Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Been Shoppin'

Hello, Dear Ones! I went shoppin' at my favorite thrift store a few weeks back and wanted to share with you want I found! Look!

I found this wonderful pumpkin tureen in all of it's Falleness for $10! Isn't this the cutest thing?

As you can see, this is a girl pumpkin and I had to add a little ribbon to her stem. She was very pleased! Can you see the smile? :)

She even brought her ladle along with her and it was in one piece! That's so nice, because sometimes the tureens' little ladles are missing. So I shouted Hallelujah a few times!

I didn't want my pumpkin tureen to feel lonesome so I added a couple of little pumpkin salt and peppers! Now you know I love my salt and peppers! Can you love little pumpkin salt and peppers? You bet your pun'kin pie you can! :)

Oh, Dear Ones, look what else I found ~ another tureen for $12! Isn't this a pretty one? I popped it on top of my breakfast room hutch, but it has the underplate and ladle. I really like all the detail of the grapes on it! I'm just adoring soup tureens! Can you tell.


Then...I saw this little quartet and they were singing in perfect harmony. I just had to have them. They cost a total of $2.99! Perfect!

Look, each one has a different flower on the front and the insides are all a different sweet color. I thought they looked rather retro, don't you? Now I have four little egg cups...I thought...

I poked my tiny hand in here so you could see how big the little cup part is. This can't be an egg cup, can it?

I turned it upside down and my egg fits just perfectly! But this is just wrong. Don't you think?

So to show you, I placed an egg in the cup where it should go! The tiny egg just got lost!

Little egg, come out come out where ever you are!

So Dear Ones, what do I have here? Are these egg cups? Maybe egg cups for Ostrich eggs or something? :) Please tell me. I'm going to keep them but would love to know what I have.

I have one more thing to show you...this made me really smile!

After shopping at the thrift store I wandered into Marshalls and look what I found! The cutest little doggy bookends you'll ever see! They looked at me with those little eyes and I had to have them.

Look at these precious little doggy faces! Now they really don't make much noise - shh - their tiny mouths are almost glazed over. So that's really not a bad thing since I do have so many other dogs. If you'd like to see them you can go here.

See what these little boogers are doing? They're standing on these little balls or are those cabbages? Oh, it doesn't matter. Cute stuff is happening here. ;)

I brought in some books and these little ones began to give me the biggest doggy smiles you could ever imagine. They whispered to me that this was their job and they were very proud to hold up any books I would give them. So...

I brought these little helpful ones into the den and popped them upon my little corner table that my mother gave me. Oh these little ones were standing tall!

Here's a closer look. Don't they look content?

I didn't want my new doggies to feel left out so I gave them a tiny pumpkin full of Fallness just for them.

I think I'm just loving my new treasures. Isn't it great to go shoppin'!?

I'm joining our Dear Leigh at Tales from Bloggeritaville for Thifty Thursday! Pop in to see her and you'll be amazed at all the thrifty finds!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

How Much Is That Doggie In the Window
How much is that doggie in the window (arf, arf)
The one with the waggley tail

How much is that doggie in the window (arf, arf)

I do hope that doggie's for sale
I must take a trip to California

And leave my poor sweetheart alone
If he has a dog he won't be lonesome

And the doggie will have a good home

How much is that doggie in the window (arf, arf)
The one with the waggley tail
How much is that doggie in the window (arf, arf)

I do hope that doggie's for sale

I read in the papers there are robbers (roof, roof)

With flashlights that shine in the dark
My love needs a doggie to protect him

And scare them away with one bark

I don't want a bunny or a kitty

I don't want a parrot that talks

I don't want a bowl of little fishies

He can't take a goldfish for a walk
How much is that doggie in the window (arf, arf)

The one with the waggley tail

How much is that doggie in the window (arf, arf)

I do hope that doggie's for sale
~sung by Patti Page and Me!


  1. Well, now -- you have the most amazing luck when it comes to finding tureens at thrift shops! I have SERIOUS tureen envy, for BOTH of those!
    They are gorgeous.
    As for the egg cups -- my Mom had similar ones. For a soft boiled egg in the shell, she's use the small side. If she was being nice to us kiddies in the morning before school, she would crack open the egg and scoop it out into the wider side -- soft boiled egg all ready to be eatebn!

    And she also had tiny knitted caps for boiled eggs to keep them warm in the egg cups till we got to the table!


