Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tablescape Thursday

Hello again, Dear Ones, and it's time for another Tablescape Thursday hosted by our Dish Diva Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. Make sure you pop on over to see her so you can view more dishes and more properly set tables! Most of us participating are Dishaholics and we are not ashamed! ;)

Okay, on with the show!

First I would like to say I love taking pictures and I do seem to put lots of them on my posts. I hope you'll forgive me for being a little over the top! I just can't help myself. So that is my explanation for why I have so many pictures here today and other days. Am I forgiven? I surely do hope so!
Here is my table in the dining room all set up in all it's Easterness!
My table is draped with the sweetest plaid tablecloth and matching napkins in the softest of Easter egg colors. I'm using my little flatware from Ross with the different colored handles.
I think most of you have these Bordallo plates in green - I do too - but I'm using the yellow dinner plates today!
I'm also using the yellow Bordallo salad plates, too. See the cute little bunny and all of the carrots?
For my bread plate I'm using some sweet little plates with flowers and butterflies on them. I don't have any more of this pattern, wish I did, but where on earth would I put them? :)
Oh, and we can't forget the butter knife with the gray/green handles.
Here is a sweet little Bordallo pink cabbage bowl sitting so patiently waiting to be filled up with some blackberry cobbler! Yummy!

Now, Dear Ones, I'm going to brag a bit, okay!? Do you see this napkin? I folded it all by my tiny (well, maybe not too tiny) self! I saw a photo of this fold and my friend Justine said it was called an artichoke fold. I purchased a little napkin folding book and here it was! They called it a blossom fold. No matter what it's called - I think it's terrific! I'm good, right?
Look, the place in the center was just perfect for...
an Easter Egg! Isn't this wonderful!? I'm so proud of myself! Did I ever tell you how clever I am? You know I'm just kidding, sort of! :)
Okay, look at it just once more. Isn't it grand?
Well, maybe just one more look and I won't mention this napkin fold again. I'll calm down now.
I'm using my pink stemmed glasses. I got them at a thrift store and just love them. Can you love pink stemmed thrift store glasses? You bet your ice cubes you can! :)
It's so important to have salt and peppers on the table. These little bunnies are from Cracker Barrel.
So are these little chicks.
Now if you think there are not enough salt and peppers on the table, or the salt and peppers are just out of your reach, here's another set! Sweet little bunnies and I think they're having a nice conversation.
This is not a tea table, but this little couple was just too precious not to include. The bunny on the left is a sugar bowl and the other a creamer. Aren't they sweet all covered with roses?
Now this little cracker tray is one of my favorite items. This is from Fitz and Floyd and just so darling! I truly love this little cracker tray! You say, can you love cracker trays? You bet your peanut butter you can! :)
Just look at this face. Don't you just love his little bunnyness?
Little bunny is not alone and shares the tray with an owl friend.
But the cutest little surprise in the cracker tray is this little bunny poking his tiny head through the log. See that precious little face?
And have you ever seen a cuter cotton tail bunny bum before? Look at that little cotton ball tail.
A beautiful table should always have a centerpiece of some kind. I have a pretty Waterford crystal vase filled with roses. Now, Dear Ones, you know how I love my faux flowers, but today I have real honest to goodness, live blooms sitting with their tiny feet in the water! Can you believe it?
Oh, just smell the lovely fragrance...sniff sniff...devine.
Candles on the table always lend a little romance. Here I'm using my glass duet candlesticks with yellow candles.
This side has pink candles.
Hope you've enjoyed looking at my table filled with Easterness! I'm praying you all have a blessed Easter!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Come To The Table
Come to the table and savor the sight
The wine and the bread that was broken
And all have been welcomed to come if they might
Accept as their own these two tokens
The bread is His body, the wine is the blood
And the One who provides them is true
He freely offers, we freely receive
To accept and believe Him is all we must do
Come to the table and taste of the Glory
And savor the sorrow, He's dying tomorrow
The hand that is breaking the bread
Soon will be broken
And here at the table sit those who have loved you
One is a traitor and one will deny
And He's lived His life for them all
And for all be crucified
Come to the table He's prepared for you
The bread of forgiveness, the wine of release
Come to the table and sit down beside Him
The Savior wants you to join in the feast
Come to the table and see in His eyes
The love that the Father has spoken
And know you are welcome, whatever your crime
For every commandment you've broken
For He's come to love you and not to condemn
And He offers a pardon of peace
If you'll come to the table, you'll feel in your heart
The greatest forgiveness, the greatest release
Come to the table He's prepared for you
The bread of forgiveness, the wine of release
Come to the table and sit down beside Him
The Savior wants you to join in the feast
~sung by Michael Card