Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wimpy Wimpy Wimpy - Hefty Hefty Hefty!

Hello, Dear Ones! I'd like to share some happenings in the dining room!

I 've had these little lamps sitting on my "Little Richard" in the dining room for some time. I took a good look at them and realized they were so wimpy!! Too dinky!!


...from wimpy wimpy wimpy to hefty hefty hefty! I'm loving these new lamps!! Went shopping at Hobby Lobby and these were half off! Fantastic! Love a bargain and love my new lamps! Can you love new hefty lamps? Well you bet your little light bulbs you can! :)

Here I will give you a closer look.

I'm just loving everything about these new lamps. Look at the pretty finial, tiny little edging, a little bit of gathering on the corners of the shade, pretty shapely body and the base is just so nice. Also look at the top photo on the right - the lampshade is lined with this pretty paisley fabric.

Well, with a change of new lamps on the "Little Richard" (olden buffet that once belonged to my friend Richard) I was going to have to make a change on the top of the "Little Richard". You do name your furniture too, don't you? :)

Ta dah!! Newness of top on the "Little Richard". A little bit of springness!

One more look at my new lamps! I'm milking this aren't I? As they say, milk does a body good ya know! :)

Nothing like a little springness in the dining room to put a smile on my most gorgeous tiny face! :) You know I'm kidding!

It's beginning to look a little like Easter on the "Little Richard", don't you think?

These are some sweet little rabbits I've had for sometime but they live upstairs and I'm always forgetting about them! Shame on me! They're so cute!

This is a fashion plate that I made last year. Well, I didn't exactly make the plate but I did Modge Podge the fabric to the back and I love it! Can you love Modge Podged fashion plates? You bet your stuck together fingers you can! :)

Can't have Easter without an Easter basket and I have the perfect one! Olden glass Easter basket filled with eggs! Lovely faux Easter eggs. Faux eggs are great because they will never go bad and will never smell rotten. Not that I've ever experienced that, I'm just sayin'. :)
Now if you'll look ever so closely at the base of the Easter basket you'll see a teeny tiny little bunny spreader just in case my little rabbits need it to slice their little eggs! They have such nice manners! ;)

Well, there you have it, Dear Ones...a change in my dining room!

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Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Wonderful Wonderful

Sometimes we walk hand in hand by the sea And we breathe in the cool salty air, You turn to me with a kiss in your eyes And my heart feels a thrill beyond compare Then your lips cling to mine, it's wonderful, wonderful Oh, so wonderful my love. Sometimes we stand on the top of a hill And we gaze at the earth and the sky I turn to you and you melt in my arms There we are, darling, only you and I What a moment to share, it's wonderful, wonderful Oh, so wonderful my love This world is full of wondrous things it's true But they wouldn't have much meaning without you Some quiet evenings I sit by your side And we're lost in a world of our own I feel the glow of your unspoken love I'm aware of the treasures that I own And I say to myself, it's wonderful, wonderful Oh, so wonderful my love!
~ sung by Johnny Mathis


  1. What precious bunnies you have. I love the way you displayed one in a cloche! I also like the very Spring-y plate with all the flowers. The painting above your table is gorgeous!

  2. It looks lovely, S, but I like the old one too! Your spring decor is so fresh and pretty! Still so wintery here, next week I'll do Spring..
    Now I am doubting my buffet lamp.
    But I have to keep it..It is a Stiffel and I only have it 2 yrs..just one..
    Your room looks delightful!

  3. Lovely! Love how you arranged the bunnies!

  4. ~WOW! Shelia they are gorgeous! You really found some pretty ones and they fill the space soooo well. PERFECTION!

    Your bunnies are adorable. I'm buuny-free at the moment. I need to work on that. He!

  5. Love the new lamps. I did a post on my blog about a new lamp guessed it...Hobby Lobby and mine was on sale too! Love that place. I also really like that plate you ModPodged. Might have to try that.

  6. You have made a change to little Richard...he was lovely before but even lovelier now.You have so many pretty things you share with us .....its quite enjoyable visiting with you.Trish

  7. We say the same thing: wimpy, wimpy, wimpy or hefty, hefty, hefty. LOL I love that plate so if you send it to me right away I won't have to make the trip to break your arm and steal it, sugar! Just hand it over and I won't hurt ya. ;-)

    Hubby has one for you:
    I got the hungries for your love and I'm waitin' in your welfare line. Any idea what the song is???


