Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not One Rooster!


Hello, Dear Ones! I've been playing again. My little hutch in my breakfast room is one of my favorite toys. It had looked the same since after Christmas and I knew it was time for a change.

Now I loved this look with my Rooster dishes Mr. Precious gave me for Christmas, but the look was getting old. You know I certainly love my yard birds, Roosters (yes, with a capital "R") mostly.


Blue Willowness!

I just love Blue Willow dishes, don't you? They are just timeless...can look all fancy on a table or they can look all cute and casual. Now there are tiny little birds flying around on this pattern and no Roosters!

Here I have my huge old platter holding one of my tea pots, creamer and sugar bowl. The little creamer is sitting on a tiny little platter thatI found years ago in a little antique shop and I think it may have come from a child's set of dishes. See? No Roosters! What did I tell you. ;)

I've also poked in a few white pieces too! White is also so timeless! But no Roosters!

Here are two little blue birds (not Roosters) and they're holding some little tea lights. One little birdie is sitting upon tiny little Blue Willow butter plates. See those tall salt and peppers? Don't tell any one, but they're not Blue Willow - they're Spode. But they look so pretty with the Blue Willow, don't they? There's not one Rooster on that pattern either!

I just can't poke a few things on these shelves ~ I must poke a lot of things here...but not one Rooster. No not one yard bird!

See the top photo on the right? That gorgeous gravy boat and underplate is called "Old Bradbury" by Johnson Brothers Stoke-on-Trent England. I won this lovely from a giveaway from Cass at That Old House! Thank you always, Cass, for drawing my tiny name! :)

Here's another Blue Willow tea pot. I believe I found this beauty at Marshalls years ago. You guessed it ~ no Roosters here!

I learned from my sweet friend Lynne from Lynne's Gifts From the Heart it's always nice to have a little fabric on a hard surface for texture and a little touch of softness. So an olden embroidered cut work napkin will do the trick! I checked and not one tiny Rooster tootsie track anywhere!

I've just realized I have a red, white and blueness going on here in my favorite little hutch in my breakfast room! Even have a little fireworks going on with the birdies holding their tea lights! :) And not one Rooster.

Maybe just one poked way up high on top with my tureens! :)

As the sun sets in the west, my little blue birdies are keeping the tea lights burning for you. Are they waiting for some Roosters to pop up on the shelves? We'll just never know!

So I take a little walk outside in the backyard and look...
I've captured The Blue Hour! Is this fun or what?

Today I'm milking my post! I love to do that, don't you? I'm having fun today with:

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

The Red Rooster
I have a little red rooster, too lazy to crow for day
I have a little red rooster, too lazy to crow for day
Keep everything in the barnyard, upset in every way
Oh the dogs begin to bark,
and the hound begin to howl
Oh the dogs begin to bark, hound begin to how
Ooh watch out strange kind people,
Cause little red rooster is on the prowl
If you see my little red rooster, please drag him home
If you see my little red rooster, please drag him home
There ain't no peace in the barnyard,
Since the little red rooster been gone
~sung by Willie Dixion


  1. Hi Sheila! Well, you know I loved your hutch with the roosters, but I also love it with the Blue Willow look, too! All my and white plates (and the roosters before!) I haven't tried the blue hour yet...must do that! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend...hugs...Debbie

  2. Sheilia, you are so right.....Blue Willow is Timeless!!! My first encounter with Blue Willow was as a Grandma Jane had Blue Willow dishes and she always had them displayed in her china cabinet. I LUV Blue Willow to this day!!!!

  3. Looks like you're ready for the summer holidays, love the red, white and blue-very pretty!

  4. So, So Pretty!!! I can barely get one cohesive display going ~ much less switch it out for another!!! I'll keep watching you and maybe I'll work up the courage to try :-)!! Happy Sunday!

