Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beachy Cabinet

Hello Dear Ones! Hope you've all had a lovely week. Well, it's too hot to play outside so I've had to entertain myself indoors with the AC pumped down! I'm managing, thank you! :)

Since I was picnicking in my last post, I got to thinking...my favorite little play toy (my tiny little hutch in my breakfast room) needed a redo! I just love this stuff!

This is how my play toy has looked for a month or so - filled with Blue Willow dishes. Not a bad look but being filled with so much blue, I was beginning to feel blue. Can't have that! So what's a Most Gorgeous Talented Creative One like me to do? Play! Please know I'm kidding, I just get carried away sometimes. :)

So I put away all of my Blue Willow, dusted the shelves and poked in all kinds of beachiness of things! Oh, I felt cooler immediately! Feel the breeze? :)

Blue Willowness on the left ~ Beachiness on the right. Which do you like the best?

Okay, let's explore all the beachy items...

Now if you know me, you know I love my fish jugs. Actually they're called Gurgling Cod Jugs, but fish jugs works just fine for me! See these white ones on the top shelf! Well, these little puppies were not white in the beginning. These were the ugliest fish jugs you could ever hope to see or not to see. So I painted them white, yes I did! If you'd like to see them before they became so pretty just click HERE!

Second shelf ~ blue fish jugs. Aren't they darling?

Don't it make my brown jugs bluuuuuuuuuuue... that's a song, isn't it? :)

Mixed among my fish jugs are some little beachiness of plates with sea horses and little retro looking plates. I threw in some beach balls. Porcelain beach balls ~ so don't try to bounce them on the floor or we'll all be sorry! :)

Bottom shelf ~ more fish jugs! I love this stuff. You may recognize one of these as I used one to sit on top of my picnic basket in my previous post! Love these too.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, my little fish jugs sing too! Here them!! I've poked down a couple of shell votive candle holders, after all this is the beach! :)

I poked a porcelain beach ball upon an little pedestal, added a starfish and some sea weed, well actually it's some moss from my sweet friend, Gloria. She sent me some as it grows all over her trees in northern California! But for today it's pretending to be sea weed. ;)

Tiny little beachiness of plates sitting on a very olden blue and white napkin. Just pretend you're seeing the blue sea and the white caps of the waves that are pounding the shore!

Well, Dear Ones, there you have it! My favorite play toy filled with the coolness of the sea! I'm so rested and calm now so I do believe I'll just pour me a cool glass of Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper and pop my most dainty tiny feet up! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Surfer Girl

Little surfer little one
Made my heart come all undone
Do you love me, do you surfer girl
Surfer girl my little surfer girl

I have watched you on the shore
Standing by the oceans roar
Do you love me do you surfer girl
Surfer girl surfer girl

We could ride the surf together
While our love would grow
In my woody I would take you everywhere I go
So I say from me to you
I will make your dreams come true
Do you love me do you surfer girl
Surfer girl my little surfer girl
Girl surfer girl my little surfer girl
Girl surfer girl my little surfer girl
~ sung by The Beach Boys


  1. OOOH I love the beachy..Miss Shelia! It's just so summery, cool and fresh looking! My favorite thing is the way you used the green moss...looks just like ocean moss, your so gooooood, girl!!!;) Nancy

  2. Shelia, this is just stunning. I just love your fish pitchers and all your pretty shells and dishes. This is just unreal. What a great display. I think you totally outdid yourself. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  3. What a fun way to play, I would love an open hutch to play with like that! I really like the re-do, but I liked the Blue Willow as well! I've lived in FL for 44 years and never really learned to love the beachy/shells look (yes, I know some people think I'm crazy!) You did a great job! I love your creativeness!


  4. I love the beach theme I have to say...the hutch just came to life with all your fish pitchers...Oh how I would love a nice hutch to play with...

  5. This is nice for summer...lots of cute thing to make it all peachy-beachy! :D

  6. I love your hutch! I think the blue willow is beautiful, but for summer, the beachy look is perfect. I think your little fish jugs look much better white too. I didn't even know you could paint china like that.
    The song is great too. My hubby has always called me his "little surfer girl". :-) The first concert I ever attended was The Beach Boys too, they were doing a comeback tour. I think it was the first of many.

  7. Looks great! I love the white jugs on the bottom shelf with the dainty handles, and I can't believe how nice the ones you painted turned out-enjoy but watch out for the seagulls!

  8. Oh my goodness Shelia...this is gorgeous!

    Wishing you a lovely day,

  9. Shelia, what a great idea for a beachy hutch! You are right, it is cheerful and fresh! Oh, and I love the Beach Boys! Linda

  10. I love to change things up and it looks like you do too. As for my stone wall, yes you can put things on it and I may. I had a painting and a basket that I changed with the seasons on the wood wall. I miss something being there, but I am not sure. The wall is not level and it would take some thinking to do it right. who knows... I may just enjoy the stone.

