Sunday, May 30, 2010

Everything's Coming Up Roses!

Shabby White Roses!

Hello, Dear Ones! I know you've all seen the shabby roses in Blogland poked on everything! Well, I wanted to make s0me t00! I'm a copy cat, you know! Well, I went looking for some instructions! I read and studied and read and studied. I tried my most dainty fingers at making these shabby roses to no avail! Shoot!

Well, I'm just stubborn enough not to give up! Then a tiny bulb went off in my tiny head! Our Dear Kathy at Sweet Up North Mornings (if you haven't been to her blog, please go and tell her I sent you ) had given a tutorial on these shabby roses. So I popped over to see her blog to learn. Then I read again and grabbed my supplies. I started trying to make a shabby rose. I couldn't figure out the turning of the strip. I just couldn't. happened! I flipped and turned the right way and I had just made my first shabby rose! Oh, delight! Oh, Woo Hooness! OH, JOYNESS!
Oh, one tiny little note here...Kathy said to use some tacky glue to glue the layers together as you flipped and turned. I had some but it was so old and dead! So what was I to do? I grabbed my most trusty glue gun. Hot glue gun! You know the ending of my story...burned my most dainty creamy fingers about a zillion times! Well, actually just twice, but it felt like a zillion! Went out the next day and bought some tacky glue. Whew!!

Moving on...
Look! I flipped and turned and glued with no burned fingers and made shabby roses and I made shabby roses and I made some more shabby roses! I had an ideal what I was going to do with them! I took an old grapevine wreath and lightly sprayed it white and starting hot gluing on my shabby roses! Didn't burn one tiny dainty finger either. Woo Hooness!

Is my wreath not beautiful?! Oh, I'm just loving the socks off my new shabby rose wreath! If you'd like the instructions for the roses, go HERE to Kathy's blog and she'll show you how! Thank you so much Kathy!! I love you!!

Well, as you can see, I hung my new most gorgeousness of shabby roses wreath in my crystal bar. We live in a 1970s house complete with a wet bar in the den. Mr. Precious and I do not partake in the strong drink so I thought this would be a perfect spot for my crystal to sit and shine!

Some of you had caught a little bitty glimpse of this area in some of my other posts and asked about it, so I will introduce you today to my crystal bar complete with my newness of shabby roses wreath! :) Notice my most tiny head on the left reflected in the mirror ! ;0

Sometimes it's so hard to take a picture of shining things! Yes siree, it is! So forgive the little fuzzyiness of photo here. See the little 1970s sink? It serves me well as I gather water for watering my three living plants in my home! The white box on the right is our door bell chimes :) You can also see the most delightful little night light that my sweet friend Marydon sent me. Thank you, Marydon!

Here's a very special piece to me. Mr. Precious and I were in Prague a few years ago and bought two of these. Isn't it so beautiful? I love my crystal pieces! Can you love crystal pieces? Well, you bet your most heavy lead you can! :)

Here's a most precious little crystal pineapple lidded box ~ the symbol of hospitality.

I made a mosaic of my little glass shelves. As you can see, there are the 1970s mirrors everywhere. I think folks really liked to look at themselves back then. Adjusting their gold chains, pushing down the hip huggers and clipping on their big ole hoop earrings as they fingered through their shag haircuts or hairpieces! :) I lived it and know all about it, Dear Ones! :)

You can see that my little crystal bar is right across from Mr. Precious (see his most perfect tiny little head?) and my chairs next to the builtins.

Just so you'll know, my little bitty crystal bar comes complete with a little fridge. Wanna know what's in there? Pickle relish, pickled jalapenos and jams. I'm kind of a silly, aren't I? It's also a nice little place to store extra cooked dishes when we have a party or on the holidays.

Now should I ever get tired of looking at my little crystal bar or I want to poke something in there to hide, I can just shut the little doors.

I've put little glass knobs on the doors and hung a pretty little tassel to make me happy! But...

for now I'm gonna leave the doors open so I can feast my most tiny gorgeous peepers on my new shabby rose wreath!! :)


One other thing: I'd like to share a bloggy techie tip. Don't we just love big pictures? I know I do. But it upsets me to see only half of a pretty picture on some of the blogs. You know what I mean - the wide ones - half of it gets lost past the blog post page. The tall pictures take the large adjustments just fine but the wide ones don't.

I have a solution for you: when you see this or something similar ~
width: 400 px; height: 300 px
change the width number to 640 px; the height number to 425 px

change the /s400 to /s 640

Your wide picture will certainly be larger and it will all be visible and won't be falling off the side of your post page. I hope you'll do this. I know I don't like to miss a single detail of your pretty pictures!!


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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~
Everything's Coming Up Roses!

You'll be swell! You'll be great!
Gonna have the whole world on the plate!
Starting here, starting now,
honey, everything's coming up roses!

Clear the decks! Clear the tracks!
You've got nothing to do but relax.
Blow a kiss. Take a bow.
Honey, everything's coming up roses!

Now's your inning. Stand the world on it's ear!
Set it spinning! That'll be just the beginning!
Curtain up! Light the lights!
You got nothing to hit but the heights!
You'll be swell. You'll be great.
I can tell. Just you wait.
That lucky star I talk about is due!
Honey, everything's coming up roses for me and for you!

You can do it, all you need is a hand.
We can do it, Mama is gonna see to it!
Curtain up! Light the lights!
We got nothing to hit but the heights!
I can tell, wait and see.
There's the bell! Follow me!
And nothing's gonna stop us 'til we're through!
Honey, everything's coming up roses and daffodils!
Everything's coming up sunshine and Santa Claus!
Everything's gonna be bright lights and lollipops!
Everything's coming up roses for me and for you!
~ sung by Bette Midler