Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Little Green Apples

...well, green pears too.

Hello, Dear Ones! I've not been able to participate in Tablescape Thursday in some time. So I'm thrilled today to play in my dishes with you and Our Most Dear Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday. Please go visit her to see the most beautiful tables ever.

I've set my little round table up in the breakfast room today for a light breakfast! Come on in and sit down, Dear Ones.

I've got a black, white and green color scheme going on here today.

Here's a little black and white checked napkin, made by the most talented one - me! :) all rolled up and poked into a little Rooster napkin ring. Well, I'll tell you a secret! The edges of my tiny napkins are not sewn yet - I just cut them with the pinking shears! But we won't tell anyone! Shhh... :)

I'm using these precious little Rooster dishes by Queen's. I think some of you have these in red and white! I just love these because I love Roosters - my favorite yard bird of choice! :)

I've mixed in some little green Bordallo Pinheiro plates. Now you can see there's a tiny rabbit smack dab in the middle of this plate but my Roosters don't know this! I'll just keep this quiet too. But I do like the way the green looks with the black and white.

Then the dinner plate with Mr. Honking Big Rooster Man! Isn't he handsome? I love this stuff!

All the dishes are sitting on top these green chargers that I found a few years ago at Marshalls. Love that place!

Now for my centerpiece, I've poked down my milk glass pedestal bowl, wound some pretty black and white ribbon through the little loops. I filled it full of little green apples and lots of little green pears. Now guess what? They are all faux! Are you surprised? Don't be. If you know me, you know what I always say - I love my fauxs and my tiny fauxs love me - even my faux fruit. :)

Now lookee here! My green chickens (salt and peppers) sitting on the little egg dish I found at a antique shop in Kerrville, Texas! I love this piece. I just love all of my little dishes and table accessories as our Dear Hostess Susan calls them.

My little green egg dish is holding tiny cute little cherry tomatoes. This is breakfast time and we can eat little tomatoes, can't we? Their red color is very pretty on the green dish, don't you think?

I want you to look at those faces on my little chickens. Angry! Yes, ma'am, I said angry. Angry chickens! No matter what I do, I can not get this angry look off their tiny faces. No, no Nannette, I can't make these chickens happy! Be very careful when you grab a little tomato, they just may peck!!

I'm using my green glasses and silverware given to me by Mr. Precious!

Here's your little soft boiled egg sitting in a tiny green egg cup I found at Cracker Barrel a few years ago. Now this is a real egg and not faux so you can crack away!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my tiny table and will come back to visit me often. Have I told you how much I always appreciate your visits? I really do! I do my very best to respond to each of your comments. Did I tell you I love this stuff? I do and I love you too, Dear Ones! Now leave me a comment and then go see our Dear Susan!

Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Little Green Apples

And I wake up in the morning
With my hair down in my eyes and she says hi

And I stumble to the breakfast table
While the kids are going off to school, goodbye.

And she reaches out and takes my hand
And squeezes it and says how you feeling hon?

And I look across at smiling lips
That warm my heart, and see my morning sun.

And if that's not loving me,
then all Ive got to say,

God didn't make the little green apples,
and it don't rain in Indianapolis in the summer time.

And there's no such thing as Dr. Seuss
or Disney land and mother goose, no nursery rhymes.

God didn't make the little green apples,
and it don't rain in Indianapolis in the summer time.

And when myself is feeling low,
I think about her face and go and ease my mind.

Sometimes I call her up, at home, knowing she's busy.
And ask her if she can get away,
meet me and maybe we can grab a bite to eat.

And she drops what she's doing
and she hurries down to meet me, and I'm always late.

But she sits waiting patiently,
and smiles when she first sees me, because she's made that way.

And if that ain't loving me,
then all I've got to say,

God didn't make the little green apples,
and it don't snow in Minneapolis when the winter comes.

And there's no such thing as make-believe,
puppy dogs or autumn leaves, no bb guns.

God didn't make the little green apples,
and it don't snow in Minneapolis when the winter comes.

~ sung by Roger Miller