  8. WOW! I am loving those gorgeous lamps! Little Richard is looking extremely SPIFFY now, if I do say so myself! ;-)

  9. Congrats on the new lamps. I was going to buy two lamps the other day, and didn't buy them for the same reason.....too wimpy. hehehe
    Pretty decorating, too.


  10. Love the lamps and all your beautiful pictures....always treasures at your place...

  11. Hi Sheila, thanks for visiting my blog :-)
    Your etched Cloche is gorgeous & I am in love with your sweet spotted rabbits! Bella

  12. Ah the title dates us. Doesnt it? I agree that the new lamps are even better. It was beautiful before now with a splash of spectacular. :) Have a wonderful week Sheila.

  13. The new lamps are fabulous! Looks like you're all ready for Easter, sweet bunnies.


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  15. I love that song and Johnny Mathis! The lamps are such an improvement...way nicer! I love the little spotted bunnies and the eggs and basket! And NO...I have never named my that a southern girl thing?! I can see Scarlett doing that! LOL Very cute...come say hi :D

  16. my mess. Yikes..that sounded ..that came out wrong. :)
    The lamps are precious and of course you KNOW I like a bargain. We don't have one of those stores in our town. I thought California was so..up on things! Well, not my town.
    Anyway...your buffet looks darling! So springy and a totally seasonal, sweet and homey look. I love all of it Shelia...
    :) But then, I always do love your decor. Especially the crocheted doily. I LOVE those. I just bought a lovely one on ebay. I can crochet, I just don't like doing it anymore.
    Love and hugs,

  17. Oh Shelia, your lamps are gorgeous, so perfect on Little Richard. And I love your spotted bunnies, so unusual!..Christine

  18. Hi Shelia. Your new lamps are perfect. And they're so pretty, too. I love the Easter basket. And I'm really impressed with your plate. Great choice of fabric and doesn't even look like it.

  19. Shelia, Little Richard looks beautiful! (Can a Richard look beautiful? You bet your sweet hefty lamps he can!) Those lamps are gorgeous. Your bunnies are so cute (they have personality). That chandellier is knock out gorgeous! laurie

  20. It looks gorgeous Sheila!
    I love your hefty lamps and the cute dalmation bunnies! The olden basket, is just the ticket!

  21. Morning Shelia

    I love the plate, it is gorgeous!! Having the faux eggs is also good for the diet, I have a bowl with some mini chocolate ones but I don't think there will be any left by Easter!

    We have a another Spring day here in the UK.

    Hope your new grand child "springs" out soon, it is a lovely time to have a baby.

    Wishing you all well, Jackie in UK.

  22. Your new lamps are perfect for your sideboard and I love your Easter display.

    I love your song today too Sheila-I love Johnny Mathis!

    Best wishes,

  23. Hi Shelia
    The lamps are very nice...good choice. I love your little black and white bunnies. You should remember to bring them out for Easter and now and again.
    Very pretty and spring is around the corner and I do think you are set.
    Have a lovely day
    Judi *hugs*

  24. Those lamps are super great and hefty. I love those 50% off deals at Hobby Lobby. Great spring/Easter vignette.

  25. I brought my Easter goodies out this weekend, too! It is fun to keep changing things around!


  26. Spectacular job! Very pretty.

  27. My Dear Shelia ~

    This is a precious post! I love the bunny in the cloche.

    This make me want to dye eggs and eat chocolate bunnies.

    Have a wonderful week.

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  28. wow! what a difference the lamps make. very pretty! love all your decorations.

  29. Your new hefty lamps look great!! And Little Richard looks very handsome all dressed up for spring :-)

    I don't name my furniture, but I do name my cars :-)

    Thanks for your kind words about my kitchen makeover :-)


  30. Love the lamps!! I love to go to Hobby lobby,and even though they are moving 3 miles farther away, I will still go. Kathy

  31. Love your lamps, I so wish there was a Hobby Lobby near me. When I do find one in my travels, I'm like a crazy person, throwing anything and everything in my cart. I love the Easter basket too, my grandmother had one a little bigger than that on her table, it was filled with waxed fruit. She loved to show everybody the banana with the teeth marks in it. MINE...yes, I tried to eat it I was about 4 she told me.


  32. The new lamps made all the difference...much better! I tell you, I have the hardest time finding traditional, pretty lamps! Love them and love the pretty springtime vignettes you created!

