Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tablescape Thursday

Hello Thursday Ones!! and welcome to Tablescape Thursday! There are many of us who just love our dishes and love to set pretty tables. This all started with our very own Susan at Betweennaps on the Porch. She has so many beautiful dishes and can really set a table that will knock your socks off! Go check out her displays and sign up and join us if you wish.

Okay, today I'm taking you into my breakfast room to show you my little tablescape! My table is clothed with a light yellow tablecloth with matching napkins. I do love my dishes! Can you love dishes? You bet your plates, saucers and cups you can! :)
The pattern is called Blue Bird by Dario Farrucci. Here is the little salad plate sitting atop the dinner plate.

The dinner plate...
I love the squareness of the dinner plates! It's hip to be square! That's a song, you know...

This surely must be the Blue Bird of happiness! For me today, it is!
Here is a close up of the napkins and the napkin rings. The color is not this gold - really it's a soft yellow.

Yellow and red...aww...

In the center of my table sits a cloche filled with hydrangea blooms. The cloche is sitting on a footed cakeplate.

I have placed a few little faux berries on just one side of the cake plate.
The loveliest of colors...for autumn!

It's always nice to have a little candlelight! Since my table is so small, I've used these little round candles.

These little candles have a very nice scent, too. Can you smell the aroma? sniff sniff...
I love these little salt and peppers. Again, can you love salt and peppers? You bet your don't worry about those swollen ankles you can! They do not belong to this set of dinnerware, but I think they look perfectly sweet sitting here. The salt and peppers are called Global by Fitz and Floyd.

Now look at the shape of the bowls, they're almost footed!! I love these, don't you? I know you can love bowls!

Now if my tablescape was not Fallen enough for you, maybe this one will be! I've place a different little gourd into each bowl.

Aren't these little gourds just adorable? I purchased them from my local grocery store and would love to dry them and hopefully be able to use them for years to come. Does anyone know anything about drying gourds?

I exchanged my little round candles for my precious little artichoke votives. I just love these!! I love just about everything, don't I?
These are so cute, I thought I would show the other one to you!I hoped you've enjoyed my tablescape today in my little breakfast room! Please come back again and maybe next Thursday - I'll serve you some food!! ;P

Be a bunch of sweeties,
P. S. This is really a tablescape from last year! It's been one of those weeks! ;)
I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Blue Bird, Bring Back My Happiness
Blue Bird,I confess,
That I love your story;
You bring hapiness with your melody.
Tell me, is it true, or an allegory?
Blue Bird, can you bring back to me?
The treasure trove, the perfect love, the days that used to be;
The tenderness of each caress, my happiness to me?
Blue Bird, carry my happiness back to me.
Blue Bird, you've heard me call;
won't you answer to my pleading?
Fly high, into the sky; o'er the land;
o'er the sea.Blue Bird, go bring back my happiness;
Bring back my sweetheart to me
Bue Bird, can it be,You are love's tale bearer?
Do you hear the plea of two heart apart?
Do you fill the need, make their world seem fairer?
Carry love seed from heart to heart?
If this is so, then Blue Bird go, and sing your melody;
Below, above, go bring the love,
I'm dreaming of, to me?
~ sung by ?


  1. oh those are gorgeous dishes! i love sqs, and umm birds too... and your centerpiece is so pretty too, very nice!

  2. I love those dishes, and the colors, so pretty!
    I wasn't a blogger last year, so it is all new to me, and VERY pretty!

    I think your can polyurethane
    the gourds...but I am sure an expert can tell you..What do I know?? :)

  3. Hi Shelia, Wow, Love the dishes... So pretty...

  4. I don't just love your dishes, I adore them. They are fabulous!


  5. Those dishes are fantastic...and great that they are square! So pretty, as always!!

  6. What a fabulous table Shelia! Love the patterns and the shapes! Well done! Have a great first week of Autumn!

  7. Beautiful! Delightful! Love those dishes, especially those pedestal bowls! Great job! I always enjoy seeing your designs, and reading the cute words!


  8. I swear Shelia -- I'm sure your house is the most fun home in all of Texas! I always LOVE to visit you!

  9. Oh Pickle I just drooled over those dishes...Can you drool over plates you bet your napkin you can...This is just beautiful my friend...Where did you get those dishes from...I want them. I ♥ them...Hope all is well in your part of the world my seet Pickle....Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria ps...hows your mama doing she happy???

  10. Oh Shelia!.. If you ask ME, YES!.. You may LOVE YOUR DISHES!.. I, in fact, LOVE YOUR DISHES!! What a beautiful set, with such bright beautiful colors and design! Your table is just stunning! Happy Tablescape Thursday to you! ~tina

  11. Just when I think I have seen it all you go and make another just as pretty as the one before. So how is the Granny to be?

