Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I've Went Shopping ;)

Hello, Dear Ones! Oh, isn't there just something about getting a bargain? I mean really getting a bargain price for something. You know that wonderful feeling! Well, I've been shopping for some little treasures and looking for some bargains. My first stop was Pier One - I love that place! Can you love Pier One? You bet your little bean bag chair you can! See what I found in the clearance area? Precious little candelabra.
See the cute little birdie? Oh, my heart went pitter pat. I had to have this!
Then I spied this huge candle and look - it had been marked down because the top had a little scrunchedness on it. Who cares about scrunchedness! I'm gonna burn this baby.
Oh, and one of the most important things - one of my favorite flavors. I know, you call them scents, I call them flavors. If you love candles, really and truly the ones from Pier One do smell terrific.
Okay, LOOKIE! I thought I was getting bargain prices, but when I got to the check out, they practically were giving these little treasures to me! Whoopeeness! Do you see the price I paid for both items? $9.17! The candelabra had been $20 and I got it for $4.98, I think! I'm just so thrilled and I know I really got a these items for a great price. Now, should I spray paint the little birdie candlestick or leave it bronze!? Decisions decisions! :)

I'm not finished yet! I got another chance to get out and about the other day and ran into Cracker Barrel to look at their little cute shop. You know what sweet things they have sometimes. Well, let me tell you something...the kid in me just popped out and I just started gathering little Easter things right and left. Let me show you what I found.

Precious little sweetnesses...

Little chicks salt and peppers in the softest pastel yellow and green.
Then little bunny salt and peppers in soft pastel blue and pink! Now you know how I love my little salt and peppers! Can you love salt and peppers? You bet your little Peter Cottontail you can! ;)
I know this photo and the next are a tad blurry - I was just so excited! I found four of these darling little Easter egg cups.
One side had the Easter Bunny on it...
the other side a pretty little bouquet of flowers.
This is the inside of the egg cup. Isn't this just the cutest little thing? Now you know why I had to have them.
Then I spied this little birdie - I believe she's made of some sort of tin.
Then I spied this little birdie. What in the world am I going to do with these birdies? I don't have a clue but they really were calling my name! :)
Now if you know me, you know it doesn't take too much to make me happy. Well, Dear Ones, these little Easter trinkets just made my day! I'm very happy and I'm smiling as I type these words! Go on over to the Cracker Barrel and get happy!!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

The Partridge Family Theme Song

Hello, world, here's a song that we're singin',
C'mon get happy
A whole lotta lovin' is what we'll be bringin',
We'll make you happy
We had a dream we'd go trav'lin' together
We'd spread a little lovin' then we'd keep movin' on
Somethin' always happens whenever we're together
We get a happy feelin' when we're singin' a song
Trav'lin' along there's a song that we're singin',
C'mon get happy
A whole lotta lovin' is what we'll be bringin',
We'll make you happy
We'll make you happy,
We'll make you happy
~sung by the Partridge Family


  1. Oh, sweetie...I LOVE your precious pretties!!! Can I LOVE your precious pretties, too? You bet your "Come On Get Happy" Song, I can!!! LOL!!!

    The egg cups, chicks, birdies, bunnies, candle, candle holder are magnificent!!! I LOVE the bronze color...and wouldn't change it!! But......hmmmmmmmm......I sense a change a'comin!

  2. Morning Shelia. You got some great items. Sometimes I think I'm weird when I get on a roll like's too exciting. Hey, I have a tassel made by the Nester with one of those birdies you showed. Do you know how to make them?

    Have a great day!

  3. Love bargains...Your Easter/spring items are so lovely. Linda

  4. You got some GREAT deals..... I think I am going to have to hop on over to a Cracker Barrel. Hope you have a great Wednesday!♥

  5. Do you What what, Shelia??? We're at the lake and we can't go to town, without driving right past Pier One!!! Yes, indeed, here in the "wilderness of the Ozarks", we are nearer Pier One, than when we're over by the "big city"!!! And yes, you can love Pier One!

    I found some cute pastel egg cups at Marshall's the other day (just across the parking lot from Pier One). I like your egg cups better, though. Even though Lowes and Target, The Home Depot and other delights are in the same vicinity as Pier One and Marshalls, here...there is a considerable drive to Cracker it looks like I'll need to wait till next week to pay them a visit. I think we "need" Cracker Barrel, here at the lake.

