Monday, July 13, 2009

Blue Monday and The Winner Is...

Hello, Dear Ones and welcome to Blue Monday! Our hostess for this very Blue event is Dear Sally at Smiling Sally! Pop on over to see her to fill your day with much Blueness!

I have a very special group of teeny little small elegant ones to introduce to you today! My collection of little figurines. I do have more, but these are the prettiest ones! Last week I thought I would take them out of the drawer and let them see the daylight for a little while. So I have some of them sitting under a cloche on my coffee table.

See? They're all dressed in their finest of clothes.

This is a very special little couple. They've been in love for a very long time! He is so thoughtful to let his lady sit down and rest. He always brings her a little red rose! This little couple, I believe, is called Dresden Lace, because that is real lace on their tiny clothes all stiffened with something!

Here we have a very beautiful couple who have also been together a long long time! They're in love and they are also musicians! She with her lovely little white cello. He with his little white flute! Oh they make the most beautiful music together. Oh, shoot! We've just missed it! They're taking their bows!

This young gentleman is also a musician and plays the mandolin. He really does think very highly of himself! Look at that smug little look! He is always trying to impress the ladies!

Which one will fall for him? This most gorgeous classy lady dressed to the T in all of her finery?

Or will it be this young maiden who is very timid. Really I think she's scared to death! Look at her eyes! :) It's okay honey, you're among friends!

Last, but certainly not the least, I will introduce you to this fine couple! They are the largest pair of my figurines! They have been in love forever and enjoy each others company so much. You've heard the old saying, when couples are in love and are around each other for a long time they actually began to look like each other! I think these two look alike, don't you? She reads her beau love poems all day long and he cuddles her and tells her how beautiful she is. Their love is endless!

Most of my tiny figurines have this stamped on them. This stamp, "Made in Occupied Japan" was printed on pottery, porcelain, toys, and other goods made during the American occupation of Japan after World War II, from 1945 to 1952. Collectors now search for these pieces. The items were made for export. Many of these kinds of figurines are stamped "Japan" or "Made in Japan", but the ones with "Made in Occupied Japan" are worth a little more if you're a collector. I'm not a collector, just love the ones I have! :)

I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of this, but I turned on some music for my little group and they danced and danced. They all love to waltz and oh, my goodness, they're very good! I got so wrapped up in the watching, I forgot the snapping! :) It was a glorious sight, believe me!

Okay, they're now all posed for a group picture! You can see all the different hues of Blueness in their costumes, Most Smiling One! Oh, as I'm looking at my group I may have left out a couple of figurines for introduction! Can you believe I have not named any of these little ones? No no, Nannette! I haven't!

Okay, tiny ones...SMILE! "Snap"! Great! I have the group picture now. I hoped you've enjoyed my tiny little ones today! Oh, excuse me one moment...

Are you ready? 1...2...3 okay take a big ole deep breath now, tiny ones before I put the glass dome back over you all! Good job! Those big breaths seem to last them a long time! There's not a lot of oxygen under that cloche! :P I want you to know, no tiny figurines were harmed nor suffocated in the making of this post!

Okay! Have I teased you long enough? Are you ready to know who has won my little bird pillow?

I used this Random Number Generator/Picker thingy.

I poked in my tiny numbers, clicked enter and up popped number 29! I wrote down each name and the blog as each person commented! Who could number 29 be?
There were 107 of you lovely ones who entered! I was so thrilled at the turn out and I have said it over and over again ~ I really do wish I could give you all a pillow! But I will give you my thanks and lots of Blogland (((hugs))) for entering! :)

Now who in the world is number 29?

Oh, it's my dear friend Nancy at Southern Lady! Congratulations Nancy! I hope you will enjoy the little pillow I have made with my very own tiny hands! Now I will poke some little surprises in with the pillow! Congratulations, Nancy! Please e-mail me with your address info!

Thanks again to all of you Dear Ones for entering my giveaway!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Tennessee Waltz

I was dancin' with my darlin to the Tennessee Waltz
When an old friend I happened to see.
I introduced him to my darlin' and while they were dancin'
My friend stole my sweetheart from me.

I remember the night and the Tennessee Waltz
Now I know just how much I have lost
Yes, I lost my little darlin' the night they were playin'
That beautiful Tennessee Waltz

Now I wonder how a dance like the Tennessee Waltz
Could have broken my heart so complete
Well I couldn't blame my darlin', and who could help fallin'
In love with my darlin' so sweet

Well it must be the fault of the Tennessee Waltz
Wish I'd known just how much it would cost
But I didn't see it comin', it's all over but the cryin'
Blame it all on the Tennessee Waltz

She goes dancin' with the darkness to the Tennessee Waltz
And I feel like I'm falling apart
And it's stronger than drink and it's deeper than sorrow
This darkness she left in my heart

I remember the night and the Tennessee Waltz
Cause I know just how much I have lost
Yes I lost my little darlin' the night they were playin'
That beautiful Tennessee Waltz
~sung by my little figurines