Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Combination of Tablescape Thursday and Foodie Friday

Well, this is a mix up, Dear Ones. It was supposed to be for next week and I can't delete it! :)

Hello, Dear Ones, today I'm posting a combination for Tablescape Thursday hosted by our Dish Diva Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. Go see her after my post to see many who love to play with their dishes. ;)
I'm also posting for Foodie Friday which is hosted by the most expert in everything ~ Dear Gollum at Designs by Gollum. Please go see her for more food players! :)

These pictures are from a visit we took to see our daughter about a month or so ago. A very simple place setting, but the dishes are very olden and hold a very sweet place in my Darling Daughter's heart ~ these olden dishes were given to her by her grandmother, my mother. They are called Shakespeare Country. These were made by the Homer Laughlin China Company that was built in 1871, by Homer and his brother, Shakespeare. Now these are certainly not from and 1800s, but I'm thinking maybe the 1940s - 1950s? Anyway, They're very sweet.
Here's Darling Daughter putting the finishing touches on our meal! Oh, and always ready to help is our granddog, Finnley~ an English chocolate lab!
Dear Daughter had prepared a simple but very tasty meal. A tossed salad with everything in it!
Homemade lasagna! Oh, this was so good!
For dessert she had prepared a lemon souffle. It was very light and just the perfect finale to our meal.
I wanted to show you this shot so you could see their table! It is a handmade table made by a friend just for Darling Daughter and Husband when they lived in England! It's nice and long!

Here is the hand carved signature the craftsman puts on all of his furniture! Isn't this wonderful?

Thanks for sharing a meal with my little family.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Her mama bought her a hopechest
To keep her dreams inside
All the precious memories
Little things she'd like to hide
A magic wand, an old rag doll
Some plastic pearls 'cause after all

A little girl is only a little girl so long
And tender hearts need their stars to wish upon
'Cause one day you will turn around and she'll be gone
A little girl is only a little girl so long

One day when she got home from school
She slipped a little note
Beneath the tattered lining
And here is what he wrote
"Roses are red, violets are blue"
"Put an X in the box if you like me too"

A little girl is only a little girl so long
And tender hearts need their stars to wish upon
'Cause one day you will turn around and she'll be gone
A little girl is only a little girl so long

They married in the garden on a perfect July day
In a horse and carriage they waved and rode away
Mama went inside to put away her wedding dress
And spotted a letter lying on the old hopechest

It said...
A little girl is only a little girl so long
Your lonely heart might need a star to wish upon
So look inside once in a while to bring the memories home
A little girl is only a little girl
And I will always be your little girl...
So long
~ I don't know who wrote this, but it makes me cry


  1. Oh Pickle how special to have dinner with your daughter and for her to cook it...that to me is just her china and I remember you going to see her..Is this the only girl you have...May you have a blessed weekend my Dear friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  2. I love those dishes. How very special they are. Your daughter's table is very handsome and unique also. It just is a lovely presentation and so sweet.

  3. A delishious dinner and dessert on gorgeous dishes, sitting on a beautiful table, built by a talented man, for your precious children...

    Hee, hee... need I say more??

    Have a wonderful weekend, sweet Shelia!! :-)


  4. Hi Shelia! How wonderful everything looks...from the pretty dishes to the delicious food! What a sweetie your daughter must be...just like her mom! Thanks for the advanced peek...don't you hate it when that happens?? I've done it myself!! lol Gotta love that Blogger! Have a great weekend...Debbie

  5. testing, one, two, three. Blogger is being weird and wouldn't post my last comment.

  6. Okay, it seems to be cooperating right now. What I was trying to say is that if you change your date in post options and press post, it should delete this post from your blog. Maybe you already tried that, you're a sharp blogger.

  7. So enjoyed this fine meal with your family. Dishes and all!
    What a sweet set of dishes to have.

    Especially liked the song at the end of your post.

