Monday, May 3, 2010

Hallelujah! That Was Then and This Is Now!!

Hello Dear Ones! (I'm posting this early for Monday and for Tuesday - forgive me - I'm gonna milk this post because I'm so very busy right now) I'm so very excited because I got new chairs for my living room! Woo Hooness! I think I'm in love with my new winged back chairs in my living room. What? You ask can you love new winged back chairs in the living room? Well, you bet your 'sit down and rest a spell' you can! :)

Feast your most gorgeous peepers on my new like?
Warning! Warning, Will heavy!

Here's where my story begins and you know how I love to tell you little stories...
Once upon a time we wanted to start redecorating the living room. So out with the old stuff, well, most of it anyway. The old sofa and love seat ~ gone! The old coffee and end tables ~ gone! Old carpet ~ gone! But my tapestry covered winged back chairs were going to remain. Mr. Precious had purchased these for me way back in the 70s and we loved them and even had them recovered. So they were going to remain. The search for a sofa was on and on and luck.
Then one day, I spied this sofa from the Ralph Lauren line by Henredon. It had been discontinued and the price was right and I fell in love with it. I fall in love easily with furniture. It's cream and rust, never had this color before, and we were ready for something different. Never did we realize how difficult it was going to be to find chairs to blend with it.

Well, you can see in the top part of the moasic my adored tapestry covered winged back chairs did not work with the pattern of my newly acquired lovely sofa! The horror! The shame! I got dizzy every time I walked into my living room! Long story short...poked the adored tapestry covered winged back chairs somewhere else in the house and started the search for more chairs! Woopee! We found them even though it took over two years! Yep, it did, Dear Ones! I'd just rather do without til I found what I wanted. Didn't know it would be more winged back chairs, but it was. I think I just love winged back chairs!! Can you love winged back chairs? You bet your flight pattern you can! :)

It was hard to take a photo of my new loves and get the color right. But the color in the chairs is a tad lighter than the rust color in the sofa.

Slowly but surely my living room is coming together. I need an accent color for some pillows and it's very hard to decide what will go with this rust color. My friend Paula at Paula Grace Designs told me a blue print with the rust color in it would work. What do you think? So the search will be on.
So grab a little cup of tea, sit back and I'll take you on a tiny tour. Well, actually as I said before ~ a loooooooooong photo heavy tour! :)

Big old round coffee table with inlaid wood, I love this piece too. She is wearing her summer duds at the moment.

Being coastal we have to have our shells. I filled my big old etched jar ( I love this, by the way!) with shells and a candle. Poked down some greens, books and topped it off with a star fish shell.

I have two end tables like this and love them too. The tops have beveled leaded glass where I just poke stuff all over them. Love me some tiny bird doo dads! The lamps, I love them too, were purchased at The Bombay Company many moons ago. Sob breaks my tiny most sad heart that they shut their tiny doors! :(

The other end table with more bird stuff poked on top!

Here's the other side of the room where my piano sets. This is where I play my little note songs!

Here is an olden 'center table'. Guess what? I love this too! :) It has a collection of one of my favorite mags on the bottom ~ Tea Time. On top I have a cloche with a little bird poked under it and all of this is sitting upon some decorating books. Then I have three pieces of crystal. I just love me some shiny bling. Oh, I tossed off the doiley that was on the tabletop and shined up the wood. My table is breathing so much better now!

Hanging over the center table is an oil painting painted by a friend. Bluebonnets in Texas! Gotta love this!

Then another favorite lamp ~a chinesey looking ginger jar lamp. You wanna know something? I love this too. I'm thinking of spiffing it up with some trim like Marty at A Stroll Thru Life did and so many others of you! Do ginger jar lamps go with bluebonnets! Yes sirree you bet your soy sauce they do! :)

As you can see, I have a little tiny living room and my piano takes up quite a bit of the space so with my windows coverings I just placed one panel to each side of both windows. I made them and have the same ones in the dining room but with a different beaded trim. You see this poor little lone chair? Hopefully she will be gone soon. I have a lovely chair my mother gave me that will sit in this spot one day! It's covered with blue crushed velvet at the moment. That will have to change!

uh oh...

Sorry this is a bit blurry. Chloe Dawn startled me as she came in here bringing her baby and wanted me to play with her. Not now, Darling, Mommy's taking pictures.

