Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Don't Wanna Grow Up!

Hello, Dear Ones! I'm joining our Dear Mary at The Little Red House today for Mosaic Monday. Thank you Mary for being our Most Gracious Hostess. I'm also joining our Dear Sally at Smiling Sally for Blue Monday and thank her for always being the Bluest One each Monday.

Now we've been cleaning out closets and such and I just happened to run across a box filled with My Pretty Ponies that belonged to my Dear Daughter who is 35 years old now!

All these little ponies were really in great shape ~ especially being that they were purchased in the mid 1980s. :)

Have you ever seen such darling faces and look at those gorgeous tiny eyes!

So what is a Most Marvelous Mother to do? Take out all the Pretty Ponies and place them on the dining room table and play 'Beauty Shop'! Yes, and I did just that! :) I brushed each bushy little tale and each tangled mane and the result was a herd of beautifully coiffured Pretty Ponies! They all fell in love with me. Of course they did! :)

There were the most tiny little baby ones wearing diapers!

There were ones ready to jump through their hoops. One, two, three ~Go...!

There were ones who looked like merponies complete with shells, fins and always gorgeous tails and manes. There were unicorn ponies. There were ponies running, jumping, sitting, standing, smiling ones, shy ones, ones with straight hair, ones with curly hair, ones with very naturally curly hair. There were smooth rubbery bodied ones and then there were pony bodies covered with fuzzy stuff and they came in every color of the rainbow. There was even one big white stuffed pony. Each pony had his or her own individual brush or comb!

These ponies are so talented. Here they are line dancing! Oh, they were good! :)

I called my Dear Daughter to tell her what I was up to and she was thrilled I had found her Pretty Ponies and told me which one was her favorite. "The white one with the rainbow colored hair!" Okay! This little lovely must be crowned as the Princess of the Pretty Ponies! All of her friends were thrilled and said it was her birthday! They had a party for her, birthday cake, presents and noise makers!

Can you tell I had a marvelous time? I like to be a kid sometimes too even though I'm olden!

And all of the Pretty Ponies said, "Let's Par Tay!!" :)

Now before I sing you a little Note Song I wanted to invite you to my very first blogland linky party on Friday, May 7th. I'll be hosting a Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Divas Party! You can click on the little pink button on my sidebar for all the info you need. So get to cleaning your mirrors, putting on your most beautiful smiles, grabbing your cameras (with your flash turned off, of course) and then come to my party and we'll have a great time! I may even invite the Pretty Ponies to come! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~ this song makes me cry too

Watercolor Ponies

There are watercolor ponies
On my refrigerator door
And the shape of something
I don't really recognize
Drawn by careful little fingers
And put proudly on display
A reminder to us all
Of how time flies

Seems an endless mound of laundry
And a stairway laced with toys
Gives a blow by blow
Reminder of the war
That we fight for their well-being
For their greater understanding
To impart a holy reverence
For the Lord

But, baby, what will we do
When it comes back to me and you?
They look a little less
Like little girls every day
Oh, the pleasure of watching
The children growing
Is mixed with a bitter cup
Of knowing the watercolor ponies
Will one day ride away

And the vision can get so narrow
As you view through your tiny world
And little victories can go by
With no applause
But in the greater evaluation
As they fly from your nest of love
May they mount up with wings
As eagles for His cause
~ sung by Wayne Watson


  1. Oh Shelia! I remember those! My DD had a herd of them, too! And such fun to play with them! No wonder they all fell in love with! Have a wonderful week!...hugs...Debbie

  2. OMG Shelia, that is quite a collection! Our granddaughter Zoe, collects and loves them and she is only 3.....Christine

  3. Oh how precious to uncover a box that brings back such fun and memories. They are all so pretty. You really did have fun. Hugs, Marty

  4. Your ponies bring back wonderful memories. I love the line dancers!! lol!!

    Looking forward to your party!


  5. What a tresure..I had not thought of "the ponies" in years.....Loved looking at the collection....Happy Sunday

  6. What a collection, so sweet! My daughter played with them when she was little.

  7. Sheila, what a cute post. I remember my daughter had a few of those, but I sure don't know where they went. That is great that you found that box of treasures and memories.

  8. Hi Sheila
    I still have my collection of ponies like those from the 80's. They are still at my Mum's house and Jessica used to play with them there. The oldest ones are quite valuable now. I remember the original 6 ponies that came out. I think I noticed a blue one in one of your collages that was one of those. They were called Blossom and Cotton Candy etc. I used to make them coats from scraps of fabric and stables from shoe boxes. Wish we could play ponies together!! I am sure Carter will enjoy playing ponies with her special Grandma.

  9. My twin granddaughters just LOVE their "My Little Ponies". Aren't you glad you saved them?! Oh, great pic with the little grandie -so sweet! Linda

  10. Hi Sheila: Thanks for the invitation but I won't be able to attend the party. You see, try as I might, I just can't figure out Mr. Linky. He is an enigma to me. I've followed instructions on other blogs, but Mr. Linky just will not let me play. I'll keep trying. Love the My Little Pony array. I can tell they were loved and cared for. Hmmm, might cute little Carter be their next caretaker? Thanks for sharing.


  11. That's cute Sheila~ Your a good pony groomer my dear. My little sister had tons of those, (she's 38) don't know what happened to them though. What a nice thing for your daughter to have.

  12. Lovely collecion of ponies, Shelia, lovely mosaics too :o) Thank you for inviting me to your bathroom beauty snapper party. I don't know if I'll be able to attend, but I do hope it will be a big success for you.

    Big hugs

  13. You are such a kid ( I understand completely..LOL - My hubby always tells people that I am a kid too !- we just know how to have fun !)
    I think it is so sweet that you kept all those ponies !
    Mirror snapping party - sounds so fun - Count me in !