    I love your Pier One goodies!!

  6. For what it's worth, what was I talking about with those whats in the first sentence...just shows you, I'm not operating on all my watts, this early in the AM...what to you think?!

  7. Hi Shelia, I especially love the bronze birdie candle holder and the color is great as is. Those little tin birds are precious too as are the egg cups. Makes me smile to think of Springtime! Good for you with your bargains.

  8. Good morning Shelia~

    You went shopping without me~ AGAIN! :) I just love the finds from Pier One but the little birds you found @ CB are my favorite. I've never thought about just going into their little shop~ I'm so going there.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my little guest room. :) Everytime I look at my framed photography I think of you~

    Hugs~ J

  9. Omg Shelia, I love mango!
    That has to be one of my favorite smell!
    You're going to love your candle!

  10. I love those little Easter treasures. Cracker Barrel has some good stuff for Spring. I've got to get back in their because they didn't have the little rabbit & chick sale & peppas when I was there. Love the egg cups. If you're going to use that candle holder in your Easter tablescape, then I'd paint it a creamy white! I love some Pier 1 too! :O) Glad you had fun!

  11. You had a productive time shopping, that's for sure. Good for you, Mr. Precious, and you mother. Most of all, good for Chloe Dawn, 'cause when you're happy, she's happy!

  12. I loved your shopping trip. Sometimes I go to Crackle Barrel the day after a holiday and things are marked down 50%, love those trips too. I LOVE a bargin.LOL

    Love Ya,

  13. I love Pier 1 too, Shelia! You got great deals on those neat stuff! Mangoes and papaya? Yummy! Those easter items you got at Crackel Barrel are the cutest little things. I especially love the little egg cups. Too cute!...Christine

  14. Morning Shelia...I'm so happy to see you so happy...not that you aren't pretty much always happy...
    LOL...I've been scavaging about for some Easter goodies too & it does make one happy! ;-) Bo

  15. Good Morning Sweet Shelia... What wonderful treasures you found on your shopping trips... I just love both stores and go to them often... Especially Cracker Barrel... Great food and fun shopping... LOVE IT!!! How is Mom doing... Have a super day... Love ya


  16. Very cute!
    I want to go to Cracker Barrel now. :o) Such good food and pretty goodies!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  17. Sheila, my little heart is just beating 90 miles a minute. The closest Cracker Barrel is 70 miles away. How can I get there immediately? Oh my...I can't stand it!

  18. You make me smile, Shelady, and I'm glad you've went shopping. ;-)

    And even gladder that you found treasures for such great prices. My little birdies ears perked right up when I heard the cash register chinging those prices! Good for you! They are so cute, and I know the Preciouses will enjoy them this spring! :-)

    Love to you this glorious Wednesday...


    Sheila :-)

  19. Boo Hoo! I want a Cracker Barrel in my state. Everyone else has one. I love your treasures.

    Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
    from Roberta Anne

  20. Oh man you got some GOOD stuff!
    Why can't I find such good deals...probably because Mr. C usually goes shopping with me :-)

    ...gonna burn this baby...LOL
    ...your little Peter Cottontail ...ha ha ha

    You always put a smile on my face.

  21. GM Pickel, girl you done hit the MOTHERLODE of those sweet birds how about making napkins rings out of them to do with you dishes for one of your great Tablescapes?? just me thinking out loud again..WOW!!that hurt..thanks for mama doing dear friend? give her some hugs from me...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  22. I love the little egg cups with the birdies sitting right inside. How cute! I love the candleholder with the birds as well. You really did find a bargain! You are all ready for spring!

  23. Oh Dear Me this time. Cracker Barrel was always my family's fav rest. to go to. It was always a race to see who got to play checkers inside with dad.
    I always ordered the chicken and dumplings, two orders, one to take home. I adore all their little treasures and the old fashion candy. OH I MISS IT.
    We do not have any in Canada.
    My friend Deborah sent 2 boxes of dumplings to appease me. Now I'm really hungry Shelia.
    Have a great candle day.
    Love Claudie

  24. Looks like you scored big time, my friend! Sounds like a fun shopping expedition. Whenever my family asks what I want for Christmas or birthday I tell them to just get me something from Cracker Barrel. Hey, a small portion of my wardrobe is even from there. I love CB!