She loves to have her picture taken and begged and begged me to include her in my post. You know she's spoiled and gets her tiny way when she looks at me like that with those big ole brown eyes. So here is Chloe Dawn trying so hard to look photogenic! :)

Well, that's the tour and I'm so glad you came! Please just ignore the dog toys in the living room.

Here's where I poked my beloved tapestry covered winged back chairs ~ in the dining room for now.

uh oh...

I told you she was spoiled! :)

I'm joining lots of parties today hosted by:

Our Dear Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Met Monday
Our Dear Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday
Our Dear Cielo at The House in the Roses for Show Off Your Cottage Monday
Our Dear Sally at Smiling Sally for Blue Monday
Our Dear Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for Tabletop Tuesday
Our Dear Paula at Paula Grace Designs for Timeless Tuesday

So be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

Oh, before I leave you, I wanted to remind you about my party on Friday, May 7th! It's going to be a
Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Diva Party!
Oh, it will be so much fun. If you don't come, my tiny little grand daughter will be so sad!

You wouldn't want to make her sad would you?

Hadn't you rather see her like this?
I know I would! I'm shameless, I know. I'm just so proud of her. She's my first and only grand baby so forgive me! :)

So please come to my party! For all of the information, just click here. You can take this little button that I made this for you with my most tiny dainty fingers and place it on your blog!

See you Friday!

I will spare you a little Note Song today due to my loooooooooooooongness!


  1. Your new chairs are gorgeous! I wish I lived close enough to try them out and have a good, long chat! Chloe Dawn is really cute, even if she did upstage your lovely decorating photos. And your new grandbaby is so cute!

  2. This was the funnest post Sheila! I do love your new chairs! They look perfect with that gorgeous couch. I also love your wit. You bet you flight pattern you can. hehe. Your granddaughter is just the sweetest little thing! What a lovely little face.

  3. Dear Shelia, Imma singin' a tune over here in blogland 'cause I'm so happy for you about getting the furniture you wanted!!!

    Enjoyed your tour.

    Your little Granddaughter is a doll and think the photo of her being happy shows off her cuteness.

    May you have a great week and God Bless,

  4. Wowee!! What a gorgeous room!!! You have a true knack for decorating and design Shelia. I never would have been able to pull that room together so perfectly! I just love it all. And that gorgeous baby! How sweet!
    Thanks for sharing all of those wonderful pictures with us Shelia.

  5. Shelia, your living room looks beautiful. The new chairs are perfect, and you have so many pretty tables in this room. Love the drapes too. I think the tapestry wing backs look pretty in the d.r. too. Both of your babies are adorable. Chloe Dawn can put on a face that makes you want to spoil her. And that precious new little baby is the sweetest. Love the way you tied in her photos to your upcoming party. I'm looking forward to seeing all of the bathroom divas. laurie

  6. You are amazing. I wouldnt have thought your home could be more beautiful but slap my fanny and call me Sally if ya havent done it and done is superbly~! I love the new chairs and oh that Baby is adorable..
    I'm wondering if theres any possibilty I can get my furshluckina bathroom ready to post by friday.. I'll try but I dunno...
    Its always a joy to come here and see they beauty you've created so thanks for adding such loveliness to my sunday morning..

    hugs and happy thoughts

  7. I could sink into one of your lovely new chairs right now. They look so very comfortable. The room has a different feel now - very nice!


  8. Shelia, your chairs are lovely. I absolutely love wing-backs...they are my favorite chairs and I have a house full of them!

    What a cutie your little sweetie is.

    Wonderful post!!!!!

    Barb ♥

  9. Its thrilling when you find the perfect fit after a long drawn out search. We can feel your joy and are excited with you. Oh, blue velvet, now there's a blast from the past... When you have it covered, keep some of the velvet, make a pillow from it for a keepsake. I reupholstered a sofa from my grand mom's home a few years back. To keep her memory I did kept all the dark green velvet, made 3 lower lumbar pillows from it. They are now sitting on the sofa. Your sweet Chloe is precious, we had a schnauzer growing up, Her name was Suzi, they sure do have attitude. AND what an angel face, I would be popping my buttons everyday if I had a grand daughter half as pretty.

    God's Blessing to you and yours each and every day!

