Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Bathromm Diva and Tablescape Thursday

Hello Dear Ones! I have to apologize ~ I haven't commented on your blogs in two days! That's not like me, but I went to the dentist to have an old filling replaced and it just threw me for a loop! I've spent half my life in the dentist's chair and ordinarily I'm just fine, but this time wasn't one of them. But I do want to thank my precious little Chloe Dawn. She is just a big helper and a good girl (she loves me to call her that) for her Mommy! I had to knock her off, um, ask her to leave my computer alone this morning ~ she was looking up dog hunks! What is a Mommy to do?

Attention! Attention!!! We must interrupt this post on this blog to bring you the latest and up to datest news! I've just been handed a news bulletin, and Dear Wide Eyed Ones, we've had another Bathroom invasion! Yes, this keeps happening all over the Land of Blog and no one can stop it! I know it, Spring is in the air, but the invasions continue! Do we want this to stop? Of course not!!

Now, I, the Queen of the Bathroom Divas, will never let you down, Most Shaking Your Heads Ones! Bathroom business is my job and I will fight for all the true Divas out there. Enough of this rambling ~on with the important stuff, my Bathroom business!

Okay, I will do my investigation now. As I have said in the past ~ there are impostors out there but they will never enter into our most prestigious group. No way Jose'. My most gorgeous eyes have spotted a Most Beautiful One barely entering into her snap.
Here she comes a little closer now...mighty beautiful sink area! Isn't this a different bathroom?
OOPS! She's stepped back a tad and yes, Most Wondering Ones, this is another bathroom!
Wonderful! Now I can see her more clearly and can really get down to my Bathroom Business! I see a Most Gorgeous One with the most creamyness of complexions, a smile filled with the most pearliest of whites, gorgeous peepers and a head of luxurious locks just filled to the brim with Bathroom highlights! Oh, and look, she is clad in the most beautiful designer clothes. I see two slender arms with dainty creamy fingers attached to a CAMERA! Yes, yes, Most Marveling Ones, we really do have a genuine Bathroom Diva and she is the happiest one! Now, does she look familiar to you? She does to me! Yes, yes! I know who this Most Beautiful One is! This is our own Joni at Cote De Texas! Can you believe it? Well, Most Big Eyed Ones, I can not! She, Most Gorgeous Ones, is an Interior Decorator and she is joining our Divas. She is the real thing!! Make sure you pop over to her blog and welcome her with a big ole Bathroom Diva hello!

Okay, okay...let me calm down a minute. You see I'm a bit nervous. After all, this is THE JONI! Oh, please, Most Helpful Ones, this calls for my crown and my robe! Thank you! Oh, my goodness! Where is my toilet brush. No no, not that one! My golden one! Whew, I don't want to embarrass myself. Does my hair look okay, my lipstick ~ what? I don't have any on? Well, PLEASE, somebody help me! This is important stuff I'm doing here! My mike was on? Oh, um, well, um...just as long as you're not taping this.

Ahem! Okay, I'm ready. Joni would you please stand and join me? I want you to know, Joni, you have entered into a realm where only a few true genuine souls have trod. Not everyone has the nerve to step up to a mirror in a bathroom and snap! But you, Dear One, have stepped over that line into Bathroom Divaness and I, along with our huge following, are so very proud of you!

Joni,I am about to crown you with a title that is ever so sought after but only the few and the brave
ever receive! People will desire your title, some won't understand your title, but we know the sacrifice it takes to hold this title and become a true Bathroom Diva! Woo Hooness, oh, I must settle down. I do get too excited about this Bathroom business. Joni, I now bestow upon you the title of Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Diva. You are one now and shall be one forever and ever and until the twelfth of never! Now go as you decorate the interiors of this great land and snap on, Dear One, snap on!
It does my heart so much good to know we have an ever Most Famous Wonderful One join us Divas! Now, if you're wondering can I be a Diva too? The answer is yes, if you're brave enough! If you're strong in heart enough. If you have a bathroom and a camera with the flash turned off enough ~ you can join us Divas!

If you snap in a bathroom, please post it on your blog or email me your picture. I will come and retrieve you and bring you here and crown you and lift you up higher than a
n eagle to Bathroom status! Then please take our most wonderful Bathroom Diva logo (which I have made with my own dainty fingers) and put it on your blog for all of the Land of Blog to see! Now, one last word from me, Dear Ones...snap on, Divas, snap on!

Wasn't that exciting, Dear Ones? Now it's Thursday, and we all know what we do on Thursday! We show our tables with all of our dishes! We thank our Diva of Tablescapes, Dear Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for hosting this most wonderful day! Please go to see Dear Susan and you'll be able to visit other Disaholics today and maybe you'll join us next week! Just click on the TT logo and it will take you there!