    All the best, Lana

  25. You certainly got some good deals. I never go into any of those shops. I don't know why! Everyone always seems to get some good deals. You have a lovely little collection of easter goodies. :) Enjoy!

    take care,

  26. The little bunnies and chicks are my absolute favorites ... yes, I love Pier 1 too AND we actually have one here in my smallish city.

  27. I love the little birds. The candle holder is so cute. Kathy

  28. Don't you know you inspired me to go buy those s & p shakers today? I'm sure my husband is thanking you! :O)

  29. Hey, wait just a minute! I'm the bargain hunter! Those finds at Pier One were almost unbelievable! I love to shop at C.B. and have even been known to almost miss my meal because I'm so busy shopping. You got such pretty Easter decor. Those egg cups are fab. laurie

  30. Pier I has so many amazing sales~and the regular prices aren't too shabby either.

    I don't have a Cracker Barrel nearby but I know I have gone nuts in there! Love those sweet little birds!!


  31. Sheila, I scrolled down to your laundry project and became glued to what you were doing. (no pun intended)
    I have the exact same problem in my laundry room. I now have two vintage laundry bags hanging over the ugly thing, but it is not the best solution. I adore your project. A great solution and it looks wonderful. I would agree that you are a very clever girl. Smiling BIG!

    Now, for your recent shopping spree.
    Fun, Fun, Fun! I love your bunnies, chicks and egg cups. I too love The Cracker Barrel. Pier ! is fun too but my town does not have one. The candle holder and candle are a great price. You are now crowned the DIVA of shopping.

    Love your songs and your purchases and I can't forget you...Love, Jeanne

  32. What cuteness~ Who can resist a sweet lil birdie. I know I couldn't. I think I may just have to head on over to the Cracker Barrel~

  33. what a great haul!!!! you did get a steal of a deal on that candle...and I love the egg cups!
    have a great Thursday friend

  34. Sheila! What a fun shopping trip you picked up sooo many goodies. I love the s&p birdies. Great buy. The candleabra with the birdies...another one I would have chosen! The flavour of that candle must be very nice...and bunnies I love bunnies and you little cups are sooo cute.

    I'm glad you had such a great day.
    thank you for sharing
    have a ncie evening too

  35. I just love a bargain! You sure got some great buys! I also just adore those pretty pastel birdies and those pretty egg cups! Can't wait to see your springtime and Easter tablescapes!


  36. Shelia there must have been a bargain shopping breeze blowing through blogland! Just look at all the pretties you found!! What a deal on the birdie candelabra! And those egg cups are just the sweetest! And I do happen to love Pier One guess where I'll be going tomorrow? *winks* Hope they're on sale in my neck of the woods. And I LOVED the Partridge Family!! Watched every episode. Loved Shirley Jones in just about everything. Vanna

  37. What fun you are having with your bargains! No Cracker Barrels in our area. Darn! I have been to a couple in Florida though when visiting my son. Loved those shops!

  38. Shelia, I know we will be seeing these pretties on a tablescape real soon... :)

  39. Shelia you got some great bargains. I think I used to shop at Pier One in the UK. Many a bargain I got there too and am looking at some flowers on my right just now - hot pink and organge. Strangely I love those colours together.

    I wish I had a Cracker Barrel here because I love the ornaments you picked up. Yes, I too love shopping and if it makes you happy why not? Expecially with those kind of bargains. I picked up some little Easter ornaments myself yesterday. So sweet, anything to stop me buying Easter eggs - I will be making my own again this year. Had so much fun last year.

  40. I feel a chicky,rabbit tablescape coming on...Ann

  41. I just love your Easter dishes...Cracker Barrel has the BEST seasonal dinnerware! Mama just bought a set of this pattern, so I'm hoping she'll get tired of them and pass them on to me next year! These are SO cute!

  42. Hello Shelia! I thought Cracker Barrel is a restaurant! I will definitely look up Pier One and Cracker Barrel. Great finds!

    Carolyn :-D

  43. Oooohhh...I LOVE those little egg cups, Sheila! Cracker Barrel, you say?! And all of your birdie teasures are so sweet...including your bargain candle holder. :-) I am still giggling at the picture of the receipt! Ha! You are the cutest gal, you really are. Thank you for always being a bright spot in blog land. I love visiting! :-)

  44. Oh shelia.. I have missed out on this shopping sprea!! :-)
    Those salt and pepper shakers are so cute!! And the egg-cups too!! :-)



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