Monday, April 5, 2010

Buffet in the Dining Room

Hello, Dear Ones! I'm joining Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for Tabletop Tuesday And Paula at Paula Grace Designs for Timeless Tuesday!

I know Easter has passed but since I've been grand babying I'm a tad behind. So I'm going to show you my buffet tabletop in the dining room all set up for Easter. Well, little bunnies really can be used all year round, right?

A few weeks ago I showed you the other side of the dining room where Little Richard sits with my new lamps. This is the other side and I'm so ashamed...I didn't give my olden buffet a name. I just call her 'the buffet'. Oh, well. :)

Hanging on the wall over 'the buffet' is an olden mirror. Just so you won't think I'm a nasty home keeper, that is the glazing fading away on the olden mirror and not nasty spots that I haven't cleaned. I'm just saying...

The floral you see here is one I made many many years ago. I made it especially for the dining room so I put in an artichoke and a few little fruits and veggies. I'm so good like that, you know! :)'s all faux! I love my fauxs and my fauxs love me! You knew I was going to say that didn't you?

Here's a little mosaic of some of the faux ingredients.

There, see in the mirror, you can see the other side of the room.

This is the sweetest hand painted tea set my Mother gave me many years ago and I love it. I have it sitting upon my olden wooden silverware box and it gives it a nice raised level here.

Precious little glorious bunny sugar and creamer. Aren't they just the cutest little pair?

I'm really not sure what this little thing is, maybe a cracker server, but it is one of my favorites. It's by Fitz and Floyd and just so cute. Right now it's holding some little faux eggs.

Take a peep at all of the cuteness. I just love cuteness, don't you? Can you love cuteness? You bet your grand babies tiny toes you can! :) I just had to poke in some little grand babyness.

Then three lidded eggs standing on tiny little feet!

Here you can see 'the buffet' a little better. I do adore her and again I'm so ashamed I didn't give her a name. I'll have to work on it.

Thank you for popping in to see me today and make sure you go see Marty and Paul to visit all the other participants in Tablescape Tuesday Timeless Tuesday.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

And I Love Her

I give her all my love
That's all I do
And if you saw my love
You'd love her too
I love her
She gives me ev'rything
And tenderly
The kiss my lover brings
She brings to me
And I love her
A love like ours
Could never die
As long as I
Have you near me
Bright are the stars that shine
Dark is the sky
I know this love of mine
Will never die
And I love her
Bright are the stars that shine
Dark is the sky
I know this love of mine
Will never die
And I love her
~sung by The Beatles


  1. Shelia, this is so pretty! I love all of your cute little bunnies. I agree that bunnies are NOT just for Easter! I keep them out all year long. My rule is if it doesn't have an Easter egg attached, then it can be used year-round! That flower arragement is really stunning! But I especially LOVE all those beautiful red transferware plates. They're my favorite!!

  2. And, it is no wonder your being so Carter-ized. She is darling, Shelia.

    Miss Buffet is beautifully dressed for the holiday season ... but then your entire home is beyond exquisite.

    Hope you had a wonderful & joyful Easter.

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  3. I love the tea set, the tea set reminds me of a gift my hubs and I where just given by my father-in-law, it was from Germany, and it looks almost just like this....I have to put it out like you have yours, it is way too pretty!~ Your buffet and all you easter displays look lovely!~

  4. Beautiful! I just adore all of your Easter goodies! The mosaics are wonderful!

    Happy Mosaic Monday!

  5. I'm thinking Betty, the buffet!!! Love all those pretties...I'm a little odd but I have a love for wooden silverware chests...I don't know why but I've always loved the feel of them...sending kisses for your Carter's baby toes!!!

  6. Oh, Sheila, this is so pretty. I love all your treasures. My favorite is the floral arrangement you did. It's so lush. That is a very beautiful piece of furniture.

  7. your rabbit and the eggs are so cute!

  8. Love your dining room and all your little bunnies.
    That's a very pretty tea set.

  9. Sheila, your Easter things are charming, but it is that new granddaughter who steals the show. Congratulations! I'm so envious of your "grand babying" time!

