Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tablescape Thursady - Fallen Dishes

Hello, Dear Ones and welcome again to Tablescape Thursday hosted by our most wonderful Diva of Dishes ~ Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. After visiting me, please pop in to her blog to see many many more dishaholics today! It's so much fun.

Today I've tried to set a Fallen table.

It's over 90' outside and the humidity is so thick you can really scoop it up in a ladle and bring it in to steam your complexion. Yes, you can! :) With the heat and humidity it's feels like it's way over 100'! This is Fall y'all on the Texas Gulf Coast. Ain't too pleasant!

So what am I to do but turn down the AC till it's nice and cool inside and play with my dishes.

Now how did all these dragon flies get in here? I guess they are trying to escape the heat too! :)

I'm using my 'new to me' dishes I acquired a few weeks back at the thrift shop for $12.99! What a deal, right?

These are called McBaine by Johnson Brothers and they are just perfect for a Fallen tablescape!
I just love these Fallen dishes. Now you ask, can you really love Fallen McBaine by Johnson Brothers dishes? Well, you bet your no chips on them plates you can! :)

See the two different patterns and colors and they even looked distressed! Perfect Fallness!

Here on the bread plate I have a darling little butter knife with a mossy green colored handle.

I'm using a mossy green tablecloth with lighter green place mats purchased from Marshalls. Also I'm using two different sets of napkins. The reason? I didn't have six of the cute little checked ones. ;)

Silverware is by Oneida and was a Christmas present a few years ago by my wonderful Mr. Precious! He is a precious thing you know. I just love him. Can you love a Mr. Precious you ask? Well, you bet your third set of wedding rings you can! Oh, now that doesn't mean I've been married three times! No no Nannette! Just means I've gone through three sets of rings! :)

Look at these very olden green goblets. I just love these. I won't go there again, I promise! :) These were my Mothers. When she moved to the retirement home she just didn't have room for everything and gave them to me. They're not priceless or anything (well, they are to me) but they're very dear to me because as a little girl I drank milk and sweet tea from these very goblets. I'm just thrilled as sugar to have them now!

Centerpiece time!

I've placed a big huge green candle with a wonderful scent upon an olden glass plate stand. Then I placed a very Fallen candle ring wreath around the base.

I just couldn't stop there. The base was just screaming for more Fallness ~ fruit, pine cones, leaves and various objects of Fallness!

Just have to love pretty Fall things! Can you? You bet your crunchy leaves under foot you can! Oh, I said I wouldn't do that again. You know I can't help myself.

I turned on my flash because somehow without it my candle flames look like someone needs to call the local fire department!

The afternoon sun is streaming in through the windows and I would love to tell you I'm going to start a nice fire in the fireplace and get all cozy, but I just can't!

Instead of settling down with a nice cup of hot tea and a sweater, I'll just sip on my iced down diet Cherry Dr. Pepper and stay barefoot! :)

Please go see our Dear Susan for much more wonderful dish sightings!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Whenever I'm with you
Something inside starts burning
and my heart's filled with fire

Stop this - it's got a hold on me
I said this ain't the way it's supposed to be

It's like a heatwave burning in my heart
I can't keep from crying
Tearing me apart

Whenever he calls my name
Sounds so soft sweet and plain
Right then, right there
I feel this burning pain
This high blood pressure's got a hold on me
I said this ain't the way love's supposed to be

It's like a heatwave burning in my heart
I can't keep from crying
Tearing me apart

Whenever I'm with you
Something inside starts burning
And my hearts filled with fire

Something's got me amazed
Don't know what to do
My head's in a haze

It's like a heatwave burning in my heart
I can't keep from crying
Tearing me apart
~ sung by Martha and the Vandellas


  1. WOW! What a beautiful table...I love the combination of plates and the dragonflies.

    Come on over to the giveaway!

  2. Shelia...your tablescape is lovely...I remember you bought those bargain dishes!! And the little dragonflies are precious. I am in barefeet also! No humidity, but still warm...better than it was though. Have a great TT friend!

