Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cloche Party! :)

Hello, Dear Ones! I'm so excited because today we're having a party hosted by our most marvelous Marty at A Stroll Thru Life! She has asked us all to bring our cloches and I've brought all my tiny hands could hold. So after gazing at my cloches, be sure to pop on over to Marty's and join the party!

Dear Ones, I'm just going to warn you...I have lots of pictures to show you! I got so carried away I just couldn't help myself. You see, you can poke just about any thing under one of these glass bells and you've created something special!

This is one of my favorite vignettes using my larger cloche. Birds! Don't we love them~

Many of my cloches wind up as the centerpiece for a tablescape. If you visit me often you may recognize some of them!
This is a little homemade cloche ~ supplies ~ Wally World!

Now these cloches are excellent for decorating around the house during the holidays. I'll show you some of my holiday cloche decorations.

Little Bunny Foo foo... :)

Now this is not an official cloche, but along with the little stand is a tiny little glass dome. Can you see what's under it? A little springness! ;o

This is a jar, but again, I hope it counts. I have filled this glass jar with vintage lace, buttons, needle packs, pin cushion with thread (made by a dear friend) and even the little oil can from my Granny's old treadle Singer sewing machine!
See inside?

I know, I know, I'm fudging here...but I wanted to show you just how pretty and the great shape of my Granny's old machine! I learned to sew on this puppy! Barbie doll clothes! Yes, I did!

Woof woff!! ;) I think I see dust! Oh, my goodness...please close your tiny eyes! Look away now!

This was the tiny peak I showed you yesterday. I sat this little vignette up in the kitchen last Saturday and I have a little story to tell you!

You know how I love to tell you little stories, right? On Sunday morning while hurriedly eating some toast for breakfast and about to go upstairs and get ready for church, Mr. Precious called me into the kitchen. He said, "Oh, how cute this is! You've set this up for the Cloche party!?" He's really into my blogging with me. I answered, yes! He told me to look at this vignette. I looked and thought, yes, I like this! No, he said, look really close!

Do you see this? He said, "Chicken food!" That silly Mr. Precious had sprinkled some of his Honey Nut Cheerios around for chicken feed, well, um chicken food! I almost fell down laughing! That boy does have a sense of humor!

Here's a bit of Mr. Precious' breakfast minus the milk! Now look real closely at the second picture ~ he actually poked a Cheerio in this Rooster's mouth! Isn't this funny! :) Oh, the joys of marriage!

If you visit me much, you know I love the yard birds and this is one of my favorite cloche set ups for today! In the breakfast room on a sweet little starched and ironed round cover ( I ironed just for you, Dear Ones ) ~ Roosters and Hens!

I know, not a real cloche, but it's so cute ~ a little glass stand with a dome and under it ~ very olden vintage rooster salt and peppers from my childhood. You know how I love my s & p.

Then a sweet little hen with two tiny chicks hiding under the little flowers. I poked a couple of these tiny little clay pots under the cloche, too! I poked in some flowers so the babies could play hide and seek! :)

Here another cloche filled with flowers and a handsome yard bird given to me by my friend Jan!

Oh, I hope I haven't bored you! These cloches are so much fun. You can take just one cloche and go to town with it over and over again! What fun!

Now pop over to Marty's to join the party and see more ways with cloches!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Glass Onion

I told you about strawberry fields,
You know the place where nothing is real
Well here's another place you can go
Where everything flows.
Looking through the bent backed tulips
To see how the other half lives
Looking through a glass onion.

I told you about the walrus and me-man
You know that we're as close as can be-man.
Well here's another clue for you all,
The walrus was Paul.
Standing on the cast iron shore-yeah,
Lady Madonna trying to make ends meet-yeah.
Looking through a glass onion.
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.
Looking through a glass onion.

I told you about the fool on the hill,
I tell you man he living there still.
Well here's another place you can be,
Listen to me.

Fixing a hole in the ocean
Trying to make a dove-tail joint-yeah
Looking through a glass onion
~sung by The Beatles


  1. They are all beautiful. I love that Mr. Precious joined in the fun! Since my grandma loved to sew, I love your sewing machine and sewing supplies. You always make everything look so warm and wonderful. You know, I do have a comfy guest room!!!!

  2. You make me laugh, and after today I need all that I can get.

    Each picture was just a delight. I know some of your cloches were not offically a cloche, but I thought they were equally clever. I have never thought of using a cake stand/cover as a cloche, but thats really what it is, isn't it?