  5. Oh Shelia, this is just perfect. I loved the roosters, but this is gorgeous too. You have arranged such a beautiful display. I love the way you have stacked and displayed your dishes and accessories and the few pieces of white are just perfect. Stunning display. Thanks so much for joining the party, this is awesome. Hugs, Marty

  6. No matter how you dress your little favorite hutch, it ALWAYS looks just perfect. You are so good at this sort of thing...everything is all "in it's place" and never looks cluttered. Now, mine on the other hand, looks like a store display where they just pile it on so they can sell it. I MUST get more order to my hutch, too, because I DON'T want to sell ANY of it.!! :))

    Sometimes, i get quite tired of my roosters and put them away for awhile.

    Have a good good Sunday.
    xo bj

  7. I love how fresh your blue willow looks with the red background. My MIL always has a hutch filled with blue and white dishes and I love hers too. I'm so glad one little rooster got to stick around.

  8. In my humble opinion, your hutch looks pretty no matter what you put in it, but you sure have some pretty treasures to put in it. Love the rooster look, but the blue willow look is so fresh and summery (especially with the whites and the birds added to the shelves). It looks beautiful. Great job of capturing the blue hour. laurie

  9. I loved your hutch with the roosters but the blue and white is so pretty! Whatever you do is gorgeous!

  10. Oh I adore blue willow~

    You probably have told the tale once before but what did you line the back of your hutch with~wrapping paper? Too cute.

  11. Good Morning Shelia ~

    Absolutely precious post! Your hutch looks ready for summer folly! If your roosters want to come to "camp rooster" at my home...tell 'em to fly on over...I am totally on rooster overload!!!

    Your new hutch design will look great for the 4th too!!! Love it.

    Great outside pictures too.

    Have a great rest of the weekend.

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  12. You are the sly one Shelia!!! All those parties with one post...and those blue willow hour...pretty birdies...with only one rooster!!!
    Lovin that pretty hutch!!!

  13. Shelia, your Blue Willow collection is awesome! Love the new look.

  14. Shelia, I love the simplicity and continuity of the willow pattern. Very pretty hutch! Linda

  15. Sheila, love your hutch and all the great looks, you know how to put things together!! I am happy I found your blog! A treat!


  16. Loving the blueness, Shelia! Just loving it! :-)



  17. Simple, yet elegant! I love the change to the Blue Willow!

  18. Shelia, roosters or not, your hutch is beautiful. I always love the way you display your pretties.

    So sweet!!!!!

    Barb ♥

  19. Ahhh, I was starting to feel sad...but then you did it, you allowed just one..I was hoping you would! LOL Love the dishes too..very pretty! Come say hi :D

  20. I am lovin' the blue and white of the Blue Willow pattern, Shelia!! So classic and pretty. I like how you sneaked in one little guy up on top, too! LOL
    hugs, Sue

  21. The Blue Willow plates really pop against the red! Gorgeous!


  22. Oh that looks so calm and so serene, I adore blue and white together. I love your bird tea candles too.

    Oh, probably the room is much more quieter now that the roosters have been put to roost for a while. No more early morning clucking and crowing, you all can catch a few more winks.

    Take care of you and yours.

  23. I just am in love with your blue and white Sheila! What a fabulous look you have created! I am envious of all your lovely blue and white china!
    Hugs, Cindy

  24. Loved your roosters, but the blue willow is a favorite of mine! Thank you for commenting on my blog!

  25. Hello you sweet chickie you!! Kinda sad to see the roosters go...but OH!!! that Blue Willow is gorge!! Makes me smile a big smile, too because Blue Willow was my Mom's fave! Awww, can't you just feel my heart warming? Love my sweet memories of her. Thank you for sharing and reminding me of my amazing Mom today!

    Love and big hugs,

  26. Well Miss Shelia, your roosterless hutch looks divine! As much of a rooster fan that I am, I can appreciate a litte rooster restraint.


  27. I thought, not one rooster? That just isn't right...and sure enough...there is one rooster!! I knew you couldn't do without one!!

  28. That is a much fresher look. I like it. Hey the blue hour. Fabulous.

  29. You know how much I love blue and white -- I favor the willoware in the hutch!

    Great transformation!

