Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Have Such Exciting News to Share!!!

Hello, Dear Ones!! Oh, I'm so excited and just have to share some very special news with you today! My Alaskan cruise post will just have to wait!! This is so exciting I'm just about to pop!!

Our Dear Daughter and son-in-law joined us on our cruise, but before we sailed we ate dinner with them at their home. After dinner we were handed a sweet little card with a paper folded up in it. I read the card and it was darling. Then...then I unfolded the paper...and guess what it was?

Do you have any idea why we look so happy in this picture? Can you see where my Darling Daughter's precious hand is resting?
Have you guessed yet? Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! I'm going to be a grandmother!! I'm so excited and couldn't wait to tell you Dear Ones! I went almost hysterical when I saw this...

Meet my grandbaby!! This is the first ultra sound...
This is the second ultra sound - a week apart. In this picture the doctor said the baby was stretching! Isn't this just the sweetest!!! My unborn grandbaby has just snapped for us!! Woo Hooness!!

Oh, we are so thrilled. You all know we don't have any grandchildren and I have oohed and ahed over yours and now it's my turn. Hallelujah!!

I would like to ask you all to keep my daughter and our grandbaby to be in your prayers for a happy, wonderful and healthy pregnancy! I'm going to be a grandmother!!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~


Before you had a name or opened up your eyes
Or anyone could recognize your face.
You were being formed so delicate in size
Secluded in God's safe and hidden place.

With your little tiny hands and little tiny feet
And little eyes that shimmer like a pearl
He breathed in you a song and to make it all complete
He brought the masterpiece into the world.

You are a masterpiece
A new creation He has formed
And you're as soft and fresh as a snowy winter morn.
And I'm so glad that God has given you to me
Little Lamb of God, you are a masterpiece.
And now you're growing up your life's a miracle
Everytime I look at you I stand in awe
Because I see in you a reflection of me
And you'll always be my little lamb from God

And as your life goes on each day
How I pray that you will see
Just how much your life has meant to me.

And I'm so proud of you
What else is there to say?
Just be the masterpiece He created you to be.
~sung by Sandi Patti, Mr. Precious and Me!!