Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's Not Friday the 13th, Is It?

Hello, Dear Ones! I wanted to show you where we all stayed for our Cousin's Reunion - The Desoto State Park! It's a lovely area deep in the woods. All of my cousins stayed at the little motel but Mr. Precious, Mother and I stayed in this chalet way down deep in the forrest.

I'll get to the title of my post a little later on...

Inside the little cabin was charming. Lots of windows looking out into the woods.
Don't you love this home made chair?
If it had been a cooler time of the year, we could have lit the big ole fireplace.
The little kitchen was all set up with dishes, pots and pans, everything you'd need to cook a meal. But let me tell you, Dear Ones, I didn't come to cook! I should have at least put a tablescape together ~ but I didn't. :(
As you can see, there was a bedroom downstairs and Mother slept there. Mr. Precious and I slept in the little sleeping loft. See the window in the slanted ceiling? It was right over my bed so I could see the stars at night!
Guess what? We even had a little screened in porch! I almost felt like our Dear Susan!
A screened in porch with rocking chairs!
The little chalet was right out in the woods. There were other ones too, but far away from each other - lots of privacy and beautiful views.
Here's a picture of the falls. Gorgeousness!
Now as I took pictures of nature and the lovely falls, my dear cousin commenced to tell me a scary story about a little old lady of Cherokee Indian descent, who lived to be about 108 years old. Seems she lived near these falls in a little old house. My cousin said she remembered the little old lady and everyone called her "Granny Dollar". She had never married. After she died thieves broke into her little house, killed her faithful dog and stole all of her money. She had been saving her little money to buy her tombstone.
Does this remind you of anything? Is someone going to pop out of that water and pull us under? Oh, don't think about it, Dear Ones! This is not Friday the 13th...I'm not afraid of ghosts...I'm's only a movie!

Granny Dollar was buried without any kind of a marker. Then all of a sudden many folks were seeing a ghost of an old lady walking near these falls with a dog! So many sightings were reported that a collection was taken up to buy her a tombstone. They just knew it was the ghost of Granny Dollar and her dog! After the marker was erected the sightings grew fewer and fewer. But my cousin said people continue to see a phantom black dog running around these falls!
Why, oh why did my cousin tell me this story? In the daylight, this place was gorgeous but when the sun went down it was as black as pitch and very scary! Everyone else was at the motel with outside lights and neighbors right next door. But not us! No sirree!! See that deer? We stopped the car to take her picture and she would not smile! No no Nannette! She would not! She was so scared! She just kept saying..."you're all doomed...
you're all doomed... you're all doomed!" Just like the old guy in the movie "Friday the 13th"! See how the above setting from the movie looks like the area we stayed? Even had a picnic table!
Well, Dear Scared Ones, you know all was well or I wouldn't be telling you this story! But at night it took a little while for me to go to sleep, it was a little creepy! I thought I saw Jason with his mask on walking through the woods behind our chalet! Naw, I was just fooling you!!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~


In the cool of the evening
When ev'rything is gettin' kind of groovy,

I call you up and ask you
If you want to go and meet and see a movie,

First you say no,
You've got some plans for the night,

And then you stop, and say, "All right."
Love is kinda crazy
With a spooky little girl like you.

You always keep me guessin',
I never seem to know what you are thinkin'.

And if a fella looks at you,
It's for sure your little eye will be a-winkin'.

I get confused,
'cause I don't know where I stand,

And then you smile, and hold my hand.
Love is kinda crazy
With a spooky little girl like you.


If you decide someday
To stop this little game that you are playin',

I'm gonna tell you all
What my heart's been a-dyin' to be sayin'.

Just like a ghost,
You've been a-hauntin' my dreams,

So I'll propose... on Halloween.
Love is kinda crazy
With a spooky little girl like you.

