Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tablescape Thursday

Hello, Dear Ones! I'm joining our Dear Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday! What a fun time for those of us who like to play with our dishes! After visiting me, pop on over to Susan's blog to visit all the other participants.

Today I've set my table with some dishes I found at a thrift shop a couple of years ago. I love them! You ask...can you love thrift shop dishes? Why you bet your little bargain prices you can! :)

Oops, would please straighten my tiny knife? It's crooked! I'm so ashamed! I'm using some olden silverware that belonged to my dear aunt.

Here's the pattern. Isn't it pretty? I know nothing about the pattern . It's called "Bluebells" by Eterna - Japan. But I love it! Can you? Of course you can. Also the color is not blue but a pretty purple.

Found these perfect little napkin rings at an estate sale and knew they would work wonderfully with my tiny Bluebells dishes. Little Miss Perfect Napkin Ring is holding a Battenburg Lace napkin.

I'm using glassware that I purchased many many years ago at Dillard's and of course ~ they're purple. Perfectly purple. :)

Little bread plates and my olden thrifted butter knives. I have so much love to go around when it comes to my dishes and accessories. :)

Now my wonderfully beloved Bluebells dishes did not come with serving pieces! Shoot! Don't you hate it when that happens? Well, you just do the best you can, don't you? So I poked on the table my Fostoria Americana butter dish. I believe it works.

Gaze your Most Gorgeous Peppers on these little salt cellars! Another estate sale find! Now I'm really in love here! Oh, my goodness...can you love little estate sale salt cellars with matching spoons? Well, you bet your little special sea salt crystals you can! :)

Another thrifted find...I'm on a roll here! A sugar bowl! A very pretty purple flowered sugar bowl! Does it match my Bluebells dishes? Well, no, but it'll do, don't you think? Isn't she pretty? You know how much in love I am with her and her soft purpleness but I'll spare you my sentiment.

Oh, our most beloved Target birdies! I know, I know, I'm using salt cellars but they're just so cute and they do a good job of filling some space on my table. Smile, sweeties! :)

Then I found this lovely little purpleness of flower serving plate and had to have it. Perfect!

Here's my centerpiece. I'm using a floral arrangement I made a few years ago and I'm faux happy! :) Faux flowers, yep, I love 'em and my fauxs just love me to pieces!

Don't you think my tiny faux of flowers are pretty? Oh, they are pretty and honey don't they know it! :)

I found some candlesticks I thought would work well with my tablescape. The globes are a pretty purpleness of color and I've poked in some little ball candles.

There are only two and they are graduated in size so I thought I would place them both on either side of my floral instead of one on each side.

Now Dear Ones, you just come on in and sit down right here. See my very olden tablecloth? I ironed it just for you because you mean so much to me! ;)

Thank you all for popping in to see me today and make sure you go and visit Susan for lots of dish fun!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Wear Your Love Like Heaven

Color in sky Prussian blue
Scarlet fleece changes hue
Crimson ball sinks from view

Wear your love like heaven
(Wear your love like)
Wear your love like heaven
(Wear your love like)
Wear your love like heaven
(Wear your love)
Lord, kiss me once more, fill me with song
Kiss me once more that I may, that I may
Wear my love like heaven
(Wear my love like)
Wear my love like heaven
(Wear my love)
La la, la la la, la la la, la la la

Color sky Havana lake
Color sky rose carmethene
Alizarian crimson

Can I believe what I see
All I have wished for will be
All our race proud and free
~ sung by Donovan


  1. Very pretty, Shelia! I love your bluebells and your amethyst glasses. This table is so romantic and pretty. You do have some wonderful dishes!

    Happy Tablescape Thursday!


    Sheila :-)

  2. Oh how pretty! I would love to sit at your table with all your "olden" pretties! I guess I would be "olden" as well!

  3. So pretty! I especially love your faux flowers! Gorgeous!

  4. Hello Miss Shelia! Thank you for popping by and welcoming me back! You always bring beauty to blogland and especially your tablescapes! This one is just gorgeous as always! Love the flowers...hydrangeas are my favorite! Real or faux!!!! ;)

    Yes, my hair is that long and as far as the's not natural...I roll it! And sleep in the rollers...yep...I do!! Always have...since I was a child! Maybe I should do a post about my hair sometime!

    Thanks again for coming by! Nancy

  5. I love the butter dish. It goes beautifully. Lovely, lovely table.

  6. Fantabulous my friend.

    I truly believe your table settings are the best ever.

    Love to you~

    Rebecca PS: That tablecloth is 2die4!

  7. Sheila, this is so pretty! I'm falling in love with purple, first Nancy's transfer ware, now this!

  8. Of course we can love thrift shop and estate sale dishes! Adorable sale cellars! Love the flowers you did a fine job on those...I need to get better with my arrangements! Just a beautiful table with many sweet serving pieces!

