Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blue Monday and Met Monday

Hello Dear Ones and welcome to Blue Monday! Our most Bluest hostess is our own Smiling Sally. Thank you, Dear Sally, for always keeping our Mondays Blue!! Happy Blue!
As bloggers, aren't we always on the lookout for the perfect inspiration for a post? Well, I was in Hobby Lobby and there to my wandering eyes should appear - BLUE! I am a good blogger and always have my tiny little pink camera with me - just in case! Well, just in case happened! I snapped and now I'm sharing! :) Look at all of this beautiful Blueness!
Oh, how I wished Mr. Precious was the richest one! I would be buying it all! Where would I put all of this Blueness? Well, if he were the richest one I'd just buy a bigger house! :) Yes! That's exactly what I'd do! :) you know I'm kidding!
But lookee, lookee at that gorgeous Blueness of Roosters! Oh and see, there is a lidded jar with a Rooster on it! Oh, I must tell you ~ I bought nothing Blue! I'm so ashamed of myself, but Mr. Precious is shouting "Joyness!"

Blue blue, Dear Ones :)

Now on with my Met Monday post. This most wonderful Monday event is hostessed by our Dear Susan at Between Naps on The Porch. I want to thank you, Dear Susan, for hosting such a wonderful inspirational event. Mondays are just wonderful here in the Land of Blog, aren't they?

Well, if you know me, I kinda like to go off track sometimes. You see my tiny brain is always spinning and sometimes I get carried away in the wrong direction! :) Thus my Met Monday today!

This is a post about the transformation of a very big bulging belly ~ mine! :)
Here I am, in all of my old photo fuzziness, just a short time before giving birth to my dear son! I'm almost hurting remembering this time in my life as I didn't have a very easy pregnancy. My son's twin did not make it into this world, but one day I'll see that little one in Heaven! Not only is my belly swollen, so is my tiny face! I'm barefoot too! :) Isn't there something about being barefoot and pregnant!? Well, I was! :)

Five years later and I'm puffed up again with my darling daughter in that bulging belly. This was a very happy time in my life! Hey, but I gained 60 pounds with this little gal. I blame her for my fluffiness!! But I do have shoes on this time. :)

You can't tell in this olden fuzziness of photos, but I do not have a puffy, swollen or bulging belly. I am holding my two little belly bumps!! God bless 'em!

Fuzziness of photo of my darling daughter. She is blessed, happy and married to the love of her life and lives a wonderful life! But she has not had the puffy, swollen, bulging belly! She has just given me a grand dog! :)

Another fuzziness of photo of my dear son. Here he is as a soloist in the 82nd Airborne All American Chorus. The boy jumped from airplanes and is the reason for all my gray hair. Gray hair? Did I say that? Oh, excuse me, Dear Ones, I do not have any gray hairs! :) He is married to his high school sweetheart and they've given me nothing but two grand dogs! What is a Mother to do!!??

Now please go visit our Dear Sally and our Dear Susan for much Blueness and many transformations!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

You Are A Masterpiece
Before you had a name or opened up your eyes,
Or anyone could recognize your face.
You were being formed so delicate in size
Secluded in God’s safe and hidden place.
With your tiny hands and
Little tiny feet
And little eyes that shimmer like a pearl.
He breathed in you a song and to make it all complete
He brought the masterpiece into the world.
You are a masterpiece….
And now you’re growing up your
Life’s a miracle
Every time I look at you,
I stand in awe….
~sung by Sandy Patty


  1. Oh how I pray that you get some soon! You would be the best...Keeping my fingers crossed,hehe

  2. Even through all your "fuzziness' I could tell how beautiful and happy you were. Here's hoping for a few grand babies to take more fuzzy pics of! LOL

  3. Oh Shelia, you were so cute pregnant! LOL! And your daughter and son are both gorgeous. Sorry you lost one of the twins but you have an angel in heaven. I do too. He was 8 days old when he went to heaven. They're probably playing together now. Looks like musical talent runs in the family. Oh, love all those blues!..Christine

  4. First, it is killing me that all those blue goodies are on sale I can't have a single one, no Hobby Lobby here!
    Second, you were as cute as a button all big bellied. You children are beautiful, especially your daughter. What a stunning looking girl she is. It's hard to see your son's handsomeness with the profile shot.
    That photo of you with your son and daughter is priceless, I love the "do."

  5. 50% off that blue and you walked away??? I'm amazed at your self-control. I don't have any grandchildren yet and pray that it's in God's will to bless me with some someday.
    Have a wonderful week Shelia...

