Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Divas

Hello, Dear Ones! I hope your week is going well and you're all staying cool and...

***added info****

Attention! Attention!! We must interrupt this post today to bring you the latest breaking news! Just when it seems this ordeal has stopped, it starts up again! What are we talking about, Most Wondering Ones? Well, I'll tell you ~ Bathroom Invasions! Yes, yes! It's happening again it seems. No matter the time of day, day of the week, month or season of the year - Bathroom Invasions continue to stop us in our tracks!

So, here I am, your Diva of all Bathroom Businesses, ready and plenty able to do my duty! I will tell you all about it, Most What Is She Talking About Ones! As I've said before ~ there are impostors among us! But your Bathroom Diva will never let one of those copycat ones in our special elite group. No no Nannette! Trust me, I know my Bathroom Business. I am a professional at my Bathroom Business and will step up to the Throne and get this started...

Oh, my goodness, Most Straining Your Eyes To See Ones, look at all the Most Gorgeous Ones we have here! I see six, yes six, count them Most Give Me My Calculator Ones! Six Most Gorgeous Ones with the most creamyness of complexsions, peepers shining like moonglow, luscious locks filled with Bathroom highlights, six smiles filled with the most pearliest of whites...Oh, my goodness, Most Shocked Ones, these are the genuine Most Special Ones! Yes, yes! I'm so thrilled and..and...guess what? I think I've even seen these Most Gorgeous Ones before! Yes, these six Lovelies are returning Divas....I just love this stuff.

These most Gorgeous Bathroom Beauty Snappers proudly display the above button on their blogs. By the way, Me, the Head Diva of the Bathroom, made this button with my most dainty creamy fingers just for occasions as this!

Now, let's see, Most Curious Ones, who are these Most Gorgeous Returning Divas...

We have Beautiful Diva Jan from Rose Haven, duh, she's already told us hasn't she? :)

Then Our Most Lovely Diva BJ from Sweet Nothings.

Most Gorgeous Diva Jo from That's My Story.

A second snap from our Most Gorgeous Jo!

Our Most Stunning Diva Deb with one of her kitties from Just Cats.

Our pretty Diva Katherine from Yellow Rose Arbor.

Another snap from our Diva Katherine.

Then Our Most Petite Little Gorgeous Diva Susie from Bienvenue.

How can I, Your Most High Head Bathroom Diva, thank you Most Gorgeous Lovely Ones for snapping again for me? I raise my golden toilet brush to you!

***Just a little info for you: some of you have asked about the snapping. Now even if you've snapped numerous times before, you can snap for me again and again! If you've never snapped, don't think it's over for you - you can snap! All you have to do is take your tiny self and your camera with your flash turned off and snap your most gorgeous self in front of a mirror. Now it doesn't have to be in the Bathroom (that's just where it started) You can snap anywhere any time! Then you can either post about your snap or email me your snap, just make sure to let me know so I can post about your crowning or that you are a returning Diva. Just wanted to clear some things up. I was so excited about having so many lovelies snapping, I forgot to tell the rules! :) Now get out there and snap snap snap on!! :)

Wait! What do I see? Oh, my most tiny heart is just pitter pattying! There has been another Bathroon invasion as we speak. I must do my duty...did I tell you that I love this stuff? :)

Okay, let's see...the gorgeousness is definitely here, Most Jealous Ones! Oh, the most creamyness of complexions and I see long flowing locks filled to the brim with Bathroom highlights! You can't get those just anywhere you know, Looking At My Miss Clairol Box Ones! She is so stylishly dressed to a Tee. I see the most sparkling of peepers! The finest of jewels just dripping off of this Most Gorgeous One! I see two slender arms which have two hands attached and the most creamy daintiest of fingers clutching a CAMERA! Yes, Yes! We have a genuine Diva!! Oh, I'm totally excited, Most Clapping Your Hands Ones!! Woo Hooness! Another Diva! Do you know her? Can anyone guess who this Most Lovely could be? Let me see now...yes, we do know her! This is Our Most Gorgeous Famous Rhoda from Southern Hospitality!! Oh, I'm so honored that she would choose to join us! Well, I kinda chose her. She snapped, I saw and then I took! With her permission of course! :)

