Monday, August 31, 2009

Ye Haw!!!

Hello, Dear Ones! You know I've been traveling and this is where we went - San Antonio! We just hopped into the car and drove the highways to old San Antone! We love this city and have been so many times.

We always stay at the historic 1859 Menger Hotel! It's a lovely old gal and has many stories to tell all on her own. She's supposedly haunted...oooo, but I could never stay up after midnight to investigate! :) This hotel has been featured on America's Most Haunted Hotels. But I'm not scared! No, no Nannette! Not me! :)

I am truly loving making these mosaics! I hope you don't mind seeing them. This way I can show you so many photos and just have to upload one per mosaic. I am loving our Laurie from Bargain Hunting (and chatting) with Laurie! She's the bomb!! :) This mosaic is filled with pictures from the lobby. Lots of beautiful antiques! Notice the top left picture - a grand player piano - playing beautiful note songs all day just for me! :)

Like I said, we've stayed here so many times and know the staff pretty well and they always do little special things for us. We always stay in this suite! We feel so at home here. It's lovely and getting a bit dated, but still so nice!

Now you know I'm into bed pillows on hotel beds and these are so pretty! Don't you just love these pillows? We even had an olden looking phone on the bedside table.

Some little pretty shots from all over the suite. See the luscious fruit? Mr. Precious and I took care of it! :)

There were three balconies with our room and here's a couple!

Now I must tell you, Dear Ones, another good thing about the Menger Hotel - it's next door to the Alamo! All Texans please bow your heads and cover your heart! :)

The Alamo was originally a mission and now is one of the most visited historic sites in the state of Texas! This is where most famous ones like Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and others fought and lost their lives against the Mexican army for Texas independence. The Alamo has been beautiful restored and kept looking so nice. I would have loved to taken some pictures inside but it's against the rules and I didn't feel like going to jail that day! :) As many times as we've been here and toured, Mr. Precious always love to visit again!

The courtyard and grounds are so beautiful here. A very ancient olden oak tree was planted here by a stone well. So lovely and gave us a tiny bit of shade in over 100' heat!

There is a lovely little called the King William District not too far from where we were staying. It's streets are lined with these beautiful Victorians - some grand and some rather tiny! This neighborhood was settled by German folks in the 1840s and they named it after the king of Prussia. Aww...I love this stuff.

Well, there you have it, Dear Ones, another little tiny leg of my tripping! I'm still away and will post on my on going trip later.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

The Rose Of San Antone
 Deep within my heart lies a melody, 
A song of old San Antone.
Where in dreams I live with a memory,
Beneath the stars all alone.

It was there I found beside the Alamo,
Enchantment strange as the blue up above.
A moonlit pass only she would know,
Still hears my broken song of love.

Moon in all your splendor, know only my heart.
Call back my Rose, Rose of San Antone.
Lips so sweet and tender like petals falling apart.
Speak once again of my love, my own.

Broken song, empty words I know,
Still live in my heart all alone,
For that moonlit pass down beside the Alamo,
And Rose, my Rose of San Antone.
~sung by Bob Wills