Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blue Willow Tablescape

Hello, Dear Ones! I'm joining the many dishaholics to play with our dishes for Tablescape Thursday. This most wonderful playtime is hosted by our own Dear Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. Make sure you pop over to see her and be dish inspired!

It's gloomy, gray and rainy outside today. I could be blue and sad because I have seen no sunshine. But no, no Nannette! I'll not be blue. I'll be happy...

I'll just set my table with my Blue Willow dishes!

Edit Edit Edit!!! Oh, my goodness, Dear Ones, I've just looked back at my post and to my horror! I forgot to put down the silverware! Oh, my goodness! Just ignore that ok?

There is just something about Blue Willow dishes that make me happy inside.

I've combined my Blue Willow with creamy colored salad plates from Big Lots.

My Blue Willow is by Churchill (England) and the dinner plate is sitting upon a pretty white charger from Marshalls.

I adore my tiny little bread plates, don't you?

I have my tiny little oil and vinegar carafes on the table for your salad. I am missing one little cork! I will survive though!

Here is the gravy boat just in case I cook! :)

Lookkee here! Our little Target birds have come out of hiding to sit upon my table. I have two pairs to sit at each end of the table.

I'm using some of my olden crystal. Had these for centuries!

For my centerpiece I've stolen, um, borrowed an idea from Marty at A Stroll Through Life. I poked some of my white birds under cloches with roses - faux, of course. You know how I feel about my fauxs. :)

These little birds are not blue, but they are doing their job - making me happy!

The trio of little birds! Well, shoot! I guess I'll have to cook now. The little bird on the right is singing for his tiny supper! Maybe some birdseed would fill the bill! :) PUN! I'm so clever you know!! You know I'm kidding! ;)

Many of us have these little holy birds from Michaels or is it Hobby Lobby? I don't remember. Anyway, what a sweet little family we have here.

I hoped you've enjoyed my Blue Willow table filled with birds and sitting on my very olden tablecloth. What? I know it's raining outside. What? You're staying for dinner? Okay! I'll get my apron and start cooking! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Blue Moon

Blue moon, you saw me standing alone
Without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own.

Blue moon, you knew just what I was there for
You heard me saying a prayet for someone I really could care for.

And suddenly there appeared before me the only one my arms could ever hold
I heard someone whisper, "Please, adore me"
And when I looked my moon had turned to gold.

Blue moon, now I'm no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own
Without a love of my own.
~sung by the Marcels


  1. Very pretty, Shelia..I love the blue and white against that beautiful crisp white cloth!
    And your cloches are so pretty!

  2. Just beautiful Picklepoo...Girl I love your blue willow with all the white birds and look at your wonderful cloche's and girl I'll eat with my fingers if you do the cooking ha ha!! Hope all is well in your world my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria


  4. GORGEOUS SHEILA! I love blue willow and I love blue and white! The birds in the cloches are just so romantic and perfect! You done good girl! Cindy

  5. Hi Shelia, I love your sweet table. The blue and white is just gorgeous. Also adore the centerpiece.

    I had to laugh at forgetting the silverware.....I did that with my glassware once. Oooops!

    Barb ♥

  6. Just LOVE it, Shelia! I am so addicted to sweet little birdies...and this table really makes me smile!

  7. Love the blue and white. The center piece is very eye catching, and of course loved your cloche collection. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Your blue willow and birdies made a wonderful presentation! I love how you write your posts! Enjoy your rain, we're getting more snow!

  9. wow, i think this is one of my absolute favorites! i love all the different birds and the way you've used the cloches.

  10. Oh what a pretty table -- and we're all ready for your lovely assortment of "finger foods"! Maybe we'll even sing for our supper too.

  11. Love the oil and vinegar. I keep looking for a different set and your set is so unique. Those birds are adorable singing for their dinner:) I enjoy reading your blog each week.

  12. I love blue-and-white to pieces.Do you think the "Englishness" of B&W was calling to you, since you just returned? Blues are like white pottery--you can mix and match all patterns and shades. But "Blue Willow" is my favorite. Your centerpiece would make the angels sing.

  13. Oh how I love blue and white. It looks great! It was wonderful to see our little Target birdie friends out and about - along with their extended family.

    - The Tablescaper

  14. Sheila, I love the blue and white. It is so crisp and clean looking, make me smile. I really like the little oil/vinegar cruets!