Okay, please hand me my toilet paper, no no, I mean my toilet brush...the golden one! Yes, that's it. I'm a little nervous, after all, this is Our Most Famous RHODA! Let me take a deep breath! Okay, I can go on now. Please stand before me, Most Gorgeous Rhoda. I am about to bestow upon you the most wonderful sought after title in the world. Yes, Dear One, the world! You have gone where most will not, well, with a camera in their hands anyway! I now crown you with the title of Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Diva - you are one now and shall be one for ever and ever and until the twelfth of never! Go now, Diva Rhoda, and show the world your awesomeness.

I'm so exhausted and must sit down now. You know my Bathroom Business Divaship is very exhilarating but ever so tiring. Now if you haven't joined our most prestige group of Divas, don't despair, it's never too late and you can snap for me any time you want to, over and over again. It just thrills my tiny soul! :)

So I leave you with a word of Bathroom wisdom ~ Snap on and on and keep those snaps coming! You do make my day!!

You are a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Taking Care of Busnines
(I can't help myself and I believe this will be our official Bathroom Snapping song! ;) Did I tell you I just love this stuff! :)

You get up every morning
From your alarm clock's warning
Take the 8:15 into the city
There's a whistle up above
And people pushin', people shovin'
And the girls who try to look pretty
And if your train's on time
You can get to work by nine
And start your slaving job to get your pay
If you ever get annoyed
Look at me I'm self-employed
I love to work at nothing all day
And I'll be...
Taking care of business every day
Taking care of business every way
I've been taking care of business, it's all mine
Taking care of business and working overtime
Work out
If it were easy as fishin'
You could be a musician
If you could make sounds loud or mellow
Get a second-hand guitar
Chances are you'll go far
If you get in with the right bunch of fellows
People see you having fun
Just a-lying in the sun
Tell them that you like it this way
It's the work that we avoid
And we're all self-employed
We love to work at nothing all day
And we be...
Taking care of business every day
Taking care of business every way
I've been taking care of business, it's all mine
Taking care of business and working overtime
Take good care of my business
When I'm away, every day whoo!
Takin' care of business
Takin' care of business
Takin' care of business
Takin' care of business
Takin' care of business
~sung by Bachman-Turner Overdrive


  1. This reminds me that I really do need to take a new diva shot, don't I?
    Justiney :o )

  2. Pickle...I love it when you do the Duties of the Bathroom ha ha!! and you know what I knew each one of them ha ha!! Hope your not melting in that Texas heat my Dear friend...been 100 here on my mountain today and that's hot for here...Hugs and smiles to you Pickle, Gl♥ria

  3. Tooooo cute! Love this fun stuff!

  4. Oh, I love this! Shelia your commentary is better than ice cream! LOL!

    And woohoo to all the lovely divas!


    Sheila :-)

  5. I love the song! Taking care of Business is perfect! LOL!

    Thank you for posting my two shots that I took during my birthday celebrations! The first one with the floral wallpaper was taken at the B&B in Savannah where we stayed. The second one was taken at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort hotel where we had the Afternoon Tea on my birthday! Wonderful times!

    I so enjoy reading what you say about all these shots! What fun!

    Thanks for posting mine!


  6. OMGosh...DID I SEND THAT PHOTO TO YOU?? I don't remember sending it or posting it...but, then, again...remember...I am OLDEN. and so is my flippin mind!!
    I snapped several times on my cruise...this photo was in our hotel room had a floor length mirror which is the reason for the goofy shot. :)
    I sure don't remember posting this! hmmmmm...