  30. Hey Sweetie Shelia. . . your hutch looks great with all your little birdie touches and (almost) no roosters!

    I do love Blue Willow. In fact, I just love Johnson Bros. china in just about every pattern. My everyday china is Johnson Bros. "Old English," an all-white pattern that is sadly discontinued. I did buy some blue and white "Old British Castles" salad plates to mix and match with my Old English. I don't have any Blue Willow. . . maybe I should branch out and get some!

    Thanks for showing your blue touches!

  31. So pretty -- I guess you're roosters are on vacation! Love your pretty new look -- My mother had Blue Willow and I have not a piece! Not even a tiny chipped saucer -- now how did that happen? Oh well, I'll just admire yours today and I love your blue hour photos.

  32. The hutch looks simply lovely with the blue and white theme.

  33. Sheila, I love the blue and white displays. Always fun to switch things up and make it all fresh until the next time. It is so funny that you posted pics of the blue hour. On my way to the store tonight I saw it here, but did not have my camera with me. Just beautiful when you see that beautiful shade of blue. Have a fantastic week!!

  34. You are inspiring me to change the look of my Welsh dresser or pine cupboard. It's fun to move things about. I think it gives everything a fresh new look and you notice things that perhaps had drifted into the background. Love the Blue Willow pieces, but of course loved the roosters too. You know me and roosters. ~ Sarah

  35. Dear One,
    I think you have some mighty purtee dishes here. Looks great displayed the way you have them. Really nice! Fun to see your collection.
    Yesterday, I was at an Antique Mall where they had a chidren's Blue Willow dish was awesome.
    Take care and God bless,

  36. This looks wonderful!!! Love your Blue Willow collection. It is so striking on your hutch against the red background!

  37. I love both looks, but I'm glad there was one rooster.


  38. hey i like it, even though i am a Rooster fan! lol.

  39. Shelia, did you hear that loud "Ohhhh and Ahhhhhh" that was just me up here in Michigan loving your blue willow!! It looks all so gorgeous in your hutch and those tureens on top..beautiful!!

  40. Shelia,
    Beautiful transformation, although I loved the yard birds tooo!! I think you might just be able to put a collection of rocks in your little cabinet and it would look like a million dollars, some people just have the touch and you are one of them. Thanks for stopping by I always love hearing from you and your thoughts.

  41. I love the hutch with your roosters and love it with the Blue Willow....both lovely looks.
    I've read about capturing the blue hour and will try it captured it beautifully!

  42. I love your Blue Willow collection! It looks great in your hutch!

    Congrats on your new grand baby, too! She's adorable! :o)

  43. It is always nice to change right Sheila? I change things up every week. This week my husband said our kitchen is the Howard Johnson funny. Your blue willow is lovely and you have a beautiful display.

  44. OH my this is beautiful, I just put a bunch of blue willow in my flea market booth. I love the way you display everything,
    stop by when you have a chance,

  45. It looks beautiful! It's fun to change things around for a new look. I know you still love the roosters though like I do!

  46. Hi Sheila, I love all your blues, but I am a roosterholic so I tend to favor all the roosters!!!
    Hugs, Ann

  47. You have done a wonderful job, you should be very proud of the way it is displayed. Great photos. Have a wonderful week.

    From the 3 sisters 365.

    Natasha, Stacey and Holly.

  48. Oooooohhhhh. Ahhhhh. I LOVE blue and white. Your cupboard is spectacular!!!!

    - The Tablescaper

  49. Shelia,
    The cupboard looks great. I love the blue and white but I loved the roosters too. Good job arranging everything.


  50. Hi Shelia,
    I love blue willow, such a pretty pattern. No roosters for you, mostly! Looks like you are ready for 4th of July! Very pretty sky. Everything looks wonderful!

  51. I love the blue and white (and red) but I'm wondering where all those roosters are. Not in the "hen house" are they?

    Thanks for a great post. I hope you'll post on how you lined the back of the hutch sometime.


  52. Hi Sheila,

    My favorite is the transferware gravy with the matching underplate - sweet!


  53. Looks awesome I mean to tell you!!!!!

  54. It is eye candy both ways, and change is good. Besides, now you can use your rooster dishes on the table! I always hate to mess up a display and pull out stuff to actually eat on them, god forbid! This is fun!