  6. Oh my I could not have let that rooster behind nope nadda no way! lol. I wish we had a hobby lobby here I am always reading post of someone finding great buys at that store...sigh. Love your pictures your post is always a pleasure. Your such a kind soul. I wish you a fantastic week and as always thank you so much for your kind words
    Peace and Blessings
    Cheryl...Snatch JOY~

  7. Hi Sheila,
    You all look so darn cute!! Honestly, I love the belly bulges and the darlings you got. That blue is like wow and I better stay away from hobby lobby. Cindy

  8. Hang in there. One of these days those granddogs will turn into grandchildren.

  9. I can't believe you didn't buy that rooster!!!

    I bet one day, when the time is right, you will get a grandbaby or two.

    Have a fabulous Monday.♥

  10. Hey Shelia; Oh how cute you looked with your baby bump's... you were such a beautiful young lady, and still are I might add...


  11. I loved looking at all your family photos especially the baby bump

    Roberta Anne

  12. oh no...must go...Hobby Lobby...must go....


  13. Hi Sheila! Thanks for stopping by at my blog and I was so glad to hear that with you living in Galveston that you had minimal damage! hugs and I will have to come for a visit!

  14. I loved your pictures! You and your family are precious and beautiful! I was sorry to hear about losing one of your precious sons. My boys are only 21 and 17 and I'm already thinking about what it would be like to have grandchildren!Then I have to remind myself to stop wishing this time away! There's a time and place for everything! God Bless! Lauralu :)

  15. Oh, Shelia, you are a genius for finding all that blueness in Hobby Lobby! I'm off to go there soon! And you were such a pregnant cutie and oh so happy to flaunt the growing babies. What a lovely post from a lovely woman!

    Great Blue & Met Monday!

    Btw, thanks for thinking I'm gorgeous in purple, I'm doing the cartwheel now, lol!

  16. Hi Sheila, you were so cute pregnant! Your kids turned out so well, you are so lucky. Hopefully instead of grandogs you will have grandbabies soon! Kristen

  17. Shelia..I just loved the old photo's. What a cutie you were...and still are. I have told you this before..but what the heck..I'll say it again. I ALWAY feel compelled to smile when I see your little face. What a delight you are.
    Your family is simply..beautiful!!!

    I promise I am not kissing up to you because I am late with the picture..although it's a good idea! :)

    Ok..I didn't get to Mary's today and I am so sorry. My granddaughter just flew in from New York on her college break and they were off and running. (excuses, excuses..) I promise tomorrow morning I will get over there and get that picture done. I am sooo sorry. It should have been sent by now.
    Tomorrow AM for sure. Crazy times around here.
    HUGE hug for :) Ok? (cringing again...)

  18. Oh Shelia, I loved seeing these photographs! You were (and still are) so pretty. Love the pictures of your son and daughter, and seeing them, I know that when you finally have grandbabies, they are going to be beautiful! Oh, I do hope you get them soon, because you will be even more happy (if that's possible) than you already are! So sorry you lost a twin. That must have been difficult -- so happy about one being healthy, but sad about the one that didn't make it, and then having to go right into mothering. Bless your heart. laurie

  19. Beautiful blue things I like the rooster also. Nice family. Very nice family.

  20. Well look at you all pregnant and beautiful!

    You are a blessed Mom with gorgeous children.

    Here's hoping for g-babies in the future for you.
    I know you will make one amazing Grandma!

  21. All that blueness, and 50%off.. and you did not buy even one tiny piece...what were you thinking??? I just love that pedestal plate with the lacy edges... ... oooh... Marilyn xoxo

  22. Shelia. You were a beautiful mother to be, and after that you were beautiful too. LOve your pictures and song.

  23. Thanks for sharing such precious photos. Your eyes have always sparkled and what a loving smile you have always had. Your children are beautiful and as you say, you will be reunited with the twin one day. Hope you have a great week.

  24. I love Hobby Lobby, but the closest one is over an hour away. I am thinking road trip! I also loved your motherhood metamorphosis journey. Cathy

  25. I took a week off blogging and now I have to catch up on your posts. Love the blue candle sticks! But I particulalry loved seeing your family photos. You ahve always been cute and do you know you havent changed at all. Still the same beautiful face! Which your gorgeous daughter has inherited and your son is so handsome and musical too!!! Just lovely! Imagine the shopping you can do when there are grand babies. In good time. Lucky babies will have great grandparents with you and Mr Precious.

  26. First, I'm shocked you didn't rush for a cart and fill it up with those beautiful blue dishes. :) Next, thank you so much for letting me visiting your family, I've never seen them before. Very beautiful.

