it painted in white with skirt lining inside.. teehee.. now we must find some picnic area.. can we?! teehee..

  52. Well you know what they say..."Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Great job! Thanks for visiting my blog. To answer your question, I live in Birmingham.

  53. Hi sheila, don't let me shock you at my late comment. I should be in bed I know. We have company still and I was just plum worn out and fell asleep on the couch half the night. So what do i do? Visit my dearest blogging friends. That would be you.

    The picnic basket is lovely in teal. Your idea 'borrowed' is a great one. I know BJ would love what you did. Now it is all prettied up you should go on a picnic. Make sure the paint is dry. BIG smile. Love that fish and the sweet towel.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  54. I have to agree, that sure is one gorgeous basket now! I love the tea towel too! Have a great week!


  55. I love your blog!! You are just darling! Seems like you really enjoy life.

  56. Just dropped by to say hi this week and see what you're up to -- it's always something fun and interesting. Good to see you over at Atticmag -- thanks! Jane F

  57. I am liking everything about your "copycatness". Maybe I'll have to copy the copycat 'cause I have a plain old picnic basket too.


  58. That tea towel is too cute! It does look like a 50's piece of fabric. I would have never thought to paint a picnic basket blue, but it looks awesome.

  59. I too love that color blue. Great redo and I love those shakers also .

  60. Great makeover! Looks like a great picnic, what are we having to eat??

  61. Love, love, love your 'new' basket! It's just perfect! Someone once told me that copying an idea is the highest compliment one can give. Had to think about it for awhile but I think they are right.

  62. I'm sure that BJ will take this as you were "inspired" by her darlin' picnic basket! Love the color of both of y'all's baskets!!! Love that little vintage cloth:)


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