Thursday, March 5, 2009

Foodie Friday

Hi, Dear Ones! Welcome to Foodie Friday hosted by our most famous one, Dear Gollum. She is lovely, talented and can do just everything! Am I kissing up? You bet I am! :) But make sure you go and visit her to see more Foodies today and you'll also get your little hands on some marvelous recipes!

I don't have anything fancy today, just some good old southern eatin'! No recipes - just food!;)

Do you like to eat as much as I do? Well, I thought I'd just show you what I had for dinner last night: a small little hamburger patty (that's what we called them when I was a little girl growing up in Alabama) with fried onions on top, little white shoe peg corn, salad with Thousand Island dressing and a Grands biscuit! All of this was sitting on an olden vintage tablecloth. I know for you health nuts, this is not the most healthy of meals. But Darling Ones, how tasty!!

For those of us old enough to remember Hee Haw, 'member this:
Grandpa, what's for supper? lol

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Maximum Consumption

I'll have some clam chowder, followed by beef steak on rye
Pumpkin pie, whipped cream and coffee,

I wanna green salad on the side,
Don't forget the french fries,
Pizza pie, garlic and anchovie.
I keep burning up calories as fast as I keep putting them down,
Eat food, put it in my mouth,
Chew it up, swallow it down,
I'll have two eggs, over light, home made apple pie
Cole slaw as a side order.
I gotta stay fit, stay alive, eat food to sustain a non-stop high-grade performer.
The pace is continual, sure keeps running me down
Don't you know that you gotta eat food,
Don't you know that you gotta refuel.
I'm a Maximum Consumption, super-grade performer.
High powered machine,
Go steady on my clutch, go easy on the hills
And you'll get a lot of mileage out of me.
I'm so easy to drive, and I'm an excellent ride,
Excessive living sure keeps running me down
You've got to learn to use the Maximum Juice
That's how you get the maximum use.
Life keeps using me, keeps on abusing me, mentally and physically.
I gotta stay fit, stay alive, need fuel inside, eat food to survive
Maximum Consumption sure keeps running me down
Don't you know that you gotta eat food
Don't you know that it's good for you.
I'm a Maximum Consumption,
Non-stop machine
Total automation perpetual motion.

~sung by The Kinks


  1. It all looks delicious to me. I hope you have a nice weekend.

  2. That looks like a wonderful meal to me! I shouldn't read these posts at night, they make me want to snack. lol

  3. Sheila, this is my kind of meal darling.. minus the onions ok.. so dish me up a plate and I'll bring the brownies and strawberries and we can visit over a good meal... love the tablecloth.. crowning touch for a delicious meal..
    hugs ~lynne~

  4. Shelia, that looks delish to me....southern food is comfort food! Yum Yum! Linda

  5. Hi sweetie... That meal looks perfect to me... I LOVE hamburgers with grilled onions... YUMO!!! Hope your doing better... Love YA


  6. Oh I am so with you. Sometimes you just have to have some plain ole' good southern food. I am such a meat and potatoes gal that it is hard for me to eat just the really healthy stuff all the time. Glad I'm not alone. Hugs, Marty

  7. There's nothing like some good ole' Southern food. And you can't have Southern food without a biscuit!
    Have you tried Pillsbury frozen ones? They are so easy and so good (not as good as Homemade but . . .) and you can cook one or the whole package!

  8. I think whatever you eat you should love it and there's nothing like comfort food. Your dinner looked delicious.

  9. Southerners call a meal like this a "little something," but in truth it is Southern Gourmet. A meal like is a celebration. Oh, I love it. I wish I could sit down with you.It all looks so tasty, Shelia. The kind of food I was 'raised on,' as we say.