  10. Hi Sheila, that is the Sweetest tea set, Gorgeous! I love your whole dining room so beautiful!
    You made me smile with your my mirror is not dirty.... I have old mirrors too.. I love the patina, but often wonder if people reading my blog think they are dirty :-)

  11. Love it Shelia! Love your humorness! :) I think you should name her Betty the Buffet! Beautiful post!

  12. your buffet and it really should have a beautiful! Love the tea set too..very precious! and the bunnies....You'll love my little Easter bunny! :D

  13. Shelia, I swear I can't pick one favorite thing here in your dining room. That first photo blows me away! I love everything about it...the chandelier, the new wall color, the plates, the mirror, the GORGEOUS (nameless) buffet and everything on it (especially the pretty tea set). I love your fauxs (and I love mine too)! Those Fitz & Floyd people sure do know how to make cute stuff for every season, don't they?

  14. Your posts always make me smile! :) Congratulations on the new grand baby! That is so awesome! I love your olden buffet. :)


  15. You have such a large dining room, lucky you! The bunnies are precious but that tea! You have very nice things. Thanks for sharing. Joan

  16. Shelia, I love all that bunny cuteness! Elevating the tea set on the box sets it off just beautifully. My spring "stuff" will stay out a bit longer- no sense in wasting such cuteness.... LOL Glad you are having fun being a "grand." hugs, sue

  17. Shelia, I know you enjoyed "Grand Babying".Hope things are ok at your house, it has been a while since I was here and I am trying to catch up. The buffet is beautiful and of course I love the Fitz and Floyd Cracker dish.

    We are headed to the coast again, but this time to Palacios-Matagorda area. I don't really care as long as I get on the water.

    Hope to head your way soon and will call if you are available.


  18. So pretty and festive for Easter. That buffet is beautiful. We had a whole set like that and sold it a few years ago to a couple that had bought their first home and wanted a set of the same era. They were so thrilled to have it. It was just too big for our house but I do miss the hutch that went with the set, it was gorgeous. Have a wonderful week!

  19. Shelia, such a dainty tea set! I love it. Your dining room is beautiful.

  20. Morning Shelia,

    Your buffet is gorgeous and I love how it is decorated. Just beautiful!! Those little bunnies are just too cute!♥

  21. How beautiful Shelia! I adore your gorgeous flowers and the entire buffet is really pretty and very welcoming. :)

  22. Just gorgeous!! I am jealous of your beautiful buffets! Did someone make the beautiful crocheted runner? That to is gorgeous. Beautiful and welcoming room!!

  23. Now, Sheila, your DR is just gorgeous! I covet -- I know, a sin -- the tea set! The plates look wonderful. Your whole vignette is a feast for the eyes.

    As to the buffet: how about, Ta Da! "Buffy"??? Buffy the buffet. Has a certain cachet, don't you think? ☺☺☺

  24. Pretty, pretty, pretty!!

    You're a WINNER in the Give-Away!!


  25. I just love your dining room. Everything is so pretty. Your buffet is just wonderful and the plates around the mirror is such a stunning wall arrangement. The vignette on the buffet is so pretty. Your bunnies and the eggs are gorgeous. Love that wonderful tea set too. Beautiful. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  26. Good morning Shelia, I know your Easter was grand with that sweet little granddaughter of yours :>) I love the pictures on your side bar ♥ Your DR is just beautiful! You always do such a fabulous job decorating your rooms for the holidays. I hope you have a great day and a wonderful week. HAPPY EASTER and many blessing to you and your family!

  27. Your dining room is lovely! What a treasure that hand-painted tea set from your mother is! I'm glad you have it displayed so you can enjoy it every day.

  28. Shelia, you know I love your dining room. I want to copy your plates. It's ok to be a copy cat isn't it? :)

  29. Your buffet and mirror are so pretty Sheila. I love your floral arrangement, it's beautiful. So is the dainty little tea set. I am loving everything!


  30. Hi Shelia!

    Oh everything is just so pretty! That teaset is gorgeous! and all your little Easter pretties are wonderful! Miss Buffet is stunning! And I just lov all your beautiful red and white plates!!

  31. This is so pretty! I love it all! You are very creative and talented. Be Blessed. Cindy

  32. Hi Shelia
    I agree that Jane is a good name for the "her" buffet. That goes with Richard - Dick and Jane..*s*.. mmhmmmmm...

