Sunday, January 24, 2010

We're Nekked!!

Hello, Dear Ones and welcome to Monday!! I'm joining Blue Monday hosted by our Dear Sally at Smiling Sally, Met Monday hosted by our Dear Susan at Between Naps on the Porch and Mosaic Monday hosted by our Dear Mary at Little Red House. Make sure you go visit these ladies and be very inspired!!

Now, I'm just shocked at my home! Yes, I am! It's NEKKED! That's Texan for naked, ya know!
Just look in the living room...

My tables are baring their all! Their tops are nekked! Oh, Lord! I'm so ashamed. Then..

My breakfast room hutch is really nekked! She is showing everything she has! Why am I showing you all of my home's nekkedness? Because there is a solution to this nekkedness problem. We'll start with my little hutch.

Ta Dah!!! The solution to furniture nekkedness is to cover her nekkedness with stuff! Now the fun begins!

Whew! See? There is hope for nekked furniture pieces! I feel so much better now.

Although my little hutch was never without her hat, her shelves were showing her nekkedness. I'm kinda fond of the yard birds so that is just what I poked upon all the shelves!

I learned a little trick from my sweet friend Lynne at Lynne's Gifts From the Heart! See the little napkin draping over the top shelf? Well, Lynne had talked about the texture of fabric and letting it drape down a bit over a shelf to give more interest to your vignettes! Did I do good, Lynne? :)

I received these darling Rooster dishes for Christmas from my Mr. Precious! I also created a tablescape with them a few weeks back. If you'd like to see it you can click here . When I had placed all of my Rooster dishes on the shelves, something was just missing. It didn't look right! :( It was just too blah! Now I can't go from nekkedness to blahness so I started poking in some white pieces and I think that looks so much better.

White Roosters. Don't they just make you happy? They'll cover up nekkedness every time! :)
See that sweet little child's teapot? I found that in a thrift store a few years back and it's just so sweet with the little baby chicks. See the blue Sally? If you listen really closely you can hear their tiny little cheep cheeps! Can you hear them?

Here's a little Rooster picture filled with hydrangeas. I love hydrangeas, don't you? Mine are faux of course! Gotta love faux flowers to cover up a multitude of sins - I'm speaking of nekkedness. Nekkedness is not a sin (well, that's debatable isn't it?) but flaunting it like my tiny hutch was doing ~very bad news! Trust me and please say a prayer for my hutch!

Now we're looking at the bottom shelf and all of the yard bird business is doing a wonderful job covering up nekkedness. See? Even a little runner over the top of the shelf.

Praise the Lord! We're decent now! :)

Here is the cutest little ole Rooster pitcher. Can't remember where I found him but I've had him for a few years.More blue, Sally! Pretty little Fitz and Floyd salt and peppers are standing tall here. Love my s & p!! Can you love little salt and peppers? You bet the shirt off your tiny back you can! :)
See the cute little odd plate in the background. Another willing little soul to cover up some nekkedness! What little troopers my yard birds are!

Let me tell you a little story and you know how I love to tell you little stories. A few months back I was strolling down the aisles of Marshalls with my tiny dainty fingers clutching the handle of the shopping cart looking for special treasures! Well, my tiny most gorgeous eyes spotted this little sugar and creamer set! I feel in love immediately, popped them into my cart and brought them home. They've been playing around in my kitchen for sometime.Well, Christmas time came and I took this little pair away and brought on the red and green. When I started to cover up the nekkedness of my little hutch I thought about this little duo. Pulled them out of the cabinet and my heart skipped a beat! Yes, Dear Ones, it really did! They were the perfect match to my Rooster Christmas dishes! Hallelujah! Woo Hooness! Was I happy! Now wasn't that a great story! A match made in Heaven or a match made in Marshalls! You decide! : ) and this is not THE END! :)

Here are some of the humongous mugs with the set and another little odd yard bird plate to fill in the gaps. See those precious little white napkins rings? They're really not covering up any nekkedness they're just for adornment! My sweet friend Jan at Rose Haven gave these to me. I love them. Smile sweeties!

Now any decent hutch would not be complete without a tassel. Yep, that's right! Tassels just make the furniture! :) Here is the perfect one to finish our ensemble! A Rooster tassel! Fluffyness abounds here and a wee bit of embarrassed fuzzy photoness! I love this stuff!

There you have it, Dear Ones! From nekkedness to clothed and decent in just a short amount of time!

Now when you come to see me I won't be embarrassed of my silly hutch showing all of her splendorness in a very embarrassing way. She looks so much better and has calmed down a lot. Thank heavens!

uh oh...