  11. Don't it make my brown jugs blue?
    Lol...Your always making me laugh girl.
    The beachy redo for summer is my fav. of course! and I CAN feel the breeze!
    I do like the blue too though.
    Painting the fish = great idea and they turned out very professional!!!
    You are always so clever!
    Thank you for all your sweet comments...Your a treasure,
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  12. Hi Shelia,
    What fun you had playing! I don't think I have ever seen fish jugs here but you have a great collection. I love the ones you painted white - great job.
    A fall cruise sounds lovely. St John is just 4 hours from here and it would be great fun to meet.I have some tours booked for the first two weeks but so far nothing for the later part. When do you go?
    I am glad you saw a little of P.E.I. on Kelly and Regis. Too bad your cruise wasn't coming to Charlottetown-just 10 min. from here- tea in the garden would be
    for sure!
    Take care,


  13. You did a fine job beaching up that cabinet. It looks so much more summery and light. I am looking for a new cabinet (actually a used one if I can find it on Kijiji) and can't wait to have some fun with decorating it. I bet you loved to play with little dishes when you were young. I sure did. I used to serve my cats tea. They didn't appreciate it :(
    Have a great day Shelia. Always enjoy your post. Hugs, Deb =^..^=X5

  14. I love that you brought the beach into your home! What a lovely place to spend your summer days. I'm hibernating in my ac-cooled house these hot, humid days too. You would think after living in Alabama all my life I would be used to the heat by now, but no such luck. I enjoyed your post today!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  15. Hi Shelia! What a gorgeous fresh look for Summer! LOVE how you've redecorated your hutch.. and I LOVE the Beach Boys too! I saw them in concert some (I'm not sayin!) number of years ago!!.. Have a great day! ~tina

  16. Love those little plates with the crab and lobster on them! Very "fresh" indeed.

  17. Two very different looks but both so classy! You are so talented!

  18. Two very different looks but both so classy! You are so talented!

  19. Oh, sweet Sheila, I just love your new beachy fishy hutch. I love those fish jugs and the way you painted the ones you bought from the thrift store. The white does look much better. You really have a good eye for displaying such pretties.

  20. Oh, sweet Sheila, I just love your new beachy fishy hutch. I love those fish jugs and the way you painted the ones you bought from the thrift store. The white does look much better. You really have a good eye for displaying such pretties.

  21. Shelia, I love it both ways, but for summer, that is such a great look! And have I told you today how much I love your fish pitchers??? I do. I have a tiny one that is sort of multi-color, but those white ones are GLORIOUS. Fish love. Big time.

    Love you, too...


    Sheila :-)

  22. Hi Shelia, I love your playing around with your cabinets. Both displays are lovely. I really like the fish vases...they are lovely.

    You have the 'touch!'

    It is hot here also in Florida....I am melting. Yikes!

    Hugs, Barb ♥

  23. Shhh...no one tell Shelia..but I am waiting for the French Country look to come back..or...oh say..Fall will do. I am just NOT a beachy person...although it all does look nice but...but...s'ok sweet Shelia...I can wait. Please don't misunderstand me, I do love the beach. I do! Fish is my favorite food..(s'pecially lobster, crab, and like that) and "cod" is wonderful.. but...you..do still have your roosters? Right?
    Good. I'll wait.

  24. Good Morning Sheila Sweetie...
    Oh my gosh I was SPLASHED with water when I opened this post up today. Something is a little fishy around here.

    I love this post. The beachy is so peachy. I love it. The mixture of the dishes and your fish jugs are so exquisite together. I love the ball that you sat on the plate with moss. That is most unusual. So pretty. Star fishes. Oh my under the sea for sure. You did an amazing job sweetie. I am clapping for you, can you hear me? Please take a bow. Just beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing with me today. Have a beachy day sweetie.

    Country hugs and so much love, Sherry

  25. Well I loved the Blue Willow -- but I also love the beach theme. And I ADORE those Gurgling Cod Jugs. What an amazing name!

    I looked at the "originals" of the top shelf white jugs and almost laughed out loud -- oh MY they were not at their best in those colors, were they? pretty awful
    so thank goodness you saw their potential. They are wonderful now.
    As always -- terrific!
    And Dion says all that was missing from his doggy party this week was Chloe Dawn!

  26. The beachy is so pretty and summery, Shelia. I love it.

    Of course, you know, I love the blue and white too.

  27. I like the beachiness for the summer. I think the Blue Willow is a wintry look. I come from the south. My mother and grandmothers decorated seasonally right down to drapes and curtains and slipcovers. While I don't follow their lead (my friends would think I'd lost my mind), I do "festivate" seasonally.

    I need a "paint a basket" tutorial. Did you just spray it or prepare the surface and spray it? When you have time, please.


  28. Sheila,
    Both displays are gorgeous, but I think I like the coastal one for the hot summer months! Beautiful!

  29. It does look much cooler now Shelia. At first I thought all the fish jugs were the same form but I see each set IS different. What a neat collection. Do they always come in pairs?

    It was funny running into Gloria, and we arrived within minutes of each other and went to the same booth first! If Len hadn't been talking to the dealer so much we might have missed each other!

  30. Hi Sheila
    Your hutch looks wonderful. I love those Gurgling Cod jugs. I didn't know they were called that. Love it!

  31. Sheila, you are just too cute for words! I LOVE what you did to your "winter" shelf..what a transformation to summer!! Beautiful job! And reading your post is such fun..what a delight you are!

  32. Hi Shelia
    I'm loving the birds in the cloches. The white ones in particular are sooo pretty and of course the beachiness is pretty too. Nice cool looks. I can't imagine you painted your gurgling fish so well. I really need to paint my green one. I'm not so fond of it being green....but then I really should do that once I've painted my walls a lighter colur...are you and Mr. Precious willing to help?

    Your place is so lovely with your cloches..I wouldn't put the birdies away yet.

    have a lovely evening

  33. Hi Shelia! Oh my gosh! I love it! Actually, I love both. smile... Wow, lady, you always do a great job of decorating.

  34. Love this look for the summer Shelia! Your fish jugs are just wonderful. Since I saw yours, I've been on the lookout for some bargain fish jugs, but haven't found any yet. You've got some great beach and ocean-themed accessories, and they are perfect for your summer hutch. laurie

  35. Oh the Beach Boys are my all time favorite! When I was a girl my best friend and I really thought we were going to take off to California to hang out with them. :)

    Love your beachy theme. It's just perfect for your home.


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