  2. I love your soup tureens Shelia! You really found some excellent bargains. I have one - remember the "Heartland" pattern from the 1970's?
    I love those little egg cups - the design with the colored inside does remind me of retro. Interesting to read Cass' comment above.
    Those bookends are perfect for your collection of doggies too.
    Hope you have a nice evening!

  3. Oh I so love your gorgeous pumpkin tureen and I have the same grape tureen and it really is just beautiful. Your little cups are so cute, not sure what they're for, but I love them anyway. Your little dogs are precious. I would have snapped them up in a minute. Just too cute. You really did good. Hugs, Marty

  4. what beautiful things you have! i love the pumpkin tureen. i would love to find a tureen with the ladle at one of my consignment/thrift stores. usually they don't have the ladle with them around here.

  5. What "pretties" you found. I love the tureens and the doggies are just too cute!!

    Have you stopped by my blog lately? It's been under construction and is pretty much finished. I've posted several times this week!! YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!


  6. Oh I just love the pumpkin tureen and the little doggie book ends, how adorable is that. I love it, I do love to bargain shop you never know what you may find, and as the saying goes one mans trash is another mans treasure and when there are yard sales I am there :0)

    Have a great week.


  7. Shelia, you lucky, lucky girl! That pretty pumpkin tureen at that price during the fall season is just unheard of-not to mention s/p shakers to match! And oh my goodness, another beautiful tureen! And the prices on both of them are just amazing! You can have a fall soup party now! The egg cups are so pretty, and I have also heard (like Cass) of serving an "easy over" egg in the large side of an egg cup. But wouldn't those look cute with tiny flowers in them at each place setting? You had a wonderful shpping trip! laurie

  8. Oh Shelia....you scored some lovely treasures. How so very wonderful!

    Happy Tuesday dear one :)


  9. You lucky little shopper! I am in love with the doggy book ends. The tureen is gorgeous too.

    Maybe those are fruit cups? I bet you will enjoy them...whatever they are.

  10. Shelia! You really hit the jackpot on these! YEA! I love the tureens and the dogs. Now, as to the egg cups... they are so cute, but that is a bit odd that the tops are so large. Hmmmm... maybe they could be used to eat something else. What is the question... grapefruit is too large, but we could all put on our thinking caps and come up with something. They are some major cuteness. Come to think of it, my antique egg cup is larger on the bottom than the top. Hmmmm... I'll have to go look at it. The plot thickens. I only have one left out of a set of old Bernardaud, Shelia. Now, you've got me going!

    Love your pretties. You always find the best things!


    Sheila :-)

  11. you find the most beautiful things.....Your blog always inspires me....

  12. Tureens! Well, you KNOW we are need one or more of those. But the doggie bookends are just the sweetest things, Shelia! It's the little things..isn't it?? :)

  13. You sure did have some fun shopping! LOVE the dog bookstands!


  14. Uh oh..forget to mention the eggs cups...or ..hmmm. Not sure but they look like egg cups to me. I remember using an oriental spoon in a Chinese restaurant for purposes it was not intended for...so..I am no use here at all! :)

  15. Hey, I have the same cups. And they are too big for an egg cup as we know it...I thought maybe for an egg custard??? Anyways, go on Ebay...you will be shocked how much some of them go for!

  16. Girlfriend,
    The "Shopping Fairy" was looking down on you today ! Wow - such great finds ! The little egg cup is a ?? don't know.... Come see what I bought at the thrift store - a He Man Hunk......LOL !

  17. Hello sweet Shelia... I just love all of your treasures but my favs are the Pumpkin Tureen and the egg cups... How wonderful for you finding such great stuff at such a wonderful price... Love YA


  18. Those puppies re so cool. I love them as bookends. they are so beautiful

  19. ~Ah! So sweet and preious Shelia!
    The new soup tureen is so pretty and I adore the ribbon. What a deal!

    Thank you for entering my giveaway sweet friend! Can't believe it's been a full year of blogging for me. ~Whew!

    Happy Fall! ~Melissa :)

  20. Hi Sheila, what great finds! The pumpkin tureen is wonderful and I love the doggie bookends...how cute! Kristen

  21. Hello Sheila, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. Love your pumpkin toureen, what a great find. You have so many pretty things. Also loved all your Monday posts!
    Have a great week!
    Blessings, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  22. Greetings Sweet Sheila! What a lovely Fall Pumpkin Tureen...and all those adorable little thrift finds. I lovem all! The cups...hmm, I'm wondering if they're not adorable soup cups? Could be! ;) The doggies are my favorite... Bless ya friend! ~CC Catherine

  23. What great finds. You had a wondeful day. You doggies look so happy to have a new home I can tell by the way they are smiling and wagging their tails. What a great way to keep your books dusted.

