Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Love Pretties

Hello, Dear Ones! Today I'd like to show you a little vignette I set up showcasing some roses. Guess who gave them to me? My Mr. Precious! Now these were beautiful long stemmed roses and I enjoyed them that way for a couple of days and then I took out my scissors and chopped them and poked them into a little jug! :)

See? Aren't they so pretty sitting here with the sun shining in the window?

Sniff sniff! I just love the smell of roses, don't you?

Oh, how I love making mosaics!

I think I talk too much, so I'll try and keep quiet and just let you look at the morning sun shining on my little pretties.

Well, shoot! I have to talk just a little bit! See these shiny things? Please don't tell my sweet friend, Dear Sheila at Quintessential Magpie, she loves shiny things and these would certainly attract her. These are some lovelies my Mr. Precious got for me. My pearls, my piano pin, and my beloved diamond cross. I just thought I would let him speak to my heart again - not because he gives me things, but because he loves me and I love him.

Did I tell you I thank God for him? Yes I do, everyday.

uh oh...

Some little tiny fuzzy face is feeling very much ignored and neglected.

Chloe Dawn, darling! Are you pouting?

Chloe...answer Mommy. (she can talk, she really can).

What's the matter, darling? Mommy loves you too. You're my special little gift from God. Chloe...

Well, Dear Ones, I'm going to have to leave now and do some serious hugging and loving on my little Chloe Dawn. She just gets so jealous! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Red Roses For a Blue Lady

I want some red roses for a blue lady
Mister florist take my order please
We had a simple quarrel the other day
I hope these pretty flowers chase her blues away

I want some red roses for a blue lady
Send them to the sweetest gal in town
And if they do the trick, I'll hurry back to pick
The finest orchids for her wedding gown.
~sung by Wayne Newton