  12. I love it. YOur dishes are so pretty, the colors are gorgeous. What a pretty centerpiece, you knew that wonderful cloche would steal my heart, didn't you. I don't know how to dry gourds either, but what a great idea. They are so pretty in the beautiful bowls. Very pretty and inviting. Hugs, Marty

  13. Shelia...the fact that you love just about everything is exactly why I LOVE you! :) Tee hee.. :) Was that a good one. I tried..
    Now..about your tablescape. It's precious! You so seldom get to see square plates..and the colors are wonderful! SO Fallin' down wonderful! :)
    Now those artichoke heart votives at first I thought they were real. They ARE real..right? What a cute idea. I am getting SO inspired!
    My Sweetie Pie returned from Maine this afternoon and I haven't seen him in two all thought of tablescaping went plum out of my head! Boy! I will get a good nights sleep tonight. I am NOT a loner!!
    I don't think you have ever used these dishes before have you? I don't remember seeing them..but you have such a great way of presenting things I wouldn't know anyway! :)
    HUGE hug!

  14. You have such a happy blog, just love it! I loved everything about your beautiful table, such pretty colors, plates,centerpiece etc. Just very lovely :D

  15. Hi Shelia! Your table is so pretty with those gorgeous plates. I love the shape!...Christine

  16. It is all so pretty and I like your little footed bowls. I can't answer your question about drying the gourds but I am sure someone will advise you here. Everyone is so helpful and creative especially you. It is always fun to visit your blog.

  17. Hi Shelia! Wonderful table and it's all new to me! Looks great! I have no idea how to preserve a gourd...sorry! It IS hip to be square! (Huey Lewis and the News:) Great job!

  18. Your table is lovely, as usual, dear lady!! The square and round blubird plates are awesome and you made one lovely centerpiece under glass!! That would be very decorative anywhere in your home!

    I have some friends in Michigan that have been drying guords forever. You poke a needle in the gourd as best you can (I would say!!) and then slowly, over weeks, the air dries out the inside into nothing. Then they are light as a feather!! I will find out if you spray them with anything when they are dried.

    Hope this helps, Shelia!


  19. Recycling is all the rage! I love, love your dishes!


  20. Beautiful, just beautiful! Oh, honey, you outdid yourself on this one....WOW

  21. Dear Shelia,
    This is a very cheery table and I love your beautiful centerpiece!
    All looks great.

    Autumn Blessings to you,
    d from homehaven

  22. Darling, last year...this year, no difference these are gorgeous dishes. Now my question is..what's for supper? You know, it is funny, half way around the world and you and I have the same exact artichoke votives...mine is pink, light pink.

    Love, Hugs & Tea

  23. Hiya Sweetie!! ;-)
    Your tablescape is just lovely--those are fabulous dishes. And you are so clever to display the hydrangeas in the cloche--it looks wonderful!
    Happy Tablescape Thursday!!

  24. I love the red and yellow together and the bluebird plates are gorgeous!

  25. What a pretty table. Love those dishes -- they make the table and can't believe that the s and p is made by a different company! They are perfect! Love the gourds added to the bowls!

  26. Hi Shelia,
    As always you have set a beautiful table.Your dishes are perfect for fall with such rich colors.
    Take care,

  27. Gorgeous tableware, Shelia! I think the juxtaposition of the sq. plates on the round table with those really cool bowls makes for a very interesting tablescape.

    I love your writing style..."you can bet your swollen ankles"....cracks me up!

  28. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! Did I tell you this is gorgeous...ha ha. You always have the sweetest dishes and the most wonderful displays!

    Hugs~ J

  29. Hi Sheila ! oh I like those dishes,especially the footed bowls.And the artichokes are so cute !

  30. Sheila- I do believe you CAN love dishes, because I love those!! For some reason, I am drawn to square plates lately...Your fallness is complete loveliness!

  31. Wow, Shelia this is perfect. And your dishes are just right for this theme.

  32. Just looked back on your Autumn decorating and it is so pretty I almost wanted to cry. Everything looks so clean and shiny and full of Harvest Home. It was so much fun to see your lovely dining room. You have done a wonderful job.

    The Raggedy Girl

  33. Shelia, I love your dishes, too! What a beautiful tablescape. The centerpiece is gorgeous. The berries are a nice touch. I like the artichoke votives, too!


  34. Your tablescape is just gorgeous (as always!!!). Those dishes are lovely...and I love that square shape. Hope you are having a wonderful day.♥

  35. Hi Sheila,
    You have been so busy this week, being such a fallen woman! hehe. love the china, the artichoke candles are just the cutest thing and the soft shades of yellow you have used! Gorgeous! Cindy

  36. Sheila, I'm in love with your dishes too! The colors and details and that sweet birdie give me such a joyful feeling. The coral chip napkin rings are great. Where did you find those? Thanks for sharing. Your tables and blog are always a fun visit. ~ Sarah

  37. This is just lovely. I love your use of soft yellow to paint your "canvas." It's the perfect background for your extraordinary dishes. I also love the attention you have paid to detail. Any guest would feel welcome at this table. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  38. Hey Shelia, I don't care that this is a re-run I enjoyed it the first time and I enjoyed it again! You just have the cutest dishes and such it's always fun to stop here. ~ Robyn

  39. Lovely, lovely, lovely, Sheila!! My kind of table! Pretty and cozy!! Great job!

    Love that you put the gourds in the bowls, and the artichoke votive holders!! Just divine!

