Monday, January 25, 2010

Tabletop Tuesday

Hello, Dear Ones and I'm so excited to get to take part in Tabletop Tuesday for the very first time! This great event is hosted by our Dear Barb at Grits and Glamour. Make sure you pop in to visit her beautiful blog to see beautiful tabletops!

I'm bringing you into the breakfast room today to show you my little setting on the table.

After all the Christmas was put away, it was time to bring out the Roos and Chicks again.

First I have this lovely brightly colored Chicken and I've filled her little flower spot with hydrangeas ~ faux of course! :) I love my fauxs and my fauxs love me!

Don't you just love fauxs? Yep, I do too!

Then I popped a little plate up on its end. Same colors. Almost the same profiles. Aren't these little ladies so elegant? :)

Now on a breakfast table you must have your little sugar bowl and little creamer so here they are! One lump of two? :)

Next I have a little candlestick my Mother gave to me. She had this for many a year. It's from Home Interiors, do you remember that company? I had a few little parties in my home through the years but somehow I don't have any of my hostess gifts! Anyway, this was a golden color and I didn't like it so what to do? Take out the spray paint and go to town. I like it much better now.

Little glass votives with little candles popped in.

Isn't the base pretty? And all my little objects are sitting on a crocheted round pineapple edged doily. I love that! :)

Well, there you have it ~ my little tabletop in the breakfast room. Now pop over to Barb's for lots of inspiration!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Morning Has Broken

Morning has broken, like the first morning.
Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird.
Praise for the singing, praise for the morning,
Praise for them springing fresh from the Word.

Sweet the rain's new fall, sunlit from heaven.
Like the first dewfall, on the first grass.
Praise for the sweetnes of the wet garden,
Sprung in completeness where His feet pass.

Mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning.
Born of the one light Eden saw play.
Praise with elation, praise every morning;
God's recreation of the new day.

Morning has broken, like the first morning.
Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird.
Praise for the singing, praise for the morning,
Praise for them springing fresh from the Word.
~ sung by Cat Stevens


  1. Sheila-Love that doily! People don't really use them much any more, but I think they are pretty. I love the ones my grandmother did! Loving your rooster theme!

  2. Very Pretty Pickle, girl all you touch always looks so the doily I have one my Mama made I need to go find it ha ha!! Hugs and smiles my friend...Gl♥ria

  3. I love your breakfast room table! So country french with all the great colors. Yellow and blue and red is so happy! What a beautiful place to have breakfast..I love the fabric you used for your curtains!

    Miss Bloomers

  4. Love your roosters and anything with a pineapple is just gorgeous in my book. Your hutch looks quite lovely with all the little roosters running around.

  5. I love roos and fauxs, it doesn't get much better. I love Cat Stevens music too so I'm just in hog heaven her Missy!

    Hugs, Bridge

  6. Your table is gorgeous! And I love that pineapple doily. Everything is just right. Thanks for sharing it with us today. And you shared one of my favorite songs, too!

  7. I just love all your chickies, the tabletop is beautiful! What a neat candlestick, looks great painted! You have so many pretties! I always enjoy seeing them!


  8. I love, love, love that cozy little area there. Your table is just darling, Shelia. And Yes, I do remember Home Interiors. I have stuff from them that was given to me by my Mom. Do you remember the Wayfarers? They were statues of about 13 or 14 inches high. An old woman with a basket and a shawl around her shoulders..and an old man with a bundle. I have them on top of one of my curio cabinet. I need to find another place for them and get some earthquake putty under them. Since Haiti I am nervous.
    Now where were we?? Oh yes..Home Interiors. The answer is yes, I remember. :):)

  9. I just love your vignette, Shelia. I especially like the candle holder your mama gave you....Christine

  10. Oh so the chicks and roos! They are the perfect accent to your beautiful breakfast area!

    By the way...I adore your curtains...the red is calling my name!


  11. Very Pretty Sheila! Love your roosters!

  12. Oops! love your dinnerware and rooster tassel too...very cute!!


  14. Of course, I love your tabletop with the chicks & roos! Now, I also love all the rooster loot in that china hutch. Can we ever get enough? I love rooster stuff. Btw, I def remember Home Interiors.

  15. Hi Sheila! I just love your table. Everything is so pretty. You've really got it arranged in such an inviting way. I want to come over for tea! :o) Oh, and yes, I sure do remember HI! I still have a few HI pieces around my house.