Oh-whoa, all right,
I said Spooky!
~sung by the Classics IV


  1. What a gorgeous place!! It reminds me of many places in Maine I have been up North and what a story! I love those handmade chairs too. The falls are to die for. Now you don't watch those Jason movies do you???? I can't bring myself to watch them...too scary for me! Yes....wouldn't that have been beautiful if you had one of your lovely tablescapes in the cottage! It is always so pleasant coming here to see you. Sorry I have been away...been busy with my veggie garden and preparation. Will write about it soon. Thanks for taking us with you on your trip! Loved it.

  2. LOL, so you come from a family of story-tellers, eh? Somehow, this does not surprise me.

    This place looks lovely, and with a cousin scaring you half to death, I can see why you chose to sleep AWAY from her and the others!

  3. I so much enjoyed this post! I have not been up there for a few years, but I am always awestruck each time I go, by the natural beauty that is Alabama.

    The twig furniture is very popular up there, and there are several craftsmen who can barely keep up with the orders, I hear.

    I also tend to get a little creeped out when away from "civilization."


  4. My cousins stayed in one of those chalets, they look so cute. My aunt owns a cabin nearby. I also did a story a Looong time ago on Granny Dollar on my blog, and have that same picture of the red little boat house! You can seacrh my blog and probably find it. Yep, great minds think alike. Really hate I missed your visit to Bama!!! We were so close this weekend to one another. LOL!

  5. The scenery is most lovely...the falls are the best part! Wow, I can hear the rushing and roaring water...I would so love to have a big giant waterfall here at the cottage... :) :) .... our water here in the pond is a slow and easy flow...

    *Ok confession, I have never watched the movie you speak of...but, I have seen movie commercials....

    My thoughts? Shelia get your 6 shooter! LOL LOL

  6. Isn't it gorgeous up there? I just love it! We have driven through there and looked at the chalets and talked about staying there on a weekend, just to get away....but after that story......maybe not!!

    So glad you had such a good time down here in my neck of the woods!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  7. Hmmm... I wonder? Is Shelia really OK? Did she ever get out of those threatening woods? Is it really Shelia who wrote this blog, or is it Granny Dollar? Or the deer who wouldn't smile?

    Strange goings-on. . . strange goings-on. . . .

    Nah, must be Shelia. Granny Dollar wouldn't know a song by Dennis Yost and the Classic IV (who would?), and it's a well known fact that deer are keyboard-challenged.

    Great post, Shelia! You were brave to stay in the cabin -- but I want to know: any bugs? that would scare ME!

  8. That's just beautiful Shelia, I love it!

  9. What a beautiful spot for a little retreat! No ma'am - I don't watch those scary movies -- that way nothing ever "reminds" me of them -- that's my little trick! LOL!

  10. It's to pretty to be creepy :0)
    I saw those Friday the 13th movies and it put me off camping for a good long while, lol!
    I hope you're having a splendid day!

  11. Hi Shelia, I love the cabin and the views....woweeee!!!!!

    Shelia, you remind me so much of a dear friend of mine.....40 years plus. Yikes! She is so full of life just like you. Both of you are just a treasure.

    Smiles and hugs, Barb

  12. I'm so glad Granny Dollar didn't getcha!! That deer looks a little scary. :)

  13. I so love your posts and this one was spellbinding. What a lovely place, except for the ghosts!

    The Raggedy Girl

  14. That does it. I have made note of this state park and I will check about reservations. This is just the sort of place we love staying, with or without ghosts. And it will get me to Alabama!!! I must go to some of those great places I keep reading about in blogland!

  15. Now, now Ms. Shelia ... your photos look a lot like my little dream cabin in the woods ....

    Thanks for sharing ....

  16. Shelia, what a gorgeous place to relax in. Funny how your cousin threw in a scary story to make thigs more exciting for the three of you in the chalet. I love the waterfalls, it's amazing how beautiful nature truly gets when you leave her alone to flourish...

    Glad you got to enjoy your stay despite the little scare. ;-)

  17. what a wonderful place to stay! scary stories and all!!! I am glad you shared this with us and mostly glad your fancy self made it out safely!!!
    Love your writings are always good for a giggle and a smile and brighten our days!
    have a wonderful week dear heart!