    I love your bunnies. I love to use my bunnies all year round. You have a lovely collection.

    Your pink plates on the wall are beautiful too. You have them displayed so nicely...pretty.

    Hope you are having a great day..

  33. Hi Sheila, thanks for stopping by so many times and leaving your dear comments. I am so impressed with your gorgeous transferware wall. It's truly enviable. Happy grandbaby-ing. Yum. -- Jane F.

  34. Shelia, I just love seeing that buffet with all of that beautiful transferware hanging around the mirror. It takes my breath. All of your Easter decorations are so pretty. Now I'm singing in my head..if you saw my love, you'd love her to, and I dooooo! laurie

  35. LOL! I had to laugh about your explanation of your olden mirror.

    Everything looks just beautiful! Love the plates on the wall and that tea set is soooo pretty!


  36. You just have such a flair Miss Sheila!! The buffet looks wonderful in it's Easter attire! Such sweet elements! And while I don't do tea (unless I'm sick) I love that little tea set!!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday and keep enjoying that new little grandy!! Too much fun, huh?
    Love and hugs,

  37. Oh Joy! My friend is back! Thank you so much for joining Timeless Tuesday.

    I must say, I love the yeas set your mother gave you and the sweet eggs. They are wonderful.

    Congratualtions on be a Grandma!

    Please do not feel badly that I have been absent on your blog. I have in general been absent since my business is busy and I am planning a fundraising gala. Yikes! The time just flies away. I am so glad you joined the party. I hope to see you there every week!!

    I'll be a sweetie because I know you want me to be :)
    Paula Grace ~

  38. I'm so glad we got to see your Easter lovelies! That handpainted tea set is to die for!! Love that picture with the reflection of the other side of your room!

    I think your buffet looks like an "Edith!" Or maybe just "Betty Buffet?" LOL!


  39. Your dining room is beautiful and I love that sideboard with the transferware hung over it. Sure wish I had a collection like yours!

  40. I love the tea set your mom gave you! I have many dishes my grandmother painted. They mean the world to me.

    Thank you so much for stopping by AtticMag. Always good to see you. I hope you registered for the Giveaway!


  41. Your dining room is gorgeous Shelia! I love the buffet and "olden" mirror.

  42. Morning Shelia~

    " The buffet " is absolutely gorgeous! Be still my heart~ what a beautiful piece. WOW! You always have the prettiest displays.

    Hope your day is beautiful!

    Hugs~ J

  43. WOW so much gorgeousness!!!!!!! LOVE that floral display you made. Just amazing!
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  44. Hi Shelia! I love your tabletops...especially those beautiful eggs! And I also enjoyed having another peek at your gorgeous transferware plates on the wall...lovely! I'm behind, too! Grannying is taking all of my time! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  45. Good Morning Shelia ~

    Absolutely lovely! You have such delightful style my friend.

    I hope that you have a wonderful Tuesday and I am sending you a belated congratulations on your new grandchild. What a blessing.

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  46. Oh my goodness Shelia! You're a grandma! You knew that though didn't you? LOL Congratulations!!!!! Carter is beautiful :)

    I love "the buffet" and your dining room is beautiful.

    Thank you for being my friend even when I don't deserve it.

    (((hugs and love)))

  47. Hey girl friend I missed you like crazy...and why not name your buffet "Lucille" which was one of Little Richards songs ha ha!! Loved seeing all your sweet bunnies and they stay out all year at my house ha ha!! I hope all is well with Carter Ashlan my sweet friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  48. I want to tell you something funny first, Shelia, before I forget it. My daughter yesterday told me that my six year old grandson, oddly enough, can sing any Beatles song ever recorded! Isn't that hilarious? I wonder if Carter's first word might be "olden?" I love all the pretties in that delightful sun-filled room!

  49. I enjoyed seeing more of your dining room. You have a nice display of transferware above "Buffy".

    I think you already know that my favorite thing would be the Fitz and Floyd bunny dish!

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  50. I adore your beautiful dining room...and the buffet is stunning.

    I am trying to play catchup with your blog. While you were grandbabying, I was falling farther behind in my visits. I am getting slower in my olden age...:(

  51. Beautiful post and scenes.
    Wonderful blog.

    Happy Pink Saturday.
    Have a great weekend.



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