    Thanks for sharing!

  16. YOur tabletop is just perfect with all the beautiful roos you have on your hutch. I just love it all. Hugs, marty

  17. I love your roosters and the candleholder is pretty too.

  18. Wow, I love the pineapple doily, and of course roos...thanks for sharing...Pat H

  19. Good Morning Shelia
    Oh pretty tabletop. I love the crocheted tablecloth...your roosters and yes I love faux flowers too. Some real dried flowers look like faux so why can't faux that looks like real be used.

    Thank you for sharing a lovely table..
    hope you are having a wonderful day!

  20. WOW, you have quite a collection of rooster and chicks! I have a few too. Loved your tabletop display. I suppose you did the crocheting too. That's lovely. Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving me a comment :)


  21. Love your breakfast room. It is so cheerful and the roosters are always fun!
    Blog: Capers if the vintage vixens

  22. I love your table and the room. I have a question....did you buy the large doilie at a store. I would love to do that on my table sometimes.

    You have such pretty things to work with, dear heartness. Everything you touch seems to turn to magic. It is all just lovely and you KNOW this olden gal remembers Home Interiors ! I don't have any of it anymore but wish I did.

  24. The base is pretty on your candleholder! I do remember Home Interiors! I have been to many of those parties in the past and hosted at least two that I can remember. I know I'm supposed to be focusing on your tabletop, but I like your curtains, too. : )

  25. Hi Sheila
    Your roosters are so cute. Soon it will be Easter and all the roosters will come out!

  26. Just what the dr. ordered for me on this cold, wintery day ~~~ a Sheila fix complete with roosters and a darling table top setting. It's all very whimsical and cheery and bright. I love it Sheila.

    I appreciate your nice compliments about my floral arrangements.
    thanks for your visit!

  27. Love it, and that candle holder is so pretty. I think the creamy white does it justice!

    Stop by today because I have a super easy bread recipe posted!

    Justine :o )

  28. Hi Sheila, I am back home and catching up with my dear friends. I scrolled down to see what I missed. Mmmmm. I wish I could have a piece of the delicious cake.

    Your hutch is so pretty all dressed up. I do love the chickens and everything you displayed looks very nice. I too love the tassel. How fun that you found the sugar and creamer to match your dishes. Each addition added to the lovely hutch. What I do love as well, is the fabric background. I found some fabric and I am going to do the same thing. Wish me luck.

    Your table top is perfect with your hutch as well. I think the candles look so pretty. The paint job looks like it is supposed to be that color. Good job.

    I sure do need to get busy and spruce up my house. I enjoy changing and decorating my tables too. What a fun event.

    Have a happy day.

    Hugs, Jeanne xoxo

  29. your chickie is soooo cute!!! i know faux is supposed to be a "faux pas" but they're sure easier than real.

  30. Your breakfast room tablescape is lovely. I really like the candle holder. My favorite Home Interiors piece is a wooden wall shelf/quilt holder.

    Thanks for posting Morning Has Broken.

  31. So pretty Shelia. Love the pretty doily anchoring it all. Your candle holder looks fabulous in white, and of course, I love your hens - can't ever have too many of those! laurie

  32. Girl your table looks awesome.. I love the doily.. and all of your hens.. honey we can't ever have too many of hugs ~lynne~

  33. May i come over tea? it looks so wonderfully inviting...

  34. Just absolutely love it, Sheila! SO PRETTY!! And I love your faux loving you... I always have to chuckle at those.

  35. Hi Sheila! I just found my way over here by way of Between Naps On the Porch! What a lovely visit I had here, and I could hardly pry myself away! Love your blog!.. I am still a bit of a novice, but I enjoy it, and have met so many wonderful people! I have come to value it as a blessing!.. Anyways, I love roosters, decorating, baking, etc., so it was certainly a pleasure to meet you today! I am now a follower, and look forward to visiting again! ~tina

  36. Hello Miss Sheila!

    You're a classic! That is why I think you'd be perfect for a new party I am hosting.

    Beginning Feb 2nd, I am hosting a party every Tuesday on all timeless classis things ~ interior design, fashion, special occassions and entertaining, art, ..... See how your post today fits right in?!!

    Your blog is one of my classics now so I hope you and your readers join the party.

    Here is a link to let you know more about it ~

    Looking forward to seeing you and your readers there!

    Paula Grace ~

  37. Beautiful, Shelia! Love your roosters...they made me smile!


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