    Love Ya,

  27. What a beautiful store. I wish we had something like that in our area. I would go into debt LOL I love all of your pictures. Thanks for sharing. You always write the most lovely and witty posts. I hope you have a wonderful blue Monday!

  28. Morning Shelia~

    You my dear are too cute for words, pregnant & all. :) I hope one day for you to have some grandbabies....I can see you spoiling them rotten and doing some of your art work for them. :) You have a beautiful family.

    Love the blue, too!

    Hugs~ J

  29. Love the blue rooster!!! Aren't you the cute one !!!So lovely... Kathy

  30. Hi Shelia...I'm sorry you lost one of your sweet babies, but like you said...someday you'll see him again. Thank you for sharing your your belly bumps & your darling babes with us. You look exactly the same today...well, except for the hairdo & the belly. ;-) Bo

  31. Shelia, I love the blueness in your post, but I love the love in your post even more! What precious "bumps," and how beautiful their mother is, too! Love seeing these pics. And I've got five or six (can't remember) siblings in Heaven that I've never met (Mama had that many miscarriages), and I bet they are having a big time with your other precious one. I'm so sorry to read that (but, how how thankful I am that the Lord made it possible for us to have eternal life).

    What a handsome son you have and a gorgeous daughter. It makes my heart swell to see men in uniform. My first cousin's son (who is closer to my own age) is a Hurricane Hunter and an officer in the Air National Guard. I love him to pieces and am very proud of him. He flies into those crazy storms so that we might be informed and keep safe.

    Love to you my sweet friend!


    Sheila :-)

  32. Grandbabies are "the best"! -- Even better than blue roosters -- and you, my dear, would be the bestest grandmother EVER! I hope you are blessed soon - or make that (soon enough) - because, as we know, it's all in His plan -- not ours!
    See ya!

  33. Oooh, I am loving both parts of your post. The dishes are divine and your children are so attractive! You are a step ahead of me. My sons are still single. I don't even have a granddog! :(

    Your daughter looks so very much like you. Sweet. :)

  34. Oh, I am drooling over all the blue and white things on sale! I saw one dish that I really, really want!

    Your hair turned blonde after childbirth--amazing!

    BTW: you will want to come back and link in again as you linked everybody to Thursday's post! After you relink, I'll delete the first one.

  35. Oh all the blue at Hobby Lobby is just oo wonderful. Now that blue rooster just called to me. Your pics of the "bumps" are just precious. And your "fuzzy" pics of them grown are also so precious. Maybe some grandbaby bumps will come along soon. Hugs, Marty

  36. Sweet Shelia, and I have lots in common..looks like we both could be in Hobby Lobby for hours...AND...SIGH....we both just want to be a Grandma! Not to mention that we both could be a strain to our Mr. Wonderfuls budget....
    I love your posts today...made my lil brain spin!

  37. Love your pictures--those bumps turned out some good looking kids!!! Alas, I have just a grand basset hound and a grand shih tzu--but really cute ones! They are hard to shop for however :)

  38. Shelia, I love all that blue and white pottery. I have a lot of it myself.

    Your pictures are wonderful!


  39. Love all the blue and white dishes at Hobby Lobby. We don't have one here-which might be a good thing as I might not have your restraint.
    I also enjoyed your trip down memory lane!

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  41. i love the blues but...what beautiful kids you have.they're both precious...ann

  42. Thanks so much for stopping by my MM Bdrm post and your always gracious comments. I always look forward to your visits. Hugs, Marty

  43. Thanks so much for stopping by my MM Bdrm post and your always gracious comments. I always look forward to your visits. Hugs, Marty

  44. Shelia!
    Love the blue but alas, there is no hobby lobby roun' these parts.
    Your children are beautiful. When I looked at the pic of you with them when they were kids. I thought to myself, how much your daughter looked like you. As an adult it really shows even more!
    Thanks for sharing!

  45. Shelia, what a wonderful post. I love it. Your children are beautiful. Handsome. And worth all the swolleness, etc. You have a wonderful family. I love these kind of pictures. Precious.
    PS Thanks for your sweet words to me..I will always remember them. You are sweet.

  46. Shelia
    Ohhhhh ahhhhh those blues are so Shelia are you going back...on your own this time??? They are just so lovely.

    Your pictures are so sweet. You looked so sweet pregnant...and you have 2 sweet ones. Hopefully there will be another sweet big belly in the near future.

    have a lovely day

  47. Hi Shelia! Love the BLUE, the TWO, and the YOU! How cute you were, expecting. I didn't dare take any pictures, but sometimes I wish I had. Don't worry about the granddogs, maybe sometime soon! Deb

  48. What a wonderful post, Sheila! You and your children are some pretty people! :) Your daughter looks like a model! I am so sorry that the one litte guy didn't make it! Your son is one handsome fellow! ...and you all look so happy!

