Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tablescape Thursday

Hello again, Dear Ones and welcome to another day filled with beautiful dishes! This most wonderful event is hosted by our Dish Diva Susan at Between Naps on the Porch! Be sure you go to her blog to visit many many Dishaholics! ;)

If you visit me very often, you may recognize this little basket filled with flowers. I had made it to go in our guest room, but thought I would milk this all I could and therefore use it for my centerpiece in a tablescape! So here it is!

As I told you, I bought the flowers at the Dollar Tree! Works for me! :)

I've brought you into the Breakfast Room again and my table is set just for Mr. Precious and me! I am using a pretty Ralph Lauren tablecloth and matching napkins (Marshalls)!

I think my tiny table is a bit Ernest Hemingwayish with a little bit of elegance thrown in!

My pretty napkins are tucked into sweet little napkin rings - just perfect for my table!

I've gotten in really close to show you the napkin ring. See the tiny lemons! Someone tell me, is this written in French or Italian? I don't really care, just know I love these little napkin rings! Can you love little napkin rings? Why you bet your wrinkly tablecloths you can! :)

Plate these too!

I've used different patterns today ~ Dessert Rose and the little green plates that everyone in Blogland has! I think they look nice together.

Oh, now look at my new chargers! Look at all the details of the floral motif! Aren't these beautiful! I think our hostess Diva Susan has some plates like this...Marshalls! ;)

Green for water and one for peach tea! Is there any other kind of iced tea? Not at my house! :)

Oh, I found this bambooish looking set of flatware and this is the Ernest Hemingwayishness part of my tablescape. Just don't pull out a cigar! No, no Nannette! Notice my real shells for bread and butter plates along with little fish butter knives. More Ernest Hemingwayishness!

Next a little touch of elegance with the use of a tiny little salt cellar and itsy bitsy salt cellar spoons! Of course these will have sea salt in them!

Here is my centerpiece with my Dollar Tree flowers, shells and shell votives. I just adore these little lacy butterfly candle holders! Again a touch of elegance and Hemingwayishness! Now if these little candleholders had those six toed kittys on here instead of butterflies... ;)

Oh, it's getting a bit dark so we'll lower the lights! Nothing like a beautiful glow from candlelight! Now you can really see the lacy butterflies on this candle holder.

Aww...isn't it romantic?

Now if you will excuse me, Mr. Precious and I will have our dinner.

Oh, don't go just yet! I wanted to show you something...a tiny preview for Friday! Our most wonderful Dear Marty is hosting a Cloche Party and I'm going to be there. You're invited too! So bring all yours cloches and we'll have so much fun! Just look at my side bar on the right hand side of my blog and click on the cloche picture for all the info you'll need! I do hope you'll come!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Isn't It Romantic?

I've never met you, yet never doubt, dear;
I can't forget you, I've thought you out, dear.
I know your profile and I know the way you kiss,
just the things I miss on a night like this.
If dreams are made of imagination
I'm not afraid of my own creation.
With all my heart, my heart is here for you to take.
Why should I quake? I'm not awake.
Isn't it romantic?
Music in the night, a dream that can be heard.
Isn't it romantic?
Moving shadows write the oldest magic word.
I hear the breezes playing in the trees above
while all the world is saying you were meant for love.
Isn't it romantic merely to be young
on such a night as this?
Isn't it romantic?
Every note that's sung is like a lover's kiss.
Sweet symbols in the moonlight,
do you mean that I will fall in love per chance?
Isn't it romance?
My face is glowing, I'm energetic.
The art of sewing I found poetic.
My needle punctuates the rhythm of romance.
I don't give a stitch if I don't get rich.
A custom tailor who has no custom
is like a sailor, no one will trust 'em.
But there is magic in the music of my shears.
I shed no tears, lend me your ears.
Isn't it romantic?
Soon I will have found some girl that I adore.
Isn't it romantic?
While I sit around my love can scrub the floor.
She'll kiss me every hour
or she'll get the sack
and when I take a shower she can scrub my back.
Isn't it romantic?
On a moonlight night she'll cook me onion soup.
Kiddies are romantic and if we don't fight
we soon will have a troupe.
We'll help the population,
it's a duty that we owe to dear old France.
Isn't it romance?
~sung by Ella Fitzgerald