  24. Hi Miss Shelia! Boy have I missed you...good to be back! Love your lil pumpkin"

  25. My guess on the little cups is that they are for Japanese Saki. Warmed and served in the large end of the cup.

  26. Hi Shelia
    You sure got a lot of good deals! I love the tureens.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  27. Nice finds. Your soup tureens are wonderful and your egg cups are so fun! Everyone will be on a quest now to figure out how they were intended to be used. I like what Cass had to say about eating in the shell versus out of the shell, could be huh? Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  28. Who cares what they are for Miss Shelia. Do with them what you do best... everything : )
    Of course I love the puppies even with no mouth.
    Now the tureens... I gotta tell ya, they would collect dust over here. You see I would never put soup in them. I might put dog toys, or cat toys in them or a great big candle, and use the ladle to snuff them out, but no dear one, I'm glad they found you.
    Doris Day's note song is one of my favourites. When I was growing up my mom never allowed any type of pet in the house. Doris Day would come on the radio, and I would always turn it up full blast in case my mom would get the picture.. she never did so now, I have a house full lol
    Love you dear friend
    Love Claudie

  29. Hi Shelia,

    You always find the most amazing things. I LOVE both of the soup tureens....esp. that pumpkin one. How neat! Also, those doggie bookends are precious!! I would have snapped them right up. Too bad there isn't a Marshalls around here :(

  30. Love your new found treasures!

  31. I heart shopping...and thrifting is our way of recycling, right? LOL. Like your treasures. Think I'd keep the eggs on the small end. I have an Easter one very similar, and I have to put Easter "grass" in it to fluff it up.

  32. Very, very, very, very and more very ...to let you know how delightful I am to read your blog. I laugh, I smile that means you make me happy.

    Those are the best and the cutest things I've even seen gloriously displayed and telling their amusing stories.

    Keep going please!

  33. Hi Sheila
    You found some lovely treasures especially the tureen and the cute dogs who do look very happy at your house. As for the pretty egg cups perhaps a small grapefruit or melon half would fit inside better than an egg?
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds.

  34. Hi Shelia,
    What great finds especially your pumpkin tureen-I love it!

    Take care,

  35. Love that pumpkin tureen! Did you make pumpkin soup for supper? You really found some wonderful things - the little doggies are darling. Thanks for sharing your 'buys' with us today. I am going to share a recent thrifting buy sometime today. Isn't it fun to find such treasures?

  36. Oh I love your treasures! What a great find with the tureens with ladles too! I got a great one at GW in the summer but no ladle :( -- your cups are great too, but those dogs! Oh I do love those dogs! I wonder if our Marshall's has them? I MUST check that out! Happy treasure hunting.

  37. I think I need to start shopping with you. Love the tureens. Now, are you going to make some homemade soup to go in them? if you do, I want pictures!!!

    The dogs are adorable too!

    Now those non-egg cups have me puzzled, because I thought that's what they were too. Hmmm.

    Justiney :o )

  38. What super bargains you found. I like your new bookends as they match your other dogs.

  39. Hi Sheila!
    Love the tureens and the 'egg' cups. I think filling the cups with water and placing a floating candle in each amd placing them around a table would be wonderful. They are versitile. Good purchase!

  40. Hi Shelia

    Your Thrift finds are fabulous! I love the egg cups and its ok if they are upside down..but that is a bit strange they would be so huge… could they be perfectly made for ostrich eggs?
    I love the soup Touraine..love it love it and your pumpkin one with the spoon goes perfect with the darling salt and peppers you have!
    Love the bookends too. You have just spoiled yourself Shelia with these great finds. I should have been with you!
    Have a super day

  41. Love the tureens, you got a couple good deals there, but I will have to say my fav is the dog bookends.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  42. Shelia, those tureens are just GORGEOUS! I love them both. The pups are cute also. I love seeing all the tureens out here in blog land.

  43. Will you take my money shopping for me? You did great!

  44. Your little shopping trip sure yielded a lot of goodies!!! Love the soup tureens, of course... The dogs are adorable and the egg cups are so sweet. I don't get the size discrepancy in them, however. Oh well, eat two eggs! LOL
    hugs, Sue

  45. You hit the jackpot!! Great finds and the dog bookends are so adorable. Maybe you could put a rose in each eggcup when you decorate the table?