  55. Dear Sheila,
    thank you for visiting my blog!
    I'm very happy to meet you and your blog...
    I am wowed from this collection of blue china, everything is just so perfect!

  56. Hi Sheila!

    I love the way you displayed your pretty Blue Willow china! Very elegant.

    I also love the blue hour photos! I ahve yet to try to do this. It is magical!

    ♥ Pat

  57. I love the Blue Willow, Shelia, but I love, love, love the Spode even more. Happy Blue Monday.

  58. Morning Shelia,

    Your hutch is BEAUTIFUL no matter if you have your Roosters or Blue Willow in it. You just have that knack of arranging things to look WONDERFUL! Your new look can take you through the 4th of July!!!!! LOVE it! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful Monday.♥

  59. Hi Shelia,

    I love your post as I have the same Blue Willow set pieces as you. It was given to me for a wedding present from my grandmother and... you guessed it! My sisters. Can't wait to unpack mine when I return to Australia.

    Holly (3 Sisters, 365)

  60. I love your Blue Willow!! I love your rooster dishes, too!! I wish I could display all of my pretty pieces, but I have two very rotten cats who feel it is their calling in life to break all of my breakables...imagine that?!

    ~angela @ peonypatch

  61. Hello sweet lady....

    Well my dear, I just adore all of your pretty Rooster dishes! They sure did look grand in your hutch...loved it! But...I do understand how we have a need for something different once in awhile and your Bluewillowness is just the ticket!!! Sooo very pretty! I just love the look of the blue and white dishes against the pretty red background of your hutch! mixed in the perfect amount of pretty white ironstone...for perfection!!! Ohhh, and you know that I love all those sweet little birds!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful hutch metamorphosis with us today...what a treat!!!

    Have a marvelous Monday, sweet lady!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  62. Hi Sheila
    Your blue willow dishes are gorgeous. Such a pretty delicate pattern.

  63. Hello Shelia, thanks so much for the visit today. I love the Blue Willow china, I think that the white pieces for accent just set it all off so nicely. You can enjoy this fresh look now. Those roosters can have a little vacation and make their appearance again when you're ready for another change.

  64. I do enjoy visiting your blog. I loved the rooster dishes but love the blue willow more. You always seem to make a beautiful display. Thanks for sharing.

  65. Oh Shelia, that looks wonderful! I loved it with the roosters, but I love it this way, too. My dining room hutch currently has all blue & white, too... a few Willow pieces, but lots of different blue & white. thanks for sharing your beautiful breakfast room hutch at MM. :)

  66. I love your Blue Willow dishes, Shelia, and you're right, they are timeless. I've had a set since the kids were in elementary school. Your hhstch is so nicely decorated.....Christine

  67. Shelia,
    I love the change in your breakfast room hutch! The pieces of white really make a nice contrast against the blue and white dish ware! Perfect!
    Dee Dee

  68. Great post and photos, I loved both... the roosters and the blue willow. Wonderful collection.

  69. Hi Shelia, Thank you soooo much for your sweet comments about my post today. I had fun with this post too. When I found the old photo of me in the hot pants I laughed so hard. My daughter roared when she checked my blog today. She said, "MOM, I can't believe you wore that."
    I remember that I thought I should be thinner at that time. How silly!!!

    I am so happy you showed your hutch with the fabric back today. Your new look is beautiful. I love blue and white and Blue Willow is a lovely pattern. You have a decorators touch Shelia. Love the birds and tea lights too. One rooster is the perfect touch. Your post just makes me smile.

    Now, I have some fabric to put on the back of my hutch and I wanted to know how you did that. My hutch is very much like yours. I too want to do a makeover but first the fabric must be added. I vaguely remember you saying you used foam board. Where did you find the foam board in the size you needed? Don't feel like you need to rush with your response. Just when you have a bit of time. You can email me with the info if you care to. Thank you very much.
    Love ya bunches,

  70. Delightful post...I really enjoy Blue Willow also!

  71. Sheila,
    it doesnt get better than this post... I got to see all those adorable roosters and your beautiful blue willow too...
    thank you so much for stopping by to visit me. Your smiling face always makes me smile.