  10. Hi Miss Shelia! I love the new look in your livingroom! Your furniture is gorgoeus and I love the new summer duds for your tables! lol Miss Chloe Dawn is as photogenic as ever! But...your granddaughter steals the show! Such a cutie! Happy weekend...hugs...Debbie

  11. Hey Shelia! Your room and your new furniture all look very happy to me. I love the idea of a little blue if you can find the right color. Your room is fabulous and I love how it look right off your entryway!

  12. Hello Miss Shelia!!! I love this beautiful room! Your new charis are just perfect! OH, and I love the beautiful painting your friend did! Does she sell her paintings??

    It's been a while since I have been around, but I am trying to get back into the swing of blogging. I still have my sweet pillow you made and put in a giveaway. I see it everyday sitting in my kitchen and I think of you OFTEN!

    My blog is under construction at this if you come by, please excuse the ;)

    Many Blessings! Nancy

  13. The livingroom looks great! Chloe is a natural ham, but I think Grandbaby steals the show! Love your editing of the bib-have fun!

  14. Love, love the new wingback chairs. Your living room is just lovely. I too, take forever to pick out furniture...I have to just wait for something to grab me!

    Love seeing new pictures of Carter Ashlan. She gets more beautiful each day! Love that little smile!!

    Hope you are having a good weekend, Shelia!! :-)


  15. The new chairs look great and I love your vignettes. Enjoyed the tour!

  16. I loved your tour of your new furniture, even though I don't do to much decorating any more, it is one of my favorite things to look at. And let me say tp you, your new grand daughter is BEAUTIFUL. And I have 10 grand kids and I'm still just like you. It's the only way to be.


  17. Oh Shelia, such a beautiful room. I love your new chairs, they are just gorgeous. Your tables are all dressed so beautifully in their summer fineness too. Beautiful vignettes. I love the cloche of cours, you knew I would. Cloe Dawn is just about the cutest and does love to be in the picture. Your granddaughter on the other hand is definitely the star of the show. She is beautiful and so precious. Thanks for joining the party. I need to put your Bathroom Diva on my calendar so I don't forget. I will be there. Hugs, Marty

  18. I know it is wrong to covet your neighbors things, but oh how I love your wing chairs! They are perfect. The fleur de lis pillows aren't to shabby either! And did I mention your highboy where your old wing chairs now sit! Your furniture choices are timeless and classic! And that sweet baby is just icing on the cake!


  19. Hi Shelia!

    Oh, I just love the new chairs! the fabric is so yummy! And the colors are wonderful. Your whole living room looks so inviting. Love your tables and all your little pretties!

    Have a wonderful day!

  20. I enjoyed my visit here today...lovely new pretty! You have such a beautiful home...and that Chloe is so cute!
    Next weekend is Mothers Day and I'm off to be with my kids, that baby is so sweet!...have a great week Shelia and come say hi :D

  21. Hi Sheila
    Your room is lovely and your new chairs look perfect in there. Loved seeing Chloe Dawn relaxing. I always enjoy your tours. Your home is so beautiful.
    Carter just gets even cuter.

  22. These new chairs are just PERFECT for your new sofa. I love your pretty home and your g-baby. Your home is beautiful but SHE is MORE beautiful..!!:)) But, you knew that already!!

    I have some new chairs too but a lot different than yours. Don't we just looove new things!!
    xo bj

  23. Good grief, Shelia, you DO know how to pull it all together beautifully! I envy your knack ... everything is perfect down to Chloe-pooch!

    Your Carter is absolutely baby precious, Shelia ... I wish I had a new one ... they grow so fast.

    Have a great week ~
    Hugs in love, Marydon

  24. I love your living room. It looks very warm and comforting. I am such a monocramatic decorator. I can't see blue as an accent color, but it may look beautiful. Rust is one of my favorite colors. In fact my bedroom is rust - of course now "they" call it brick!!

  25. Gorgeous...gorgeous! GORGEOUS I say.

    And...the pic of your little sweetie with the scratched out name "DADDY" made me roll over and over with laughter. Hysterical.


  26. It's so good to see Chloe Dawn! She's so cute and photogenic. She's such a good girl.

    Love your drapery. You did a great job on them. Love the sofa and the new wingback chairs too.

    I want to kiss that cute little nose on your granddaughter. She's a doll!

