Friday, May 21, 2010

Pink Saturday

Hello, Most Dear Pink Ones and welcome to Pink Saturday hosted by our own Most Wonderful Pink Beverly at How Sweet the Sound.

I'd like to share with you these little sweet pink baby booties made by my 87 year old mother for our little grand baby girl, Carter Ashlan.

Pinkness of felt made into sweet little pink baby booties by loving great grandmother's hands.

Teenyness of embroidered flowers

They look a little like little baby Indian moccasins, don't they?

I'm afraid darling little Carter Ashlan has already outgrown these little booties. She's growing really fast and her tinyness of tootsies have grown too! :)

Then...pinkness of checks on this little precious baby head lidded box. Is she darling or what?

Look at that little face, those little ruby lips, those most gorgeous of blue peepers and that little baby profile. My Dear Mother gave me this little box years ago and every single time I look at her - I just smile out loud! Can you smile out loud? I'll bet you can! :)

When I think of Pink, I think of little baby girls, and that of course makes me think of our darling little Pink Carter Ashlan. If you don't know, I'm a new grandmother and I'm in Pink Heaven.

This is the Most Precious for my Pink Saturday, don't you think?

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you a little Note Song~

Color My World

As time goes on, I realize
Just what you mean to me. And now, now that you're near, Promise your love that I've waited to share And dreams of our moments together. Color my world with hopes of loving you
~ sung by Chicago


  1. She is a darlin alright, Sheila! Precious little pinkie! Love the booties too. Happy Pinks and have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Oh, what treasures you have there... Your mother, the darling shoes and especially Carter Ashlan.

    The booties will be so special to Miss Carther Ashlan as she gets older, knowing the love that went into creating them.

    You sure are blessed to have a grand daughter to go pink-crazy over. She is a doll, what an angelface.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  3. She is sooooo sweet and adorable, new grammy. ;-) Maybe this time next week we'll have Miss "A" with us. Squeeeeeal, I can hardly wait for our first great granddaughter to make her presence to us.


  4. What a sweetie. Love your pinks. You are surely a blessed grandma. And hey, I remember that song, we sung it in Jr High Choir. Happy Pink Saturday.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  5. I love these booties...they are too cute! How fun to have them always! Love the little doll head box too, I have never seen one before. And Ashlan...oh my, what a little beauty she is already! I bet you are loving her more every minute!
    Come say hi :D

  6. Shelia, the booties are cute, but your granddaughter is just so precious and so special. I know you must be having the best time ever. She really is a doll. Love that smile. Hugs, Marty

  7. Shelia, Carter is just as cute as can be! I can't get over how much she's grown! What a cutie pie!

    And those booties! They are SO sweet and so is Mother Precious. And the little doll head is pretty cute itself.

    Happy Pink Saturday...


    Sheila :-)

  8. Hello Sheila and Happy Pink Saturday. These are the sweetest little booties I've ever seen. How clever of your Mom to make them. Your Granddaughter is adorable!
    Bless you, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  9. The little booties are so sweet. Just like little Carter!

  10. What a special pair of booties! Cute as your granddaughter!

  11. So cute baby shoes!

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  12. Carter is so adorable Sheila! And those booties are just fabulous! What a treasure for Carter to have. That is just the coolest thing. Love the doll box too, very special.
    I can't wait to be a Grandma~
    Hugs, Cindy

  13. The booties are too sweet, and Carter is stylin' in those sun glasses!

  14. what beautiful little booties!!! how wonderfully warm & gorgeous!!! happy pink saturday!!!

  15. Hi Sheila
    Those pink booties are just absolutely adorable. I am sure Carter will treasure them forever. Loved the new cutie pictures of her. What a perfect 'star' of pink Saturday.

  16. Such a precious grandchild--it is thrilling isn't it? Those soft little slippers are darling. The box with the baby head is STRANGE!! I don't think I've seen anything quite like it; but it does make me smile!

  17. I came by hoping for a photo of your little one. She is so cute and growing... don't you just love this granny stuff.

  18. Your little booties are just too cute for words. Aren't grandchildren just the best? My Bailey will be here later, I can hardly wait.. have a super w/k..
    hugs ~lynne~

  19. Oh she is getting her personality! How sweet that baby smile. Those booties are precious!

  20. oh those booties are just as sweet as can be! mine that I have to pass down happen to be orange and white from the Univ. of Texas... how is that for a legacy. giggles! not as fun as pink, but it will do. :)

    your precious baby GD has me smiling the biggest though. adorable!!!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  21. Your little granddaughter is so precious!
    I hope when I am in my 80's I will still be able to make sweet things like those adorable bootie/shoes. What a keepsake they will be....and I have never seen a box like this before....Sweet and unusual!
    Have a Happy Pink Day!