    Have a blessed day!!

  40. Awwww, thanks for the sweet comment you left today, love ya!

  41. Yellow and red happens to be one of my favorite color combinations. I love the squareness of your plates too! The tablecloth and napkins, yes, love them!

  42. Hi Shelia; OOOOOO I love you table scape... You have the most beautiful sets of dishes I have ever seen.. Boy I really do need to get out and find me some;; what a warm and cozy area,,, and yes food will be great for the next one,,, I am kind of :) have a great day


  43. Beautiful, Shelia! So Italiano... bluebird and all. I like how you added the gourds to dress the table. I hope that Janie's suggestion for drying the gourds works cuz I want to dry some, too.
    Hugs, Sue

  44. You bet I can love those dishes just as much as you do, they are very, very pretty! Love your whole tablescape!

  45. Hello Shelia,

    What a great tablescape. I can see why you love those dishes! I love your cloche centerpiece. I have to admit that I have a thing for S&P shakers...

    Thank you for sharing!

    ~ Tracy

  46. Beautiful table, Shelia!! I absolutely love those dishes. Of can love dishes and S&P's!

  47. J'adore those dishes! NEVER invite me over for dinner... I would have to steal those dishes for sure!!!
    LOVE THEM!!!

  48. Oh Shelia, I think you are truly the most Fallen woman in all of Blogland! The squareness of your plates is impressive. I can see why you love them as you do! I hope the bluebird of happiness flies through your Fallen front doors!

    YOU be a sweetie, OK? ;)


  49. Gorgeous, Shelia!!!! I love those plates. They're so unique and the red and yellow together is wonderful!

    Justiney ;o )

  50. Sheila! Hi! Remember me? I'm sorry I haven't been around lately! I love your table! Those dishes are GORGEOUS! And I took a peek at all your fall decor! Your home is so beautiful! Everything you do shows how much you love your home! Thank you for sharing! God Bless! Lauralu :)

  51. Hi Shelia
    Your tablescape as usual is lovely. Your square plates are so perfect for the FALLen look. I love it...your tablecloth and all the other little extras make such a pretty picture.
    I have dried gourds that size and they do last for years. It all started when I had some little gourds as decorations and I didn't want to throw them out so they got "put" just any old place not with the intension of drying them. The following year when I pulled out things there they were. Allll dried up beautifully.

    Then I painted them. You may remember seeing last year a white ghost and I made one into a just put them someplace in the closet or wherever and just forget about them.

    Now I want to dry one of those large ones and I don't know whether something different is required for doing that.

    Thank you for sharing you lovely fall table.
    have a great evening

  52. Asalways Sheila dear, your tablescape is delightful! Love the squae plates and oh the colors of them!
    Each little piece on you rtable is a joy to see. Those artichoke votives are so cute!
    Just visting you always puts a smile on my face!


  53. How beautiful!I love those dishes!! Everything looks wonderful...Kristen

  54. LOL I kept thinking, "I've already BEEN here" and yet I know I had not. Then, you told your secret at the end of the post. LOL You got me!

  55. absolutely gorgeous. i love the blue bird print!

  56. Lovely 'scape! Those square dishes are fabulous! The different shaped gourds are great but I'm afraid I don't know how to dry them either.


  57. Darling, I will post my pink votive holder soon, just for you. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Love & Hugs

  58. Beautiful and lovely shot !! This is a great shot !!Unseen Rajasthan

  59. I love your table and your china is to die for. I would almost hate to cover it up with food.


  60. I am jealous of all the comments that you get...Beautiful table, I love that pattern. Thanks for visiting today!

  61. Hi Shelia, forgive me for being so horribly late....I'm having trouble keeping up. Yikes!!

    Your tables are always a beautiful and graceful. A joy!!

    Hugs, Barb ♥

  62. I LOVE your dishes too! And I think your table is all decked out for Fall. Beautiful!

  63. This years or last years, it is a beautiful tablescape. Yep! I LOVE those dishes! Your tablecloth and napkins are perfect for fall, and of course, your cloche is a great finishing touch. It all looks beautiful. laurie

  64. Beautiful, Shelia! Don't you just Dario Farruci china...always such pretty patterns! The hydrangeas are such a wonderful always set the loveliest tables!

  65. The tablescape is just wonderful.I like it very much.

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