  15. How beautiful! I love your Blue Willow, but my favorite is your centerpieces of cloches, birds and roses. Very stunning!

  16. I love it when you bring your dishes out to play, and I really love all your little white birds, they are so cute with all the beautiful dishes, oh I forgot I do love the tablecloth as well, and the song is one of my favorites....Phyllis

  17. Your charger plate is so pretty, Shelia. I love your chirpy table and the blue willow set is just so classically beautiful! Love the cloche grouping....Christine

  18. Your beautiful table almost makes me forget this horrible weather we are having here in Texas!

    I adore your blue willow of my favorite sets of dishes ever made!

    The birdies are just too them!


  19. Hi Shelia,

    I LOVE your beautiful blue willow plates along with all the little white birds. Too cute. I don't mind eating with my fingers at

    It is raining away here too. It's alright though cause I don't mind the rain.

    Hope you are enjoying your evening.♥

  20. I love the willow and the birds together, so pretty!!~

  21. Hello Shelia; OH I so love you table scape... I used to collect Blue Willow, but ran out of I have a few left.. Such a Spring feeling to you table.... hope you are staying dry there,,, have a great week..


    PS; I thank you for the Sweet Thank you Card.... you are such a Sweetie...

  22. I know what you mean. The blue dishes are so pretty and a little old fashion which makes them so appealing.

  23. This is so classic and the birds are the perfect accompaniment! Beautiful.

  24. Oh Shelia your tables look prettier and prettier each week.... what a delight coming here! May you and yours be blessed....



  25. This is absolutely GORGEOUS! Your table is full of beauty, Shelia. I love your Churchill dishes and all the pretty white birds. My, you do know how to do a table up right!!
    hugs, bj

  26. I love the Blue Willow dishes, very pretty tablescape!

    Have you ever read the book "Blue Willow?" I read it when I was a child, I recently ordered the book from Amazon.

    Very pretty tablescape!


  27. Oh Shelia I just had to pop on back to comment on your comment that you left me on my blog about Elvis as it was so funny you made me laugh and I told my husband and he laughed too!

  28. I LOVE Blue Willow, and I have never done it like this! I will try all the white. It looks fabulous!! Love all the birds. Most of mine is Churchill, but I'll take any Blue Willow I can find, lol!! Beautiful table!!!

  29. I LOVE this table! The beautiful glass cloches, the gorgeous white porcelain birds that flock your table... So elegant!

  30. Love this!
    You've done such a nice job on your Tablescape.

  31. Such a darling tablescape, Shelia! I love all the pretty little birdies! Gotta love those target S&P shakers! (I have two pairs too). Love the white with the deep blue of the willow china!


  32. Just beautiful! I love all the cloches with the birds.

  33. Hi, Sheila!

    You just can't go wrong with Blue Willow. Very pretty table combined with the white birdies.


  34. Shelia, I love the way you combined the 3 cloches with the pretty white birds under them. They make such a striking centerpiece. As a true blue lover of blue and white, this tablescape was my idea of perfection, and I do want some of those pretty little butter plates. laurie

  35. Hi: Thought I would stop by and visit, and I am so glad I did. Love your blog. The pictures are fabulous. Will be back soon and thanks so much for sharing. Cheers, Lia

  36. Gorgeous! So crisp and fresh looking. The birds are all wonderful and especially like seeing them under glass and with roses!!


  37. Morning Shelia

    What a lovely blue and white table. I am getting a couple of cloches for Marty's cloche party, not something you see used much on the table in the UK, except in old houses covering stuffed birds etc.. I am hoping to make mine a bit more cheerful. I love the white birds on the table, I have a similar one, I might go and buy another one so I have a pair.

    When I lived in London I had all the blue and white willow china but when I moved I gave most of it to a charity shop, I just have one or two vegetable dishes.

    I love looking at how all you Americans love tablescaping!!

    Jackie in UK

  38. Love your birds and the tablescape is fantastic. I wouldn't leave if I sat down at that table. From Sheila (spelled differently) at

  39. Blue and White and Beautiful Birdies, it doesnt get better than this.. so pretty ~!

  40. I've done the same thing with the silverware before! Your table is just perfect! I love all the bird accents with the Blue Willow! :D Jewel

  41. Blue and white looks just perfect on your gorgeous table. And, all of the little birds are so sweet and pretty.

    Don't worry. I'll come in the kitchen to help you cook for the crowd.