  3. Omigosh, those dishes are gorgeous Shelia! And I also adore those dragonflies. Love how you say "Fallen" - too cute!

  4. Love your "fallen" tablescape friend. Hope you get some fall like weather soon -- It's delightful here in Virginia -- I think Fall is our BEST season!

  5. It's so strange, you've got the air conditioning on and I've got my heat was 20* here last night!
    Your dishes are calmly beautiful..wish I could find such treasures. I loved the dragon flys too and the centerpiece colors..very pretty.
    I have been through 3 sets of rings too! I gave the diamonds to my daughters as they got can't afford much these days and to get married with debt is awful. I would have given them to my sweet daughters sometime, so why not now! I've gotten to the point when things like that don't mean as much to me as they once did anyway.
    Enjoy those pretty dishes! :D

  6. Where do you get all your creative ideas??? It is all so lovely.The bargain dishes look lovely.
    I guess it is still summer weather there.


  7. Beautiful fall table, Shelia! I've been looking around at my dishes and I realize I have no fallish dishes! I need to remedy that.

    The dragonflies are so cute also.

  8. Everything is so pretty Shelia! I love those green glasses.

    I'm on my second wedding ring in 35 years of marriage ..the first one just plum wore away never would ahev believd that could happen until it did!

    Stay cool!

  9. Beautiful beautiful beautiful fallen table, Shelia!!

  10. Your treasured goblets look great with your new/old dishes. What a great way to pretend you live here in Colorado where it is just beautiful and comfortable during the day and cold at night. I've been to Galveston in October - I know what you mean by that humidity. I just remembered that one year, I was stuck in Houston in the heat for 3 extra days because I couldn't fly into Colorado Springs because there was 3 feet of snow. Guess it isn't always perfect in Colorado!! Sally

  11. Green is one of my favorite colors and I sure do like your FALLEN table setting. Those dragonflies are just precious. They are trying to STILL beat the heat down her like all us S.Texas girls are! Can you believe it feels like 100 degrees out! I'm ready for another little cool snap...bring it down to the 80's at least, right?

  12. Shelia,
    I just love your beautiful tablescape! I especially love those dragonfly napkin holders! Your dishes look great too, and what a steal!
    It's been really cool in Ky. High in the mid 60's today. I love the coolness of fall. (Sorry, don't mean to rub it in!)
    Just wanted to thank you for all the sweet notes you have left me during my mom's illness and passing. I haven't had time to write everyone back, but I am going to try to! Your comments are always so precious. I can hear your sweet, bubbly personality in them.
    Thanks again for being so kind to me during this difficult time.
    God's richest blessings upon you,

  13. Your new dishes are just gorgeous. Such a pretty pattern and I love that it has two different edges on the plates. The mossy green is so pretty. Your centerpiece is beautiful. I really think the big candle and all the leaves and acorns, nuts, pinecones and things look so like fall. Sorry you are still having such warm weather. This last week has been a dream in the 80's here. I hope it cools off soon. Hugs, Marty

  14. Hi, Sheila,
    Your posts always put a smile on my face. I love the dishes you found. So "fally" and a great deal. I remember those glasses!


  15. Lovely "fallen" table, Sheliakins!

    I can't believe you got those dishes for that FABULOUS price! I need to go shopping with you! Oh, what would the world think when TWO disaholic Sheladies turned loose on the stores!

    Loving this lots...


    Sheila :-)

  16. You created the perfect table with your beautiful new dishes!!! I love it!!! The dragonflies are the perfect touch!!!


    Have a wonderful evening!!!

  17. Your new dishes are just gorgeous! I'm going back for a second look. Thank you for sharing your ideas and photos.

  18. ... I have fallen for your table!

    m ^..^

  19. Hi Shelia
    Your fallness tablescape is lovely. I love your new dishes...they are soooo nice. Those are just my colour. I haven't been dish shopping in a long time...hmmmm...
    Your centrepiece is so pretty too...very fally... *s*..