  9. Oh, I adore everything. I love the lilac color and your china and crystal are just fabulous. So pretty. The flowers and the beautiful compote you have them in are just stunning. So, so pretty. Hugs, Marty

  10. Sheila, your tablescape is absolutely gorgeous!! I love your faux centerpiece too!! Soo beautiful!!


  11. That is a beautiful table, S!
    The colors, so the cloth..looks antique..just gorgeous.
    Your faux look could have fooled us! Did you see the bee crawling in and out?..even it was fooled..
    Perfect table!

  12. Hey sweet friend... I just adore your tablescape today... It is stunning! The colors are outstanding and it looks so inviting!
    Love & HUGS

  13. Purply perfection, Shelia. Your table is beautiful. :)

  14. Sweet Shelia ~ Presented perfectly pleasantly pleasing purple passion ... (im)pressed!!!

    Have a lovely week.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  15. So Pretty!!! I especially love the chargers. Where are they from???

    It's amazing how so many different pieces come together so well and look like hey were meant to be!!

  16. I love it all...the gorgeous estate dishes, the beautiful sugar bowl...itlldo for sure! and those napkin rings are unbelievable. Thank you so much for this amazing tablescape.

  17. Thanks for ironing the tablecloth for us! Very pretty purple tints of dishes and glassware...I love colored goblets. I have some that are jet black and I think they are my favorite. Nicely done dear.

  18. What a pretty setting! the Bluebell china is amazing. Your blog is lovely. I'm a new follower and I really enjoy stopping by. :)


  19. I LOVE this tablescape! It is so pretty and I can't get over the fact you found those dishes at a thrift store of all places. Who in their right mind would get rid of those? You are one lucky lady to find them.


  20. Hi Shelia, I'm a new follower of yours. Your blog is beautiful, so happy I found you this evening. I love your beautiful table, so hard to believe the dishes are from a thrift shop, so pretty. I also love your sweet sugar bowl and yes, I love your salt cellar too. Thank you so much for sharing!

  21. This is just so gorgeous Sheila! The soft purple dishes and that fabulous tablecloth that I want so bad. The napkin rings are works of art, just a beautiful centerpiece too. Cindy

  22. So pretty, Shelia! I love so many of the elements you've incorporated, but those little salt cellars and matching spoons stopped me in my tracks! I was just thinking how perfect your tablecloth looked when you mentioned that you'd ironed it. It's that sort of attention to detail that makes your tables so very special. The floral/scrollwork design of the tablecloth works beautifully with the china.

    I always enjoy your warm, engaging humor. Happy Tablescape Thursday!


  23. Just outstanding and beautiful Pickle...Girl I love the dishes and the table cloth and the wine glasses oh I just love it all....beautiful and romantic and girl my faux love me too ha ha!! they know I can't kill them...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  24. Hi Shelia! What a gorgeous table! LOVE all the purples!! Such a pretty color makes for a beautiful tablescape! Oh, if my camera was working better, I would love to participate. It's all I can do, though, jut to get a decent picture of a small tea party.. So I guess I'll just have to work my way up eventually! (0; Just thought of you as I was doing my own little post today, and thought maybe you can take a peek when you get a chance! ((hugs)) ~tina

  25. Stunning, Sheila! I love all the purple...I am still looking for some for a TT...just seems to elude me.
    The stemware looks like it was made for the beautiful china. The napkin rings are adorable and go so well.

  26. Shelia, I am astounded at how beautifully your napkins rings match that gorgeous china! Good eye!

    Your centerpiece is just lovely & how wonderful that you've inherited your Aunts delicate silverware.

    Your Fostoria Americana butter dish would go perfectly with my square FA cake plate from last week's tablescape!!! *big smile*

    Your golden-olden salt cellars are marvelous as are the pretty accessory pieces you chose to feature on the wonderful table. VERY WELL DONE!

    No table for me this week...:( Hubby is not feeling well.

    The Gazebo House

  27. I never see anything like this when I are so lucky! Ilove the bluebells..and the table cloth and the flowers! All so pretty! Come say hi :D

  28. well shelia those purple dishes are just beautiful, love the tiny little details and love the little salt cellars, they are just sooooo cute with the little spoons that match, hard to find estate sales in this area, you have some great finds, take care my friend and you did a wonderful tablescape...

  29. Beautiful tablescape. It made my heart sing. I know you were thrilled to find your dishes. Such a Springy arrangement with all the details. Thanks so much for taking the time to iron your tablecloth. I know how time-consuming it can be and I appreciated it. Beautifully done.

  30. Everything is so pretty Sheila. The lilac color looks so fresh and spring like.
    Enjoy your day.

  31. Just gorgeous! I love that Bluebell pattern, and you've highlighted it so beautifully with the other purple elements. You are an amazing bargain shopper! Love the elegant centerpiece, too. Thank you for visiting my table this week and your kind comment!