    Plz tell Mr Precious that the chicken food in the beak was my fave. I LOL'd really loud at that one. Too, too funny. I bet your home is a hoot!

    Thx for sharing all the ye candy with us. Hugs, Barb

  3. Oh Shelia, I am in 7th heaven. I love seeing all of your cloches and how you decorate them. You have so many good ideas and they are all so pretty. I just got the biggest kick out of the cheerios, Mr. Precious is such a doll to participate in the party. I love all the birds, eggs and decorations you use. You also really find such a great way of working them into such a fabulous vignette. I'm taking notes. I just published my post and if it ever shows up be sure and go over and link up. Thanks so much for join the party. I really appreciate it and love seeing all your creations. Hugs, Marty

  4. Oh Shelia! I enjoyed each and everyone of your cloches. Thank you for sharing a lot with us. What a treat! They are all so pretty, so many great tips and wonderful vignettes!....Christine

  5. How very very cute! I love all your cloches! You've given me so many ideas for my own! Thanks :)

    All the best,

  6. Love the cute mug with the sweet little spoons under glass. What a clever and adorable idea!

  7. Sheila- how many cloches to you have??????? Wow all the ideas! Great pictures and I love you rooster eating cheerios!


  8. They are all fabulous, just like I knew they would be!! Gorgeous cloches!

  9. OK! I think I gave away the Queen of the Cloche award far too soon! You are my new Queen of the cloche!! Love every one and the stuff you cloched with them :0)

  10. Dear Sheila,
    I am speechless! You are quite the cloche creater and a fabulous one at that! I will go back over this again so that I can take it all in, I love them all, but my fave is the rooster viginette and the sewing table ones! They are absolutely charming!!! Cindy

  11. Love the cloches! You don't bore us at all - it is such fun to read about your escapades....even the chicken feed! TOO CUTE!

  12. Honey, one thing you'll never be is boring! I'm so jealous! Where on earth did you find all these cloches? And on top of that, you're an absolute natural at decorating them. I had such fun drooling on my keyboard!

  13. So Many pretty ideas! I have a machine like that. It was my Great Aunt's - my daughter has it right now.:) Love the rooster with the cheerio!

  14. Sheila, everything you do is precious! And now Mr. Precious is in on it too! How cute is that!!!God bless! Lauralu :)

  15. I like them all, but the most creative one to me is the little pitcher with the spoons. And the feed is just the icing on the cake for your vignette....LOL I like that you decorate for the seasons with them! Sue

  16. Oh Sweet Shelia, You are the cloche Queen Mum!!!! I love them all!
    Would you believe I don't own a cloche and I am so jealous...of every one that owns ;) I MUST get one soon, so I can party too!


  17. I crown you, Sweet Shelia, Royal Queeness of CLOCHE WORLD.
    These are all so so so beautiful...every single one. I have to admit that I love the one with chicken feed all around. What a cutie your Mr. Songs must be!! :)
    xo bj

  18. I second BJ as we are from the same West Texas city and she is the Queen of West Texas!! Wow, now I know two Queens!
    I loved everything in your post and I had to go back and start again because it was so much fun to look inside every cloche you had. What fun!!

    Deanna :D

  19. Oh Sheila !
    How I love your funny little blog and I also love Mr.Precious - you two are a hoot !
    Love all your favorite is the rooster and measuring spoons !
    Hugs ~ Kammy
    p.s. chicken food.....too funny.....

  20. Hi Shelia,
    They are all so charming, very sweet! I'm laughing along with you on the chicken food, that is too funny!

  21. Shelia...I hate to tell you this but Mr. Precious has totally stolen your post today. Your cloches are adorable and I loved all the pics, but the "chicken feed" in the beak was toooo funny! Not often I LOL during a post but that is hilarious! I love your, Mr. Precious...he is definitely a keeper! :-) Susan

  22. Shelia, you are making everyone smile! Gorgeous creative cloches, and Mr. P's adorable. Love your blog! Linda

  23. No, your post isn't too long. I enjoyed every picture and every word. I think it's so great that your DH is in to your blogging. I will say to my DH, I would like to make (insert food). He will say, Oh, for Foodie Friday?

  24. You know I love your cloches....your rooster one with the spoons is sooo cute...but your hubby, wonderful! I love when my husband gets into the blogging thing!

  25. I love all of your cloche vignettes, and it's so cool that you've got your grandma's sewing machine. I've got my grandma's sewing machine too, but need to sand and restain it sometime.

    You are the sweetest sweetie! Have a great weekend!