  42. Such a beautiful table, your pretty dishes, the birds, and the cloches - perfect. Saw your edit about the silverware - my Hubby prefers finger food too :-)

  43. One of THE MOST beautiful centerpieces I've ever seen. Amazing.

  44. Good Morning Shelia
    Beautiful tablescape! I love those dishes they really are so beautiful. Your tablecloth is sooo lovely too. You have it starched so lovely Target birds say hello to yours too.

    You have such a beautiful whiteness with the complementary blueness of the table setting...I would be afraid to sit there...its too lovely.

    Have a really lovely day

    ps How is Mr. Precious enjoying the new lifestyle? It must be very different for you too...

  45. Lovely! Thank you for sharing you're beautiful Blue Willow tablescape.

  46. Shelia, your tablescape is gorgeous! I love how your blue willoware looks against those pretty big lot plates. The birds are beautiful, too. Thanks for brightening my day with this pretty tablescape.


  47. Beautiful table. I love the white and blue together.

  48. Yes, that is the same Watkins! Where do you get their products?

  49. Hello sweetness... Your tablescape was so TWEET even with the tableware missing... At least you had the butter knives on. Have a wonderful day my friend!

  50. A blue and white table always makes my heart sing! I like the cloches used as a center piece. Love the little birdies! Have a great day!

  51. Your Blue Willow tablescape is lovely. There is something very soothing about the blue and white china mixed with all the white accents.

    My every day china is Pink Willow also made by Churchill in England.

  52. beautiful how you dressed up your blue willow, I have that same pattern,wished the store I got mine from would come back out with them in the pink


  53. i have those same "olden" crystal glasses...

    lovely table! didn't even miss the silverware until you mentioned it. lol.

  54. Hi, Shelia... I'm checking in from my break to blog for a couple of days. Love your blue dishes, and if you hadn't told me, I wouldn't have noticed no flatware as I was ogling those plates. LOL!

    Love your birds. Do you have the Pier One white salts and peppers, too? They are very cute and priced right.

    Hugs, my sweet friend...


    Sheila :-)

  55. Beautiful table. No worries about the silverware. Don't you Texans eat with your hands most of the time any way? I'm teasing. I'm from the deep South and lived in San Antonio for 10 years.... I love Texas except when the Longhorns play BAMA.

  56. Hi Sheila,
    I simply love your blue willow. I collect it too and have sets that were my grandmas. We use it now everyday.
    I love your white birds displayed in the center. Gorgeous with the dishes.
    I have left out the silverware before when doing pics too. Glad I am not alone!! LOL
    Gorgeous tablescape!!

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs to you, Celestina Marie

  57. i was too busy eyeing those centerpieces! lol...
    what silverware...
    isn't this a ladies finger luncheon?

  58. Shelia, What a beautiful table, people may not need silverware, table looks too good to eat there.
    Thanks for coming over, I have not been able to visit much lately, nice to know I am not forgotten.

    Big week end for you all with Mardi Gras and looks like great weather...wish I was there. Quick story...I sang in a trio when I was younger and we won a contest singing Blue Moon. Long time ago, but I still love that song.


  59. How very perfect this tablescape is. I love the white roses, of course I'm a sucker when it comes to roses. My mother had a tablecloth just like the beautiful one you are using.

    You have a fabulously blessed weekend!!!

  60. Hi Shelia
    You must be very busy over there these days thats what I'm thinking...I am back I was thinking about your silverware not being MUST be busy..*hugs*.

    I really do love your birdies in the cloche. Do you know I do not have ONE cloche. I cannot find any anywhere around here and I've been looking for some time. It must be Canadians don't do cloches or someething. Yours are beautiful. Maybe I'll have to check online for some I really do feel left out you know.

    My target birds say hi to yours.
    hope your day is going well.

  61. Hi, Shelia,
    Your blue willow is brightening my day here in Central Texas!! The sun finally decided to shine this afternoon, yea!! Your table setting is gorgeous, and I especially love your white birds. They remind me of springtime! Have a lovely fun filled weekend! Vicki

  62. Beautiful. I love the freshness and crisp feeling of the went entire tablescape and it looks so lovely. The little birds everywhere are so whimsical. Thank you for stopping by 504 Main on Thursday!


  63. I love Blue Willow dishes. Your tablescape looks just like the book cover. How cool is that! In addition to the table setting, I love the food too. Thanks.

    Blue Willow China


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