Monday, October 19, 2009

Gargoyles of Notre Dame

Hello, Dear Ones! I thought I would tell you a little story today. Now you know how I love to tell you little stories! :)

A few years ago, Mr. Precious and I went to Paris! All is so lovely in Paris and one of the big attractions is the Cathedral of Notre Dame!

The building is an impressive Gothic style building. Now you're not scared are you? Be brave ~ I'll be right here with you! :)

Here I stand in front of the beautiful cathedral. Come a little closer...well, this was a few years ago and I was heavier then, so don't look at that! Shoot! You're gonna look now because I've drawn your attention to my tiny little fat belly! Well, I know that could scare you! :)
Okay, on with my little story. This cathedral comes complete with GARGOYLES! Yes, indeed! Now, please don't be afraid! Here...take my tiny hand.

Gargoyles were very popular in Gothic architecture and were seen on various buildings, cathedrals and churches. Some were used as water spouts and were thought of as protection to scare away evil spirits! Now don't be afraid. (I took most of these photos, but found a couple on the Internet.) On with my little story...

Legend has it that gargoyles would come alive at night and fly over the city to guard and protect it from anything evil. Then as they saw the sun begin to rise, would fly back to their perch to rest and turn back into stone. This one looks rather scary, doesn't he? Are you afraid? It's alright, I won't leave you.

Please don't be afraid. Some of the stone faces look terrified. Some look very terrifying. Others look sad and tortured. And others, animal like. (I zoomed in to get the bottom three photos). Cool, huh?

Is this guy making fun of Paris? I think he is. Well, maybe he's just bored with his job! What do you think? Does he scare you? Not me! :)

BOO! Actually, I think he's rather cute!

These nightmarish heads protruding from the stone walls of the Notre Dame Cathedral are still doing their job today warding off evil spirits. See...all's well that ends well! You didn't get scared at all, did you? :)

Since we're getting closer to Halloween, I thought I would tell you this little story about gargoyles. Not fiction, but true! Yes, yes, very true. Now I didn't scare you did I? I certainly hope not.

Now be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Poem~


Winged creatures crouching there,
Longing to glide through the night's air,
Atop buildings and roofs,
we have no proof,

But some of them seem to move.

They guard by day,
At night, they play,
Roaming the skies of their home.

While guarding, they seem so alone,

The extent of their loneliness is somehow unknown.

They long for acceptance,
they long for respect,

So far, not one has gotten it yet.
~by Verana