  33. Oh Sheila you are so cute! I love the Easter look and especially those very large and wonderful lamps!! Hefty, hefty is much better!! You are a riot girl! I also read the previous post and it touched my heart. You are going to be the best grandma ever!! What a lucky child to have you in their life.~. I thought of you yesterday. I was shopping for some bunnies. After purchasing a couple for my buffet (no name but I must come up with one now!, I ended up buying some faux flowers! I NEVER buy faux flowers....but the thought came to me that Sheila buys them and they look so real!! So I did too and they do look real....I love them. I want to tell you that I will be praying for a safe delivery for your daughter and grandbaby. You are so lucky and we are all lucky to have you in the blogs! Can one feel lucky to have Sheila in our lives? You bet your sweet yellow rose of Texas one can!! Hugs and kisses to you my friend.:)

  34. New lamps are the perfect balance to everything else in this lovely room. Good job!

  35. Love those new "hefty" lamps...the shades are great also!!!

  36. Yes those lamps are PERFEct! wish we had a HOBBY LOBBY here!

  37. The new lamps are beautiful, Shelia. I love your Easter/Spring vignette, too.

  38. Lovin your new lamps....more is always better. How could you forgot those precious bunnies. They need to hop my way...I would NEVER forget them. :)


  39. Nothing like a great title to get someone to take a look. Made me smile, so I had to look at the post. Wonderful transformation.

  40. Pretty, pretty DR! I love your new lamps, and yes, they are better! Also, I was going to carry on a lot about your chintzware plate - till you explained how you did it. Really, just fabric? I must try this.


  41. Bunnies n Blossoms and Big ole Lamps.. well dang, whats not to love.. all sitting on Little Richard. Its a thing of beauty I tell ya.
    i do name some of my furniture. I named one cabinet Ethel, I ususally call her Dont Look Ethel cause she aint purdy~! One day I'll fix that but in the meantime- Dont Look~!

  42. Love the new lamps. Bigger is better in this case. I have tended to go too small in the past and had to redo things. They and your Easter decorations look great in your dining room.
    We used to do a Nursing Home service once a month when our girls were teens. I think that is why they can relate to the elderly now. The elderly love when people care for them.

  43. It's Spring fresh. Doesn't it just put a spring in our step to play with our stuff.

  44. Hi Shelia,
    I see you have spring fever too! I love your new lamps and your Easter display too.
    I think there is a lot of excitement going on at your house these days-time for the little one is getting short!

  45. Hi Sheila,
    Your lamps are very pretty, very fit to stand watch there on your Little Richard. Love your little bunnies also. Very pretty!

  46. Sheila, those lamps make a world of difference!! They are beautiful! I love the rose plate too, it looks really pretty on the just have the perfect touch! Thanks for your sweet comments always!!~

  47. I love your new "hefty, hefty, hefty" lamps. They really look nice on your buffet. I also like your new vignette, especially those cute little bunnies. I'm glad you remembered them!

  48. I love the big lamps they are perfect just perfect and they look wonderful with the Easter items, sooo cute the bunnies.....Everything looks so pretty..thanks for sharing..Phyllis

  49. Shelia! Your posts always crack me up! :) No, I don't name my furniture, but I think that its only normal for YOU to do so. :) Love your new lamps and love your Little Richard. You can do so many different things as the seasons change.

    Your a sweetie! :)


  50. Love the subtle pattern on the shade. I didn't notice it in the first shot of the "hefties" but the close-up brought it to my attention. Great find at Hobby Lobby -- especially with the half price bargain.

  51. Oh I do so love your new lamps. They are just perfect, and the paisley lining inside is gorgeous. Your plate that you made is perfect, now I really need to borrow this idea. It is just perfect. Of course you know that the bunnies are stunning and then putting one under a cloche is just the most perfect touch ever. You crystal easter basket, is such a gorgoeus piece. I am drooling over that one. I love your new vignette, it is so lovely. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  52. What a huge change! Those lamps literally and figuritivly add so much weight to that space. It gives it so much more substance and presence. Great makeover. Funny how something so small, can make such an impact! Fabulous!!!

  53. ohhhh Pickle they are beauties!!!!! I should have looked in the lamp section when I was at Hobby Lobby! I love everything about them! All your treasures look fantastic girl....hope you have a great week....~Picket~

  54. Oh Shelia, how beautiful! I love your new lamps, and your bunnies, and your beautiful plate. Thanks for sharing your decorating talents at MM. :)

  55. i am following all my blogs privately now, wanted to let you know that is why my avatar will not show openly in the google reader. i am continuing to deal with a nasty stalking issue, and so i must take this action, rest assured, i am here ... :)


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