    Its awfully hot there...whoa...such a far cry from what we have. I hope you can stay cool.

    have a lovely day

  20. This is so pretty! I love those green goblets! My grandmother had clear goblets like those, I wish they would come out with them again! I would love to have a set.


  21. the dragon fly napkin rings are too cute!

  22. Sheila, Your Fallen Tablescape couldn't be nicer. It's hard to say what my eyes focused in on most but those gorgeous dishes were at the top! Oh, I love the green goblets and the story behind. That's the best sort of keepsake, isn't it? Lovely table, sweet one! :)


  23. Hi Shelia...your tablescape is love love the napkin ring holders...

  24. Sheila, I hear you! We had the thick humid air all day yesterday, but fortunately a cool front blew through last night and today has been lovely. Hope it makes it over to you. Beautiful fall table. Isn't air conditioning wonderful! Enjoy! ~ Sarah

  25. I could have used your grandmother's green goblets on my table today! They would have fit in perfectly.

    Your entire table looks lovely & works so well together. Those dishes were a should go to confession for that theft! LOL

  26. Shelia, this is so pretty and so welcoming. I am crazy, crazy for those dishes!!!!!!!!

    Hugs, Barb ♥

  27. Hi sweet Sheila!! I have fallen for your "fallen" table!! You did a beautiful job! I'm right there with ya down here in sunny humid Florida!! But it's fall in my house, baby!!!!! Yes-sir-ree!!!

    Have a great Thursday, hon'!!

  28. Shelia, You're a doll! Gorgeous table, but I know how you feel about the weather. It's just now cooling off to the 80's over here in California, but we can pretend it's cool and crisp outside!

  29. Hi Sheila,
    Your table is just beautiful! I love the napkin rings...

    If you take your primer back to the paint store, they will tint it grey for you. Tell them you are painting over red. If your primer is white you will probably have to paint 1 or 2 extra coats of the finished color....
    And yes...I am getting exhausted!

  30. Oh Shelia, I cannot believe you got that dinnerware set for $12. I'll offer you $15 for them. LOL! J/K! They are really pretty and you set a very pretty table with them....Christine

  31. Wonderful tablescape! I like how you did the centerpiece, very good idea that I may have to use someday! Great find on those TS dishes, they are lovely.


  32. Oh Picklepoo this is yet another great table you did girl...I love all your fallen stuff my friend...Now those dishes are to die you guys ever eat off of these tables or is this just for TT only ??? like here I'll do one and Len eats in his chair in front of the tv he knows I'm just playing dishes ha ha!! Hope all is well on your side of the mountain my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  33. Shelia, you have set one very pretty table! The centerpiece is perfect for fall, and those dishes are just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing and happy TT to you!

  34. Shelia, you are just so cute with your blog posts. I so missed you while I was gone! I adore that table and Mr. Precious is quite the darling for those beautiful silverware!

  35. Your dishes you found are absolutely gorgeous!! What a wonderful buy!! I just love the dragonflies. The colors in your centerpiece look like fall anyway, even though you don't have the cool temps! How wonderful that you have our green goblets!

  36. Shelie,

    I love dragonflies and the plates are gorgeous. Your whole setting is splendrous. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely evening.

  37. My favorite thing on the table are the vintage green glasses (but I'm not saying you're vintage - LOL!). Also like your "new to you" dishes. That Mr. Precious is a gem, if you've gotten 3 wedding rings out of him! I'd say he's a keeper!

  38. Oh the tablescape is wonderful! The plates are perfect for a Fall table and what a deal! The centerpiece is so nice too!

    All the best,

  39. Shelia, Looking at your beautiful tablescape makes me want to sing. How beautiful. I know you will always treasure the green goblets.

    Happy Thursday.