As I said earlier, my week has not been regular, but I am going to show you some tablescapes - not mine, but some from my olden cook books.

Look at this lovely table ~ pretty little dishes, all the flatware just so, bread plate with tiny butter knife ready to spread butter, the real stuff, because we were not worried about cholesterol back then! Simple but pretty little centerpiece! Hey, wait a minute... you see what I see? These look like my little salt and peppers from Target! Well, they are very similar. This is a page from an early 1960s cook book. Was Target around then? Well, I don't know, but these sure look a lot like my little S&Ps. And look! There are two sets ~ a set at each end of the table. This is just what I do! Have I been here at this table before? Is this a Deja Vu thingy?

Now look at this little beauty! Don't you just love that bright torquoise blue tablecloth and matching napkins? Dishes are just a little bland though. We could really spice this table up today with all the beautifully patterned dishes available.
This looks like a simple little luncheon place setting. Now tell me, is that a napkin, or is it a pastry? (blog interruption: My sweet most knowing friend, Justiney, has just informed me this is called an artichoke fold! She is the absolute smartest one!) Thank you, Justiney! Our Dear Picket would truly love this amber colored plate and glass. Those are pretty cute little utensils!
I want some Mexican food! Now this is so bright and colorful and we love those faux flowers, well, maybe they are paper, but they're kind of sweet! Great candelsticks. Ole!
Here's a beautiful tea! Probably a fall wedding shower, don't you think?
This is just in case you've forgotten where to put everything in it's correct postition.
Oh, I wish this photo was in color! The plates are similar to Blue Willow, but I'm thinking they may be that brick red color on white I've seen in some antique stores. Now, I am really getting scared! I have the same silver candlestick - my son gave this to me many years ago! Is my olden cook book trying to tell me something?

Be sure to go and visit the Most Wonderful Tablescape Diva, Susan!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

That Old Black Magic

That old black magic has me in it's spell,
That old black magic that you weave so well.
Those icy fingers up and down my spine,
The same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine,
The same old tingle that I feel inside,
And then that elevator starts it's ride,
And, baby, down and down I go,
Round and round I go,
Like a leaf that's caught in a tide.
I shoud stay away but what can I do?
A hear your name and I'm a flame,
A flame with such a burning desire,
That only your kiss can put out the fire,
For you're the lover that I have waited for,
The mate that Fate had me created for.
And every time your lips meet mine, darling,
Down and down I go,
Round and round I go,
In a spin, loving the spin I'm in,
Under that old black magic called love!
~sung by Ella Fitzgerald


  1. I'm glad to know that you've bounced back and have managed to fight for your computer rights!

  2. And the beat goes on.......uhhhh, the divas I mean, sweetpea! But I'll bet you remember that song also....Hah.

  3. A very fun post tonight and I hope you continue to feel better. Chloe Dawn is a very "good girl." When Harriet hears those words, she knows she gets a treat! Speaking of treats, I hope you got a prize at the dentist!!!

  4. Glad to see you are feeling back up to taking over the reins again! Chloe did a bang up job in your absence.
    Joni certainly picked a swanky group of bathrooms to make her Diva debut!
    Very clever of you to show us some of those tablescapes from the old cookbooks. The good old days when adding anything more than the basics to your table was considered posh. lol

  5. Fun tables...and I enjoyed hearing about the bathroom divas!

  6. I love the dishes with the flowers.

  7. It's great to see the old tablescapes. Your bathroom divas are the best!

  8. Oh so dear funniest one, I love your bathroom diva's and this sure was a swanky bathroom if I do say so myself!

    The old books with place settings is a very clever idea. The dishes haven't changed much but we have come a long way creatively with tablescapes, don't you think?


  9. Oh, dear...there's just nothing worse than your sweet mouth hurting...I am such a titty baby and need to go to the dentist so bad but....I would rather go shopping....
    Poor oneness, I do hope you are feeling better tomorrow...
    xo bj

  10. Ouchy! I'm glad you are feeling better Shelia.

    I would be snapping pictures for sure if I got to stand next to those pretty bathrooms!!

    Chloe Dawn is a great blogger by the way.

  11. Your posts are always such fun to read! Love the "old" tablesettings photos. :o)

  12. Those bird salt and pepper shakers sure do get around....Love the old table settings...reminds me of the old Better Homes and Gardens...

  13. Congrats to the new VIP bathroom diva! LOL! You are so funny, Shelia, I am glad you sound a lot better. I cannot stand a toothache, it affects everything, makes you hurt all over. Beautiful tablescape pictures!...Christine

  14. Wow those cookbook pictures look familiar. I probably have one of those.

  15. This was fun seeing how it USED to be done! (And I alaways ADORE Joni's blog!)~Thanks! Linda

  16. I'm glad you're feeling better tonight!

    Our new Bathroom Snapper Diva must have been in a showroom. Love all those beautiful bathroom sinks!