What's a mommy to do? Doggy nekkedness! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Lady Godiva

Seventeen a beauty queen
She made a ride that caused a scene
In the town

Her long blonde hair
Hangin' down around her knees
All the cats who dig striptease
Prayin' for a little breeze
Her long blonde hair
Falling down across her arms
Hiding all the lady's charms
Lady Godiva

She found fame and made her name
A hollywood director came into town
And said to her
"How'd you like to be a star?"
"You're a girl that could go far"
"'specially dressed the way you are"
She smiled at him
Gave her pretty head a shake
That was Lady G's mistake
Lady Godiva

He directs certificate 'X'
And people now are craning their necks
To see her
'Cause she's a star
One that everybody knows
Finished with the striptease shows
Now she can't afford her clothes

Her long blonde hair
Lyin' on the barber's floor
Doesn't need it long anymore
Lady Godiva
~sung by Peter and Gordon


  1. You covered up your hutch nekkedness wonderfully! And coordinated at that! Such sweet, your hubby still thinks you need more dishes huh? I gotta convince mine of that...can you give me some pointers??

  2. Hi Shelia. Your hutch is a beauty even when nekked but you sure added even more beautiful things to dress it up. Your dishes are so pretty. Mr. Precious is really precious...Christine

  3. Have you ever thought of stand up comedy??? I think you'd be wonderful...thank heaven you don't have a nekked home any more...
    Great post!!!

  4. WOW!!!! You have been sooo... busy. You did an AMAZING job!!!! I love all of the detail. It's outstanding.

    - The Tablescaper

  5. Hi Sheila...
    Oh my gosh sweetie. I just love your rooster lovliness. My goodness it looks so pretty. I love the way you arranged the dishes and put the pitchers and your little bowls about. The cloth napkin does add texture and it looks so festive under the rooster. I love it. Thanks for sharing the tip along the way.

    You did an amazing job. Your table is beautiful and by the way I love the curtains they are so country. I just love the way it all flows so nicely together. Outstanding job sweetie. Thank you so much for sharing.

    By the way where did you find the rooster tassel? I need one of those for my china cabinet? Love it.

    Have a beautiful Monday sweetie. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  6. Your hutch is your new did a beautful job...thanks for sharing...Pat H

  7. you are too funny! everything looks marvelous :)

  8. YAY! Chloe Dawn! We haven't seen her beautiful mug in a while!

    The hutch looks fantastic. I think putting in those crisp white pieces did just the trick to make it really pop! LOVE IT!!!


    Justiney :o )

  9. Your so silly Picklepoo...loved seeing it all dressed up once again and is that Lynne not the best....Just beautiful my friend...Hope you have a great day...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  10. Your hutch looks so pretty. You always have it decorated so wonderfully! Love all of your birds and roosters. Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday evening.

  11. Sheila-You scared me for a minute--though "nekked" might be a part of this new chapter in your life :) Love ALL your roosters but those napkin rings are calling my name! The hutch is truly a "fashion plate" :)

  12. Hi Shelia--What a fun post, your hutch looks wonderful all dressed up with roosters and birds. The draped napkin is a great touch too--we do learn lots from our bloggy friends.

    Have a super week Shelia!


  14. Shelia, your hutch is just gorgeous and all of the wonderful things that you have put on it are perfect. I love your new dishes and what a thrill that the mugs and the cream and sugar match. You have done a perfect job with the napkin and the runner. I really do just love it all. Hugs, Marty

  15. LOL, Shelia! I loved this post, and I'm glad you found a cure for your home's nekkedness. ;-)

    Can't wait to see what you do with Chloe Dawn next. BTW, I got a little doll from Mr. Magpie, and do you know what her name is? Chloe! And we gave Cecelia a doll for Christmas, and guess what her name is? If you guessed Chloe, you are correct! Can you believe it? I thought you'd get a chuckle out of that.


    Sheila :-)

  16. Beautiful! I love the dishes. What a sweet husband. Everything works well together.

  17. You've been busy! Great results. The chicken dishes are too cute.

  18. Shelia...just thought I would mention this to the salt spoons on Ebay...if that is where you are looking. They often list spoons as salt spoons but they are not...salts spoons are about 2 inches. I paid 13.00 a piece in Charleston for my 4 silver ones. I have seen them as much as 25.00 for one. Just wanted to mention to you later.

  19. What a cute post. You brought a smile to my face this evening. The way you covered up the nekkedness is beautiful. Love your dishes and the whole dining room grouping.

  20. The hutch looks great and I think is happier too!

  21. What a cute idea to do a post on nekkedness! I really like all your yard birds displayed on the hutch! Great collection!

    I'm having a Blogaversary giveaway! Come on over!


  22. Oh, my dear Shelia, you are so quick and creative finishing your "nekked" house.

  23. You pulled that together wonderfully! Love the little teapot!

  24. Your do a beautiful job covering up nekkedness :) I loved the tips too!

  25. WOWZA that is a lot of nekkedness. I love the sweet little child's teapot.

  26. What a way to dress that hutch...sweet...and I love me some Miss Chloe!

  27. You have such a knack! Any magazine would be so lucky to have you! I adore
    those s & p shakers!!!!

    m ^..^

  28. Shelia,
    Oh my gosh...this is too cute! I love all your dishes, pottery, and creativity! You are a hoot!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing, my Texas friend!