    The Capers of the Vintage Vixens

  46. Hi Sweet Shelia, all your finds are wonderful but the pumpkin tureen makes my heart skip a beat!!!!!! It is gorgeous. Love the way you decorate!

    Barb ♥

  47. You found some wonderful things! I love those doggie bookends, they are just so sweet. I haven't gotten my Thanksgiving decor out yet, I think it's about time.

  48. Wow!! I love the toureens and that first one looks so well with the cloth that is in the background( couldn't tell if it was a curtain or what!). I love those doggy bookends!!Those are so darling...they remind me of what Anne of Green Gables had near one of the fireplaces in a house she lived in while going to college.

    Hmm, I am wondering if you found out about the egg cups....

  49. You find the cutest things!!! Love the little doggies and the cups...for Chinese soup? Love the soup tureens too...have fun with your new finds! :D

  50. Ok. darling Shelia...you must reveal this thrift store of yours~ your finds are precious. I have looked high & low for a soup tureen...to no avail. I also found 3 egg cups a few weeks ago with little chickens ( adorable ) but paid $6.50 a piece for them and they only had 3. I'll show ya'll my finds on a post next week. But I had to come by & pay you a compliment on your new treasures~ fabulous.

    Hugs~ J

  51. Oh good, more pumpkin things! What a great find on that pumpkin tureen! It is just sparkling in your pics and the ribbon is a nice touch! Your pumpkin S&P's look perfect with it. You got some wonderful TS treasures! Sorry, don't know what those large egg cups are for.


  52. Oh Pickle I love the tureen you got and girl those doggies are so you with your other ones...Now the egg cups I don't have a clue maybe for duck eggs ha ha!!Great post my friend...How are you feeling?? Hope all is well with you Pickle...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  53. I came back. Silly me said Doris Day sang that song... not! of course it was Patti Page. I love Patti Page.
    Sorry Miss Shelia.
    Love Claudie

  54. Shelia, I lovvvve your Staffordshire-like doggie bookends! Oh my gosh, they are so sweet!! I also love all the other goodies yout got - the pumpkin soup tureen, the white tureen, the S&P shakers... but those doggies really speak to me! Have a wonderful week... Donna

  55. Love your finds! The egg cups are a puzzle!But look great turned upside down!
    But the pups stole my heart. Those are darling, I would have snapped them right up too. That was one great shopping day!
    I'm being a Sweetie
    All Things Heart and Home

  56. Oh, I agree, what sweet little doggie faces! Being quiet doggies is NOT a bad thing! My little McDuff is noisy enough for 10 doggies! tee hee!

    I love your Pumpkin Tureen too! It's wonderful!

    Have a lovely day!

  57. What wonderful finds, Shelia! I have a tureen collection and an egg cup collection. The large ones like that are called double egg cups. They're nice because you actually serve dips, condiments or jam in them since they're so big.

    The little bookends are so cute. I've been wanting some Staffordshire type dogs, and foo dogs, and the ones you found are sort of a combination of both. I'll have to check my local Marshall's.

  58. HI Sheila!
    I invite you to link up to thrifty thirsday with yoru thrifty find! Those tureens are beautiful and in pristine condition! I love the egg cups, I am stumped too. And those puppies....glad you took them home. Precious! Happy day, sweet friend!

  59. Good Morning My Dear ~

    Your soup tureens are wonderful...I also think that they make lovely gifts with favorite soup recipes tucked inside. Your pumpkin tureen~of~love would be so delightful on a Thanksgiving buffet...I can almost smell the sweet aroma of pumpkin squash soup...love it.

    Have a great day.

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  60. I love the pumpkin tureen! I've been looking for one. What bargain you found.
    Miss visiting but I will catch up in a week or so. lol

  61. OK, this is my third trip here trying to leave you a comment. Everytime I get ready to post my phone rings :) Lets see if I can get this done.
    Love the pumpkin, your egg cups and the dogs. My favorite thing is your curtain fabric. Dana has that same fabric and I am trying to figure out where to use a bit of it in my house too. Love the way it incorporates pink with all the red.

    Happy TT.

  62. Hi Shelia,
    I just love those doggie bookends. I've been looking for some for a while. I'll have to head to the Marshall's in a nearby town and see what they have. I've seen a few cute ones at Ross here in our town but they never seem to have the pair.

  63. Sheila, I want to go thrifting where you do! I can't believe you found two wonderful tureens at the same time! The little doggie bookends are ddarling.