    It's fun to look at old magazines and books and see how things were done. I think that today's tablescapes are even more beautiful! So cool that they had the same little white bird S & P shakers that you have!


  17. I, too, am glad you're feeling better. Those are some cool bathroom flicks. I love blue and white dishes even if they really are black and white. ha ha ha

  18. Love the photos...those stinkin' cute salt & pepper shakers DO get around!

  19. no one is excited about me joining! no one mentioned it. :(

    do the bathroom divas not like moi? I'm sweet!!!!

    this was hysterical - I am smiling!!! loved this!!! I'm going to feature it on my Blogs to Read - do I just pull that little picture off too? ok=dokey. I am honored to be a true diva!!!!!! thank you!!!!

  20. Shelia, I love love reading your stories and seeing your pictures. Hope you are feeling better.

  21. Sheila,
    I loved reading this! thanks for sharing the stories, I love the bathroom diva. Pretty tables too. Cindy

  22. glad to have you back Shelia.. although chloe dawn is very sweet too!

    Long and cute post! I liked the amber plates and glasses too! :-)


  23. Oh my you are one funny girl. Loved all the bathrooms and placesettings and the entertaining captions with each.
    Take Care.

  24. Pooh,

    I'm still 'drooling' over Joni's Bombay Chest in her bathroom. I've been wanting to get one for our powder room for ten years now.

    All the table settings were great to view, thanks for sharing.

    Feel better.


  25. Mornin' Shelia!!!

    I see the DIVA's GROUP is getting larger!! How many does that make?

    I love the cute TABLESCAPES from your cookbook...what a GREAT idea!!!

    Hope you're feeling better today...


  26. Glad to see you back at it Sheila:) I enjoyed the crowning of the new bathroom diva. I am afraid of my little box called a bathroom. Military housing is not that pretty;)I don't think I would have room to take a photo LOL

    Loved the tablescapes! Have a good day!
    Gina Jo

  27. Good morning Queen of all bathroom divas...glad to see you are feeling better today. Those were some pretty photos you shared...I guess tablescapes have always been popular...hmmm, I thought they were born here in Blogland...LOL
    ;-) Bo

  28. Morning Shelia~

    Beautiful tablescape and diva. :) But nothing steals my heart like your Chloe Dawn~ she is such a sweet loving girl~ keeping all of us updated. :) I just went to the dentist yesterday...I'm there every 3 months and sometimes in between. ( blah! )

    Hope your day is beautiful!

    Hugs ♥ J.

  29. Hi Sheila,
    I enjoyed your post today. I love to look through old cookbooks for different table settings.

  30. What a great new bathroom diva! I loved that first vanity! Wasn't it different and pretty?

    Okay, that funky napkin you saw? That's called an artichoke fold, and when I worked for Marriott, we used to do those and then place a bowl over it, and then you'd just have the little "leaves" sticking out. Doubt I could fold that sucker now though!

    Justiney :o )

  31. Shelia, I hope that your dentist experience is now behind you. This post was great. I hope some day to be among the Bathroom Divas. It is only then that I will feel that I have truly become.... Your Tablescape is lovely. You must have the same affinity for Blue Willow as I. Today's note song is wonderful.

  32. I hope you feel better! :)

  33. Oh good!! When I saw Joni's photo at Cote de Texas, I thought to myself....she is a definite Bathroom Diva!! Love it!! Congrats to Joni!

    The tablescapes are gorgeous Shelia. I must get to Target! Hoping they still have the S&P's. So cute and of course, I "need" them!!

  34. i DO HOPE YOU FEL BETTER.Those really do look like Target birds,huh?Great TT's.I love the orange one.
    No Sheila.I was wishing afterwards I had shown mine.So many of my friends scolded me about NOT showing my own.
    i have done of course many wreaths,the chair,the window.I have tried mosaics.i cannot do it with gloves on I get so goopy.And I cannot do it without gloves,it eats my skin!
    Of course I do scrapbooking ALL the time.I did make a shell birdhouse,but mine is NOT as pretty as that one.
    And I'm sure you remember my shell mirror?I want to do a cettee like that someday.But dh will have to do that,ha.Thats all i can remember....Ann

  35. What fun that was to see those settings from the past..still lovely..classics!

  36. Hi Sheila
    I hope you are feeling just about perfect today. Those kinds of problems associated with dentists can be so yuck.

    Those are lovely inspiring tablescapes. I love the colours and lovely dishes too.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Have a great day Shelia.

