Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Mommy Really Does Love Me - I'm In The Pink I think I'm supposed to tell you to go see Ms. Pink Beverly after you've visited me.

Hi! My name is Chloe Dawn and I think most of you know me. Well, a little while back I sneaked up very early in the morning and got on my Mommy's puter and told you I didn't think she loved me very much because she gives so much attention to my Grandmother who is busted up. I know she loves me now, but she found out that I messed up her Pink Saturday and wasn't happy with me.

I've been so good and sweet ever since then. She has noticed and went shopping for me after she found out I wanted Pink stuff!
Look a new Pink collar that says "Princess"! I don't know what Princess is, but my Mommy says I'm one! Did I tell you the collar is Pink?
And looky here! A new Pink baby kinda like the one on the doggie commercial on TV. I watch TV with my Mommy, but since my Grandmother is here - she watches soap operas and Mommy and me do not like soap operas. Soap operas must give lots of baths - they do call them 'soap' operas. I just like my bath one a month.
Mommy took this picture and I didnt' want to look at the camera. Not now Mommy!
But like I said, I'm trying to be a very good girl and sweet so I smiled for her here. Can you tell I'm smiling?
Oh, I'm so thrilled! Mommy bought me a little Pink T-shirt! She says I look darling! Do I look darling? I've never had any clothes before so this is my first ever shirt! I do want to look darling.

See what it says? I can read, I really can and it says 'Little Princess'. There's that word again. I'm going to have to look it up on Wikipedia. You know I'm really good on the puter. I've watched my Mommy and I can go to town if my nails have been clipped.
Okay, Mommy wanted me to pose for you. She says I really fill out my new shirt.
What does that mean to fill out my shirt? Is that good to fill out? It feels good to just wiggle around on the carpet.
I'm feeling really good being a Princess and knowing Mommy went Pink shopping just for me!
Excuse me while I play with my new Pink baby for just a minute.
What was that? Did you hear something? Oh my goodness. My Mommy told me to use my 'good girl' manners, but I must leave now...
I've got to get back to the really important stuff, my real job - protecting my Mommy's house from the mailman and that darn cat!

My Mommy really loves me,
Chloe Dawn

I'm going to sing you a little Note Song~

Jesus and Mommy Love Me

Jesus and Mommy love me, this I know
For the Bible tells me so
Little dogs to them belong
We are weak but Jesus is strong
Yes, Jesus and Mommy love me
Yes, Jesus and Mommy love me
Yes, Jesus and Mommy love me
The Bible tells me so
~sung by Chloe Dawn, the Princess