  32. So pretty! I love the delicate flower on the plates. The purple chints serving plate goes so well with your set. What a perfect springy tablesetting!


  33. It is all so lovely! I love the chintz serving platter and the dainty little sugar bowl.


  34. You did such a great job of pulling everything together. Those dishes are so pretty. What a lucky find!

  35. Oh Mrs. Shelia I love how your little dishes match your flowers on the table. How perfect! You are the best ((hugs))

  36. I LUV all your purpleness!!!!

  37. Gorgeous table, Shelia. I love the centerpiece. Your thrift store dishes are fabulous. I need to stop by our thrift stores more often. I've never found anything as pretty as your dishes at any of our stores.

  38. Dear Shelia, your tablescape is beautiful-lovely purple theme. Those faux flowers totally fooled me :o) so lovely. A job well done.

    God bless you.

  39. Woow!
    Good Morning Shelia!
    What a pretty artistic job you did!!!
    First pic is my fav. because I also see your window and little bit beauty of nature.
    And your floral arrangement - Excellent job!

    Thank you for sharing!
    Good luck!

  40. Morning Shelia,

    I absolutely LOVE this beautiful Spring tablescape. It just looks so elegant, yet kind of romantic and just charming. Those bluebell dishes are so perfect.

    Hope you are having a wonderful day.♥

  41. That is a gorgeous table! I love the china and the silver. The serving plate is chintz ware ohhh! It is a great piece. Your flowers are wonderful as well as that tablecloth!! Love it all Shelia! So pretty.

  42. Shelia! I so love your perfectly purple table! The dishes are fabulous. Love those sweet flowers on them. You really have some very nice purple accessories to make the table complete! Great job girl!!

  43. What a nice table setting...I love thrift store shopping to and you have found some marvelous accessories at the thrift stores. Trish

  44. Love your centerpiece and those dishes!! It speaks to me of arsnec and old lace.....well of oldness--old ladies and lavender and lace ;-)

  45. Your whole table is so adorable and so elegant, Shelia. I love the purple blue bonnet dishes and all the other purples. Oh, and I am drooling over those salt cellars and spoons, so cute! I used the target S&P shakers for my tablescape today too.....Christine

  46. i love your tablescape especially your sweet narration. you have mixed those purples beautifully!
    thank you,

  47. Such a pretty table and yes, one can love thrift store china. I do...actually my favorite set came from a garage sale :)


  48. GORGEOUS. I am PURPLE with envy. :-)

    Love the purples, and LOVE how you LOVE them, too. And your song lyrics today swept me right back to my mis-spent youth! (Don't tell my kids.)

    Beautiful purples and violets... gorgeous.

  49. Hi Shelia,
    I absolutely adore your table. Makes me want something in those lovely shades of purples. Those were a great find and made such a spectacular table.
    Enjoy your day

  50. Shelia, I love your faux flowers so much. The centerpiece and the amethyst glasses give the table nice accents of color. The plates are all beautifull and so is the silver. And the tablecloth is just gorgeous.
    Greetings, Johanna

  51. Oh sweetie, it's just fabulous, so warm and inviting. So...what time ya'll want me there for dinner??? I'll bring fresh strawberry shortcake. Heeehehehe!!!

    Ya'll have a terrifically blessed day!!!

  52. How pretty Shelia!!! I love those dishes...I'll be there about 6ish OK???

  53. Well Shelia, I love the tablecloth and the dishes and the napkin rings and the silverware and the glasses and everything! You always have the prettiest dishes. It's a beautiful table!

  54. Oh Sheila, what a lovely and delicate table setting. I love the colors and how you chose to put everything together.. You always beauty more beautiful..


  55. So gorgeous table, love your dishes and the amazing tablecloth.


  56. Love the purple.

    Thank you for your kind comments. May you always be charmingly blessed.

    Have you entered the giveaway? It's for a darling French tote.

  57. Pretty table with those little bluebell plates and the amethyst glassware. You attend to each detail. And I spy the new salt cellars. Lovely table!

  58. This is just lovely! The whites and violets with the table cloth are gorgeous. Your dishes are amazing.

  59. Hi Sheila,

    I love kindred spirits who like table settings. Yours are beautiful. I enjoy visiting your blog.

  60. Your table is gorgeous! Absolutely wonderful! I love the way you've put everything together. Isn't it fun to pull pieces from here and there and have it seem like it was no effort at all? Your tablecloth is pretty and adds such a fine touch to the setting. And I loved seeing your 'new' things on your table.

  61. Sheila,
    This such a beautiful tablescape for Spring. Love the china and the floral centerpiece is a perfect complement to the table. Love the iced teaspoons and those precious salt cellars.
    By the way, I adore your new rooster egg plate:)

  62. Here I am again...wowed again!
    I LOVE the salt and pepper birds.
    Can I join you for dinner next time?!!!


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