  26. I just love them all! I had to look back three times to decide my favorite and it was a tie. I love the teacups and also the thread one on the old sewing machine. I love honoring the past. You are a wonderful writer. Thanks for making me smile. Tell your husband he is funny, very funny!


  27. I LOVED seeing all of your beautiful cloches and the decorations for different seasons! BEAUTIFUL!!! I just love cloches!!!

  28. Oh my friend out did yourself with these Cloche's OK you win for the most cloche's...All of them are just lovely girl...and Mr. is just too funny glad he helps you with your blogging mine has yet to even look at my blog or know what I am doing...I could be on one of those s#%# sites for all he knows ha ha!! Thanks for sharing all these most great eye candy for me...gave me some new loving this par-ty what I have seen so far...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  29. Ok Sweetie Pie Sheila, YOU WIN...YEP, YOU have the most unique Cloche filled ideas. One that blew me away was the nativity one...and I adore it! You are a VERY creative lady! Each one has your special gifting of creating beauty and conversational items. Another favorite.......OF COURSE, the one with the teacups! :) ~CC Catherine

  30. oh my... I hope I don't have to pick a favorite!! Too many are my favorites!! Susan

  31. I tried to pick my favorite one, but I don't like any of them...I LOVE all of them!!!!

  32. Oh my word Pickle you know I am loving and coveting your chicken cloches!!!!! lol lol Thhis is beautiful girl and please give me some information on the beautiful spoons in that cup in the cloche with Mr Precious's cheerios! That is just to precious girl..thanks for all the great inspiration sweetie...loved every ohhhhhing and ahhhing minute of it!!!! ~♥~

  33. Oh I love the chicken ones the best Sheila ! Especially Mr. Precious' chicken food,that is too funny ! LOL .

  34. So you! cherrios...hehe~

  35. Shelia, I am impressed at all the creative ways you used your cloches! Each one was a wonder on its own. Love the nativity the best of course. Glad you had a great number of pictures for this poor "cloche-deprived" woman. LOL

  36. Wow, each and every one of them was really beautiful!

    I had to laugh at Mr. Precious and his chicken food though. And him sticking a Cheerio in the roosters mouth? So funny! Such a guy thing to do. Glad you showed it though because it made me laugh so hard!


  37. Oh my goodness, Girl!!! You do have it "goin' on" over at your place...I do declare that I thought I had died and gone to "cloche heaven"!!! Hehe! You have so many pretty cloches and you've decorated each one just beautifully! I really like the birds in the cloche and that pretty beautiful!!! I also just loved all of your chickens under glass and thanks so much for sharing that cute story about your honey! That really is sooo adorable!!! I have a similar, quick story...I have a little bunny in an apothecary jar and everytime I went by the table I would notice that the lid was off. I finally asked and honey told me that he was letting the bunny get some air! Aren't these men just adorable? Hehe!!!

    Well Darlin'...thanks so much for coming by and taking a peek at my little cloche and vignette! Your sweet note just made my heart sing!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  38. Your hubby is just too funny. But I like that little cloche vignette the best.

  39. Hi! I saw your comment over at Kelli's blog and saw on your profile that you live on the Texas Gulf Coast! Me too!!!

    Love all your glass displays. [I kinda do the same with my sea shell collection, putting them all in apothecary jars]

    Happy Friday. Glad I stopped by for a visit.

  40. Wow-wee Shelia,

    I was looking forward to this post~ so inspirational. Such eye candy here~great it all! Hope you have a great weekend!

    Big hugs~ J

  41. Shelia, Gorgeous the valentine one, maybe it was my favorite, but they were all great.

    I am happy to find another Texas blogger, please come and visit me.


  42. Hi Shelia, I love all of them but the top picture takes my breath. I have to copy that don't mind, do you?! I love it all, sweet pretty.....!!!!!!!!

    Hugs, Barb

  43. My sweet songtress Shelia...those are all beautiful cloche's and well done. I love the combinations of itmes that are in them. So pretty!
    Thanks for dropping by Bloggertiaville today. Come back soon! I (heart) bloggy my friends.And you know I heart you my singing sista!

    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  44. Ps....well, neighbors in a way, but not CLOSE neighbors...I'm in Corpus! If you ever come my way, gimme a ringy ding ding at my blog.