  27. Hi Shelia...Love your new wing backs...worth waiting two years to find those beauties!
    The couch is fabulous...everything looks wonderful .
    I think I can hear you playing your piano all the way over here...
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  28. Whew! Where to begin? LOVE the new chairs ... they are just ASKING for someone to place their tiny behind in one of them and rest a spell!

    The whole living room is lovely -- and you really have a GREAT talent for staging beautiful tabletop displays. Gorgeous.

    I love that big etched hurricane glass, too -- and it does look so "beachy" and yet elegant too, with the shells.

    Love it all. As for pillows on the sofa -- what about taking different shades of the rust? Like the shades of color you find on one of those strips at the paint store. Or, gold? Is there a color in the new chair upholstery you can pick up on?

    More, please. Love this post!

  29. ACK! Forgot to say, your grand daughter is so adorable -- oh I can just imagine how sweet she is! Can't wait for one of my own ... granddaughter that is!

  30. Your new chairs are lovely Shelia. they really pull the room together. It looks like a wonderful place to sit and listen to someone play the piano!

  31. They are beautiful! Look so comfortable! I have been looking too,,decided to get what I have reupholst even though it is more than buying new. But they are good sofas and I can't find anything I like!
    Now get that dog off the furniture!:)
    My gkids are lucky I let THEM on the furniture!
    Your living room looks lovely!

  32. Hi,
    Thought I'd come over from Brookhollow Lane. Your living room is gorgeous! I also love your piano-I'm a piano teacher. It;s nice to meet you.

  33. You've done a nice job with the living room. I love the piano and table near it. The wing chairs look very comfortable - enjoy! Dropping by from BNOTP.


  34. Hi, I love your new chairs, his post and the baby is so precious! I always enjoying stopping in at your blog every week! Thank you so much! I hope that you have a lovely new week.

  35. Sheila-First---Your grandbaby is SOOO beautiful! If you think Miss Chloe Dawn is spoiled, you "ain't seen nuthin yet" :) Love your new sofa and chairs. I love wing backs too--have them in almost every room---but the dining room. Maybe I need one or two in there :)

  36. Beautiful furniture Shelia!!! That little Chloe Dawn certainly has her family trained well:-) Your beautiful home reflects your beautiful personality!!! I love your painting that your friend did!!!

  37. Thanks for your sweet comment. Just love your new furniture! My chairs in the family room are almost the same fabric. Your room looks great and that lil ole schnauzer does add the finishing touch!

  38. Shelia, your living room looks lovely. The new chairs are perfect.

    Blue is right. It is definitely the color you need for your accent. My mother had those colors in her living room once, and it was quite striking. You'll be surprised how it will make the other bits of blue you have in your room pop.

    Be sure to give that little beauty a hug from her Aunt Beverly

  39. Your new chairs are lovely and look so comfy. The baby gets cuter every time you show her off!


  40. It's beautiful Shelia! Beautiful! And I'd be happy to join your party ... now to find a bathroom! Can it be my own?

  41. I love your new chairs, Shelia. You have a beautiful home and a cute Chloe Dawn. But you know who is the most beautiful? Carter!! She is just so precious and adorable! I can see the resemblance in you...Your credit card is charged

  42. Shelia,
    Your new chairs look great. I like them a lot with that Ralph Lauren couch. Swoon, I would love anything from Ralph Lauren. I love you candle and sea shells also. I also love your birds on the end tables. I went to Bombay Company's web site and they say they are restructuring and will be reopening. I hope that is true. I miss that store also. Love it all, it looks fantastic!

  43. Wow Shelia, what beautiful new furniture you have. i love your room and furniture and beautiful lamps. Gorgeous. Have a great day

  44. Sheila,
    What a wonderful transformation in your Living Room. Your new furniture is to die for!!
    Your sweet doggie and your precious grand daughter were delightful to see!
    Thanks for sharing!

  45. Hi Sheila! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments. I loved the photo tour of your living room. You have some very nice things! Beautiful! I have always liked greens w/rusts. Also loved the new arrival photo! So sweet!

  46. I love wing chairs. The graceful curves catch my eye every time. Your piano is amazing! So glad you put it to good use.

    And your Chloe Dawn....a heart melter that one. So very cute!

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  47. What a lovely Living room. I also love wing back chairs. have one in my living room. I think the living room is coming along great!
    My blue Monday link for you.

