Sunday, December 6, 2009

Martha's Bloomers

Hello, Dear Ones! Now don't get offended by the title of my post today! I'm not getting nasty or anything on you! :) Martha's Bloomers is a wonderful garden center, gift shop and tea room located in Navasota, Texas. This tiny trip was my first a couple weeks ago after feeling so much better from my little health affliction.

See the world's largest tea pot? Yep, that big ole thing could hold around 270,000 cups of tea!
Then you can see Mr. Precious waiting for me. I was off taking photos! :)

Here you can see some of Martha's bloomers...the flowers! So lovely and especially for a time in late November. Now don't go and think I've lost my tiny mind, I know it's December, but we came here in November. I'm just sayin'... :)

I'll just let you take a few peeks...

Rooster Stuff!! I was trying to figure out which one would come home with me and then I realized...I don't have room for any more yard birds! My barn yard is full! :)

This leaded glass display was just gorgeous!

Now I just thought this was the cutest little thing! A dishtowel angel with potholder wings! Then guess what? I saw another one on someone's blog, I'm sorry I can't remember where. Isn't this just the sweetest?

The real meaning of Christmas. The reason for the season...the birth of our Lord and Savoir.
If you look reeeeally closely you can see my tiny head in the bottom right photo.

What's that? Did you see that? What was it? Something ran past my tiny eyes in a flash!

Oh, shoot! Just a big ole fat cat! I called, here kitty kitty, like you're supposed to do and the little stinker just gave me his backside! I guess he was telling me something, you think?

Here I am in all of my tinyness! I say that with tongue in cheek! :) I'm looking a little peaked - that's 'peak- kid' for all you non southern ones. My mother always has said that when you don't look your best. So even in my peakedness state, I was glad to get out for a tiny trip!

See these big ole Texas stars? Well, just about everyone around here has one somewhere on their property now a days. So...

Mr. Precious bought us the biggest one and we hung it outside on the side of the garage and wound tiny lights around it, plugged the lights into a timer and...

I couldn't wait. It's not quite dark yet, but it's dusk. Does that count?

Here she is in all of her Texas Star gloryness! I just love this stuff.

I'm joining our Dear Mary at Little Red House today for Mosaic Monday!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Christmas Time Is Here

Christmas time is here,
happiness and cheer,
fun for all that children
call their favorite time of year.

Snowflakes in the air,
carols everywhere,
olden times and ancient rhymes
and love and dreams to share.

Sleigh bells in the air;
beauty every where;
yuletide by the fireside
and joyful memories there.

Christmas time is here;
we'll be drawing near;
oh that we could always see
such spirit through the year,
such spirit through the year
~sung by the Charlie Brown Bunch and me!