  45. Three cheers for Mr. Precious, I think his nickname could be Mr. Silly. The cherrio in the rooster's mouth was the best part!
    You did not bore me even one tiny bit! I loved your jar with the old sewing goodies, brought back lots of fond memories of my granny and her treadle machine and sewing my own Barbie clothes, yes sirree, I did that too. My mother has Grandma's machine that looks just like yours. I always had a dickens of a time getting the right rhythm so that it would sew forwards though. lol
    All of your cloche vignettes are beautiful, I love the little birdies too.
    Hugs and Happy Cloche Day, Bridge

  46. Shelia, each one is so wonderful. You have a special gift for making everything special and lovely.

  47. Every single one of your cloches is wonderful, Shelia. Why can't I find a variety of good stuff to put in mine, like you have? Waaa waaa waaa! I think I need to go shopping! ;)

  48. Sheila, what a fun filled day this has been. I loved seeing all your beautiful cloche displays. You've given me a few ideas I'll have to try. Hope all is well with you and yours. hugs ~lynne~

  49. Sheila, what a fun filled day this has been. I loved seeing all your beautiful cloche displays. You've given me a few ideas I'll have to try. Hope all is well with you and yours. hugs ~lynne~

  50. Boy your have a lot of Cloche. And you have decorated them in all different things. I love the sewing cloche, the roasters, bunnies, christmas.
    You have given me lots of ideas

  51. Dear Sheila, you're just the cutest thing & your Mr. Precious sounds like a hoot too. Chicken food, huh?! You do have some lovely cloches. I missed the cloche party. Darn it, I only have one! You sure have them all looking pretty. Thanks for thinking of me with the 2 headed bunny, even if that does sound strange. :) You're so funny!

  52. My goodness. You do have a lot of cloche photos. All very nice. I'm glad you threw in the old sewing machine. I learned to sew on one like that too way back in the 40s. Making doll clothes of course, but it was way before Barbie's time.

  53. Oh my goodness Shelia! What fun I had looking at ALL your beautiful cloches! What an inspiration you are! Now I need to go buy MORE! Heehee!


  54. I love all your cloches especially the ones with the cluck clucks in them. I am a big.... chicken and rooster fan, and I love the chicken feed. How cute .
    Jean in Virginia

  55. I love all your cloches! The ones with roosters are especially my favorite! I will definitely visit your blog again. :)

  56. Sheila, I just adore all of your ideas, simply stunning!!!! My Mom who passed away 8 years ago, had a schnauzer, named Mushka(pest in Ukrainian) Your little Chloe Dawn looks so sweet!!!
    Have a great weekend!!!
    Margaret B

  57. Okay, looks like you have cute, charming and unique market cornered. Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

  58. Wow! I think you are our cloche queen!! What a great job you have done creating all the pretty displays and vignettes! I enjoyed seeing (and reading) it all! Loved the Cheerios your hubby did! LOL!


  59. Shelia, what fabulous inspiration this was! You sure have a knack for cloche decor!! I loved every cloche you posted. I am in love with your husband's sense of humor! That was hysterical! laurie

  60. Hi Shelia
    You have set up so many beautiful arrangements with your cloches! I particularly love your bird cloches and the bunnies and the....and isn't that sweet that Mr. Precious even contributed? What a fine job he did too!
    thank you for sharing
    have a lovely day!!

  61. Hi Sheila,
    Love your cloches! I love your pink dishes I see hanging on the wall too! Enjoy your weekend.


  62. Love your cloches! Thanks for the parade -- now I only have one so you've given me enought ideas to last a whole year! Well -- guess I'd better go feed my rooster some cheerios!

  63. Gorgeous! I can't decide which I like best.... they're all so pretty!

    Have a blessed and happy Saturday, Shelia!


  64. I just LOVE the teacups! They look so pretty under your cloche!

  65. Oh Shelia, so much to see! I love your cloche-a-poppin' post!!! Wow -- so impressive, but I have to admit I laughed OUT LOUD at the chicken and cheerios vignette. Oh my --- too funny!
    Love it all -- Cass

  66. NEVER fail to amaze me...those are all just gorgeous. I have two (I thought I only had one..but..alas one is don't count it...and LOOK at the gorgeous ones you have. I am looking for one with a vengence ..yes I am!
    I am...just!!!

  67. Now Shelia, you are having too much fun at this. I still don't have one yet. I wil get one!!!Have a wonderful Weekend . Kathy

  68. I'm so glad that I got to see your cloche party pictures! My computer just got hooked back up last evening.

    I like Mr. Precious' contribution best of all; he has a great sense of humor.

    I learned to sew on a Singer treadle too! I never would have thought of decorating one like you did. You're quite creative!


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