  14. My oldest daughter is 35 years old as well. I assume those little ponies are going to little granddaughter...

  15. OHMYGOSH, Shelia! I have a big box of those ponies stored in my garage too! My soon-to-be 28 year old daughter plays with REAL horses now but still doesn't want to part with her toy horses. (She also has 2 huge boxes of Breyer model horses in my guest room closet.) Shhhh...don't tell but a couple years ago, I gave them all baths and shampooed and conditioned their manes and tails too. :)

    And yes, Lindsay-ann is correct...many of the older ones are quite collectable.

    Regarding the previous post, you are absolutely the most beautiful, RADIANT grandma I have ever seen!

  16. Oh my goodness Shelia what a wonderful collection and fantastic mosaics! Ponies, are a girls best-friend! hmm Or was that diamonds. lol I hope that you have a beautiful new week!

  17. Oh good grief! You've just reminded me that I have a rubbermaid container in my attic with these ponies from my daughter! It's a good thing that the prospective grandchild is going to be a girl ~ these ponies will get to see the light of day again.

  18. I do remember these little ponies. They were forever showing up in my classroom. :-)
    This is a big herd. That little bundle of pinkness is going to have fun playing with these in a few years.
    Sheila, I've just added myself as a follower. All this time I thought I was a follower. I've certainly been reading your posts. So now I'm official. :-)
    Hope you have a great week. Hugs ~ Sarah

  19. oh my goodness! what a fun collection to find again. Ponies were after my time but I remember my sister who is 8 years younger than me, she had tons of them! Ella loves ponies so I get to experience them now as an adult! LOl.

  20. Oh I love that Wayne Watson song! One of my favorites. I had 3 sons so I never got into all the little girl collection things - looks like there are quite a few little ponies!

  21. What a cute post! I hope you are saving those for little Carter, she will have a ball with them in a few years!


  22. What a great find! I remember the Ponies! Very cool mosaic! Enjoyed this!

  23. What a great subject matter for your mosaic! I remember these ponies too, in fact my daughter may have had one.

    Really like this mosaic!
    The Blue Ridge Gal

  24. Sheila oh Sheila, I have not seen those little ponies in years! What a great collection, love them:) You put together a very lovely mosaic!

  25. What great mosaics & great fun, too! Shelia, now you tuck those ponies back in their box & save them for your sweet little Carter Ashlan to play with in a few years. She's gonna ♥ 'em!

  26. Shelia, Thanks for visiting and your sweet comment for Miss Pearl.
    Love your ponies...we are never too old!


  27. Sheila, What a lovely time you had, it's good to let our inner child out to play now and again don't you think?
    Happy MM

  28. Sheila, thank you for your kind compliments on my den! You really can tell you spent time w/those ponies, they look so groomed, not at all like they were in storage. LOL! What fun you must have had. I just love the song, those words are so true and so touching!

  29. Hi Sheila,

    I'm sure that box of ponies sparked lots of poignant memories. Isn't it amazing how quickly the time passes?


  30. I remember when those were so popular; they're collectibles now. And you even have some blue! Happy Blue Monday.

  31. Your little ponies photos were great, they made me smile. My girls had them also and have a few around but took them to their homes not long ago. Thanks for the nice comment you left on my post about my corner cabinet.

  32. Wow they are pretty collection. Hmm if i have a girl she might like that. Happy blue Monday.

    Mine is here

  33. I love the ponies, Sheila! We had some too but not as many...I am feeling nostalgic now...sniff, sniff...
    Hugs, Beth

  34. Oh Boo Hoo I had little boys and no painted ponies to play with. Looks like fun to me. Valerie

  35. My kids will go crazy if I show them this! They have a lot, but not quite this many. They certainly love to play with them in the "My Little Pony" castle. Too cute!

  36. My daughter had MLP also! Brought back memories!

  37. Oh my those ponies are so pretty and so cute!

    BlueMonday~Blue Jars

  38. I'm right with ya sister! I've often been heard sayin' I'm just like Peter Pan...I'll never grow up!

    You have a beautiful collection of Little Ponies there for any age.

    You have yourself a wonderfully blessed week, sweetie!!!

  39. Happy White-ponies with rainbow hair Blue Monday. Okay, I seem to be filling in the blanks between Happy and Blue today. I thoroughly enjoyed your post, looking at your profile, then had to see what Hooter Hiders were in a post just before He is Risen. Great idea, and I laughed thinking about getting our mouths washed out with soap. Hmmm, bathroom beauty snapper? I'll have to see exactly what that is about! Thanks for your testimony and faith! JEnn

  40. My oldest daughter loved My Little Pony to death! Never did care for Barbie though...go figure.LOL!
    Your new Baby Grand-Sugar is precious. I know you are in pink heaven.:)

  41. Shelia this post is so cute! What a wonderful collection of My Pretty Ponies!

  42. Sheila, you are too funny playing with all those ponies!
    Our daughters had a few and they're long gone.
    I have to admit I play Barbies with the youngest granddaughters sometimes.

  43. I rememeber those! They are so pretty and colorful. What a sweet collection to give to your new grandaughter. She is a doll! :)

  44. Both of my girls were big collectors of these back in the day. What a super collection and a great walk down memory lane for me.

  45. So cute! My daughter had a large collection of those pony's! She kept a few of them for her kids to play with.

  46. My girls loved collecting and playing with those cute little ponies.
    Carter is adorable!

  47. Omigosh, how cute is that?! Thanks so much, Shelia, for sharing this fun collection at MM. :)

  48. And now, before long, pretty little Carter will be able to brush that hair, and 3 generations will have beautified these ponies! Love it! laurie

  49. My sweet Shelia here's a "Note Song" for you...

    Sweet wishes,


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