  72. Hi Sheila, thank you so much for responding so quickly. I am working on tomorrow's post and it is late but I didn't want to go to bed until I thanked you. I can't believe you used
    paper for the backing. It looks so terrific. Clever you. I will be looking for foam board. I may have to wait until we go to Atlanta again. This small town has nothing except Walmart. We have lots of darling shops in the downtown area but no major chain stores.

    Thanks again my dear friend. I bet you looked adorable in boots and shorts. You are so pretty now. I love to see photos of your sweet face. I mean it. I hope you post your new pillow.

    Love, Jeanne

  73. At first, being a rooster lover I was thinking "what, no roosters?" but have to admit that the blue willow is stunning in the hutch. I absolutely love it.

  74. Good Morning Sweet Pickle, girl now you know you had me at Hello with all this blue willow...Can you love blue it girl and with the white ironstone it looks fab...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  75. You are in for the time of your life with that grandbaby! God certainly knew what He was doing when He brought those little creatures into the world. And it only gets better. My 14 year old granddaughter is my kindred spirit. May He richly bless you as you minister to them. And thanks for the sweet post. In His joy, Gloria

  76. I Love the new look. The blue and white is so crisp. That is what I love about blue!! You're a gem :) Thank you for joining Timeless Tuesday!!
    Paula Grace ~

  77. Sheila, Your blue willow is just gorgeous! Love your hutch too and your blue hour photos are amazing!

  78. Shelia,
    Your Blue Willow looks lovely in your hutch. It is a classic. I just love that pattern. The tea pots are especially pretty. Great capture on the blue hour.

  79. Hi Sheila! I love your blue willow. It fills my hutch too. You did a great job capturing the "blue hour"!!

    Susan and Bentley

  80. Sweet have so many comments that I am hoping, hoping that you won't read this one. I DO love your Blue Willow! I do. I have Blue Willow and it's wonderful..but I have to say that I liked your beautiful rooster display better? Yes, I know change is good, was so colorful..and my most favorite colors...etc.
    I need to do some fluffing also and wish I had all those Roosters ...but promise me that you will eventually go back to your beautiful colorful hutch display of as you call them "Yard Birds"...because...I loved it! No...not now of course..but soon?? :)
    What's that song? Has the words "Don't think's alright.." and "when the rooster crows at the break of dawn..look out your window and I'll be gone.." or some such thing...LOVE THEM YARDBIRDS! (lol..whatever!!)
    Love and hugs to all you and all your Roosters!!!

  81. Dear Shelia ...
    I just wanted to say a quick thank you for wishing me a speedy healing. I removed the steri-strips today and for the first time saw the incision 'naked.' Not horrible but a lot of healing to go. Makeup is wonderful!

  82. Blue and white is a forever combination and yours is most definitely to envy. Lovely. Jane F

  83. Gorgeous change! I love Blue Willow but only have a few pieces. So what a treat to see a whole beautiful hutch filled with it!


  84. I just knew you'd have to sneak in a rooster! I love your blue and white. And red. Seems to be my continuous colors. That sugar bowl you have I came upon at a garage sale, because I recognize that as one I have around here someplace.

  85. Hi Shelia; I love Blue Willow,,, I used to collect it,, then I ran out of room,,,,,lol you have a beautiful collection,,, your hutch looks so pretty dressed in blue and white,,, so fresh looking.... and you would not be you,,,, if you left out your beloved roosters,,,,,, even though it was just one,,, hehehe have a great week.


  86. Shelia it is BEAUTIFUL! You really created a lovely blue display. Great job! I really like the white pieces as well. :)

  87. Hi Shelia! I am catching up on all my favorite blogs! I love all of your roosters but the Blue Willow is stunning! Love the creamware too! So pretty!

  88. I was thinking..."don't take the roosters down:(" then I saw the Blue Willow--another fav of mine. It looks great!

  89. The Blue Willow is lovely. I love the white pieces too. You've done a great job, as usual!


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