  7. I remember..sent it while I was in Seattle. Hahahaaa..had forgotten all about that!
    I have several more snaps in different places and some on the ship..
    What a hoot. I had people walk in and there I am, taking a pic of myself. I tried to explain a couple times and finally just gave up..they all thought I was crazy! :)

  8. LOL!! Too cute!!!

    Love the song, too!

  9. Hi Shelia!
    I love your Bathroom Diva meme! You are the cutest dang thing since Christmas.
    I recognize all those great Divas and they are cute, cute, cute.


  10. What pretty Divas you have discovered!

  11. Well, now.. I didn't know we could keep on snappin'!!! Is this now a weekly meme??!.. I was thinking of doing a bathroom mirror shot, recently, to show a new "hair-do", but never got around to it.. I'm just going to have to get your button back up on my blog, do my hair AGAIN, and get snappin' that camera! I want to be a diva too!!.. It's always fun visiting with you, Shelia! Enjoy this beautiful summer day! ~tina

  12. Sheila, you are a riot! I didn't know you were doing this again. I knew that was Rhoda right off the bat. Have a super day!

  13. Sheila,
    You are the most cleverest one!
    You should be a writer my dear, you have the gift!
    Love this post!

  14. Sheila-ness, you are a big ole hoot, girlfriend! That is totally hilarious and I'm honored to be on your wall of FAME. Honored, I am!! Hugs & kisses to you, your most gracious Diva Highness. :)

  15. Sheila, you are a scream. You always manage to put a smile on face.... loved seeing all these diva's... hugs ~lynne~

  16. Way to are having way to much fun...thanks for hosting!

  17. All of the pics are so cute. This is so much fun. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  18. What a CUTE idea!
    I'll need to try that. :-)

  19. Hi Sheila
    I loved seeing all the new and returning bathroom divas today. One day Jessica and I WILL get around to doing one for you too.

  20. Hi Shelia - I feel honoured to be shown on your post. You are such a fun lady. I really had fun trying my best to get 1 decent picture of myself holding a not so willing kitty. Actually, I think Lily enjoyed all the attention. I never realized that it is quite difficult to take a picture of yourself in a mirror. I guess we are never too old to learn something new. Have a great evening, SHelia. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5

  21. Oh Sheila! You are still entertaining us with your Bathroom Divas. As you know, I'm still MIA - can't seem to take that camera into the bathroom! I so enjoyed your great dish closet - all clean and organized. You give me a run for my money in numbers. I think you win!! Have a joyous 4th. Sally

  22. You sure gathered a bunch of bathroom diva beauties, Shelia. They are all lovely!..Christine

  23. You know, I was going to post a pic a few weeks ago and I forgot, is it too late now?? How do I do this, email it to you Sheila, well that is what I will do..

    My first bathroom diva pic coming your way shortly!


  24. Oh my Lord Sheila!! The bathroom divas and the cupboard full of very organized dishes and the lovely bloggerett sorority!! So much going on at your place! I will be back more often to catch up....Love it!

  25. I am watching tv and see that ya'll are having lots of high winds and rain...
    STAY SAFE...

  26. Hey there Shelia ~

    This is such a charming post. Well done my friend. I am smiling really big.

    Have a wonderfully, wonderful weekend.

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  27. You just crack me up! Love the photos! We're actually re-doing our b-room:)


  28. Hello Miss Shelia
    I LOVE all your Diva's today. Do you know I live in the same neck of the woods as Debbie from Just Cat's yup. She's a Canadian like me.
    Keep up the great work with all your wonderful talented writing self that we all LOVE so much.
    Happy 4th of July Shelia.
    Love Claudie

  29. Hello Miss Shelia
    I LOVE all your Diva's today. Do you know I live in the same neck of the woods as Debbie from Just Cat's yup. She's a Canadian like me.
    Keep up the great work with all your wonderful talented writing self that we all LOVE so much.
    Happy 4th of July Shelia.
    Love Claudie


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