  37. I loved your post today....and of course the bathroom Diva....I do hope you are feeling better....those dentist appointments can put a cloud over your little Chloe Dawn is adorable and would be a great play mate for my Mika I bet they would be great friends.....
    Have a wonderful day....
    Mo :-)

  38. Great post today Pickle..and I am so glad to see you back..and How did Justine know about folding napkins...I think maybe that girl knows alot more than she wants us to know about her..Am to see Joni even because a Bathroom Diva..wonder if she use a toilet brush..have a great day..Oh and Yes I got the Randon thngy thank you so much...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  39. Dear Shelia, you certainly made up today for being sidetracked by the mean old dentist! You write so vividly ~ you should consider writing screenplays for movies! Loved everything you shared today. I must get myself into a bathroom, any bathroom, as long as it is as spectacular as the rooms Joni found!

  40. Hope your feeling better dear Sheila. That Chloe Dawn is just too darn cute !!!

  41. Fun post! I enjoyed reading about your Bathroom Divas!! for the the tablescapes...all were just great! Have a good one!!

  42. Great post! What a treat to see her! Sorry for the late visit, we had no internet since 12:30 this morning. Beautiful choice for today. I love the dishes!

    Have a great Thursday!

  43. O LITTLE ONE...i do hope you are feeling some better today.
    Go find some delicious chocolate DOVE, a cup of hot tea, a great book, a fluffy pillow, a light- weight but beautiful throw, gather your sweet little doggie up close and spend the rest of the day in BLISSFULNESS....!!
    HUGS, bj

  44. Hi Sheila,
    I know what you mean about the dentist. I have enough silver in my mouth to make a tea service. I need to get there myself as soon as I get rid of my cold.
    I loved your Tablescape Thursday.
    I love spending time going through old magazines, cookbooks, and decorating books. They do inspire
    projects of my own. I do enjoy a visit to your blog.

  45. What a fabulous bathroom!!! She is wonderful! Love the tablescapes as well!!
    kari & kijsa

  46. Oh Shelia...I love your olden cookbooks and their tablescapes!! Sooo pretty! Hope you are better...hugs...Debbie

  47. Shelia, when I saw Joni in that mirror on her home tour post, I thought "Joni's a bathroom diva"! And here she is! I immediately recognized those pictures from the BH&G cookbook, because that was my first cookbook, & I still have it! Fun post. laurie

  48. Lots of fun stuff to feast our eyes on here today Shelia! I'm happy that you posted that table setting visual. Good reminder :0)
    Loved all the settings new and old.

  49. Hi Sheila, So glad you are feeling better! My blood pressure usually goes through the roof when I sit in their chair! LOL! Chloe Dawn did a wonderful job holding down the fort while you were under the weather! :) ~hugs, Rhonda

  50. Wonderful post Shelia. I'm glad your back and feeling better. Your tablescape is just beautiful! I especially like those little salt and pepper shakers.... everything is so pretty!

  51. Sheila,
    Thanks for stopping in at B'zPlace, although I entered a wrong url and you got last week's post instead of today's (I'm such a dunce when it comes to doing computer stuff).
    I love to look at cookbooks to get inspiration from the pics of tablescapes. Sometimes they are more interesting than the recipes, especially since I'm a dish-freak.
    O, seems you and I share many similarities. We share the same age, we are both Christians, we both play the piano for our church, and we both love to set a pretty table. I hope you'll come back and visit B'z Place soon.
    Have a great weekend. :-) Brenda

  52. What a fun post! I really enjoyed it, and laughed out loud... plus the pictures from the old cook book are fascinating. They knew how to set a table in the old days, didn't they?

    Your gravy boat is on its way .. I found your address! duh.... i'd looked in the wrong place.

  53. I love those old cook book illustrations! The Target bird S&P's are time travelers??? Amazing! I have 2 sets of them too!!! Maybe we're the time travelers!?! :D Jewel

  54. How cute. I did think about you when I saw those pictures over at Joni's of her taking pictures of those gorgeous bathrooms in the mirrors.
    Hope all is well with you my friend. I haven't been out much lately.

  55. How FUN Joni in the loo... those are some pretty loo photos she captured too!

  56. I love the bath! I love all the tablescapes you have shown! How great! Just loved it. Love your blog too.

  57. I am SO excited about Joni becoming one of the bathroom divas!! I have been waiting until I fund the right one but that doesn't seem to be happenin'! I think I will have to take the bull by the horns and just DO it right?

    And I love your tablescape ideas!
    Always fun and pretty and fresh dear Sheila.

    I hope your tooth feels better soon...till then I know Chloe Dawn will watch over you.



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