  40. Ah, now you're talkin' ... barefoot and sipping diet soda. That's my kinda livin'.

  41. Shelia, beautiful table! You're an expert at Fallen! You are also hilarious...hope the heatwave breaks soon!

  42. Shelia, this is adorable...I love your fallen table. Although, you are right. It does not feel like fall here....but we are in for some nice weather according to Frank ( channel )

    Your new dishes are just perfect and I love the mix of napkins. I found only 2 in one style the other day ( oh, I'm so addicted :) and 2 in another pattern, so now I know I can pair them together.

    Hugs to you~ J.

    P.S. Thank you for your compliments on my black & white~ simple~ 4th tablescape~ EVER. I always enjoy your visits. :)

  43. Now I finally know what to do with those great big candles. I was given one and could not figure out what to do with it. Thanks

    The Raggedy Girl

  44. beautiful, love the dragonflies! and that great big fat plump candle~

  45. Pretty green table Sheila.Whew I can't believe you are still in the 90's ! It is getting cool here in the mornings now.i wished I lived on the coast like you do .

  46. It is 55 degrees here right now, but you've proven autumn is beautiful - even when it's hot.

    Stay cool, sweet and lovely sister.

    I love those napkin rings.

  47. Ah, Martha and the Vandellas! I love you, hon!
    Great table .. I cannot believe you got those adorable dishes for 12.99. I bow to you.

    Of course, you continue to be naughty with your Fallen Dishes...
    I just love you -- you make me smile!

  48. Hi Shelia! Wow what a gorgeous fall table you have! I love it. Love the stacked plates and how you did your place settings. Beautiful as always. I like how you mix your patterns and plates up and it always looks incredible!

  49. Shelia, your tablescape is darling! It's so warm and inviting for fall. I love the pretty green tablecloth and those gorgeous dishes! Cute dragonfly napkin your flatware, too!


  50. Oh girl! I hope things cool down for you and that you can experience some good Fall weather. I love your "Fallen" table. Those dragon fly napkin rings are so cute and what an amazing bargain you got on those Johnson Bros. dishes!! Enjoy your Dr.P. and those barefeet!!

  51. This looks beautiful, Shelia, and how wonderful to have and use the goblets you used as a child! I love the dragonflies. Heck, I love all of it!
    I'm with ya on the hot weather, girl. It's in the 90s here, the humidity is horrible and I'm miserable! Send us some cool weather Mother Nature!

    Justine :o )

  52. Another perfect song for the post, Shelia.
    This tablescape screams "fall" even without the centerpiece. Those dishes are perfection.

  53. I have to laugh because when you post the songs I finally get to learn the words:) Hotlanta is hot today too. Those dishes look great. Wish I would find a deal like that one too! Enjoy your diet Dr. Pepper:)

  54. Love the green with all the colors. And those dragonflys!!!! SWOON! Beautiful table, as always.

  55. Hi Sheila...

    Sorry about the weather...that just doesn't sound like fun at all...

    I love your tablescape. It's just lovely. Don't you just love Marshalls? It's the MOST Fun spot. Well, next the thrift stores.

    I laughed out loud when you spoke of three sets of wedding rings....I thought you were actually talking to me! Yeah, I've actually had three sets too, but....hmmmm...yep, married three times! :-)


    PS...try to stay cool!

  56. Oh My! What a great find at the thrift store... a whole set of Johnson Bros. dishes??? What a lucky duck.

    Thanks for taking a peek at my blog and for your kind words.

    Now I'll take a gander of the rest of your blog...

  57. I love the dishes and I adore the napkin rings, they are unusual and just wonderful...thanks for sharing..I am a new follower...come visit

  58. oh i love it! everything looks great together.

  59. I love your header --- it has the most wonderful color and feel.

    Beautiful table settings! I really do love fall. Everything about it.

  60. I absolutely adore this mixture of plates! Love them! They do look a bit distressed and adds to their beauty. Shelia, you are a "fallen" woman! I love the butter knife. The goblets are precious. (Oh, and I have not been as lucky in love. I have been married three times. Shh, we don't want the whole world to know!)