  64. Hello Sheila, I came back to tell you the pretty room is her breakfast room. I picked the toile pattern (Laura Ashley), because she wanted to paint her kitchen red. We decorated her kitchen and breakfast room together. I love it too. I will post more next Monday to share the two rooms together on Cottage day with Cielo. There is quite a story about that red kitchen. I'll share that too. Her dh 'forbid' her to use red. Guess who won that one. Girls just love to win don't they? Laughing here.
    It had a happy ending though. Now I've got you thinking don't I???

    Love, Jeanne

  65. I really enjoyed reading your post today...I got a chuckle seeing your hand in the egg cup to show us how big it was.
    Happy Thursday.

  66. arf arf arf - Thanks for the tune to hum while writing :)

    Yes, those are egg cups. Your girly pumpkins looks lovely and I think you got the deal of the month on that...especially with the ladle. Bravo!

    Kristin - The Goat

  67. Hi Sheila!

    Oh I am so jealous of those soup tureens! Love them! All your finds are just wonderful!

  68. OH Wow Sheila!
    You found some absolutely great deals on some gorgeous stuff! The tureens, the doggies, the egg cups, you hit pay dirt! Hugs, Cindy

  69. I like your soup tureen and I can tell you I have almost the same. My is in a green color. It is my gift from my daughter-in-law. She knows that I like fruits and vegetables, so she always buy me something in a fruit/vege shape.

    Your dogs are so cute and very helpful.
    Beautiful post, dear Shelia!

    Be blessed!

  70. Hi Sheila!! You have the best eye when it comes to finding these lovely treasures! My gosh...the prices are unreal too! You are amazing! You make me want to go shopping girl.:) Actually, I am going to hit some of the xmas fairs starting this weekend here in New England....not only do you get fabulous treasures, but great ideas as well. You just have the loveliest house I have ever seen. I think you must work really hard at it...and it shows. Thanks for all of your sweetness...you are one clever gal.

  71. This is just a charming site, and I'll return to savor all the pretties I've missed in the past.

    It was customary (still is for the fortunate, I suppose) for the cook to keep the egg cups in a warm place while the eggs were cooking.
    She'd set one onto the serving plate, invert the large end over the egg to keep it warm, and the lucky lady, stretching and yawning in bed in her maribou bed jacket, would take out the still-warm egg, put it into the smaller end, and enjoy her breakfast.

  72. Shelia, you are such a sweet lady, i love the way you write, so cute and funny,lol..i love all of your new treasures but the book ends are just lovely..
    thanks for stopping by today,have a great day tomorrow..

    xx silvia..

  73. Absolutely gorgeous finds! I especially love the dog bookends! They remind me of my own sweet little pooch! Thanks for sharing!

  74. I want to go shopping with you! Great finds.

  75. G'morn, Shelia ~ Your finds are wonderful. The egg cups I love, the small side for serving, the large side for the breaking the egg into & eating from ... & how cute 'she' is with that bow.

    Haev a beautiful day. TTFN ~Marydon

  76. Those little puppies are so cute ♥ I love the idea of you adding the ribbon to your tureen. What a wonderful find. I just love it. I hope you are having a nice day

  77. Lovely treasures! Thanks so much for stopping by to see me.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  78. Oh, these were great finds! You lucky, lucky girl!
    And I especially love the dogs!
    Enjoy your treasures!
    All the best,

  79. Wow, you found some great finds. Love the pumpkin tureen.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  80. Oness....your treasures are just fabulous. I love every single one of them. Especially the doggie bookends.
    xo bj

  81. Wonderful finds !!!

    Kathy :)

  82. That is rather odd about the egg cups... Your finds are sure cute though! Maybe use them for something else bigger? I'm at a loss, my dear!

  83. You sure had some great finds. I love the pumpkin tureen and the doggie bookends. I'm a fan of Chuck Swindoll books too.

    Thanks for the words to that song. My Dad used to sing it to me when I was a child, but he didn't know all the verses.

  84. Great treasures. Love your eggs cups!!!

  85. OMG! I have been MIA from blog visiting for about two months and I can tell you, Dear One, that I have MISSED, MISSED, MISSED your fun packed posts!!! You have the most delightful way of presenting your "shares" with us.....don't ever change a thing...you're wonderful!

    Oh, and I LOVE those soup tureens and the doggie bookends!! YES, those pooches were obviously grinning from ear to ear when you gave them those books to hold up!

    Have a great weekend!! L, Dana

  86. Love this tureen and love that you tied a gingham bow on it! BTW, I love your new blog header photo!


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