  48. Sheila, I am so behind on commenting on blogs with all the sewing and painting this weekend. I hate when life gets in the way of my fun part. Your new sofa is perfect. Ralph Lauren furniture I am sure is very well made. Glad you got a good price on it. Your living room looks amazing. I also just saw your gorgeous front door for the first time.

  49. Your room looks fabulous! And guess what? I think I have chairs almost exactly like yours!!! Here is a link to a post on my living room showing very similar chairs:

    Check it out and tell me what you think - they look alot alike don't they?

  50. Looks so inviting Shelia. You did a lovely job decorating. I could use new couches but I am waiting til we build and have a basement for the older ones. We are in a 120 year old house and no livable space below, just a dungeon :( . Nice to see you dog. So sweet! Deb =^..^=x6

  51. Gorgeous, Shelia...I love paisley!

    Your tapestry chairs are wonderful in the dining room.

  52. Shelia, your new look is stunning. You have awesome taste in EVERYTHING.

    Today is the Garden Club meeting. I am a new member so not much time.

    Yes, I am joinng you in your bathroom diva day. Fun!!!
    Oh how beautiful your grand baby is.

    Love, Jeanne

  53. I've waited eleven years to find the right Family Room coffee table, so I quite agree with you: wait for Perfect, rather than settle.

    I love the look of your home AND that special Wonder Child you have FINALLY acquired.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  54. Thank you for inviting me into your home. I love your sofa and wing chairs they look so cosy and comfy. I also get the whole screaming mis-match thing, I couldn't have lived with that either. The dog and the baby are cute too!

  55. Shelia, I love your new furnitures... what a lovely house... and that cute cute little angel of yours is just in the right sweet home! thank you for participating in our "Show off your cottage Monday"... and I got your picture of that lovely teacup... oh my, I can hardly wait to show the world all those pretty teacups!

    Have a great day, sweet one!

    Oh, and I will be here on Friday with my mirror picture... of course! ;)


  56. Shelia... just came back to let you know I've added your party logo to my sidebar.... I'd love if you could also advertise our "Victorian Tea Party" here... ;)

    See you soon!


  57. I LOVE your new chairs....actually LOVE the whole room! It is all so gorgeous. Glad to see a picture of Chloe has been a while. She is so cute! Hope you are having a great day.♥

  58. Hi Shiela~Your living room is just gorgeous!! I would have fallen in love with that sofa had I seen it too!! You did a great job on the all looks so good together.
    Chloe Dawn is a princess!!!
    The Tattered Tassel

  59. Love all the bird touches throughout the room!

  60. Wow! Your living room looks awesome!

    My Blue Monday.

  61. whoaaaaa the comment list is long too! What a tour and love the humor. Now I'm thinkin' BJ refers to Sheila now and then aha! You! :) I feel the clock ticking on the bathroom snapper thing. Haven't shined a mirror, need my hair cut ... who knows what I'll be doing ... luuuuuv your piano. So enjoyed my visit! THanks! JEnn

  62. Sheila, I love wing back chairs - they are so comfy for reading. The pattern on your new ones is nice and the whole room tied in well, even if it did take a long time.
    Enjoy your new furniture.

  63. Just beautiful Pickle as all you do...I love coming into your home and seeing it...Now that Carter is the cutest littl thing and she has grown so much already...I have missed you my Dear Pickle...I pray all is well on your side of the mountain today...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  64. Well now that you are done poken around, I'm poken in to say hello!
    Your livingroom looks very inviting and lovely. I like the chairs and if it took two years to decide then I say they will be keepers for awhile. They sure look comfortable!

    You have pretty vingettes in your livingroom. Love the shells and books.

    Your little furry friend wants to help and be recognized for his blogging talents.

    Oh, and your sweet grandbaby is so cute!!


  65. Hello Shelia; OH I just love your new sofa and chairs... they look so comfy.. your living room is so lovely,,, I just love it all...... oh and sweet Chloe Dawn she is so pretty,,,,, love the adorable grand baby photos,, she is a doll....


  66. Hi Sheila!

    You are too cute commenting on my "vintage thingies"!!!! Loved it!

    What a darling granddaughter, puppy and lovely home you have...the new sofa looks great...the room is so warm and classic.

    love, kelee

  67. I'm back! ;) What an adorable baby. I know you are enjoying the wee one. We had a silver schnauzer named Hanna. Such a good dog.