  29. O, dear heart...this is all so so beautiful. I just ADORE all your roosters and the die for. You have arranged everything to look just have such a knack.
    Your hands and fingers are tiny, your little face is tiny, your feet are tiny but your cutness is big!...HUGE !!
    LOVE YOU, bj

  30. Hahahaha. After Christmas the nekkedness is nice for hour. Then we have to get busy filling up all the naked spaces again. I love it! Your hutch looks lovely and your post so very entertaining.
    Hope that poor doggie gets covered up soon.

  31. Your hutch is adorable Sheila! It contrasts with the nekked other parts of the house! ( it does seem like that after Christmas, doesn't it?)

    I believe you might have bought that rooster pitcher in Italy. as I have the same one and that is where I bought mine? Your dishes are wonderful! Good choice by Mr. Sweetie!

    Chloe is a doll!

  32. Oh my! Everything was just the height of cuteness. I What fun to look at all your goodies. Tons of eye candy, just the way I like it.
    Roosters! I NEVER get tired of them and constantly have my eye out for new ones.
    Hugs to you, Sheila! Your house is like a little doll house. So warm and cozy!

  33. Hi, Sheila! Have I mentioned to you before that you should check out all the rooster-ness @ Cracker Barrel for their Spring line? It is very delicious, if you're a rooster lover. I only have 3 (which doesn't yet qualify for "collection status" to me), and I even like the blue/white rooster they have. I especially like your creamer/sugar, the F&F salt & peppers, the crocheted thingie on the table, and that precious teapot. What a great find. I have the same fabric as your curtains, in my guest bedroom, formerly used in my master b/r. What good taste you have! LOL!

  34. Good morning Shelia. I so love coming to your blog. You make my day with all your flowers and storties and songs. Lovely.
    Have a nice Monday

  35. I love your hutch. The rooster things, tea pots, everything. Great job.

  36. Oh I love to get my kitchen nekked too. Always a good beginning to a clean room.

  37. I love all your roosters...especially the tassel! I own ONE rooster and am trying to decide if I should turn it into a collection - you just might have inspired me

  38. The hutch looks great! And I love your round table, too. Beautiful.

  39. Hi Shelia, just too many pretty things to take in.....I love it all! So pretty.

    Hugs, Barb ♥

  40. Doesn't it feel good when all is clean and pretty? Happy Blue Monday!

  41. I really like your little chick teapot!
    So glad your hutch is not nekked anymore!

  42. Your sweet nekked post put a big old smile on this Ozarks farm chicks face this morn'. Thanks, I needed that. I must say....on your hutch...ya'll did good! Now, about that 'nekked' dog..... Heeheehe!

    Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day from the hills and holler of the Missouri Ponderosa!!!

  43. I need to clothe some furniture nekkedness, too.

    Your hutch dressing is beautiful, Shelia!

  44. Great post :) Enjoyed it! Your dish filled hutch is beautiful, I love it filled!

    Love the pooch, LOL!

  45. Whew! My finger got tired of scrolling down with all of these wonderful comments. It was worth it, though...

    Shelia, you are a great "nekkedness" solver. Your rooster collection is priceless. I saw those roosters at Marshall's too and I thought of you. How kismet that you found them...

  46. LOL! Our husband know us! I got dishes for Christmas too! Love your hutch!

  47. You couldn't have found a better place for all you chickens then a hutch. Like the fabric contrast with the china it softens it nicely. Beautiful job. Good eye.

  48. You certainly have a wonderful eye when it comes to decorating. I'm impressed with your talents. I also love reading your little stories. You make me smile!

    take care,

  49. The hutch is lookin' lovely, Shelia! And I adore that little child's teapot with those sweet little baby chicks on it!!!

    Have a lovely week!

  50. Hi Shelia
    You have been very busy getting unnekked. Everything looks so lovely.

    I am loving all your birdies you have quite the collection. Very precious.

    I hope you've been having a nice day and your weather has been good too.
    We've been having rain which is really strange...its great not having the snow we're usually having. Maybe its because I got snow tires this year that I am not needing them...


  51. LOL! You're too funny- Love your hutch redo! It really looks great with the whole rooster theme going on!


  52. Nekked has my vote!
    Have you tried streakin'???

  53. So funny! Your collection looks great on the hutch! Have a wonderful week!

  54. Shelia, you are just too cute! When I saw this title, I had to run over and see if you had posted a picture of you and Mr. P nekked! You have clothed your nekked hutch in beauty! That sugar and creamer look like they are part of the set you got for Christmas. laurie

  55. Hello Shelia; OH your post's are so enjoyable... love your hutch redo,, the Roosters all look so happy in their new home... and sweet Chloe Dawn,,, what a face she has..... have a great week


  56. Sheila, I love all the rooster things you have...your hutch is gorgeous! I do see a few pieces that I, also, own amongst your dishes. Thank you for sharing.

  57. great job displaying all your roosters on the hutch, it's all just beautiful!


  58. Sheila, your little hutch turned out darling.. I'm sure glad it's nekkedness is no longer. lol.. Love the napkin darling. I hope you do as well. You are such a sweetie to mention little ole me.. hugs my dear friend..~lynne~


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