Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not One Rooster!


Hello, Dear Ones! I've been playing again. My little hutch in my breakfast room is one of my favorite toys. It had looked the same since after Christmas and I knew it was time for a change.

Now I loved this look with my Rooster dishes Mr. Precious gave me for Christmas, but the look was getting old. You know I certainly love my yard birds, Roosters (yes, with a capital "R") mostly.


Blue Willowness!

I just love Blue Willow dishes, don't you? They are just timeless...can look all fancy on a table or they can look all cute and casual. Now there are tiny little birds flying around on this pattern and no Roosters!

Here I have my huge old platter holding one of my tea pots, creamer and sugar bowl. The little creamer is sitting on a tiny little platter thatI found years ago in a little antique shop and I think it may have come from a child's set of dishes. See? No Roosters! What did I tell you. ;)

I've also poked in a few white pieces too! White is also so timeless! But no Roosters!

Here are two little blue birds (not Roosters) and they're holding some little tea lights. One little birdie is sitting upon tiny little Blue Willow butter plates. See those tall salt and peppers? Don't tell any one, but they're not Blue Willow - they're Spode. But they look so pretty with the Blue Willow, don't they? There's not one Rooster on that pattern either!

I just can't poke a few things on these shelves ~ I must poke a lot of things here...but not one Rooster. No not one yard bird!

See the top photo on the right? That gorgeous gravy boat and underplate is called "Old Bradbury" by Johnson Brothers Stoke-on-Trent England. I won this lovely from a giveaway from Cass at That Old House! Thank you always, Cass, for drawing my tiny name! :)

Here's another Blue Willow tea pot. I believe I found this beauty at Marshalls years ago. You guessed it ~ no Roosters here!

I learned from my sweet friend Lynne from Lynne's Gifts From the Heart it's always nice to have a little fabric on a hard surface for texture and a little touch of softness. So an olden embroidered cut work napkin will do the trick! I checked and not one tiny Rooster tootsie track anywhere!

I've just realized I have a red, white and blueness going on here in my favorite little hutch in my breakfast room! Even have a little fireworks going on with the birdies holding their tea lights! :) And not one Rooster.

Maybe just one poked way up high on top with my tureens! :)

As the sun sets in the west, my little blue birdies are keeping the tea lights burning for you. Are they waiting for some Roosters to pop up on the shelves? We'll just never know!

So I take a little walk outside in the backyard and look...
I've captured The Blue Hour! Is this fun or what?

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

The Red Rooster
I have a little red rooster, too lazy to crow for day
I have a little red rooster, too lazy to crow for day
Keep everything in the barnyard, upset in every way
Oh the dogs begin to bark,
and the hound begin to howl
Oh the dogs begin to bark, hound begin to how
Ooh watch out strange kind people,
Cause little red rooster is on the prowl
If you see my little red rooster, please drag him home
If you see my little red rooster, please drag him home
There ain't no peace in the barnyard,
Since the little red rooster been gone
~sung by Willie Dixion