    Thanks for coming by to see my Timeless Tuesday post.


  68. Shelia this is a fun post. I love that you were able to find matching chairs after a 2-year search. I think they look perfect. The whole room looks just lovely--I hope you spend some time enjoying it each day.

  69. Sheila ~ you are such a delight! I love your new chairs. I also love the little lonely one you're about to cast off. I have a good home for it!!! I know, you're replacing it with the one from your mother covered in blue crushed velvet. I'd like to see it before your cover the velvet. I bet its heavenly just the way it is. Your grand daughter is adorable!!!! Don't worry, I'll stay a sweetie just for you. Thanks for joining Timeless Tuesday!

    Paula Grace ~

  70. Oh Shelia, you know I love it all. Your home is just gorgeous. Your new chairs are wonderful. Thanks so much for joining the party. Your table vignettes are all fabulous. Great eye candy. Hugs, Marty

  71. I'd be in love, too, Shelia! They are perfect! Everything looks lovely!
    Have a beautiful week!
    ;-D Kathleen

  72. Hi Sheila, I am loving your new wing backed chairs...Paisley print is my favorite, and RL is always good stuff! You done good Sheila, the tour was magnificent, and you granddaughter is beautiful!

  73. Loved the tour and the new chairs.

    - The Tablescaper

  74. Oh, I enjoyed the tour and love your beautiful new furniture! Can't wait to see what new pillows you get! I'm thinking a dark green might work, maybe with some rust in the pattern!

    I wish I were close-by, I would take that lone chair off your hands, it's very pretty!

    Your doggie is so cute, and your grandbaby is beautiful!

    Lovely home!

    P.S. - Uh-oh! You caught me red handed with your cloche!! Hee-hee!

  75. Hello , I'm still making my Pink Saturday visits. Your living room is beautiful and so is your little granddauther. I can see how you love those chairs, they are fabulous!!!!
    Blessings, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  76. Love, love the chairs...and that little one makes me SMILE.......

  77. Hi! I just found you through Grammy Girlfriend.Your home is lovely and you made me laugh! I'll be back!

  78. Shelia, those new chairs are so pretty with the sofa. They look like chenille - which is so comfy. And I heart your piano! Very cozy room! Linda

  79. Shelia,
    Your living room, just like the rest of your home is beautiful. Love it all, the new chairs are wonderful, but I would be hard pressed to pick a fav in that room. Thanks for sharing and for visiting. Talk soon.

  80. First of all...that baby is the the cutest thing ever! You are one luck lady;)!

    Second...your room is beautiful! I adore your new furniture...sooooo you! I love the fabric on the is just YUMMY! Isn't it fun to have new goodies to play with?! I am in love with your beautiful piano too...the whole room is just lovely!


  81. Oh what beautiful new chairs!!! Lucky you! Thanks for sharing the chairs, your doggie and your sweet grandbaby at MM. :)

  82. I love this post and it wasn't too long for me! Your chairs look fantastic-I am so glad you didn't part with them.

    See you at your party!

    Best wishes,

  83. Well...well....YOU ARE CRAZY, you know that don't you! ? Ha!! I know just what you mean about trying to match your couch and chairs. I have a couch and chair in my piano room that are crazy with pattern!! When my MIL moved we placed her couch in the same room because my son wanted us to store it for him. The really weird thing is that it basically matches! Same colors and they look like they go together!! But in my "sun" room I have some old dreaded couches that I have covered with some twin bedding because I can't STAND them any more. AND my hubby will not have me spend money on others at this point since eventually we may down size and not need them (like in 6-8 years!!!) ...but I kindof agree, we are penny pinchers!!! I had to laugh at your bathroom diva thing--I will have to see what that is about. My bathrooms are far far far far from being anything related to diva-hood!!

    nannykim at

  84. Sweet are SO forgiven. I've been tempted to do my entire blog on the grands..but...thought better of it. You should be beside yourself exactly as you are!! Um...did I say that? know what I mean!
    Love you!

  85. And a PROUD grandma you SHOULD be....your little sweetie is just sooo darn cute! Isn't it the best fun?

    Love you room and your pup. Mine leaves toys everywhere too....gotta watch out around here...


  86. Shelia, your living room looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful pictures.


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