  10. Looks delicious and lip smackin' good! :)

  11. I love it! It's so good looking! We had some Filipino comfort food here tonight as well! Happy Friday!

    Carolyn of What Now? Tablescapes

  12. This is our kind of meal, Shelia!

  13. Some sweet tea...and right from a southern home!!

  14. Now Pickle this is my kind of food..I was raised on this cooking and I still made hamburger steaks for dinner..Now pass me a plate I brought some Fudge for later...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  15. Yummy! Looks and sounds delicious Sheila. Have a great Friday!
    Gina Jo

  16. Hi Dear Sheila,
    I for one am addicted to good old southern cooking. Those biscuits look so good. Just like my Grandmother used to make. Every day she made biscuits for breakfast and for dinner! Her table was always laden with good seasoned vegetables from her garden, fresh fruit from her orchards and meat that she and my Grandpa would raise themselves! Oh how I miss them! Take care. See ya soon.

  17. Num yummy! Sometimes the most simple meals are the best, don't you think?

    Justine :o )

  18. It don't git no better than down home cookin. LOL

    Love Ya,

  19. Yep...we call 'em hamburger patties out here in West Texas, too, and it's one of hubby's favorites...
    Hope you have a great day, dear oneness...
    love, bj

  20. Happy Foodie Friday Sheila
    Yum. This looks yum and I love the tablecloth too!
    have a lovely day..
    hope mom is feeling better too.

  21. Hi there!! I looked around and I love your blog! I had 2 schnauzers growing up (Frasier and Niles) and now we have a schnauzer jack russell mix. What a sweet dog you have! I recently posted about my laundry spruce up ,too. You did a great job and I love that wall pocket!!!

  22. Oh Shelia...this meal speaks to says grab a fork & dig in!
    HB steak (sounds fancy, doesn't it) with grilled onions is one of my DH's favs too! ;-)Bo

  23. It looks wonderful to me. I love down home cooking.

    Have A Fun Filled Friday
    from Roberta Anne

  24. That song is a hoot!! Love your simple meal - sometimes we just have to cook without a recipe. Sally

  25. Lovely meal on a vintage tablecloth Sweety Pie Sheila! I love it! Happy Foodie Friday! ;) ~CC Catherine

  26. Mmm yummy! It looks really good!! I love salads ... can eat it with everything! AND corn is also soooooo good!


  27. Oh Pooh,

    Sorry to dissapoint you, but that was a French Apple Pie, with Pecans on top. I've never made a Pecan Pie either, I might have to try one in the future and I'll be sure to invite you over when I do.


  28. Hi Sheila, I can see by your delightful supper last night that you must be feeling better. I hope so anyway. I am just beginning to cook again. I miss my cousin, Bob and his good cooking. My dh is useless in the kitchen. I spoiled him, and I think he would be living on frozen dinners if I wasn't around to cook for him. LOL I like the words to your song by the Kinks. I don't know who they are but that is a clever song. Smile.

    Have a wonderful day Sheila.

    Hugs and love...Jeanne

  29. I love food!! And I love your pretty plate your food is on!

  30. Loved the food...and the song was most interesting! But..I have never heard it before.
    You must be feeling a bit better. That's great! Everything looks so good and so healthy. (I just downed three..count 'em, THREE chocolate mint patties! Probably not healthy but so good.
    Wish we could hear you sing. Could you possibly make a little tape of yourself at the piano singing one of your old 40's songs?

    As usual, I smiled when I saw your face today. You always add to my day.

  31. That looks just delicious! I loves me some simple southern style vittles!
    Hugs, Bridget

  32. yum..I need to remember to visit the foodie posts earlier in the day...making me hungry!


  33. It looks good to me!

  34. Sheila, If you ask me you just can't beat a meal like just looks delicious! A fried hamburger patty with onions like this is one of my husband's favorite meals...he's not from the South but he sure does like Southern cooking! Nice choice of sides too!
    Elaine :)

  35. What a great post, Shelia! Your dinner looks yummy, but where are the potatoes? My hips need more potatoes or they might begin to shrink.

    All the best, Lana

  36. Shelia, your tablecloth, your china, and your food look wonderful! Made my mouth water. laurie


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