  18. LOL! Oh, Shelia! LOL! Honey, I would have been hiding under the bed if he'd told me that story! I don't do haunts! "No, No, Nanette," is right! ;-)

    I hate spookiness. I like rocking chairs and screen porches, and stars and water falls and deer in the daytime drinking out of streams of clear water. Night creepers? Nope! No can do!


    Sheila :-)

  19. I could never stay there lol. That would just scare me too much! LOL You're so brave!

    All the best,

  20. Shelia there I was thinking 'how cool, far away from civilization' then as your post progressed i thought 'maybe not so good'

    Love your stories, I really like rustic accomodations, they bring out the naturalist in me!

  21. Oh my dear Shelia.... Trying to scare us like that... I don't EVER watch those kinds of movies... I am chicken. Glad you’re having fun, scary stories and all. The chalet is really very nice and the surrounding area looks great. I guess you’re too scared to go for a walk in the woods now... Have a blast. Love Ya


  22. Hi Sheila
    I enjoyed this post so much. What a great place to stay. The chalet is lovely but I would probably have been uneasy at night too. I loved seeing inside it too.
    Thanks for sharing your fun experience - ghost story and all.

  23. Hey Sweetie... We are NOT in Texas... That is from another trip there in 2004... We will be there in January though and I will be sure to let you know where we are so maybe we can hook up for a great little visit... Love Ya


  24. Hi Shelia...Oh, girl...Desoto State Park was one of my favorite places to show any out of town guests we had while we lived in Gadsden. I don't recall the nice chalet you stayed in....maybe it was built after 2000 when we moved back to Texas...That part of Alabama is glorious! ;-) Bo

  25. Shelia, This is just the type of place we love to stay in. It would be a spooky kind of fun evening....I also love that song, too. ~ Robyn

  26. Sheila hi *hugs*
    Don't you just love china and all things pretty??? mmhmmmmm...I know you do and so do I.
    Those pictures are much prettyness, beautiful dishes and tablescapes.
    Thank you for sharing
    hope you've had a great day

  27. Oh goodness, why do people feel so compelled to share such info???? Kind of like waaaayyyy baaaaccckkk when I was pregnant and everyone had a labor horror story to share. WHY???

    Well, it was certainly beautiful anyways.



  28. Oh my goodness, what a scary story. I wouldn't be able to sleep there. But what a gorgeous view! That waterfall is fantastic, so magnificent!...Christine

  29. I love this story Sheila! Your a great story teller and you had me about ready to piddle my pants! LOL, Cindy

  30. What a great cabin! It reminds me so much of the cabins in south central Ohio in the Hocking Hills. I would have loved to stay in this one!

    I do not watch the Friday the 13th movies...oh no no. I accidentally watched one when I went to visit my brother once and he had the movie on. I had nightmares!

    Glad you're back in civilization again.


  31. Hi Sheila
    That was a lovely spot...rugged and yet not. Glad you didn't have to cook though you should have done the tablescape or showed us dishes...
    glad you made it back home safe and sound!
    have a lovely evening

  32. Shelia...I am LIVING a scary movie..and you wouldn't catch me listening to anything scary for anything! I watch Disney if I watch anything on television at night before I go to bed! I do not like being scared. Not even as a little girl.
    The place you stayed really is lovely though. It sounds like you have a wonderful time..but aren't you glad to be home?? :)

  33. I do not do scary! lol But this place is lovely! I love waterfalls! We have a park with the same name, which state is this wonderful place in? I am so ready! Love the chair! I know you all had fun!

  34. Oh how funny! Isn't it amazing how our perspective can change by just hearing a scary story? I have been so busy and unable to visit blogs for awhile, so I'm doing some catching up. I'm so glad I went back to read your posts I had missed. You've had some adventures that I've missed! laurie


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