  61. Oh I just love this Sheila!
    Those beautiful dishes were such a deal! I'm green with envy! Your fallen table is gorgeous and girl, I can't believe it's still that hot there! We only made it into the fifties today and the leaves are turning super fast! Hugs, Cindy

  62. You have definetly set a beautiful Fallen the napkin rings and the dishes are to die for. Gor-ge-ous

  63. fuuuuweeeeeeeee, you have a lot of comments!! It took me forever to scroll down to here and now I have forgotten what I was going to say!1 hmmmmmmmmm, Oh I love those plates..never have I seen such plates as those!

  64. Hi Sheila, what a beautiful tablescape! I love those dragon fly napkin holders! Your dishes are just beautiful. You always set the pretiest tables! I can't believe the heat! It's cold and rainy here today but yesterday was hot! I can feel fall is coming...Have a great day! Kristen

  65. What beautiful FALLNESS!! I love the dishes and the table. 90's and humidity? WOW!!! That certainly beats the low 50's and RAIN!!! That's fall in Michigan!!

    I've actually posted twice in the past 2 days...please come and visit!!!


  66. Way over the top Sheila!! I would hire you in a heart beat to do my matter the cost!! Of course my hubby would not let me do that! God you are so talented and my oh my where do you store all those dishes?? I only have ONE complete "olden" set that was given to me. It has all the platters...matching teapot...cream....sugar...berry bowls...salad bowls...small and large plates...the whole shebang and I only use them during the holidays. Your beautiful home looks like the holidays every day...I would love to live nearer to you just to gaze at them!

  67. Hi Shelia,
    I love what you did with those wonderful dishes! I remember when they called out to you, and you first touched them with your tiny, trembling fingers....

    What fun that you accompanied your Fallen table with the lyrics to "Heatwave!"
    As I read your "you bet yours ..." and thought of your dishaholism ... I thought of a different song. Remember "The girl can't help it (girl can't help it?"

    Check out the Everly Brothers version here:

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  68. What a lovely table!

    LuLu Kellogg~*

  69. Hello Sheila, I love your bargain dishes and your fallen table. Your are an artist when you make a beautiful tablescape. I love the soft greens and the goblets are the best accent. The dragonflies are so cute. They bring good luck.

    I can't believe how hot it is there. The mountains in spite of a bit too much rain, are so cool right now.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs, xoxo, Jeanne

  70. I alwas love your tablescapes! I especially love those checkered napkins and those adorable dragonfly napkin holders.

    Sorry to hear it is so hot there in your part of Texas. Here it's unseasonably cold and rainy. Oh well, its warm and cozy inside my little home.


  71. Shelia! GORGEOUS! Those dishes are just beautiful! And to think, someone just gave them away. Lucky you for scooping them right up and giving the place of honor on your beautiful fall table.
    I did the "turn the a/c down and pretend it's cold outside" thing a week or so ago. So Cal was in the 100s and I HATED it. But now it is nice and cool and the weatherman is even predicting some rain for us next week! Let's hope he gets it right!!
    Lovely table. The problem with this is, I would never get up!
    Have a great weekend. Saying lots of prayers for your daughter. And you too.
    Hugs. Karen

  72. Your tablescape is beautiful!! I love your green goblets. I have two goblets that have that thumb print design. One is clear and that was my papa's everyday glass, and only he could drink from it. The other is clear as well and has a grape leaf design etched into it. That was the glass that we drank egg milkshakes from when we were sick. It has the marks in it from the hand mixer my granny used to blends up the shake. I guess that's why I love dishes so much, all the wonderful memories that run through my head when I see them! :) Thanks for the good memories today!

  73. GORGEOUS table!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the dragonflies!
    I will definitely say a prayer for your daughter!
    Take Care!

  74. Shelia, this is beautiful! Your new china looks so pretty, and how beautifully your mother's stemware goes with it! Love those dragonfly napkin rings. Your centerpiece is the perfect addition to this gorgeous tablescape. laurie


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