Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No Spooky At My House...

Hello, Dear Ones! Now I must tell you, we just don't do spooky at our house for Halloween! But I do have this little display ~ not scary, but pretty cute.

We do have many many trick or treaters come to our neighborhood and we do give the little children candy! It's interesting to see the little cute ones and to see how many actually have manners and say thank you! I don't think many parents teach their children manners anymore, do you?

Well, we have taught our little Chloe Dawn manners and she does say thank you each time she gets a treat. But she is a big ole scaredy cat or I guess she's a big ole scaredy dog! I picked her up to show her these little cats and she jumped out of my arms and ran outside!

Well, Dear Ones, I found her outside just a'trembling! I told it was okay and they were not real cats, but she said, "No way am I coming back in, Mommy". Well, what's a Mommy to do? Go give her another treat...

I'm getting off track because I wanted to share a little trip we took a few years ago when our Dear Daughter lived in England. We went for a visit and took a tiny trip to Whitby, England.
Now I need to tell you, my sweet friend, Lindsay who lives across the pond at The Cross Stitch House actully took us on a three post tour to Whitby a few posts back. Go visit her sometimes ~ she's a real sweetie.

Here is the beautiful quaint fishing town of Whitby by the sea. Whitby is located on the North Yorkshire coast. Look at all those enchanting red roofs!

But Dear Ones, I must tell you, there are some scary things that have happened all around this town. Now beware as I share a tiny bit of spookiness with you.

Here we stand at the base of the 199 steps that lead to Whitby Abbey. The steps were originally wooden and were used to carry coffins up to the church. Now do you have your tiny walking shoes on? Well, take a deep breath and let's start the climb.

Congratulations! We made it to the top and we're looking over at St. Mary's Church.

There's Dear Daughter and Mr. Precious on the right. You can tell I'm tagging along behind! Whew! What a climb! Now here is the scary part ~ St. Mary's Church will always be associated with DRACULA!

In 1890, on this windy cliff, Bram Stoker (if you don't know, was the author of the original book named "Dracula") watched the mist descend upon the ruins of the 12th century Abbey and neighboring graveyard. His thoughts turned to vampires and Dracula was born! Could that bench be where Bram Stoker sat and peered over into the ship harbor and got his ideas for writing his book "Dracula"?

Now if you're familiar with the Dracula story, you know who Lucy was. Well, Dear Lucy sat here, maybe on one of these benches and watched the ships sailing till the sun set.

Here we're looking over the the cliff and guess what ~ the infamous Count Dracula arrived on a ship washed ashore in this harbor and his vampirish feet touched the soil of Whitby! Oh my!

I suppose she was not afraid! Would you be afraid being here? I would be, especially after dark!

It's a bit spooky, but lovely at the same time!

This is the Caedmon's Cross looking over the graveyard. Don't you think this cross should have scared Count Dracula?

Now we're looking over at Whitby Abbey. Did you see something? I think I saw a dark figure in the distant, did you?

These desolute ruins stand above the steep steps we just climbed and overlooks the village.

I found these two awesome looking photos of the Abbey and just had to make another mosaic!

What was that? I heard something...did you hear it? I'm not scared, no no Nannette, I'm not!

The Abbey was founded in 651 AD and became the focus for folklore and legend. Here are some of the stories that have developed through the centuries: there is a phantom coach and horses which thunders to a halt outside the church; there has been seen a headless spectra standing at the bottom of the 199 steps; and there's been told there is a mischievous sprite who haunts the dark countries lanes around Whitby; and we must not forget ~ Dracula! His ghost is supposedly prowling around all over this area! OOOH! Please don't be scared - it's all legend and fiction.

We're walking and we're walking ~ oh, no! What is this!? I don't even want to guess! Let's just get out of here, okay?

Woof Woof! Oh! Did that scare you? This was so funny ~ when we were walking back to our accommodations, this little fuzzy face poked his tiny head out and was barking at us to high heaven! We almost jumped out of our socks ( I was wearing socks and shoes because we were here in late October)! This was the most scary encounter we had on our trip.

If you ever visit Whitby in the new future, please be warned: there are those who say that Dracula's spirit still is present in this town. Of course, like me, you are a rational being and do not believe that, do you...

Now Dear Ones, don't be afraid of the scary legends or ghosts or goblins on Saturday night - but have a safe Halloween!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Oh, Dear Ones, I have committed a Boo Boo! I would never intentionally do something wrong, but I have copied this song and didn't realize it was copyrighted. The author wrote me and asked if I would post the link, and so I will. It is from this site Halloween Poems and Lyrics.

I'm so sorry for doing the wrong thing, Mr. Ryan, but I do love your song.

Dracula's Theme Song

He comes upon the wings of night
He comes, my dear, to have a bite
His vicious
Fangs baring just above your neck
He wants much more than a love peck

Oh you can run, you can scream and hide
but his sense of smell is a source of pride
then there’s his
hearing keen with a sonar’s guide
he will find you out you will be his bride!

you will be his bride!

He comes upon the wings of night
He comes, my dear, to have a bite
His vicious
Fangs baring just above your neck
He wants much more than a love peck

~sung by M. Ryan Taylor

Copyright © 2008 M Ryan Taylor / Vocal Works
Used by permission.