Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Got A New Piece of Artwork! and Some Divas

Yay! I found a painting for my living room! I was out and about and saw this in Kirklands and had to have it! Precious little scene of a street filled with little row houses.
Hung it over our sofa and I'm very pleased with it. Hope you like it too! I know, you probably don't like the doily, but it's been here since Christmas and I just can't seem to take it away yet.
I'm kind of frilly inside anyway. :) Oh, my coffee table really isn't the size of a dining table - it's just the way I snapped! Well, I know, it is rather large. lol
Now I really can't believe I'm showing you this! When we started redoing our house we got rid of most of the furniture in the living room. The sofa and coffee table are new and the table lamps are old. Those tall antique tables on each side of the sofa belong to my Mother. Most of you know she's been with us since the hurricane and we just put her tables in here until we find the right end tables for our room. Don't hate me and think I know nothing about mixing patterns, but can you see the winged back chair on the left hand side? Well, I have two of these and have had them for so many years - they're very dear to me and have been recovered a few times. They're covered in a tapestry fabric now and go with absolutely nothing! I'm in the process of trying to find just the right fabric to recover them again. I won't be recovering them myself just in case you're wondering. So if you most wonderful decorators have any ideas about what kind of fabric would look good on my two winged backs, let me know!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Back Home Again

There’s a storm across the valley, clouds are rollin’ in
The afternoon is heavy on your shoulders
There’s a truck out on the four lane a mile or more away
The whinin’ of his wheels just makes it colder
He’s an hour away from ridin’ on your prayers up in the sky
And ten days on the road are barely gone
There’s a fire softly burnin’, supper’s on the stove
But it’s the light in your eyes that makes him warm
Hey it’s good to be back home again
Sometimes this old farm feels like a long-lost friend
Yes ’n’ hey, it’s good to be back home again
There’s all the news to tell him, how’d you spend your time
What’s the latest thing the neighbors say
And your mother called last friday, sunshine made her cry
You felt the baby move just yesterday
Hey it’s good to be back home again - yes it is
Sometimes this old farm feels like a long-lost friend
Yes ’n’ hey, it’s good to be back home again
Oh the time that I can lay this tired old body down
Feel your fingers feather soft upon me
The kisses that I live for, the love that lights my way
The happiness that that livin’ with you brings me
It’s the sweetest thing I know of, just spending time with you
It’s the little things that make a house a home
Like a fire softly burnin’ supper on the stove
The light in your eyes that makes me warm
Hey it’s good to be back home again
Sometimes this old farm feels like a long-lost friend
Yes ’n’ hey, it’s good to be back home again
Hey it’s good to be back home again - you know it is
Sometimes this old farm feels like a long-lost friend
Hey, it’s good to be back home again
I said hey it’s good to be back home again
~sung by John Denver
Attention! Attention!! We must interrupt the ending of this post to bring you the most latest breaking news of Blogland! Dear When Will This Ever Be Over Ones, we have more Bathroom invasions! This has just been brought to my attention and you know me, The Queen of All the Bathroom Divas, I must attend my Bathroom Business!! So let me get started!
Okay I see a Most Gorgeous One here. Wait a minute, I also see two very tiny small ones, too! Let me proceed...the most creamyness of complexions, sparkling shining eyes, hair filled with Bathroom highlights, beautifully clad in the most gorgoues attire, slender arms with dainty creamy fingers attached to a CAMERA! Yes, sir, my Little Clapping Ones, we have a Diva! I mean, we have a Diva and two very Small Divas! Do we know these Lovely Ones? Why of course we do, this is our very own Linnea, who is a returning Diva, and she is holding Helmi and the ever trotting all over the Land of Blog, Stella. You can find out all about these Most Precious Ones at Oh thank you girls, for snapping!
Here we have another Most Gorgeous One! Would you please turn on the light, My Most Helpful Ones? What? It's already on? Well, okay, I'll look really hard at this Lovely One. I'm straining my most gorgeous eyes, but I do see the most creamyness of complexions here, eyes shining with sparkles, yes, I really can see that! Oh, and heavenly locks all filled up with Bathroom highlights...
Lovely body dripping with the most priceless of jewels, the most slender arms with creamy dainty fingers attached to a CAMERA! Oh, yes, yes, My Little In the Dark Ones! This is truly a genuine Diva! I'm so thrilled! Do we know this most Smiling One? Well, of course we do - this is our very own, Raxx from Trinadad! Now she has come a very long way to join this most elite group of Divas!! You can learn more about this Gorgeous One at Whoopeeness!!
Okay, please hand me my toilet paper, no no, I mean my toilet brush...the golden one! Yes, that's it. Please stand before me Most Gorgeous Special Ones...Linnea, Helmi, Stella and Raxx. I am about to bestow upon you the most wonderful sought after title in the world. Yes, Dear Ones, the world! You have gone where most will not, well, with a camera in their hands anyway! I now crown you with the title of Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Diva - you are one now and shall be one for ever and ever and until the twelfth of never! Go now, Divas, and show the world your awesomeness.
Snap on and on and keep those Bathroom snaps coming! You do make my day!!