Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just a Chillin'

Hi! My name is Chloe Dawn and I'm my Mommy's doggy! She is inside doing stuff...

I brought her some of my babies so she would play with me, but she said she was too busy! I asked for a cookie and she said 'not now'. So, what is a beautiful, sweet good girl supposed to do?

Just lie on the grass in the pretty sunshine and act like I don't care.

It's getting pretty hot out here! Can I come back inside Mommy?

Well, here she comes and she has a cookie in her hand and my baby in her other hand. It's going to be a great day!!

Bye bye now from
The Good Girl,
Chloe Dawn

Bark bark woof woof


  1. awe. sweet, my doggie loves her babies too!!

  2. Yep, another dog has someone wrapped around their little paw!
    See is adorable!! Don't we just love our dogs!!

  3. Love seeing your sweet girl Shelia--looks like she was pretty patient waiting for you to be done with your work.

    Hope your week is going well!

  4. You know this schnauzer loving friend enjoyed this post :)

  5. Sheila: Sometimes I just want to lead a dog's life!! Give that girl another cookie from her Aunt Bonnie!

    Just spied the almost three month photo of Carter. She looks so adorable and I'll bet she's growing into a lot of fun. Enjoy!


  6. Hi Chloe Dawn...

    I know your mommy loves you and loves to play with you!! And, I'm so glad you see her coming with a treat and baby.

    Any time you'd like, you can come and visit here at Rose Haven...and play with my 3 good pups. You'd have a blast with them. They love to play, run, jump and tussle with each other.

    Have a wonderful day with your mommy!!! Say hi to her for all of us!!


  7. What a cutie!

    While Steve and Edyie were in the gulag for a month (!) (shame on us in Taiwan and New Orleans), they were walked twice a day. Mr. Steve is demanding the same now that he is home. You'd think he'd be so happy he would have forgotten those walks. Nope! He is barking me all day. Dad takes him after work since Mom prefers not to chance an encounter with a wilde beast especially a revisit to his skunk friend.

  8. Chloe Dawn is so cute!

    Thanks for stopping by the Back Porch, Shelia. The nuts are in the strawberry salad. The Caprese is just the usual Caprese.

  9. LOVE Chloe Dawn's Note Song! :-)

    Isn't she a cutie! My daughter has a Westie....wouldn't they be cute together...??

    Thanks for your encouragement!


  10. Bentley won't take no for an answer...if he wants to play, you better stop and play or he will drive you nutz! Good dog, Chloe Dawn!!

  11. I wonder how Chloe Dawn feels about The Wonder Child?

  12. AWWWWW I haven't seen Chloe Dawn in a while. She is as CUTE as ever!!!!

  13. Ohhh... so sweet!! What a cute baby!!

  14. Oh Chloe Dawn, you should have known your mama is too sweet to ignore your sweet little face. Now don't over work her in the heat! laurie

  15. Chloe Dawn -- wish you could just come on over and play and romp with my "boys" when mama's busy -- you three would have a ball!

  16. Hi Chloe...tell your mom hi...
    You are such a pretty little girl and you have been so good while your mommy has been doing stuff indoors.
    Your mommy loves you and for giving her the extra time she now had time to play with you...and gives you treat too.

    Hope your mommy has had a good day...and is busy doing something fun.


  17. Oooh Miss Chloe, how I wished I could join you in the sunshine.
    After we were done playing...I bet your sweet mom would prepare a tasty treat for us with a cool refreshing drink.
    It would fortify us for our return to the sunshine for another jaunt around the yard.

    Sweet wishes,

  18. Very cute Sheila!
    My adorable niece is named Chloe, so of course I love that name.
    Have a nice day girlfriend!

  19. We loved seeing Chloe Dawn playing outside. She really is a cutie.
    Lindsay & Jessica

  20. Good Gal, CD! Come see me, I have cookies!

  21. Awww... You are just the sweetest little pooch! Charli and I love you ♥ Charli says she wants a treat too.

  22. Don't they just make our heart melt. What would we do with out their unending love. She is a sweetie. Stella

  23. Oh the things we do for our pets! Chloe is a cutie, enjoy her all you can. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my country tablescape. Hope you have a wonderful week! Sandi

  24. What a pretty girl. I know she is not getting the attention she want just like miss Bailey isn't either. Too too busy. I have thrown her toys a bit and played tug of war. Oh how she loves tug of war. Chloe Dawn sure is pretty and has a pretty name.

  25. Aww, what a precious little sweetie pie. I wish my Suzi still liked playing with her toys. She's as healthy as they come, but she's going to be 16 in September. Boohoo. She says toys are for kids. She talks to me when no one is around. Talks her head off, in fact!

  26. So, so cute, Shelia! She's almost as adorable as her mommy ... almost! ;)

  27. Chloe Dawn it is so good to see you lately! I've been missin' ya. You are as gorgeous as ever. Stay sweet for your Momma...I know you will. xx

  28. We just love our pets now don't we? Chloe is so darn cute Sheila....thanks for the great pictures.

  29. Hi Sheila, thank you for your visits while I was gone. We arrived home late last night and today I rested.Our grandson's graduation was lovely and I am so glad we were able to attend his big day.

    Chloe Dawn is just the cutest pup. I am so glad she gave you a break and posted today. I love her too.

    I read about your lovely white roses you crafted. I am impressed but not surprised. You are very crafty and clever. Your wreath looks very pretty. Your crystal is beautiful and how nice to have a place to display it so well. Also handy. I love that you can shut the doors when you want to and I also think your pretty wreath and crystal should be shown. smile

    Well it is late, so I will say goodnight. Happy day tomorrow Sheila.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  30. Your doggie is just the cutest thing ever....he looks like he is having such a good time in the grass,,,I wanted to let you know there is only one napkin in each napkin ring, they are just pleat folder and they are multicolored so it looks like more then one....thanks for the wonderful comments.....

  31. Chloe Dawn is just precious and so is her momma. :) I loved your shabby white roses, too. I will have to visit the tutorial.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

    Hugs~ J

    P.S. Can you assist me in the no rain dance....luau is tomorrow for grad party. :) Thanks!

  32. Hi Sheila, Chloe Dawn is just the cutest... our pets are the same way. Spoiled and loved.. we don't own them, they own us.. lol..
    hugs ~lynne~

  33. You are such a sweetie, Chloe Dawn and I just know that Mommie loves to play with you.


  34. Oh sweet Chloe Dawn,,, you are such a sweetie... and you are so photogenic... hope you had a good day,, and you and your sweet mommy have a wonderful weekend.



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