Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Mommy's Absent Today

Hello, Dear Ones. My Mommy told me to say that. My name is Chloe Dawn and I must tell you my Mommy isn't blogging today. Since I'm such a big girl and I can type so well on the puter, she's letting me tell you stuff.

I don't know what a dentist is, but she went there yesterday and came home and didn't want to play with me very much. She just ate cereal for supper and not the good stuff that comes out of the pots on the stove. I don't like cereal very much!

Okay, Mommy...(I'm listening to her). Okay! She says she loves you all (but not as much as she loves me - I know!). No, I didn't type that Mommy!(Shhh...don't tell her!) She wasn't able to talk to any of you yesterday and may not today but she'll be back on Thursday when she plays with her dishes! I like Thursdays because I get to help! I can walk under the tablecloth and whatever drops on the floor, I can pick it up and run with it. Mommy always chases me. I just love that.

I think that's all. Don't get mad at her. She is a really good Mommy and I love her a lot.

The best and cutest and sweetest good girl in town ~
Chloe Dawn, the beautiful good girl dog!