Friday, November 6, 2009

Woo Hooness! :)

Oh, Dear Ones, I must share with you what I received in the mail today! I entered a giveaway ~ and I WON! I just love this stuff. Now I must put on my most serious elegant hat now because this prize came from such a Most Distinguished One! Can I do that? Probably not, but I will try.

I entered a giveaway at Jackie Von Tobel Home blog that belongs to Jackie Von Tobel. Oh, her blog is filled with so much eye candy! Go pay her a visit.

Now just feast your eyes on this ~

Dear Ones, to give this lovely book its due, I'm going to try to do my best with the correct verbage. Okay, here goes...

This lovely book is amazingly beautiful and is just filled with hundreds of inspirational ideas and patterns for linens, draperies, headboards, pillows, and just about everything to do with making your bedroom so lovely. This book is expertly illustrated with 1,000 renderings that can be used repeatedly. Ms. Jackie is not only a wonderful designer but she is an artist. All of the lovely drawings are from her own dainty tiny fingers! Oops, I just can't be a most serious no nonsense kind of gal! I'm just thrilled with this book! Woo Hooness!! This book is at least two inches thick! Move over Gone With the Wind! :)

I was just so excited googleing (is that a word?) over all the wonderful pictures and I turned to the back of the book and what did my most gorgeous baby blues spy? A companion CD-ROM filled with black-and-white line drawings of the illustrations plus detailed workroom worksheets and service request forms. Oh, is this not the most wonderful thing in the world?
Yes, Dear Ones, it is!

See? Even her name sounds so very lovely and elegant.

Her sweet note written to tiny nobodyness me! I'm thrilled! Woo Hooness! ;)

Just look at these beautiful illustrations! Oh, be still my heart. Couldn't you just curl up on one of these pretty beds? Or maybe you would love to jump up and down on one because your mother wouldn't let you do that when you were little! Or maybe you would just love to toss a few of those precious pillows! Now I wasn't talking about a pillow fight ~ I'm just sayin'! :) I told you ~ I can't help myself.

Oh, the wonderfulness of it all!

Jackie Von Tobel is a practicing interior designer with twenty years of experience in high-endresidential design. See that wonderful word: high-endresidential design? I told you she was the Most Special One!

Thank you Jackie so much for drawing my tiny name for your book giveaway! I love it.

I just love this stuff! :) I did try to be serious, but you all know me! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'

There's a bright golden haze on the meadow,
There's a bright golden haze on the meadow,

The corn is as high as an elephant's eye,
An' it looks like its climbin' clear up to the sky.

Oh what a beautiful morning,
Oh what a beautiful day,
I've got a wonderful feeling,
Everything's going my way.

Repeat chorus

All the cattle are standing like statues,
All the cattel are standing like statues,
They don't turn their heads as they see me ride by.
But a little brown mav'rick is winking her eye.

Repeat chorus

All the sounds of the earth are like music,
All the sounds of the earth are like music,
The breeze is so busy it don't miss a tree,
And an ol' Weepin' Willer is laughin' at me
~sung by ME