Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas in the...Ah Hem :)

Hello, Dear Ones! Well, Mr. Precious and I are having a little party here at the Note Songs cottage tomorrow night! I spiffed up the tiny little powder room for our guests and since everything is all clean and festive - I thought I'd give you a tiny peek! :)

You never know, but the Jolly Old Saint Nick just may come to our little party! He was invited you know. Well, since he's always so busy I'm sure he'll need to take a tiny little bathroom break, don't you? So everything is ready for him. When he comes in through the door this is what he'll see. Wallpaper! Yep, and lot's of it! ;)

On top of the toilet is a little wire reindeer basket filled with cinnamony smelling pine cones to scent the air with their wintry smell. Sniff sniff! Isn't that nice! :)

Now if Old St. Nick peeks over to his right or it could be his left :), his tiny black shiny peepers will see this!

Now if he should sit down, I'm just saying, he'll see this little Christmasy vignette all set up on a tiny little half moon table that was my mother's many many years ago. Snow globes among the rabbits. Hey, rabbits are Christmas too! :)

Now, St. Nick follows all the rules of cleanliness and will want to wash his hands with this special hand soap from Pier One. Isn't this the cutest thing? I found this little hand soap/lotion duo and had to have them! Smiles cuties! :)

Next Mr. Jolly will dry his tiny hands with these very special guest towels sitting in their very own little basket! I'm sure he'll get a big kick out of seeing himself on the little towels.

Then he'll take a big whiff of the scented pine candle and think about snow, reindeer and toys.

But if he looks on the walls he'll be brought back to reality and realize he's in the powder room and he had better get on with his business! Did I just say that? You bet your candy canes I did! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Jolly old St. Nicholas, Lean your ear this way!
Don’t you tell a single soul, What I’m going to say;
Christmas Eve is coming soon; Now, you dear old man,
Whisper what you’ll bring to me: Tell me if you can.

When the clock is striking twelve, When I'm fast asleep,
Down the chimney broad and black, With your pack you'll creep;
All the stockings you will find Hanging in a row;
Mine will be the shortest one, You'll be sure to know.

Johnny wants a pair of skates, Susy wants a dolly;
Nellie wants a story book; She thinks dolls are folly;
As for me, my little brain isn’t very bright;
Choose for me, old Santa Claus. What you think is right.
~sung by my tiny powder room