  22. Hi Sheila,
    Cute booties made by a special great-grandmother for the most precious pink baby Carter Ashlan! The baby head is also very sweet. Nice pinks for Saturday!

  23. Shelia! What an adorable grandbaby! happiness for you and Happy Pink Saturday. Babies are the perfect shade of pink aren't they? I love those sweet little booties. You don't ever see anythig like that anymore! Love them. Have a lovely day my dear! With the sweet music of your little baby's gurging....sweet melody.

  24. Grandmotherhood is the best thing this side of Heaven! I have three of them. The little booties are just so adorable, the soft pink felt is beautiful. And the baby head is too cute for words.
    Happy PS

  25. Your grand-daughter is adorable. Those booties are so cute. They do look like a moccasin.

    Thanks Shelia for all your good wishes on the birth of my grand-daughter. We are still in the clouds over this and I don't expect to be down for awhile. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x6

  26. congratulations!!!!
    The booties are the most wonderful pair ever!!!!!!!

  27. Happy Pink Saturday Sheila Girl...

    I love those baby shoes the best. Reminds me of the ones my mother made for my girl when she was a baby.

    Love to you beautiful one...


  28. What a precious Grand baby!! And those are the sweetest pair of baby booties and made with so much love!!



  29. I just love those little booties but I just love the shot of Carter smiling even more! She is so beautiful and you are right, she is getting bigger! What a little doll!

    Have a beautiful Pink weekend, sweet Sheila!

    Best wishes,

  30. Beautiful HPS!

  31. Shelia, what beautiful keepsake treasures Carter will have of her
    gr-grandmother creating these wee booties just for her itsy bitsy tooties. They are darling!

    Have a great weekend.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  32. Love those little felt booties, and your photos of Carter are precious! What a beautiful baby girl she is! Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you're enjoying this beautiful weekend! ~tina

  33. Such sweet little booties for a darling little girl! She's sure growing, but isn't that what we want them to do? Our little Hannah is getting so much bigger but she's still a small baby like her mommy was. Your pinkness is cute today - always enjoy it.

  34. Shelia, I'd be in pink heaven too. Little Carter Ashlyn is pinkolicious precious! Sweet little pink booties and sweet little baby! ~ Sarah

  35. Your gran baby is a doll! Those booties are precious. Have a great week!

  36. Oh how that little pink Carter Ashlyn is growing!!!! I luv those precious little pink booties your sweet momma made, they are adorable for sure!!!!

  37. She's absolutely the most precious of them all! The little pink booties are awful cute too. Happy Pink Saturday and have a wonderful weekend!

  38. Hello Sheila, I adore you pink post today. The baby shoes are so darling and so is Carter. Oh how much we love our grandbabies. Except all of mine are teens except one now. those years flew by Sheila. Your mom is such a "sweetie" No wonder you are a sweetie too. smile. The box with the baby head is a wonderful treasure from your mom.

    I bet you are planning something special for Beverly's two year party next Saturday. I am trying to think up something cute. For a change I will be home on Sat. and visiting away.

    Happy PS.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  39. What a little sweetheart..the little pink booties look so soft. Your mother does great work.
    Oh and one more thing. I think the blog picture header is very cute.

  40. What sweet pinkiness, especially Little Miss Carter Ashlan.Such sweet cheeks :o)


  41. Oh Shelia, she is soooo precious! How cute is that picture with the sun glasses? And I love those sweet pictures of her on her stomach. Those booties are adorable. I see that you get your creativity from your mother. laurie

  42. Beautiful pink treasures...but little Carter is the most precious one of all!!!

  43. Ohh Shelia..
    Such beautiful, precious treasures you have shown..and the most precious of all, is the beautiful Miss Carter. She is just beautiful..but you already knew that,didn't you grandmother?? :).
    I don't beieve anything is sweeter than rocking a's the very best. Happy late PS..have a beautiful week..

  44. Sheila your grand daughter is adorable! Such sweet pinkness perfect for Pink Saturday!

    I am away visiting my grandson this week. He is beginning to learn to talk! Such fun to have a conversation with my little guy :-)

  45. Oh I so want to pick her up and just SMELL her. Love the dear booties. A true treasure.

  46. Shelia, you have the most perfect pink in the whole world. Your little girl is exquisite. I know just how much you adore her.

    And, those little booties pull at my heartstrings. What a wonderful treasure they are.

    I love the baby box. I don't believe I have ever seen one like it.

  47. Love the pic of Carter Ashlan with the big sunglasses! What a sweetheart!


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