  8. Aw how sweet! Your daughter put out a wonderful tablescape and meal :)

    All the best,

  9. I love those dishes, Shelia! And I see your daughter has a vintage Pyrex mixing bowl, too! I have the same one.

  10. You don't need to delete this post. Go into edit posts. Select this post click on edit. At the bottom is "Post Options" at the right is a date when you want it to publish. Change the date to whenever you want it to post. I hope this helps. This happens to me all the time.

    At first, I would create my posts in draft, leave it there for days then publish it. When I looked on my blog, I never saw it, because it kept the date that I first created it. It was there, only way down the list like an old post would be until I changed the date.

  11. Hi Sheila,
    I just love this post! Your daughter is a budding Sheila in the making! How nice for her to cook for you, lovely daughter. Hugs, Cindy

  12. Hi my sweetness... I have been MIA for a while but I am trying so hard to get back in the swing of things... Loved your daughter’s tablescape and food... YUM Lasagna! One of my favorites. Hope you’re doing well and staying out of trouble. Okay sometimes trouble is fun☺☺☺ Love Ya


  13. Shelia,
    The meal is one of my favorites! Pretty dishes and such an interesting table - love it. Linda

  14. love the table. and the food looks divine! what fun!

  15. That lasagne looks wonderful! And the table is great too.

  16. Dear MS. S...

    Love the food but I really LOVED that Hope Chest Song...



  17. Sounds soooo yummy! I can't wait till my girls are old enough to cook for me...!

  18. Lovely table, lovely food, lovely daughter and lovely pup!!

    I thought I had entered the "twilight zone", when I saw the date above this post. Sunday July 12, 2009!

    Happy Weekend Shelia!!

  19. how nice to share a meal with your family,it looked so good too .i hope you had a great time..have a great weekend my friend..


  20. We'll take Blogger out back, I'll hold him (can't be a girl, I don't know any girls that dumb) down and you can kick the (excuse my language) crappola out of him. That should be a good start to our Thelma and Louise antics. lol
    Love, Thelma
    p.s. that food looks good enough to eat, I hope you saved me some for our road trip.

  21. The food and table are awesome! Such craftsmanship on both to be treasured!

  22. I enjoyed reading your blog this afternoon...
    Had some time to do some blog hopping...
    always enjoy finding new blogs!
    Hope you will visit me. This month I am posting on our Disney trip.

  23. Sheila, I almost didn't click in to see this, because I thought, "no, I already saw her Tablescape Thurs. post". Then I thought I'd better come see it again, because I didn't remember there being a Foodie Fri. post with it! My this week has just flown by! Your daughter is precious, and a cook too! You did good, mom! That table is so fabulous. What special memories are in home-that wonderful table and your mother's pretty china. laurie

  24. Oh well, dang, Shelia -- here I was smiling at your lovely post, lovely china, lovely daughter, lovely handmade table, even lovely grand-dog.... and then what do you do? Put up a song that made me cry!

    Ah well,it was a good cry. Moms and daughters and all that, right?

    Thanks for a great read... Cass

  25. Shelia what a lovely visit you had! Your daughter is very beautiful, and the table, how very chic! As for her dishes, did you by any chance pass on your dishaholic genes to your dear daughter? lol!!

  26. Like mother, like daughter. You're both beautiful and smart.

    Everything looks lovely and delicious.

  27. What a gorgeous table, someday it will be a treasured family heirloom. Love the chocolate British lab and what a perfect menu! You've got it all with your daughter in charge. Cheers!
    Happy Twirls

  28. Hey Mom,

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. We did have a lovely time. Just to let you know the rose carving is the white rose of Yorkshire. Since we lived there he put it on the table. It is a very cherished table. I am so happy that you got to see it :)

    Hugs & Kisses!

  29. You may call that meal simple, but I know how much work it is to put together a lasagna. Exactly the reason I've never made it!
    Awwww... Finnley is so sweet!

    Justiney :o )

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