    The blue and white pieces were pretty! What temptation they would have been! :) ~hugs, Rhonda

  49. Oh, and I hope you have grandbabies soon! You would make a wonderful grandmother! :)

  50. I can't believe you walked out of there without buying something!!! You are a very strong women! And I truly loved seeing those pictures of you all fluffy! Those were so cute...and I loved seeing your sweet and gorgeous children!

  51. What a sweet post! I love all of your photos and stories!! What nice looking kids!!

    *Hope this posts tonite*


  52. Holy cow, Shelia, I think this is the first time we've seen pictures of your babies! And OMG, but they are GORGEOUS!!!!!! Is your daughter a model? if not, she could be one! What an angelic, pixie-like face she has. Gee, wonder where she got that from?
    I do believe my Papa was in the 82nd Airborn as a paratrooper. Does that sound right?
    LOVED your flippy hair back then!

    Justiney :o )

  53. What a sweet post! I would love to have Grand babies tooooooo! I can't wait! But sweet daughter is only 21 and just graduating college. So I will have to settle for some more gorgeous blue and white dishes! :)

    Hey one excuse is as good as another!
    LOL! :)


  54. You have a lovely family. I know you feel proud.

    We don't have a Hobby Lobby around here. In fact, I have never even heard of them until I started blogging. I fear if I were to enter a Hobby Lobby and see this display, I would certainly be hyperventelating. No wonder everyone live it.

  55. Oh Shelia I loved this post... you looked so cute and darling with your big belly you tiny cute thing! and your kids are as cute.... your son so handsome.... good memories... I love it! So good to see you sweet friend....

    and oh, we're having a party to celebrate the arrival of spring... come see...



  56. What a great post. You looked adorable in all your fluffiness! I must say that your daughter is sure a beauty and what a handsome son!

  57. Shelia...You are plum adorable in those pics! And your son and daughter were beautiful as children and have grown into beautiful adults...I know you are sooo proud of them! I am so sorry about the twin...I know that had to be a very, very difficult time. There's a little angel in heaven, for sure. Love learning more about your life because I understand even more now how you became the wonderful, caring, generous, dear heart you are today. Love ya! Susan

  58. Cute post and blessings to those grown up bumps and you!
    Linda Q

  59. Cute post Shelia, You can sure tell that those are your children. They have grown into such fine adults. Hang in there, I bet those grandkids will show up soon. I think my Ma felt the same way. I was married 8 years before I had Jacob (I had fertility issues.) Before Jacob I had a sweet little Mini Schnauzer - BusterBoy that was the smartest dog!
    Now about this Hobby Lobby - I don't know how you could walk away without buying.....amazing! I wish we had a Hobby Lobby nearby. ~ Robyn

  60. Oh girl you were just darling in all your fluffing stages..your kids are beautiful girl..I am so sorry to hear about the twin...I love reading about your life..and WHAT is wrong with you coming home with no new blues?? love ya sis..hugs and smiles Gloria

  61. What beautiful photos! I'm sorry to hear of the little twin angel.
    These are such treasure photos to have, fuzzy or not!

  62. Oh, I just loved ALL your pictures!!! :o)

  63. *** What a WONDERFUL blog today, Shelia!!! And talk about being BLESSED!!! ~~~ Your children are beautiful, and "knowing" you, they are also beautiful INSIDE, like their loving, giving Mom... Top it off with your wonderful DH, and add one FABULOUS HOME and VOILA!!! Who could ask for anything more??? So glad I came by ~~ THANKS, Sweetie! Big hugs, Linda

  64. Oh, I wish we had a Hobby Lobby here! What beautiful things... And weren't you the cutest little mommy? Your children are just gorgeous. I am waiting for grandbabies too, so far just a grandcat, but I am ok with waiting a bit longer since I am far too young to be a grandma - as are you!

  65. Hi Sweet Sheila, Love your Blue/Whites from Hobby Lobby and most of all your sweet Meta Monday post about your belly bumps! ;) What a lovely post about your children..... I have missed you during my rest from blogging! ~CC Catherine ;)

  66. You are gorgeous and you WERE gorgeous!! And what a super de duper gorgeous family you have!!

    I so loved seeing the pictures!


  67. You are gorgeous and you WERE gorgeous!! And what a super de duper gorgeous family you have!!

    I so loved seeing the pictures!



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